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Posted in: Koike says Japan can host Olympics despite virus spike See in context

Koike said widespread use of masks among the Japanese is one of most effective safety measures that have spared Japan from the high rate of infections that have taken place in the United States and Europe.

Many Japanese used them as “moral duty” in trying to cooperate in disease prevention efforts, she said.

I wish the leaders of Japan would exercise their “moral duty” to ensure the welfare of all their people.

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Posted in: Japan's corona-named businesses (and ladies) struggle to survive See in context

Maybe you should get your hearing checked; they halted product of Corona last April.


Maybe someone referencing a very outdated drama should update their net search skills .


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Posted in: Japan's corona-named businesses (and ladies) struggle to survive See in context

Japanese literalism strikes again. If it was in English poeple would assume they would have to be being sarcastic. Sales of Corona beer have gone up I've heard.

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Posted in: Human rights panel: Japan was wrong to detain Carlos Ghosn; owes him compensation See in context

The Japanese government denounced the report as a “totally unacceptable” viewpoint that will change nothing in the country's legal process.

You can see the bureaucratic teeth-suckers hearing this report and digging in their heels as they say this. This report does not meet that critical level of shaming required for a Japanese bureaucracy to change its ways.

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Posted in: Pandemic inflames violence against women See in context

Tamara Mathebula of the South African Commission for Gender Equality described a chronic "toxic masculinity" that was "everywhere you look".

"There are gender pay gaps which are widening and continue to widen during the COVID-19 pandemic," she told AFP.

"Gender-based violence worsened" as a result, she said, and the potential consequences were very serious.

Article could be a textbook illustration of correlation does not equal causation.

It seems all the examples given had pre-existing conditions of unaddressed social problems like substance abuse and economic disparities apart from easy targets like "toxic masculinity" and lockdowns.

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Posted in: What do you think is the best way for the central government in Japan to strike a balance between controlling the spread of the coronavirus and supporting the economy? See in context

What other countries have done outside of the US and Japan but in the other advanced nations of the world. As stringent as allowed by law lockdown measures enacted for a definite period of time as determined by the scientific experts in the field.

Combined with the the financial wherewithal to individuals and families to weather the period of economic hardship.

Not corporate welfare disguised as pandemic relief like GoTo.

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Posted in: In U.S., booming real estate market highlights rich-poor divide See in context

The U.S. real estate market is booming even as the coronavirus crisis intensifies, and the seemingly insatiable appetite for new and older homes has sent prices soaring -- meaning more and more families with modest incomes are seeing their dreams of owning property shattered.

"It very much is a tale of haves and have nots," said Dana Scanlon, a property agent in the Washington area.

In late stage capitalism wage labor holds little value for workers and is subject to more and more exploitation schemes so it becomes impossible to access enough capital for things like buying a home.

Rents and the financialization of capital for those who have access to it are the only options to create wealth. A rentier economy.

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Posted in: Travel campaign suspension details to be unveiled in a few days See in context

Japan will try to unveil in the next few days the specifics of how its Go To Travel subsidy program will be suspended in areas with high numbers of coronavirus cases, a senior government official said Sunday.

Sometimes there are cultural differences in expression and how a culture builds consensus to reach a decision.

And sometimes there is dragging your feet to milk a last few drops of corporate welfare from the public teat.

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Posted in: Health experts urge pause in Go To Travel campaign as COVID-19 cases surge See in context

The money will likely be spent on essentials like groceries, rents etc. It will not benefit those in dire situation like the tourism industry.

I assure you that in the populace as a whole during this crisis there are a great many in more dire situations and more deserving than travel agency and hotel owners.

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Posted in: Health experts urge pause in Go To Travel campaign as COVID-19 cases surge See in context

With overseas tourist 99% down and the difficulties in handing money directly to businesses, the GO to Travel campaign is the only life line to many small businesses.

What about handing money directly to the people and they can evaluate the risks and support businesses allowing the funds to trickle upward and providing a stable lifeline for families in this time of crisis?

