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Posted in: SDF member arrested for tailgating See in context

Tailgate is an Americanism that isn't going to be understood by half of your international readers.

That is what Google is for if you don't know the meaning. I learned a lot of British English words from articles on this website.

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Posted in: Osaka takoyaki seller found guilty of ¥130 million tax evasion See in context

I remember many years back, there was one popular takoyaki stand near Ebisibashi that everyone seemed to congregate to and there were always long lines. A few weeks ago I was walking down that road and I swear every other shop was a takoyaki shop with menus in 4 languages with staff members from China. Takoyaki is a cash cow and the number of tourists is tremendous.

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Posted in: Ninjas 'sneak' into Abe's office to ask for tourism promotion See in context

I've been to Iga and the surrounding area numerous times and always find plenty of other things to do.

Go to Iga just to do other things? It is an extremely boring city that is no different than any other city in Japan. I have been to the Ninja area which was ok for a one time visit but I only stop in Iga for a toilet break on the way to Nagoya or elsewhere in Mie.

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Posted in: Exploitation, overwork a scourge in seedy world of 'chika idols' See in context

The bully culture here is ridiculous!

This is not just a Japan thing because you read it here. I just read an article about the plight of NBA dancers that parallels this story to the T.

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Posted in: Japan seeks 1st aircraft carrier to deploy stealth fighters See in context

You have to admit that part of it is the cool factor of having a stealth fighter. Before you know it, the stealth will be a part of air shows as the main attraction and much money will be made.

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Posted in: City hires a hawk to chase occupying army of crows away from city hall See in context

I know a lot of people have switched to yellow nets because supposedly crows are blind to the color yellow. However, crows are wise to the trick and we just use bricks to weigh down the net. It seems like a battle every Tuesday and Friday for people in my neighborhood.

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Posted in: 4 men arrested for overturning truck during Halloween event in Shibuya See in context

Actually, the ones who did it and then started doing the U.S.A. dance deserve a longer sentence/bigger fine lol

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Posted in: 4 men arrested for overturning truck during Halloween event in Shibuya See in context

Even if no jail time, at least give a fine substantial enough to stop people from damaging property next year if this event continues.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers to change more event starting times to beat heat See in context

Personally I wish the Olympics would just go away.


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Posted in: Pet black bear kills caretaker See in context

It should be illegal to keep wild animals as pets. Japan doesn't care about animal welfare.

Many countries allow bears as pets including 14 U.S. States. A quick look on your favorite search engine can prevent people from always isolating Japan.

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Posted in: Man pleads not guilty over death of husband, wife in road rage accident See in context

In vehicular homicide related news remember the Hokkaido street racers a few years back that killed 3 family members in an accident? They each got 23 years and I hope this one gets similar sentencing or more.

If he has done the same in the past, his license should have been taken away. Ridiculous!

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Posted in: 'Tis the season for more TV Christmas movies than ever See in context

Seeing the 4 ladies above sure brings me back to the 90s. I had a crush on 3/4 of them.

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Posted in: 64-year-old man arrested for stealing a roll of toilet paper from hospital toilet See in context

I am actually surprised it doesn't happen more often since the new toilet paper in public restrooms are kind of out in the open. Where I come from, a lot of public places have toilet paper is locked in with only the janitor having the keys. Petty theft is quite common here.

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Posted in: Japanese court orders YouTube to cooperate in shutting down 'manga spoiler' videos See in context

Instead, it’s an example of a publisher going after someone for reprinting its product while offering no sort of commentary or discussion, serving no purpose other than to act as a substitute to buying the product.

YouTube would go broke if companies went after everyone doing this from reprinting books, showing movies or TV shows from DVDs.

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Posted in: Vegas man convicted of bilking thousands of Japanese in Ponzi scheme See in context

Good, I hope investors get back at least some of what they were duped out of if not all.

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Posted in: Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie reach child custody agreement See in context

Not really a battle for custody between Jolie and Pitt but whose hired nannies gets to spend the most time watching the kids.

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Posted in: Quentin Tarantino marries singer and model Daniella Pick See in context

A friend of a friend went on a date with Tarantino once and described it as him talking about himself for 4-5 hours straight without asking a single question. I love his movies though. Congrats!

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Posted in: Chinese actor arrested in Tokyo for alleged abuse of ex-girlfriend See in context

claiming she had two teeth knocked out by Jiang during one violent episode, while on another occasion, she "thought she was going to be killed".

