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Posted in: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants patriotism and moral education included in school curricula in Japan. Do you think this is a good idea? See in context

I disagree his decision because the moral and ptriolism education is not needed. Is it ture that Japanese children get more aggressve or have worse parsonality? Aside from good or bad parsonalty, I definitely think Japanese children dont get more aggressive. Because the crime rate is decreasing. In the case of Bullying, actually the number is increasing. But That is just because people pay more attention to the Bullying. Previously, teachers do not report BUllying in their class and count on the number. In the result, naturally, the number increased. Now We need more citizen ship education. I mean that we educate children to be create society and tackle current various issue.

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Posted in: Gender equality chief makes light of sexist jeering in Tokyo assembly See in context

why can politician jeer in conference? it is the rule of discussion that participants should listening to others opinion completely afterwards they can make comments on it. its bad habit exist in not only Japan, but they keep those principle rule which even kids can promise. even in private, is the remark on harassment allowed? they could not divide their private and public as well as right wrong.

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Posted in: Survey finds skepticism about trade's benefits in U.S., Japan, Europe See in context

I did not realize this trick of globalism. when it comes to globalism, we tend to discuss "traditional culture". It is true that unknown people's visit "traditional places" invade their culture because tourist do not know about it. at the cost of the decreasing traditional culture, we believe that globalism absolutely benefits our economy. more or less we have positive image of globalism on economy. the result is not only astonishing but also convincing because we notice about those effect of globalism but we just did not notice at the same time.

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Posted in: Japan, China, S Korea to ensure geopolitical risks don't threaten recovery See in context

Japan is said as the third major economic country. But I have skepticism about that because nowadays China or India gain more particular attention from all over the world. I think Japan is not recognized leading country than their own thinking. It is time to decide which is more necessary and which should be abandoned. those three countries are going to have difficulty to recover from declining economy, especially Japan because of declining birthrate and growing proportion of elderly people. I hope that Abe wont visit the controversial Yasukuni shrine which is recognized as a symbol of militarism. I think he know better than he openly provoke neighbors by visiting there.

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Posted in: Abe seeks summit with S Korea's Park See in context

I believe that face-to-face talking fix two countries' tie. a few months ago, though they saw directly, we clearly see their bad ties. but this time, we can see their smile and talking peacefully. needless to say, this tie cannot get fixed by only this direct meeting, but this is a kind of trigger of better relationship with their neibors. btw I wonder the role of Mr. Mori can act so aggressively. is he just one of politician? I heard that he took up the prime minister's role once, but he has already quited that and he dont undertake much responsible position. another article reported that he has met russian leader before and the leader has a favorable impression on Mr Mori. I wonder if he get remarkable position in the party, they can make more progress in some field.

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Posted in: IWC heaps pressure on Japan but rejects whale sanctuary bid See in context

on the side of animal lovers, totally Japanese should stop catching whale. Human kind have destroyed environment where necessary for animals to live. we should not repeat this tragedy. I wonder that if Japanese have founded out any results worth killing thousands of whales per a year. To live with together with other animals, we should make compromise with those animals. so if Japanese government show practical statistic on whale survey, they continue the hunt to some extent.(but they should decrease the number)

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