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Posted in: Tokyo governor surprised by 'sudden' marathon switch See in context

It's not just the heat, the city is heavily polluted. The air is terrible.

Compared to many major cities, Tokyo has far less pollution. Last 3 were Beijing, London and Rio. Next 2 are Paris and Los Angeles. There is no way you are telling me those cities have better air.

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Posted in: Man runs toward car on street and smashes windshield See in context

Been a hard week! I also need to let off steam. I think I’ll open a bottle of wine and watch the Japan Series

The last thing I'd do to blow off steam is to watch 2 teams I hate.

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Posted in: China asked NBA to fire Rockets exec over Hong Kong tweet: Silver See in context

Chinese shoe brands like Li Ning, Anta and Peak too have NBA stars wearing their brand so China can't afford for their boycott to last long. I think this is just a little fit China is putting up to flex their muscles then they will give in because of the importance of basketball in China. Remember when the 3 UCLA basketball players were arrested for shoplifting. A normal person would have been in prison for years. They were released within a week. I bet this boycott ends by tip off of the first game of the regular season.

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Posted in: 'Spirited Away,' other Studio Ghibli films head to HBO Max See in context

Will HBO Max come to Japan? I can add it to my other streaming services Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime and keep us away from regular Japanese TV lol

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Posted in: Japanese Winter Olympic medalist admits causing collision See in context

I remembered hearing his story too after the Sochi Games. He grew up in Nara but as a child, his family would take 5-6 hour drive to Nagano every weekend to train him to become a snowboarder. I guess he falls into the category of other sports players and entertainers that become screwed up after missing out on a normal childhood.

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Posted in: IOC wants to move Tokyo Olympic marathons, walking races to Sapporo See in context

so much for the "Tokyo" Olympics....

Like a quarter to half of the events are taking place in other prefectures before they made this move.

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Posted in: Demand for Japan World Cup jerseys reaches fever pitch See in context

I think I said it before, people need to check out sport shops in Aeon Malls outside the city. I saw plenty of Japan jerseys at those shops last week. The jersey is attractive as well as all of the other Japan National Team Canterbury stuff but I am not a big enough fan to pay over 10000yen for one.

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Posted in: Abe promises action after 2 homeless men denied typhoon refuge See in context

Nope, it is time for Abe to win a couple of hearts back. He needs to open up the tatami room in his luxurious crib and let the 2 guys stay there.

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Posted in: LDP exec apologizes for calling typhoon damage 'so-so' See in context

The damage was indeed so so compared to what was predicted for the size and power of that beast of typhoon.

I know. The headline says 'so-so' and article says 'so-so compared with predictions.' Am I supposed to be angry and throw my phone out of the window in a fit of rage?

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Posted in: Stepfather gets 13 years in prison over fatal child abuse See in context

Those people need to be fired.

That is what a defense lawyer does, fight for their client to get a lesser sentence no matter how heineous the crime may be. Why do they need to be fired?

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Posted in: Tonga beats U.S. 31-19 See in context

I was there. I didn't expect much from the U.S. but at least they did well the first half. I was surprised at the amount of American fans there.

I am not a big fan of the lack of merchandise, food and drinks. I got to the stadium 2 hours before opening hoping to buy U.S. stuff like towels but the line was already 2 hours deep. After 30 minutes, only scraps were left available. Drinks and food were also sold out.

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Posted in: Japan beats Scotland 28-21 to advance to Rugby World Cup quarterfinals for first time See in context

Great game and great defense right there at the end. I was worried because Japan looked a little burned out after going undefeated then gave up 2 quick trys.

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Posted in: 19-year-old woman arrested for murder after throwing newborn boy from window See in context

Yeah, well, sorry, it is hard to keep up with the latest language contortions that the PC crowd inflicts upon humankind. 

"Retarted" has been an offensive word before the PC crowd and is along the lines of a racist word. Whatever though, you do you.

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Posted in: 19-year-old woman arrested for murder after throwing newborn boy from window See in context

The article does not say, but it sounds like she is mentally retarded

The 1980s called, they would like their word usage back.

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Posted in: Namibia-Canada Rugby World Cup match cancelled due to typhoon See in context

Sorry Canada! Currently at the USA-Tonga match. We will try to bring home a victory for the entire North American continent.

