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is nobody paying attention to what the author is saying? This complaint is not how much coke you get, but how inflexible the staff are. And I would just add what year is it there in Japan? Coke and all fast food restaurants is so cheap, but the prices are so high that they put the machines out so that you can refill them to your hearts content in the States. And if you order to go the difference between a small medium and large is like $.10– presumably to pay for the larger cups. And can you just send something back in Japan and say I'm not paying for it? Serve me cold or unsalted fries and that's what's happening.

It is obviously a cultural thing that Japanese in the US have gotten over. Sushi restaurants are making money hand over fist and if you tell them you want a little more teriyaki sauce on the side, you get it with a smile.

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In the 70s and 80s Japan, Inc. was conquering the world with its economic juggernaut. It had confidence bordering on arrogance and was buying up America trophy properties such as movie studios, Rockefeller Center, Pebble Beach golf course. Americans were flocking to Japan for management courses. MBA students were taking Japanese language classes. A whole cottage industry arose in the US to emulate Japanese business practices. It was the world's number two economy. In 1991 economists were predicting that Japan would overtake the United States as the world's largest economy by 2010. Since that time, Japan's economy has remained in 1991 levels. The US, despite its problems, has doubled. And 2010 China overtook Japan as the world's second-largest economy. What happened?

I generation of deflation, lowered expectations, and I will say it, xenophobia. Japan has lost its vitality and has surrendered industry after industry to South Korea and Chinese rivals. With decades of deflation, the smart thing to do is hold your money not spend it. Insane Tokyo property prices and multi generational loans have saddled Japanese homeowners with mortgages worth far less than the market value of their homes. Living standards have you voted, and the population is not increasing – decreasing? Your stock market is worth one quarter of what it was in 1983. The Japanese youth do not see a future, are delaying starting families or just plain not. The Japanese are in survival mode. Something is desperately wrong, but no one seems to be asking why. The easy answer is that it is the fault of the US. After all, who are these English-speaking foreigners that Dr. Kaga is talking about? Citizens of the UK? Somehow I doubt it.

It is unbelievable that you paying so much attention to an 81-year-old psychiatrist. Psychiatry is not even a science. And you really believe that the infiltration of English into your language is because of all these problems? And blaming the United States for colonialism? It costs a lot of money to keep those airbases or army bases or whatever kind they are there in Japan. I can tell you that most people in the US would pull them out and save the money in a hot second. We would love a strong, vibrant Japan to balance China. But basically, Japan still treats "foreigners" as second-class citizens believing that they are ethnically and culturally superior. Does anyone deny this? Get rid of the geriatric mindset: embracing innovative ideas of your youth. I know people who have been to Japan. They say they would never go back. And to complain about foreigners speaking English in Japan? Are they tourists? And they don't speak Japanese? They speak English? I am shocked! Spending money? What's to complain about? Open your borders to immigration. Who else is going to take care of your elderly?

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