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Posted in: Mori set to open Shanghai's latest landmark See in context

I really hope that china and japan can get along . this is a good case to prove that we can get along.

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Posted in: 2-year-old missing boy found on Shizuoka mountain See in context

Kids's job= find any way that's possible to kill themself. Parents's job= to save them!

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Posted in: Starwood signs 100th hotel in China - Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng See in context

In Mandarin the word "Spittoon" called --TANG YU. " Why have spitoons, the Chinese won't use them anyway, to them that's what carpet is for. To absorb to moisture. Maybe dog breeders will benefit from this boom?"--I have no idea about what you talking about..funny? really.. But the interesting thing to me is that Sheraton is very high end hotel brand in china, way on top of the hilton in some case. I guess that's their marketting Strategy in the diffrent nations. Just like the buick is a fancy american brand in china, but in U.S, I don't think will achive the same brand inmage as it does in china.

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Posted in: Do you think the Olympics will bring democratic and economic reforms to China? See in context

Economic reforms is yes. Democratic reform takes longer.

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Posted in: Gore endorses Obama See in context

If Al become VP. That will be great!

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Posted in: Usher See in context


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Posted in: 80,000 rally against U.S. beef in South Korea See in context

Looks like those korean people don't quite understand this new "CEO" President's idea.80,000 rally...sounds stupit enough..just for beef. to me. if you hate US beef that much, Easy, just don't buy it.

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Posted in: Dior issues Sharon Stone apology for 'karma' remark over China's earthquake See in context

People are people..almost 70.000 people dead... Karma talk is way beyond stupidnes.I hope she can do something in action instead of just "apology".

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