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dagnabit comments

Posted in: Trump calls for 'complete shutdown' on Muslims entering U.S. See in context

Literally Hitler.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics plans stumble on stadium fiasco, logo fuss See in context

Just cancel it. The Olympics are a scam that are no good for any host city. Back out while we still can.

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Posted in: Nicki Minaj apologizes for Nazi imagery in video See in context

This is ridiculous. Your views on the musical worth aside, the video was no worse imagery than Pink Floyd's The Wall. There are few better ways to imply fascism than the imagery used.

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Posted in: All insolvent idol group The Margarines to debut; total debt of all members: 127 million yen See in context

I can't believe it's not butterface.

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Posted in: 20 killed as Israeli troops advance into Gaza See in context

Interesting how the Malaysian Airlines thread is full of talk of Russia-supplied arms being responsible for the tragedy, but over here not a peep about US-supplied arms.

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Posted in: Japan to ban possession of child porn, but manga, anime exempt See in context

Putting aside the immediate gross-out factor and squeamishness of the topic material, it's important to consider the ramifications of banning what people can and cannot draw. If you think that's an acceptable thing to do, for any topic, you should maybe think on it a bit more.

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Posted in: Kerry tells Snowden to 'man up' and come home to stand trial See in context

Anyone who thinks Snowden would get a fair trial, or any trial at all for that matter, is laughably naive. He'd disappear to an anonymous gulag within minutes of stepping off the plane.

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Posted in: Hobbit fans get sneak peek at new movie See in context

Yeah the movie premieres next month across the entire planet....EXCEPT Japan. The Japan release, and only the Japan release, isn't until February of next year. Thanks a lot, Japanese movie industry.

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