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Posted in: Man suspected of killing at least 100 pet cats See in context

Maybe this is out in a rural area but I hardly ever see indoor/outdoor pet cats here. Usually it is an indoor pet cat or outdoor stray cats fed by people.

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Posted in: Raptors beat Warriors in Game 6 to capture first NBA title See in context

As a Lakers fan, for me the only thing that mattered was the Warriors losing. It really irked me going home last summer and some of my friends that I often went to Lakers games with in college told me that they liked the Warriors. If Lakers trade for Anthony Davis and get one max free agent, we will be talking about the Lakers this time next year.

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Posted in: Angels' Ohtani first Japanese player to hit for cycle See in context

So happy for Shohei. I was worried that Angels pitching wouldn't hold up like they usually do. Angels swept tge Dodgers and off to a good start against a good team.

By the way, please add "in the MLB" in the article. Plenty of Japanese have hit for the cycle in Japan but he is first to do it in MLB.

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't website ridiculed for child abuse snafu See in context

A character to raise awareness of such a horrid act? Just deal with the problem like a normal country please Japan

I agree it is weird to have a mascot for every little thing including that which is crime-related. In Japan, cuteness is big business.

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Posted in: Tokyo or bust as Tiger Woods eyes Olympic dream See in context

As much as I would love to see Tiger Woods play in person, I don't think I could follow him for 18 holes in that Japan summer heat.

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Posted in: Samoa bans hit Elton John biopic over gay sex scenes See in context

Do we need to watch him having sex?

Don't worry, you probably won't have to see Elton having sex. Probably a much younger actor playing him though.

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Posted in: Japan to stiffen rules for foreign university student enrollment after 1,600 go AWOL See in context

I remembered dozens doing the same after the Aichi World Expo in 2005. You invite the World on lax visas and this is bound to happen. Just watch what happens in 2020 and 2025.

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Posted in: Organizers vow to keep beer flowing at Rugby World Cup See in context

But Shimazu warned: "There's having fun and there's behaving poorly. Of course security will be careful to avoid cases where fans cause trouble for others. There are cultural differences to consider, but Japanese people are the same after a few drinks."

How people handle their liquor is not a cultural thing. Maybe the biggest difference is the level of rugby fanaticism.

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Posted in: 71-year-old arrested over threat to attack 'noisy' kindergarteners See in context

I'm going to be a dissenting voice here, but I can fully sympathize with this guy. There is a growing sentiment that our precious, wonderful children should be spoiled and given free reign, no matter who else it troubles.

The kids were waiting for a Kindergarten bus which probably is sometime between 8-9am and probably for 5-15min per day if I am judging by K buses in my neighborhood. Unless the guy is teaching a meditation or Tai-chi class, there is absolutely nothing abnormal about kids waiting for a bus at that time and making sounds or talking.

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Posted in: Singer Ayumi Hamasaki criticized by fans for 'inappropriate' Instagram picture See in context

Making an entire article about internet trolls/netizens only feeds them to do more. It seems like half of the entertain and sports articles I read nowadays are about peoples' reactions on social media.

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Posted in: Online survey reveals what young Japanese people think about their country See in context

The wives/moms (husbands were transferred) found life in the states relaxing so much less stressful.

From people I have met, it has been 50/50. A lot of moms didn't like living abroad because they felt lonely and had difficulty making friends especially if the area they live in has few other Japanese to come in contact with. A lot of Japanese/Asians have the safety in numbers complex that they can't do anything without another Japanese/Asian person being nearby.

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Posted in: Human rights group asks for worker-safety probe at Tokyo Olympic venues See in context

Japan is not going to fold under pressure from any rights groups. It will get brushed off, and passed over with no comment. 

Same with most other countries preparing for the Olympics and World Cup. A lot of this going on and even worker deaths being swept under the carpet.

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Posted in: Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi-ling marries Exile dancer Akira See in context

I think I have lived in Japan long enough to know who Exile is. I know the faces, not the names so much. I do know Exile members get all of the ladies though.

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Posted in: Ex-captive journalist denied passport issuance for 5 months See in context

It isn't that he is begging for Japan to bail him out. Those that capture him force him to do so they can have a payday. He was already captured before the last incident and he returned to the Middle East with the warning that he wouldn't be bailed out the next time. If kidnappers make a public display out of this, people whine for Japan to do something.

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Posted in: YouTuber gets 2 years in jail for assaulting, confining wife See in context

That was quick. It seems like we just heard about this.

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Posted in: What can be done to help Japan's 'hikikomori' (recluses)? See in context

Yep, nip whatever problem they have during their childhood in the bud before they become adults. Whether it is a bullying issue or a spoiling issue. There are a lot of students in elementary through jr. high who take off days to months at a time from school yet are still able to move onto the next grade without consequence. Where I come from if you miss months at a time from school, you have to repeat the grade unless you are doing homework. Students here just get passed through like reclusive people are in society.

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Posted in: 'Terrace House' comedian Ryota Yamasato marries actress Yu Aoi See in context

Congratulations! A lot of comedians here usually strike it big with the ladies no matter what they look like or age.

