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Posted in: Japan ruling party objects to lawmaker calling LGBT unproductive See in context

For Eppee-the point being that your gay baker is producing delicious baked goods that you and the people in your neighborhood have pleasure in buying.

Mrs. Sugita wants more taxpayers to pay for her useless salary and the hereditarily entitled progeny she squirts out and whom will have no choice in the matter.:)

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Posted in: Japan pulls out stops to improve nightlife for foreign tourists See in context

A lot of uninformed crosstalk on this thread.

Have DJed in Japan.

24 hour trains would help the nightlife industry here.

The 風営法 laws pertaining to clubs and setting the midnight limit on clubs and dancing always depended on who you knew and paid , especially the organizers, promoters connections.

There have always been businesses

operating unmolested outside the limit.

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Posted in: YouTubers caught offering 'free boobs' to passersby in Shibuya See in context

Silly girl.

Don't you know if you are going to do that it has to be at a proper Yakuza established institution just down the road that has passed the appropriately stuffed envelope to the local constabulary?

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Posted in: Nikkei ends at 26-year high on first trading day of year See in context

OMG- corporations are reaping a profit from neo-liberal, tax payer supported market fluctuations.

Nothing could make me happier over this New Year

What wonderful and surprising news.

Looking forward to the inevitable and concomitant news of wage stagnation and rising poverty!

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Posted in: Housing website to offer LGBT support in finding tolerant landlords See in context

Imagine-god forbid-actually enforcing anti-discrimination laws! Instead of setting up a ghetto website where marginalized minorities are actually afforded the privilege of giving up their hard earned money to rent property! Imagine another first world country with websites like this and "foreigner houses"!

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Posted in: Would legalizing drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin drive the crime out of the business? See in context

Fxgai- read some literature. Social, political and yes racial pressures in the case of marijuana all have lead to cycles of criminalization and decriminalization of certain substances. Read up on some of the losers who partook of Vin Mariani https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vin_Mariani.

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Posted in: Something sweet See in context

Often see this combination of a statuesque, shapely model/"talent" and a grossly disproportionate male "comedian", politician, businessman, celebrity. I wonder why that it? Even "vertically challenged" celebrities abroad ( and I'm no one to speak) don't seem so unbalanced next to taller starlets.

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Posted in: Man arrested for mailing more than 500 garbage items to former bullies See in context

Another menace to society apprehended.As always, I stand in respectful awe of the probity, rectitude, and unerring moral compass of the Nipponese constabulary when they pounce on such arch-criminals.

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Posted in: Scandal-hit Mitsubishi eyes tripling director's pay See in context

What extraordinarily good news! Surely these warriors in the service of Japan's economic well-being deserve to be so lavishly rewarded above all others? Look at their exemplary record of service; it speaks for itself and are not such rewards based upon a long record of meritorious service? Fortunately, there are no whiffs of such scandal that they may have partaken of any of a host of illicit substances in the privacy of their own home , or the ever watchful local constabulary would have descended swiftly like avenging angels to right their heinous misdeeds.

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Posted in: High school boy arrested for possession of powder mixed with stimulants and cocaine See in context

Public Enemy Number One ! Boy sitting in park with controlled substance may have found some meaning to existence! It is not like any other greater crimes are beng committed to the public good! Fanatstic use of my income and residential tax dollars (minus any rights or welfare benefits) to apprehend this terror to society that is unparalleled by any apparent others!

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Posted in: Toyama man first person in Japan to be arrested for selling jailbroken iPhones See in context

Absolutely, when its it is a case of a local company defrauding employees, clients etc total inaction by law enforcement...Must be the reach of Apple and associated J-carriers

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Posted in: Japan pro basketball reborn See in context

Better than the former name of the BJ (Basketball Japan) League

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Posted in: Truck attacker kills at least 84, injures scores during Bastille Day celebration in Nice See in context

JeffLee kudos. I wish a politician would come out and say with all the power of logic and reason behind him, "Yes, these Bronze age religions are the problem.'

