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Posted in: Man on trial for killing 19 disabled people contradicts defense claim he is not mentally competent See in context

He has been saying this from the start. The defense should give up trying. He should be able to defend himself and get this trial over and done with. I hate hearing about him.

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Posted in: Couple arrested for neglecting their four children, resulting in one death See in context

The couple’s three other children were taken into protective custody at a child welfare center in December.

and should never be returned to their scummy parents.

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Posted in: Olympic makeover: All aboard for new sports lighting up Tokyo 2020 See in context

MLB teams don't let their star players participate in the Olympics particularly in important August. I guarantee Ohtani won't be there. NPB has a holiday however so no worries about good Japanese players playing.

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Posted in: Shop fearing Wuhan virus bans Chinese visitors in Hakone See in context

Reminds me of when I worked at an English school when the swine flu was going around. One of the mothers called in to quit the school because she thought foreigners were the ones spreading it around.

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Posted in: Sellers petition for antitrust probe over Rakuten free shipping See in context

I wonder if it has to do with the mega popularity of Mercari which makes sellers send with Free Shipping. I always set the price of things I sell so that I don't feel like I am getting burned by the Free Shipping.

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Posted in: Moonstruck: Japanese billionaire's girlfriend applicants top 20,000 See in context

People shouldn't be up in arms about this. Many women get on these dating shows to get their foot into the industry. Terrace House and Ainori members have gone on to be on TV, movies and released albums. Why do I know this? My wife is glued to these garbage shows lol

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Posted in: Estranged Australian husband freed after trespassing to find his children See in context

I do feel for men like Scott McIntyre. I do not support his choice to trespass while looking for his kid. I understand his position, but he's going about it very foolishly. 

That's the way love goes. He doesn't exactly have many avenues to work with being a man, especially being a foreign man.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic ticket designs unveiled See in context

If tickets are that hard to get, the resale value for used tickets will be sweet. I am keeping 1 and selling the rest. Anyone want to buy a used Sailing ticket?

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Posted in: Environment minister Koizumi to take 2 weeks paternity leave See in context

A bit weak, but it's better than nothing in Japan I guess. The flexible way of working is a bit of progress too.

Honestly, of all my male friends and family members in the U.S. who have had babies, I don't know anyone who took more than 2 weeks for paternity leave.

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Posted in: Ex-captive Japanese journalist sues gov't over passport denial See in context

He should also be made aware that if he gets into another captive or hostage situation, the Government will make no attempt to get him released.

It isn't his choice to call the Japanese government to ask for money. The kidnappers are the ones forcing him to plea for help for a ransom.

As far as we are told, however, no money was exchanged for his release either time. 

The first time I don't know but the 2nd time the kidnappers were paid off by another country I heard.

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Posted in: Badminton world No. 1 Momota injured in crash in Malaysia; driver killed See in context

I have been to KL 3 times and the crazy driving is one of my biggest memories especially on the highway that leads to the airport. Rest in peace to the driver and a speedy recovery to all involved.

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Posted in: 5,000 sprint for title of Lucky Man See in context

Cool to see a man in his 30s beat out all the early 20s runners that usually win.

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Posted in: Lebanon issues travel ban for Ghosn See in context

No one listens to the fugitive's excuses to distract people's attention from his misconducts.

No one? I guess you haven't read any of the other comments.

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Posted in: Netflix to defend gay Jesus film in Brazil supreme court See in context

Odd, though, that one of the suspects fled to Russia. Seems like a strange first choice to escape to. 

Russia is actually popular to flee to. There have been other famous people going there to escape taxes and leak arrests.

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Posted in: Outfielder Shogo Akiyama wants to make history with Reds See in context

Best of luck to him! Most Japanese batters going over don't pan out compared to pitchers. If Akiyama and Tsutsugoh can succeed, that will open the door to more teams wanting more Japanese batters.

It has been 20 years since Marge Schott owned the Reds. I am not sure if Akiyama would have been on the team at that time since we know how she felt about Japanese and other races.