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Posted in: Health experts urge pause in Go To Travel campaign as COVID-19 cases surge See in context

The government declared a state of emergency in April as COVID-19 hospitalizations brought the medical system to the brink of collapse. It has resisted the recent calls to curtail its domestic travel push, aimed at reviving local economies.

But is that the real purpose? As COVID worries continue there are articles on the same page of JTB, hotels and airlines laying off workers. GoTo is a wealth transfer upward instituted by a government that cares not one whit about the welfare of the people.

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Posted in: Biden wants Congress to pass virus aid in lame-duck session See in context

The Republicans warned embracing "socialism" would make the US a failed state leading to bread lines. The Trump admin's dereliction has brought that without any socialism except for companies.


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Posted in: Travel agency JTB posts largest 1st-half net loss; to cut 6,500 jobs See in context

But,but...?! I thought the tax funded wealth transfer corporate welfare subsidy GoTo was going to help these companies to stay afloat to save jobs?

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Posted in: Suga says Go To Travel will continue despite virus resurgence See in context

A day after the country logged a new record of 2,385 daily coronavirus infections, Suga said in parliament Japan should be on "maximum alert."

But he suggested he has no plans to scrap the Go To Travel program, saying, "We have been reviewing the program by listening to the opinions of experts and businesses involved. We will continue to operate it appropriately."

Additional translation: This taxpayer funds to corporate wealth subsidy transfer called GoTo disguised as a economic stimulus in the pandemic has proven to be quite lucrative for connected companies and their political lackeys so it will continue despite the health danger to the populace.

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Posted in: Global monetary easing lifting Japanese stocks despite weaker economy See in context

Nope. They give up an equal value of their bonds in exchange for that cash. The BOJ's asset purchasing in itself doesn't change their bottom line.

I am in agreement with some of your opinions,, for example on MMT.

I am arguing that QE ,, and it is UBI for bankers,, is a form of economic stability in this crisis and others not available for those not in the financial oligopoly.

That is a fact that doesn't need qualification.

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Posted in: Koike urges Tokyo residents to eat and drink in small groups See in context

Koike held up a sign showing the kanji ko, meaning small or short. She emphasized that everybody should observe the 5 “kos” when dining out or drinking — meeting in small groups (limited to four), using small plates to avoid sharing chopsticks or glasses, quickly leaving after eating, keeping a mask on in between eating or drinking, and speaking in a small (or low) voice.

So the advice is as you GoTo travel and eat, do it in small groups surrounded by dozens of other small groups of people doing the same thing.

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Posted in: Global monetary easing lifting Japanese stocks despite weaker economy See in context

While Japan's economy struggles with the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, its stock market has staged big rallies since the start of November, with the key Nikkei index hitting new highs since the collapse of the bubble economy 29 years ago almost on a daily basis.

But while soaring stock prices in a recession are nothing new, the current overheated market does not reflect investors anticipating an economic recovery. Instead, it owes to central banks around the world implementing massive monetary easing and governments providing stimulus packages, such as handing out cash to households.

"Looking at statistics such as money stock, more money is circulating than actual economic activities due to (the government's fiscal) policies, and such money is flowing into stock and financial markets," said Koichi Fujishiro, senior economist at the Dai-ichi Life Research Institute.

Of course markets are rallying with monetary easing, a guaranteed basic income for banks.

The money keeps on flowing to banks and financial markets while in Japan and the USA stimulus payments were a one and done deal half a year ago which maybe could cover a month of rent.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 534 new coronavirus cases as Japan goes on maximum alert See in context

It's what happens when people go through education systems that teach them that governments can solve all their problems for them. People simply shouldn't;t be trusted to think independently.

Who thinks the crony capitalist, lobbyist indebted , corporate socialist government will solve all their problems? Certainly not the COVID-19 infected government of the USA.And where do they teach that? Myabe that is what happens when some people get their "education" from Trump University and Prager U.