My wife usually skips the commentary part of Terrace House. It saves time.

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Posted in: Jetstar Japan to cancel 70 flights in June due to pilot shortage See in context

I never had a problem with Jetstar international flights but they did cancel my KIX-NRT flight 30 minutes before take off. They told me to that however I decide to go to Tokyo that they will reimburse whatever I pay as long as I kept receipts. So the only choice I had was shinkansen. After sending my receipts, all they sent me was a travel voucher. Oh well, I had a good trip to Okinawa out of it.

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Posted in: Mourning continues 1 week after Kawasaki knife attack See in context

The uncle/aunt had two other kids a couple of years older than him, and they both attended Caritas, an elite private school. He on the other hand went to a lowly public school. It was because of this, and seeing his cousins excel at life, that he thought that their schooling was the reason for their happiness. And thats why he attacked Caritas students and their parents.

I've been hearing too that their grandmother took them to the barber shop and she told the barber to give the cousin a stylish haircut and for him to get a crew cut.

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Posted in: Moped rider injured by air hose stretched across road See in context

Just like the one a few weeks ago, probably some punk kids who "did it for fun" and "had no intention on killing anyone."

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics to ban fans from posting photos, video of events on their social media accounts See in context

I can see Facebook and Google easily going along and supporting this. They already have the tools in place thanks to the SJW’s and the politically correct police.

The IOC has a stronger influence than people realize. Back in 2008, I ended up with more tickets than I could handle so I was easily able to sell the tickets easily on eBay/Yahoo Auctions Japan. Come 2018, I had the same problem for the Winter Games but was almost instantly shut down on both sites. It didn't matter that they were non-Korean websites.

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Posted in: Automated train travels in wrong direction, injuring 20 in Yokohama See in context

I am happy that nobody was killed. One accident is not going to make me boycott these trains like I don't boycott cars and planes.

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Posted in: Schoolgirls chase suspected train groper and get timely assist from tripper See in context

My wife watched the video in slow motion on Youtube and noticed the groper wearing a wedding ring. His life is officially done.

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Posted in: Schoolgirls chase suspected train groper and get timely assist from tripper See in context

Are you kidding me? The discussion should center on the perverted groper.

Yes it should be but the stupid laws against being a Good Samaritan should also be pointed. Because of things like this, people refrain from getting involved in incidences like this. That plus the fact that you have to spend hours or days assisting the police in the investigation. I liked how he tripped the guy then went about his day. The police tend to interrogate witnesses like suspects.

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Posted in: Man pulled over for drunk driving claims his body 'produces alcohol' See in context

Hey, it all depends on the police officer. One lady I know said the tiramisu she ate had a little too much alcohol in it during a sobriety check. They let her go. Another guy got pulled over for playing with his smart phone while driving. He said that he was only holding it and they let him off.

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Posted in: Relatives worried mass stabber was becoming recluse See in context

I really don't know the laws here on what the aunt and uncle could have done to get him out. Does anyone know?

Back where I am from, a family friend had their grandson, his gf and their child living with them. They invited them to stay with them until they got back on their feet which they promised would take months but that turned into years. The grandson and his gf never even attempted to find a job and stayed home all day wasting electricity and eating all of the food. All attempts to get them to leave always turned into big fights and breaking things. Finally they had no choice but to get lawyers involved to get them out of the house. Where I am from lawyers are more affordable than here and families aren't afraid to protect their own well-being even if it is against a relative or other family member.

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Posted in: Extended window for Tokyo Olympic ticket applications closes See in context

I think a lot of people bid with two different ID's and will probably sell their duplicate tickets back to the Olympics, so there will be seats available when the first come first serve becomes available in the Fall. So no worries if you didn't get enough time to put in a bid for the lottery.

In my experience applying for World sporting events such as the Olympics and World Cup, they use the same system of first having a lottery then a first come first serve system months later. The lottery is the easiest way to get tickets and you will probably only get a few of what you ordered. The first come first serve portion is next to impossible because millions will be accessing at the same time. The best way to fill up on tickets is like next June or July when people decide to start giving up their tickets because they can't get a hotel or have other plans. You can check the site anytime and tickets will always be popping up.

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Posted in: 3 dead as high temperatures continue across Japan See in context

Playing the semantics game to cover for the fact that you made a mistake. Classic.

Nope, no mistake that ALL schools in my prefecture have air conditioners and that practice happens in the gym on scorching hot days. Now tell me about these carnivals.

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Posted in: More details emerge over Kawasaki stabbing rampage, killer See in context

no assistance with his obvious mental illness, and everyone AFTER the fact jumping on the bandwagon of his "strangeness", looking to find an excuse for his actions.

I am only going by what I read on this site but only things I see his him complaining to a neighbor about a branch hitting him in the face and him working a late shift with few people ever seeing him. Oh and he reads manga. Is there more to this story that you are hearing because I wouldn't call him an obvious mentally ill person about to go on a rampage.

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Posted in: 3 dead as high temperatures continue across Japan See in context

Is that so? And, do these same schools hold their sports carnivals in air conditioned classrooms?

No carnivals out here, only festivals. Sounds like a blast where you are at!

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