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Posted in: Mother, boyfriend found guilty of forcing 8-year-old daughter to take cold bath See in context

Whatever the case may be, I hope the girl is in a good place now and never ever ever ever given back to her mother.

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Posted in: Man accused of killing 19 disabled people disrupts trial See in context

The death penalty is barbaric and Japan should not be resorting to it. The man needs serious help. That doesn't mean I condone what he did.

Groovy, now go preach to the 19 families of the murdered and see what they think. Since you have no connection with anyone in the case, you will have a comfortable sleep tonight while the families have to live with the murderer still alive showing zero remorse for anything and laughing at the whole thing.

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Posted in: More details emerge on Ghosn's escape from Japan See in context

Japan is a mask wearing country particularly in winter/flu season. Someone could get away with anything slipping a mask on. Some shops I go into with wanted posters of thieves stealing something from their shop, show the thieves wearing masks as if I am supposed to recognize them.

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Posted in: Tuna fetches ¥193.2 mil at New Year auction in Tokyo See in context

Oh and great news for everyone, his statue stands right outside the exit so you can get the picture you always dreamed of.

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Posted in: Tuna fetches ¥193.2 mil at New Year auction in Tokyo See in context

I went to Sushi Zanmai a few weeks ago for the first time in Osaka. It was excellent and fairly reasonable for a place that pays that crazy amount for a single tuna every year.

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Posted in: 24-hour video on fugitive Ghosn checked only once a month See in context

Electronic tethers common in the U.S. are not used in Japan for bail. Ghosn had offered to wear one when he requested bail.

Dude would have probably cut that off too. I can't believe how loose the police were especially with a supposed high profile criminal.

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Posted in: NHK's annual 'Kohaku' music show sees rating fall to record low See in context

NHK made a dumb move with the Hibari Misora robot. She is the Queen of Japan music and is one the top sellers. They unveiled her robot in a documentary and performance a few months on NHK and on their Youtube page so everyone knew what to expect during the Kohaku performance. I bet ratings would have been a little higher if the unveiled it for Kohaku.

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Posted in: Ghosn carried spare French passport while out on bail in Japan See in context

Ghosn is Brazilian-French-Lebanese so could even arrive in Lebanon without any passport.

Interesting when I enter my country, I need a passport. You don't need one?

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Posted in: Ghosn's lawyer says he is stunned his client left country See in context

Does Japan have an extradition agreement with Lebanon? The man will be sure to go somewhere he is sure to have immunity.

Well obviously there is a reason he chose Lebanon over Brazil or France.

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Posted in: Do you think New Year's Eve is the most overhyped night of the year? See in context

Fun but wish people would treat each other with kindness year-round. I remember back in L.A. when I was a college student, I went to my first countdown party at Universal City Walk in Hollywood. At the stroke of midnight, everyone celebrated and hugged each other. 1 hour later, the parking garage had a huge line of cars waiting to get out. Every time I tried to merge into traffic, people would speed up not to let my car in with many of them shouting "no" to me or flipping the bird. Being nice was in the past and it was back to the usual L.A. traffic nightmare.

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Posted in: Sharon Stone blocked on dating app See in context

Good promotion for the site. Now she will get flooded with dms if restored.

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Posted in: Canada broadcaster explains missing Trump 'Home Alone 2' cameo See in context

I actually enjoyed Home Alone 2 more than the first one.

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Posted in: Man gets 2 years, 8 months in jail for firing air gun at car on expressway See in context

So he gets sentenced for the air gun and nothing for stealing a car?

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Posted in: Man accused of mass murder at facility for mentally disabled people to admit to charges See in context

To me, as a person with family members with disabilies, this idiot is the worst criminal in my lifetime. One of the few times that I cried after hearing the news.

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Posted in: Man stabbed to death after fracas on Kitakyushu street See in context

Late Sunday, police said a suspect, Kenichi Iguchi, 48, had been detained after calling them in the morning. However, Iguchi, who works in the construction industry, has since said he can't remember what happened, police said.

He decided to turn himself in though he had no idea why he turned himself in?

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