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Posted in: Hunter Biden indicted on federal firearms charges in long-running probe weeks after plea deal failed See in context

Trump will be tried in a court of law, not in the court of public opinion. So will Hunter.

If the court of law finds something heinous against Hunter that leads back to Joe, what next? Will your life's focus still be on Trump?

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Posted in: Japan inflation hits 4.2% in January See in context

Because inflation is a multifaceted phenomena for which cookie-cutter excuses are not appropriate.

That's what people say when their choices of politicians are in office. When they aren't, the finger pointing is on full display.

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Posted in: 19 children, 2 adults killed in Texas school shooting; Biden says 'we have to act' See in context

Rest in Peace to the victims and prayers with the families. This is how sick our World is nowadays, instead of offering solutions and condolences to families, people immediately rush to point fingers at the political party they dislike. Utter and complete heartlessness.

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Posted in: After Buffalo, civil rights leaders pitch anti-hate plans See in context

Experts here grab the stats real quick about how many people are killed by white supremacists per day/month/year etc. Then I wanted to ask those fellow Americans living here in Japan why they haven't helped their families living there to escape yet.

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Posted in: In Buffalo, Biden condemns racism, mourns victims See in context

even gets to exploit racism for political gains.

Unfortunately for him, the vote for me and my party to avoid white supremacy card isn't going to work this time as the economy goes down the toilet.

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Posted in: Harris positive for COVID-19; Biden not 'close contact' See in context

Of course he wasn't a close contact, they don't even like each other.

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Posted in: Former KAT-TUN singer Koki Tanaka arrested for drug possession See in context

Where I come from, a celebrity doing this wouldn't even make the news or be arrested. However, he will just get a slap on the wrist which I guess is better than most other Asian countries.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth II tests positive for COVID See in context

Bozo, the Trump cult, those CoVid truckers being a major P.I.T.A. for everybody in Ottawa need to take heed

Trying to find in the article what the Queen catching CoVid has to do with what you mentioned. Please help me out.

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Posted in: Spotify CEO to employees: Canceling Rogan not 'the answer' See in context

Everyone acts like an expert on race in the U.S. on the outside looking in.

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Posted in: Spotify CEO to employees: Canceling Rogan not 'the answer' See in context

How do you know the poster is not white themselves There is no white on white racism.

and how do you know ONLY white people listen to Joe Rogan? You didn't argue that for some reason.

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Posted in: Spotify CEO to employees: Canceling Rogan not 'the answer' See in context

More than 10 years of racist comments

and he is liberal. Perhaps you are seeing the light on U.S. politics which you think supports social justice for minorities. You vote, they laugh.

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Posted in: Record 88% of Japanese 'feel friendly' toward U.S.: survey See in context

Shohei Ohtani deserves most of the credit for the increase.

Sho, Pfi and Mo perhaps.

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Posted in: Japan to provide over $1 mil, relief supplies to tsunami-hit Tonga See in context

Get off your wallets, Japan! - The world responded immediately to both Hanshin & Tohoku. Time to do your part.

You can't act like Japan does nothing for nobody. Every World disaster they offer money, supply and humanitarian aide even to countries that despise Japan like China and South Korea.

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Posted in: Boycotts, COVID and controversy with one month to go until Beijing Olympics See in context

China had exactly the same human rights issues in 2008 during the Summer Games but they were successful and had many upon many viewers and diplomats attend. China unleashed this virus upon the World and tried to cover it up so now the World is focused on China. They dug their own grave if these games don't profit or break even.

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Posted in: All U.S. forces in Japan exempted from virus tests since Sept: Hayashi See in context

Carelessness caused by misplaced confidence in the vaccines.

If health restrictions are in place they should be enforced on everybody equally

The people to blame is the Commander in Chief and whoever he picked to run and make rules for the U.S. military. They very well could have made restrictions or mandates to prevent this.

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Posted in: 11-year-old boy drowns in Gifu river See in context

Lots of kids pass their 'swimming test' at school having never been out their depth.

But you can't generalize that all Japanese people can't swim. There are tons of kids who are enrolled in swimming schools and most of them are full due to school swimming lessons not happening due to the pandemic.

