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Posted in: Politics of the Nobel Peace Prize See in context


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Posted in: Politics of the Nobel Peace Prize See in context

**But the value of the prize and their politics proven the day they awarded a murdering terrorist, yasser Arafat, the peace prize. This guy orchestrated the hijackings of planes, cruise ships and murder of passengers and suicide bombings, this guy gets a peace prize for being the father of modern terrorism. Just think the young women who won the prize this year and for real and excellent reasons, have their name on a list of a murdering thug who would have shot these girls himself.

**** Todd Topolski, could not say it better.

Please watch the truth about Yasser Arafat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSNEwSoV9zE

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Posted in: Man's body found in Iwate house; mother questioned by police See in context

Yet another murder.

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Posted in: Police seek motive after man stabs wife, daughter to death See in context

"There have been so many "posts" about "deadly summers" in Japan but I believe there's NO "special season" here... ! Hardly a day goes by unless someone has killed a member(s) of his/her family... Pity "mental illness" is not better treated here".

It is almost Everyday, that I see a post on murder or killing, so far at least three times per week there will be a post of a murder in a family... Or Lover kill girlfriend or husband kill his wife...

Why isn't something done about it?

What are the reasons people choose to kill their love one? Why don't they just leave them..?

What happened to Educating the nation on how to communicate with eachother and people in general... and how to vent some of the inner anger, talk about things before they get to these stages where they kill...

It doesn't make outsider feel at ease when wanting to go to Japan...in fact it is scary !!

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Posted in: Israel and Hamas agree to Gaza cease-fire See in context

"Residents hugged and kissed in celebration, while others distributed candy and waved Hamas flags".

How bias is the media and blind ! The residents danced not because of the cease fire! They were celebrating the bombing of the bus! Get the facts right!!!

Hamas is a terrorist group and need to be demolished !

Israel have a full right to defend itself !! Steric Hindracnce above: Israeli are paying for any weapons they buy... - they do have their own weapons !

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Posted in: Family of 5 found dead in sealed van See in context

Its hard to believe - poor kids :(

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Posted in: 18-yr-old girl found dead at home; boyfriend arrested See in context

In three days this is the second article I am reading about a boyfriend or ex-boyfriend killing his girl. How scary is that?

Sound like one of the comment above might just be right ...That everyday a guy kills his girl friend or ex-girl ...

I wonder how long will he get?

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Posted in: Man arrested after stabbing police officer in Kyoto See in context

**If you're questioning the subject and at that point the suspect produces a knife, how the hell does he manage to stab you in the back?"

That was the first thing I noticed when reading... How is that possible to do both at the same time...Something doesn't add up in the story !

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Posted in: Israel reports direct hits on Syrian target See in context

"The source of the fire, Confirming direct hits"

How is it not Clear?

IDF soldiers fired fired back at those who attacked them...



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Posted in: When do Japanese people have their first kiss? See in context

Don't they watch movies? Maybe they should start playing "Spin the Bottle" In a group gathering ... That should break the ice !

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Posted in: Nepal man who served 15 yrs in prison acquitted of 1997 murder See in context

Poor thing, I doubt he will get an appology, lets just hope he get paid a good compensation to last him for the rest of his life.

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Posted in: Why Japanese girls are a better catch than Japanese men See in context

“Japanese men need to watch out or all the nice ladies in Japan may be snatched up by foreign men.” - The statement is extremely unfair! “While Japanese men have ranked very close to the bottom in popularity.” – I wondered who ranked them. Obviously not foreign girls… As one of the foreign girls, I would rank them at the top! I disagree with the theory the article stated. Basing my facts on chatting with many Japanese people mostly male, I believe that what stops them from making the first move towards the western girls is nothing but shyness and not believing in themselves. Sounds like a complex? Guess what? This complex if it can be called a complex is in fact given to them by the sweet Japanese girls. Not the western girls. However, once those handsome Japanese male break Free, find more confidence in themselves and will not allow the Japanese girls to put them down or belittle them, - there will be no stopping! The article should be read: “Japanese women need to watch out or all the nice guys in Japan may be snatched up by foreign women.” Give it a break… this article is very unfair to the Japanese male and to the western women! IN TRUE FEELINGS OF LOVE THERE WILL BE NO COUNTRY, RELIGION, BORDER & CULTURE WILL BE OVER-COME!! I WOULD SAY: WATCH OUT JAPANESE WOMEN – WE WESTERN GOOD LOOKING GIRLS ARE COMING AFTER YOUR JAPANESE MEN!!!

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