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Posted in: Court orders journalist to pay damages to reporter Shiori Ito in rape lawsuit See in context

He isn't going to jail but I truly hope the loser lost his job and family.

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite Christmas illumination spots in Japan? See in context

The nursing home down the street and I don't even have to get out of the car.

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Posted in: After 25 years, Mariah Carey's 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' tops U.S. charts See in context

My wife and kids love this song and play it non-stop. Since I was young though, I play songs with soul like Donny Hathaway "This Christmas", Stevie Wonder "That's What Christmas Means To Me", Clarence Carter "Backdoor Santa" and Run DMC "Christmas in Hollis". Then I sprinkle it in with a little Death Row Family "Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto."

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Posted in: Japan gov't eyes new law to draw more tourists to museums See in context

I am actually curious if they had a ranking of the most visited museums here by foreign tourists. It seems like the Nissin and Ghibli ones would be high up there.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka hires Belgian Wim Fissette as coach See in context

Tennis player Naomi Osaka, left, sits with rapper YBN Cordae during the first half of an NBA basketball game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Washington Wizards

Courtside at a Clippers game is equivalent to sitting in nosebleeds at a Lakers game. They play in the same arena. I guess her and YBN's status isn't high enough yet to be Lakers courtside.

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Posted in: Angels to formulate plan for Ohtani’s throwing program soon See in context

Another bust in the making from Japan to the MLB

The man has Tommy John surgery yet he continues batting improving in most stats from the year before. He is far from a bust.

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Posted in: Accused groper who jumped onto tracks to escape turns himself in See in context

A fine and some rehabilitation might work for this guy.

And a girlfriend...

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Posted in: Peace Olympics See in context

Preach omotenashi to get the Olympics then employ this loser as your Olympic President. I don't get it.

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Posted in: 7-year-old girl killed after car rear-ended in 5-vehicle pile-up See in context

That's not true. You can get a 2nd hand car for less than 500,000 yen that is far safer than a new Kei Car.

I never said anything about price of the car. There is not a single solitary standard car that is cheaper for tax, gasoline, service check and highway tolls than a Kei car. If you know something we don't, please share the info here.

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Posted in: 7-year-old girl killed after car rear-ended in 5-vehicle pile-up See in context

 if the family was in a standard vehicle rather than a Kei, that poor little girl would probably still be alive

You act like everyone could afford to have a standard vehicle. Do you realize how much more gas, tax and the service check costs compared to a kei car?

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Posted in: High school student 'forced' to quit school sues Kumamoto Prefecture for a single yen See in context

When I played American football in high school, all players had to shave to shave their heads to play on the team. If it wasn't short enough, the coaches would shave it themselves. They are still doing it to this day and I have yet to hear about lawsuits. Traditions are traditions but these schools and clubs need to forewarn their students of what is to come rather than forcing it upon them when they arrive.

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Posted in: Do you feel pressured to go out drinking with co-workers? See in context

I am pressured to drink by my father-in-law even though I have a family to drive home.

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Posted in: Actor Hirofumi Arai sentenced to 5 years in jail for sexual assault See in context

I wonder if they will deport him after he has served his sentence.

Deport him where? Downtown Tokyo?

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Posted in: Woman takes helm of Japanese Aegis destroyer for 1st time See in context

Cool! Women rule!

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Posted in: Tougher penalties for smartphone use while driving take effect See in context

Usually police enforce traffic laws for about 2 weeks after a law starts. For the next 2 weeks will see them everywhere. Then they will come back for the first few weeks of April then again in September.

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Posted in: Woman walking her dog killed in hit-and-run incident; driver arrested See in context

When I renewed my license here early last yeat, we watched a video to be cautious of kids chasing a ball, bicycles losing balance and dogs running wild while on the leash and the owner following it. In these cases, I always slow down a great deal when approaching these situations. Sidewalks are unfortunately scarce in the suburbs.

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Posted in: Crown prince urges daughter to update public on marriage plans See in context

Parents should stay out of their adult children's business no matter who the parents and children are.