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Posted in: Face mask distributer imprisoned in sex shop by yakuza for 11 hours See in context

However, something far more powerful than government regulation thwarted their plan in the end: market forces. It wasn’t long until manufacturers caught up with demand and before anyone could say “my glasses are fogging up,” Japan was drowning in a sea of face masks. This stuck the yakuza group with millions of tiny cloths that were rapidly hemorrhaging value.

The poor yaks(lower level). Speaking of tiny cloths.

If you are well connected (for example a PM ) you can use the the money paid on taxes from your "electorate" to give a contract to produce masks of such impracticality you yourself would only wear them to your close friends and enjoy the kickbacks with zero consequences.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics: Many rules, no partying, no hanging around See in context

Athletes at the Tokyo Olympics won't have the luxury of hanging around once they've wrapped up their event.

No late-night parties in the Athletes Village. No nights — or early mornings — on the town.

Basically they want to to turn these young, exuberant athletes from around the world into the joyless entry level salarymen they regularly bully using the COVID-19 rationale disproportionately.

Work long hours, make money for the ojiisans and be quiet while we enjoy the fruits of your labor in our exclusive clubs.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 534 new coronavirus cases as Japan goes on maximum alert See in context

Coming to Tokyo in 2007 I saw signs in Japanese saying we are on "Maximum alert" because of terrorism. Still see these yellowing signs today. Only signs of "alertness" I saw were checking the IDs of anyone who seemed off-white.

I expect similar levels of alertness here.

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Posted in: IHO OKs proposal that maintains exclusive use of 'Japan Sea' name See in context

"In papers, 'Japan Sea' will remain. Our country's claims have been reflected," said Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi.

Separately, Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato said, "We supported the proposal as one that enhances the convenience of work linked to waterways."

"We hope it will be formally adopted," Kato, the top government spokesman, said at a news conference.

Good to see this matter of such pressing concern to the populace is being attended to by our wise leaders.

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Posted in: Japan's October exports almost back to pre-pandemic levels See in context

I am sure the benefits from this will be trickling down to the pandemic and economically stricken Japanese public and not to a multinational group of stakeholders any time now right..?

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Posted in: Budget carrier AirAsia Japan unable to refund 23,000 air tickets See in context

Tamotsu Ueno, a court-appointed lawyer handling the company's protection from creditors, said at a press conference that refunds were not possible for around 23,000 tickets directly purchased from AirAsia Japan.

Customers and employees left high and dry but don't worry the lawyers and execs will make out fine.

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Posted in: No Olympics See in context

They are speaking truth to power. Sad that this pic will probably be the only attention they get.

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Posted in: Sapporo residents asked to refrain from non-essential outings See in context

Local government heads agreed Monday to ask residents of Sapporo, the capital of Japan's northernmost main island, to refrain from non-essential outings

But "Go To " travel, eat out etc. and your usual commuting habits.

Sounds like a well thought out strategy.

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Posted in: J-Pop superstar Kumi Koda’s new music video stars manga/anime cornerstone 'Urusei Yatsura' See in context

I would have rather seen Kumi koda in some Lum cosplay.

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach confident Tokyo Olympics will be safe for athletes, fans See in context

Later Tuesday, Bach will hold a press conference with Tokyo Games Organizing Committee President Yoshiro Mori.

In this theater of the absurd, somebody for the love of dog ask them about IOC bribes, Black Tidings, and Dentsu.

This is like the Emperor has no clothes now in the way they do not acknowledge the situation. Or Bach et al has no mask.

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Posted in: Japanese firms start to reconsider asking for resumes to specify gender See in context

Add the birthdates, age, "recent photos" of "professional quality" as in other advanced nations if they really want to be non-discriminatory.

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Posted in: Thousands rally for Trump, believing he won election See in context

One of the techniques of the alt-right is to cloak extremist statements in post facto assertions they were done in irony, sarcasm, satire. Projection is also a big thing with them. So when you hear talk of coup d'etats while things seem to be going forward in a slapdash manner it's helpful to be on your guard.

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