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daftlife25 comments

Posted in: Japan pulls out of Copa America See in context

I saw this on the newsbar on CNN and was a bit surprised. Bad choice, in my opinion. People watching the matches would help lift spirits, especially since the Japanese team has been doing so well lately (winning the Asian Cup and being ranked so high again).

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Posted in: Should rumor spreading be a prosecutable offense? See in context

During the Kanto Earthquake of 1923, rumours that Koreans were "poisoning the wells" led to the brutal massacre of thousands of Koreans, Chinese, and Okinawans. Even the police helped. There are pictures of dead bodies being poked at from this time. Simply disgusting.

Anyhow, spreading unfound rumours should be punishable as a crime. It should be more serious of a crime than slander or defamation.

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Posted in: Japan says dumping radioactive water in ocean doesn't violate law See in context

60,000 tons? That's a lot of contaminated water...

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Posted in: Hawaii braces for drop in tourists after Japan quake See in context

When I went to Hawaii, 80% of the tourists were Japanese. This is going to be a huge hit on Hawaii's economy. What do they have besides hotels and pineapples?

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Posted in: Deal me in See in context

What a cute kid. Look at that smile on his face. But why is he sitting like that? I guess Japanese kids, even boys, learn to sit like that at an early age? But why? It can't be comfortable.

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