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Posted in: Men’s bras appear to be on the rise in Japan See in context

I am now scared for humanity. I don't even know on what sort of mindset you would have to reach as a guy to wear a bra. i can't digest it.

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Posted in: From carnivores to herbivores: how men are defined in Japan See in context

Well that escalated quickly. I wonder how much time is left till the men on the west take on feminine characteristics?. I'm a MGTOW so i don't care, In fact stop mating altogether. What worries me it's the hobbies? Desert appreciating? Even though not mentioned on this article, Men are wearing purses and using bras. That's scary. I wonder if this is the result of not enough genetic diversity?. Japan it's an island, Perhaps foreigners would introduce some new genes and the resulting men would be less questionable.

In the other hand if women are becoming more carnivorous, Though it isn't mentioned here. I wonder if they would take over, Would these "effeminate" males be portrayed on Anime, Manga, and other media outlets as sexual as women are as a expression of male sexuality. Women have always been portrayed on caring on what the man can do for her and for how long, it's never explored on what's the sexuality of a woman. So if women were to take over with these new characteristics, Would they be more sexually expressive than our current women and by doing so create a "Pornographic or Erotic Market" that could take off and rival our current one. As a current one it's geared towards males and are the big spenders. Men don't care and we accept our sexuality and we explicitly talk about what gets us ready to rumble. Whereas our current women on talk about men on "Utility Based" expressions. Wether the guy is a gentleman, and how loaded with cash he is, The furthest we've gone it's how to make women orgasm more easily, But the talk on how they are attracted to the opposite sex it's rarely made out.

Seems like japan it's now the brewing ground on what's to come for the west, Though it's not going to be a natural thing that would come to place; It's more of a conscious one taking place already. At any rate this should be interesting.

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In japan, You don't have to hand over anything, It's not a law. It's a common agreement used whe the man is the sole breadwinner and as a result it's barely home, The woman can't go chasing after you to buy food, pay the bills, family clothing. Nowadays that practice has been downsized below 50%, 30% and rising shared spending because it's now more common for both parties to work. 20% and rising it's men doing the bills and budgeting. You talk these things out when figuring out the playing field to raise a family. I wish i saw a article discussing that.

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Posted in: The shrinking state of Japanese salarymen's pocket money See in context

I'm not japanese, But i've read articles stating that handing your wage to the wife is not a norm and certainly not a law, It's an agreement. According to Kotaku the figures of this is fading below 50%, A rising 30% is handled by both parties who both work. 20% It's the males doing the finances. I do have a question though, What are the laws of married couples on japan when both parties work and are wealthy.

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