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Posted in: Former Marines pitcher Jackson arrested for possession of cannabis See in context

Japan really needs to sort out its bizarre drug laws..

If you think Japan is bad, you will have a heart attack if you hear about what they would do to him in most other Asian countries.

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: 'Can I sue my husband's mistress for psychological stress?' See in context

perhaps instead of the wife it should be the man suing for psychological stress due to lack of fun in the bedroom?!

I don't know. If you are cheating with one woman, it may be because something is lacking in the bedroom. If with several women simultaneously including sex workers, maybe the guy is addicted to sex. Sometimes having a lot of sex just makes you want sex more.

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Posted in: Koike may shoot for premiership after Tokyo Olympics See in context

She will be 71 after her term is up! After earning a month what most people earn in half a year, can't she retire?

New to Japan politics? 71 is still a baby. Ishihara retired as governor when he was 80 and politics at 82.

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Posted in: F1 drivers all wear 'End Racism' T-shirts, but 6 don't kneel See in context

For me, nobody should be forced or pressured to take a knee in this situation or any for any other political cause. A detect a hint of authoritarianism here.

Unfortunately it isn't about their feelings, they have to do it to keep up with sponsors. The person who decides to not support this cause will be considered a "racist" and sponsors will pull their support. That is the society we are living in.

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Posted in: Yankees pitcher Tanaka hit in head by Stanton line drive See in context

When I played baseball, pitching always had me nervous because I worried about something similar happening. I hope Tanaka recovers smoothly.

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Posted in: Mandatory charging for plastic shopping bags starts in Japan See in context

Time to tell shops you visit that they should be going back to paper bags like they used to use 40 years ago in all shops or lose your business.

Sorry, I go to stores for products that I want to buy, not how they bag my items.

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Posted in: Trump defends John Wayne legacy over airport 'racism' row See in context

During the war he inspired no one and avoided the draft just like Trump while millions fought.

Go look at Joe Biden and Bill Clinton's draft record too. Same era as Trump and same student deferment excuse just like the ones many American users did here to get out of jury duty. I don't support ANY party but all politicians are deceivers.

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Posted in: Trump defends John Wayne legacy over airport 'racism' row See in context

Nasty little man who never served his country while others went off to war in Europe.

Single men in their late teens and 20s were chosen first to go to the war before those in their 30s and over and those with multiple children. I know, my grandfather and 4 great uncles served in WW2. 2 great uncles didn't because of reasons I gave in the first sentence.

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Posted in: 2 Osaka universities evacuated after bomb threat over new school name See in context

The bomb threat no doubt came from an inadequate right-winger, and not the staff at Osaka University.

or some sick puppy unrelated to any of the schools. It has happened many times.

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Posted in: Traffic law to punish tailgating to go into effect Tuesday See in context

It is already illegal to cruise in the right lane, and yes the police to catch people for doing it

If the speed limit is 80kph, you can drive up to about 90kph with 100kph being at a high risk to be stopped. The car that is driving behind you flashing their lights is probably going faster than this and will get the ticket before the cruiser does.

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl falls to her death from 6th-floor apartment See in context

Maybe it's time to retrofit apartment windows in Japan with child safety locks.

Or for parents to take better measures to ensure the door can't be opened easily for small kids. Toys R Us, Akachan Honpo, Nishimatsuya, etc all have special locks for balcony sliding doors for less than 500yen.

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Posted in: Travel agency H.I.S. to shut third of its outlets in Japan See in context

H.I.S. blows as a company. Overpriced

Overpriced and employees are overworked and underpaid. My friend was an H.I.S. manager in the past. She jumped ship and hasn't looked back.

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Posted in: Man gets 15 years in prison for murder of woman in Saitama love hotel See in context

Only 15 years for murder? Disgusting.

Not only that, he left her naked and dead like a piece of trash in a love hotel which will be her legacy. Her family deserves for him to never see the light of day again.

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Posted in: Half-Japanese woman hands card to people who ask tiresome questions about her race See in context

When the kids and I go out, I hear "oh, gaijin kids are so cute!" When my wife comes along, I hear "oh, half kids are so cute!" lol

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Posted in: Yamato becomes Japan's 1st city to 'ban' use of phones while walking See in context

Just BS by politicians who are trying to stay in office

and mostly young people are the ones doing it and we all know young people don't really vote.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka called racist after posting meme in response to COVID-19 cases See in context

Why do news websites nowadays make entire articles out of tweets from a few random nobodies?

