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Posted in: U.S. Congress cuts funds to move Marines from Okinawa to Guam See in context

Well it might be important to move military bases out of Okinawa, especially for old people, but at the same time Okinawan people are used to living together with U.S military bases. I work at a restaurant by camp Futenma, and about 90% of customers are military people. There also are a lot of Okinawan people who work on base which means there would be a big number of unemployed people in Okinawa if they move to Guam. I'm sure that almost every stores, bars and restaurants near Futenma will be disappeared and the economy will get worse... I'm just scared. 80 billion yen is a lot btw.

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That was a huge earthquake! It probably was the biggest one that I ever felt in Okinawa. I was in the bathroom on the 5th floor and couldn't move at all. I really thought the building would be collapsed. Some people were crying or screaming. After the earthquake and tsunami hit the north part of Japan, everyone has been nervous about earthquake. Especially in Okinawa, if we have a big earthquake like one hit the northern part, the whole island will be gone into the water. That is so scary! I really hope any huge earthquake hits Okinawa... We don't need such tragic damage anymore.

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Posted in: TV commercial of the week: Snickers and Erika Sawajiri See in context

"A guy turns into Sawajiri when he is hungry and unhappy, " This would be a funny commercial. I think she is really beautiful and many people say she is talented as an actress, but her behavior was not so good and I haven't seen her on TV anymore :( I'm happy she is coming back on TV/commercial soon!

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Shinjuku Terrace is very famouse for the most popular illumination place during winter season. I've never been there, but my friend who lives in Tokyo told me it's so beautiful and there are many couples there. lol. But as you can see, they need a lot of electronic power and it's not good for Japan now. We need to save power for the people in the north area such as Fukushima.

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