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Posted in: New Renaissance Party backs use of medical marijuana; gets mixed reaction See in context

Legalization is the rational decision and is a cost effective demonstrable benefit to a vast amount of people, hence I give it little chance here. The entrenched special interests of drug companies, alcohol, tobacco and big business concerns override this.

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Posted in: The recent attack (in Bangladesh) might cause misunderstanding about Islam among those who don't know about the religion. I'll work on reaching out to people to explain that those extremists have no r See in context

According to Reuters the terrorists tortured and then murdered patrons who could not recite passages from the Koran. To say that said religion had nothing to do with their mindset seems a bit disingenuous to say the least

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Posted in: High school student expelled for having sex, sues school for Y6 million See in context

A student expelled for having sex. Meanwhile the bureaucrats, teachers and police molesting schoolgirls get one month paid suspensions with a 30 percent reduction in pay and transfers.

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Posted in: On the way out See in context

Look at the top headlines about vows to increase wages and this one on corporate malfeasance ...pure theater. They suffer no consequences except an amakudari soft landing or generous transfer. Where are the fraud prosecutions?

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Posted in: Japan's cup noodle binge is sign of the times See in context

Thanks PM Abe for your "beautiful Japan"!

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Posted in: Anime talent agency rejects voice actress applicants who have appeared in porn See in context

Like many phenomena in Japan recently, It is a perfect storm of a market of infantalized eunuchs and unfettered corporatism.

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Posted in: Yen surge threatens Japanese companies: Abe See in context

Yes let's respond quickly to anything that threatens Japanese companies and work and sacrifice more for their well-being!!!

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Posted in: 'Japan as Number One' author Vogel still upbeat on country's future See in context

There was a brief heyday for such alarmist texts back in the late 80's and early 90's. I remember reading one called "The Coming War with Japan". Laughable now in retrospect

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Posted in: Study suggests Japanese workers are deeply distrustful of their employers See in context

"Rigid labor laws' in the same sense that the anti-obscenity laws mosaicing genitals are 'rigid' yet allow thriving pornography and prostitution industries. In Japan, the letter of the law and enforcement are often two vastly different things.

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Posted in: Study suggests Japanese workers are deeply distrustful of their employers See in context

And with good reason. Companies outright theft of employees salaries through unpaid overtime, compulsory work related entertainment and purchases of a corporation's goods and suspicious bankruptcies and restructuring that leave them with unpaid salaries are numerous. And there is little avenue for legal recourse or government enforcement of labor laws. A true corporate kleptocracy.

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Posted in: Infidelity is immoral and will be criticized by the public, but it is not directly related to politics. Miyazaki should not have resigned. It might have been tough, but the correct thing to do would h See in context

Societies everywhere would benefit more from an educated populace focused on politicians' immoral policy-making and fiscal indiscretions rather than a celebrity -obsessed culture like focus on their sexual peccadilloes.

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Posted in: Long-term marijuana use tied to worse verbal memory in middle age See in context

Listen to the lectures of daily heavy cannabis user Terrence McKenna and come back and say there are any deficiencies in his verbal memory.

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Posted in: Becky loses sponsors, regular TV appearances over affair scandal See in context

Oh, hypocrisy, thy name is Japan.

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Posted in: Snowy Monday See in context

Ha, the responses are gold I tell you, gold!!!

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Posted in: Abe urges higher wages; businesses give muted support See in context

Hmm, again with the "urging". Must be Groundhog Day because I swear the same headline has appeared multiple times during Abe's tenure. It's revealing that when it is a matter of filling the administrations or its cronies coffers the forces of compulsion and coercion are used but with this issue that so crucially effects the life of the average Taro Suzuki we get this disassociation and impotent pleading

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Posted in: Facial recognition tech may be used at Arashi concerts See in context

First World Problems extra lite version

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Posted in: The Japanese working style is the root of all evils. All the problems stem from it. See in context

Hear,hear. Straight and to the point. Drop the mic and go home.

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