If I was rich, I also might be hesitant if my daughter marries a guy with his parent heavy in debt.

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Posted in: Trial of Chiba man accused of fatally abusing 10-year-old daughter to begin Feb 21 See in context

If this country really cherishes the youth because of the declining population, judges needs to lay the hammer down on people like this instead of handing out rinky dink sentences to child murderers and abusers.

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Posted in: Trump makes surprise Thanksgiving visit to U.S. troops in Afghanistan See in context

PR stunt ..... all I can say. This man doesn't know anything about the military, still wants to be the CinC.

26 out of 45 U.S. Presidents have served in the military. Visiting troops is part of their duty no matter how much you dislike them.

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Posted in: Famed Tokyo sushi restaurant Jiro dropped from Michelin gourmet guide See in context

My parents always mention about going when they visit me but the mixed reviews puts me off from going. Things like a 30 minute time limit, chefs yelling at staff/customers and staff treating Japanese customers better than foreign ones is quite unappetizing for me.

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Posted in: Suspect in Osaka kidnapping case says he 'saved' victim See in context

Without details, it's hard to know whether her parents were at fault or whether it was entirely adolescent issues. Either way, the result was the same.

According to the news, the child was kind of able to go around at her free will. Though it said the mother called police around lunchtine, typically she came home after 11pm from friends' houses and obviously had the freedom to use her smart phone at will. Perhaps the lack of attention at home made her reach out to someone who acted like they cared to lure her in.

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Posted in: Death of K-pop star Goo Hara stirs bullying debate See in context

I remembered going to Korea around the time KARA was getting big in Japan. It didn't seem that people there were proud of their overseas success but were nitpicking other things about them. At that time, people were up in arms about 1 or 2 of them getting into high level universities due to their wealth and fame. Years later, people were having a cow because KARA refused to chime in their opinion about the Takeshima/Dokdo conflict. KARA loved their fans in both countries and didn't want to take sides.

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Posted in: New acts rule Grammys as Lizzo, Lil Nas, Eilish lead in nominationss See in context

There are forces that want to see him succeed in 2 genres that typically don't allow them to succeed. Country and Rap.

While I actually like Old Town Road, that is only country rap song he has on his album while the other songs are autotuned singing which nobody cared much about. He should stick to the formula that made him famous. If you like country rap, listen to Blanco Brown who sticks to country rap.

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Posted in: Group riding bikes through underground shopping mall in Osaka cause ruckus See in context

Not to keep beating the Kansai vs Kanto thing to death but I do see a lot more things happening at train stations and in trains in Kansai than I ever do in Kanto.

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Posted in: Police question Kobe teachers over bullying of colleague See in context

Word is that the woman teacher liked the victim but she joined in on the bullying after he rejected her advances.

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Posted in: Actress Sawajiri admits taking illegal drugs for over 10 years See in context

she was a great actress, just had a huge attitude problem.

Her attitude thing has always been attributed to her drug use. Before that, she was always looked at as sweet and innocent. That movie Helter Skelter she was in almost seems like a movie about her life though I didn't care for it.

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Posted in: Man arrested for injuring common-law wife’s 2-year-old son with stun gun See in context

Hopefully the mother was stunned by this and leave the loser.

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Posted in: Actress Sawajiri admits to using MDMA, other illegal drugs See in context

NHK will not hire an illegal drug abuser -- her career is finished.

She isn't just an actress in one lowly NHK drama, she does movies and models too. She will probably do the usual public apology then return a year later or after. Her drug usage rumors have been flying around for years after several odd interviews.

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Posted in: Spectators to be allowed to bring drinks to Tokyo Games venues See in context

I could see my father-in-law filling up plastic bottles with Kirin Beer or Shochu then forcing me to get drunk with him like he usually does.

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Posted in: 36 Japanese men detained in Manila over alleged phone scam See in context

These guys are about to head to prison and do dance routines to Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars along with the other Filipino prisoners.

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