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Posted in: Fans frustrated as typhoon disrupts World Cup See in context

Can they not postpone a day or two?

I agree, especially when the stadiums that the matches are held have nothing else going on until the following match like 5 days later.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka picks Japanese citizenship with eye on Olympics: NHK See in context

Don't worry folks making a mountain out of a molehill. She can still own houses in the U.S. and live there as well.

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Posted in: Train operators, airlines to suspend services as typhoon on course to strike eastern Japan See in context

My in laws were meant to be flying down from Sapporo into Tokyo tomorrow for my wife's birthday and also our daughters' Sports Day.

I am surprised they don't cancel their Sports Day too. Many schools have already cancelled here in Kansai and Kanto is supposedly going to be hit harder.

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Posted in: Brave Blossom bonanza as rugby jerseys fly off shelves See in context

Man, people need to venture out more. I saw a lot of jerseys at the sports store in the local Aeon Mall a few days ago.

One thing I am curious about is about jersey wearing in different countries. In the U.S., we wear jerseys anytime game day or not. I have quite a few Hanshin Tigers jerseys and clothing but never see people wearing their favorite team's clothing outside of the stadium.

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Posted in: Typhoon heads nearer Tokyo ahead of big Rugby World Cup weekend See in context

Man and this was the only weekend I had tickets. I was looking forward to drinking 700yen Heinekens and hopefully see the U.S. get double digits in scoring.

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Posted in: 18-year sentence sought for stepfather over fatal abuse of girl See in context

I can line with that; however, you are advocating proportionality, so why not the death penalty. If you oppose the death penalty, I completely understand given it serves no purpose beyond retribution.

So why suggest it then go on to say you are against it? smh

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Posted in: Nowadays, for fear of child predators, it is no longer considered safe in many countries to let young children go by themselves to and from school, to a friend's house, play in parks or at the beach, go to shops and so on. What was it like when you were growing up? See in context

Growing up in L.A., it was always a school theme to say "no" to strangers. More emphasis though was placed on staying indoors at night due to the danger of gang activities and sporadic drive-by shootings.

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Posted in: No butts, no boors: Rugby fans learn the ropes in polite Japan See in context

"It's the World Cup, there are a lot of foreigners, so they have to be tolerant. Especially if they want us to have a good image of their country."

Take that high and mighty attitude to a different country and he might be doing time.

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Posted in: Cambodian court convicts 2 Japanese of murdering taxi driver See in context

Given Cambodia's high regard for Japan, which has provided development assistance to the country to help it rebuild from decades of civil war, the case sent shockwaves across the local community. Attention has been focused on the verdict.

I am wondering it was because of this that they got off easily. I am curious what a local would get doing a similar crime.

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Posted in: Vinyl records, paper books and magazines are showing growth in some markets. For example, according to the Recording Industry Association of America, vinyl album sales grew 12.9% in the first half of this year. What do you think is keeping these old formats going in the digital age? See in context

I just love the nostalgia from a time when music was just plain better. I have tons of records which I am trying to hide from my wife who also doesn't understand my fixation of shoes and laserdiscs lol

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Posted in: Junior high school girl attacked by man while on her way to school in Ehime See in context

Why someone would downvote my comment is beyond me. 

It wasn't the kid safety part people disliked, it was the country you mentioned.

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Posted in: Director promises dank thrills in Thai cave boys rescue saga See in context

Personally I am not interested in true story movies of events that happened recently and fresh in my memory.

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Posted in: Parents arrested after 3-year-old daughter found dead at home See in context

Death penalty please for both of these subhuman scum.

You have been here long enough to know that the death penalty is never given for killing one person let alone a child.

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Posted in: Parents of 7-year-old girl missing for 10 days at Yamanashi campsite speak of agony, hope See in context

Question to parents here- How old is old enough to let your children run off with their friends? From what I gathered, the children decided to run off and play by the river which was a little ways and out of eyesight from the campsite. I mean I am not blaming the parents because to each its own but my soon-to-be first grade son wouldn't be allowed to run around outside with friends unless I had an eye on him or have other adult supervision.

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Posted in: AKB48, Japan’s biggest idol singer group, apologizes for selling 'Date Tickets' See in context

Those AKBers able should flee Japan and move to Korea.

Tell that to the K-Pop artists that attempted or committed suicide.

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