I remembered when I got my diving license in Palau, the instructor said it was a lot more fun taking Japanese groups out because they could actually swim and explore. The groups from Taiwan, Korea and China all needed floaters when swimming.

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Posted in: 'Stupid' and 'insane': Some billionaires attack tax plan See in context

The media sure love to focus on Elon Musk while all of the other billionaires can fly under the radar. Why isn't anyone going up to Dorsey, Zuckerburg or Bezos on their opinion and happiness to pay more taxes?

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Posted in: Israeli strike on Gaza kills 10; unrest spreads to West Bank See in context

Can someone please tell me why such an outcry on here for innocent Palestinians but not a peep when their country kills tens of thousands of innocent civilians in Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iran for example? There were tons of children dead in those countries too. I swear people want to be outraged just to be outraged.

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Posted in: 42-year-old mayor gets COVID shot ahead of elderly See in context

I am pretty sure many country politicians were getting vaccinated before their citizens. Why is this unique to Japan? Heck, where I come from, sports players were jumping the lines.

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Posted in: CDC says fully vaccinated Americans can now go outside without a mask See in context

Love how liberals always say this "the end" and "full stop" nonsense to act like their opinion is the only relevant one.

Next stop, name calling in 2nd or 3rd person.

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Posted in: Caitlyn Jenner running for California governor See in context

The last recall there were well over 100 names on the ballot including Gary Coleman and a porn star or 2. I will wait until all of the candidates come forward to decide. At this point, I'll take Jenner any day over Gavin Newsome.

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Posted in: Suga declares state of emergency in Tokyo, Osaka region See in context

I am curious about school closures in Osaka. One person says schools will close in Osaka Prefecture, others say only in Osaka City then others say students will do online lessons in the morning/afternoon while have lunch at school. So which is it?

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Posted in: Many Japanese celebrities have no burning desire to be involved in torch relay See in context

It should be for locals, especially kids, and also sports stars from each prefecture.

It is kind of like game shows or quiz shows on TV in Japan, I want to watch regular, everyday citizens play them not comedians then get an instant replay 3-5 of their facial expressions.

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Posted in: U.S. strikes Iranian-backed militant site in Syria See in context

Trump carried out missile attacks too.

Yeah but when he did it, it was front page news and everyone cried like it was the biggest atrocity in World history. As they did this, they conveniently forgot about the drone-happy previous administration.

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Posted in: Beijing Winter Olympics nearing amid fears of Tokyo's cancellation See in context

China knows what is at stake so that is why they have been going around acting they are pandemic-free and even uploaded on YouTube a dance party in Wuhan. I went to the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and enjoyed them. I especially liked that tickets were reasonable and hotels didn't really overinflate their prices like they do with other host cities. I was thinking to go to the Winter Games too until the pandemic hit.

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Posted in: U.S. lifts global health coronavirus travel advisory See in context

Does this mean Japan Post EMS service to the US will resume soon? Please.

Exactly! I don't understand why U.S. could ship here but not vice versa.

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Posted in: U.S. teachers protest reopening schools while coronavirus lurks See in context

No one is saying kids shouldn't go back to school if it can done safely - but most of these schools can't do that...

Trump is gambling his re-election chances with the lives of our children...

Schools reopened in Japan 2 months ago, I don't recall hearing anyone here picketing in front of their kids' schools in protest. I also didn't hear anyone here forcing their kids' to stay home in order to save their lives. Actions speak louder than words!

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Posted in: Angels' Shohei Ohtani strains arm; won't throw for 4-6 weeks See in context

Give it up, son. The dual-role dream is done. I hate the Angels so I don't really care, but you are of little use if you can't pitch and are day-to-day as a hitter.

Done? He is 26 years old with a long career ahead of him. Do you know what day-to-day even means? He could play tomorrow or this weekend.

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Posted in: Defense agency holds 1st auction of discarded SDF equipment See in context

I would buy a tank if they are planning on auctioning any. Always fancied one.

I think Rick, Corey and Chumlee might be able to hook you up.

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Posted in: Angels' Ohtani doesn't record out in return to mound See in context

You can't expect everyone who has TJ surgery to come back and become Max Scherzer. He may need time but heck, he can still hit which not many pitchers have that option. He can use this season to hit then work his way up to next season since this season is short.

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