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Posted in: Office cluster pushes Tokyo coronavirus cases to 6-week high of 55 See in context

“Unnamed office” How useless.

I am sure people who work there and associated with that company know it is the cluster office. If the name gets out, idiots will be heading there to vandalize it and spread slander about it. The same reason if you get Covid, you hope the neighborhood doesn't find out.

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Posted in: 18-year-old girl arrested for not paying ¥160,000 Tokyo-Shiga taxi fare See in context

I ask this because we were involved in something similar (unfortunately) where a customer didn't pay, and it was never classified as a criminal case but instead just a civil suit. Police were never involved.

It is a criminal case. There have been similar stories on here a few times about passengers skipping the fare then getting arrested.

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Posted in: Japan's pro baseball, soccer leagues to admit fans from July 10 See in context

Looking forward to going back to Koshien Stadium but a little weary especially the way things are there being packed in like sardines.

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Posted in: Bento shop staff punished part-timer by piercing her nose, cutting all hair off, and more See in context

Otherwise, why in the hell would anyone stay?

Not everyone is cut from the same cloth. Mind control and feeling of low self-worth can be at play here. I am just happy that it was it was finally reported and the woman is still alive. It could have been fatal.

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Posted in: Store staff stop talking to customers because of coronavirus; some hope change is permanent See in context

As a foreigner here, I actually like when staff talks to me about baseball or how I've been because I feel they are treating me as a human and not some alien that probably can't understand Japanese.

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Posted in: 21-year-old man arrested for confining children aged 2 and 1 in room See in context

Police said that at around 6 p.m. that night, the children’s mother tried to call Hashimoto and when she couldn’t reach him, became worried about the kids and called the police. 

He didn't answer the phone so she called the police? Sounds like she didn't trust him enough in the first place to leave the kids with him. Glad the kids are safe.

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Posted in: 83-year-old man dies after suspected bear attack See in context


I hope if I get to 83 that I still have the energy for a daily jog.

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Posted in: Man arrested for filming up woman’s skirt on train platform See in context

I think in these cases, female cops should be in charge of inspection. If I was a female, I wouldn't be happy if I someone took a picture up my skirt then the police "investigate" the pictures one after another.

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Posted in: 68-year-old man arrested for threatening to spread COVID-19 at supermarket See in context

He can sneeze all he wants but I don't believe you can contract mental illness from the air.

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Posted in: Atlanta officer who shot Rayshard Brooks charged with felony murder See in context

The cop kept asking him how he got to the car park, he said his friend drive him there. The cops did not actually catch him DUI. IF they had stopped him for a driving offence and found he was DUI, punishment would be in order; but they had no concrete evidence, and being drunk in a car park should not be cause for summary execution.

The dude wasn't in a car park, he was in a drive-thru lane with the engine running. If he was in a parking spot in the first place, nobody would have cared. No one can judge how he got there until the street surveillance comes out, without a doubt during the trial. If he complied with the police, no doubt he would have been seeing prison time because a DUI is considered a parole violation.

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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to molest baby boy mistaken for girl See in context

Kanamaru picked up the baby and placed him on his knee at a toy department while the boy's mother had stepped away. A patrolling officer noticed and made the arrest, the police said.

How do you "step away" from a one year old?

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Posted in: European lawmakers chide Japan over parental child abductions See in context

 I was barred from seeing my kids while I lived in Japan and they only lived 5k away from me.

and until now, the mother has been brainwashing them that you are a horrible person and for the children to never meet you. I like stories of kids wising up as they reach adulthood and seek out their lost parent. My brother-in-law(Japanese) divorced and lost his daughter 13 years ago. Both him and daughter lived only a 5 minute drive apart.

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Posted in: NHK to retrain staff after criticism of cartoon about black Americans See in context

But the majority seldom take notice of things such as this.

This can be said about everything in every country. It takes a few to put the word out to the majority about what they noticed. It isn't like the majority are glued to NHK on a weekday afternoon.

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies after being left in car for 7 hours See in context

Seriously, stories such as these still baffle me.

Forgot child was in the car and women that didn't know they were pregnant as they deliver a baby are my top 2 baffling stories.

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