Which means this has happened before a few times? She should have left him a long time ago if she values her life.

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Posted in: Survey shows more Japanese married men, single Japanese women cheating on their romantic partners See in context

Did the whole idea of cheating/adultery come to Japan via Western influences? I thought in Japan's history that made knowingly had several partners at the same time. Also Christian weddings in Japan are just for show, not serious vows to never commit adultery.

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Posted in: Founder of staffing firm gets suspended sentence for speeding at 147 kph on expressway See in context

Ok, 150 mph is pretty bad, but 150 kph... come on. That's every 3rd car in the passing lane.

One reason the press put this story out there I think is to set a warning for other speed demons. Also, 150kph always happens on National highways but is seen as more hazardous on car-filled city expressways. On Osaka City's loop expressway, you would have to do a lot of dangerous maneuvering going at that speed even in early hours. Tokyo is probably worse.

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Posted in: 1-year-old boy hit, killed by car; driver arrested See in context

Actually I just renewed my license a few months ago and we had to watch a video as part of the lecture. The main topic was how to be cautious of pedestrians that suddenly shoot out in front of you as cars hitting pedestrians is on the rise. I often have to drive super slow on narrow roads as I never know what could happen. A one year old on this type of road should either be carried or in a stroller/push bike.

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Posted in: Japan snow crab recognized by Guinness as getting most expensive bid See in context

I went to Tottori City last few years and they have a free crab aquarium there with various types of crabs. It is a great place for kids and very educational. I bet this crab goes there.

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Posted in: Ghosn to be detained for another 10 days; Nissan board to vote on his dismissal See in context

More money, more problems.

People need to realize that this is as much as a celebrity or rich person problem than it is a blame it on a foreigner problem. I know several people that came to Japan without knowing the tax system and when or where to pay. Everyone went to their local city hall to explain the problem and everyone had the same result- the city hall officer just let it slide. How many Japanese can honestly get the same result? Same with getting out of traffic tickets.

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Posted in: Ex-pro wrestler Chigusa Nagayo saves woman from assault in carpark See in context

Great story but what stupid people remains a couple after an incident like that?

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Posted in: 'I want to thank me,' says rapper Snoop Dogg on getting Hollywood star See in context

I will never forget the time when I was in early Jr High when Dr Dre released "Deep Cover." It was the first time Snoop Dogg appeared in mainstream and I instantly was a fan of his raspy lyricism. I wrote a letter to the local Sam Goody music store and asked if they sold any Snoop Doggy Dogg music. I don't know why I didn't just call. Anyways I got a letter back and the store staff said he never heard of him lol Months later The Chronic was released and the rest is history.

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Posted in: Attacker in bullet train rampage indicted for murder See in context

wanted to be sentenced to life in prison

So in that case, give him death. His 3 victims didn't have any choice in their futures as 2 are scarred for life and 1 is dead.

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Posted in: News of Ghosn's arrest stuns Nissan employees, customers See in context

might consider purchasing from outside Nissan when I replace the current one.

I have been driving my Nissan for 6 years and it has been a great, dependable car. Why should I decide my car because of the salaries of the executives? I just want a car to take me from point A to point B.

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Posted in: 11-hour waiting time at Mickey Mouse attraction at Tokyo Disneyland See in context

They should have a limit on the people they admit

They do have a limit of how many are admitted though I am not sure of the number. As you can see, everyone is there while the other attractions have 15min waits which is rare for Tokyo Disneyland. Good time to go to other attractions while a new attraction or parade is going on.

I have yet to take my kids to any Disneyland but I promised my wife if we go, Hong Kong is best. Less people and cheaper to get in.

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Posted in: Man tries to fraudulently use Aeon loyalty points by pretending to visit its stores 2.7 mil times See in context

With this guys work, maybe he should be the Cyber Security Minister.

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Posted in: Women in Tokyo strongly back single-sex transport amid security fears: global poll See in context

Also another problem is the lack of women reporting incidences and just thinking that it is what it is so just letting it go. Reporting to authorities has increased but all of this nonsense still occurs.

Case in point-

 I was felt up my a old woman on a semi packed train years ago.

Instead of reporting it and putting this woman in the slammer she is probably continuing to play judo with young foreign men on the train. Beware!

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