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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics consulting firm paid $370,000 to IOC member's son See in context

Black Tidings indeed for the Japanese public who will be paying. Like the deals with Dentsu, Mori etc. even the attempts to cover up the corruption are half-hearted becuase in the end the public on the hook and all the perpetrators have to do is enjoy their gains.

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Posted in: Ginsburg's death draws big surge of donations to Democrats See in context

"Medicare for all? Who’s going to pay?

Free education? Who’s going to pay?

Student loan debt forgiveness? Who’s going to pay?

Entitlements for everyone? Who’s going to pay?

The Green New Deal? Who’s going to pay?"

The fact that you the terms "liberal,socialist, Marxist" interchangeably shows nothing but your massive ignorance and lack of erudition.

Go down the list and ask who will pay for a new weapons system that the military says it does not want but is still approved because of corporate welfare.

Or a bailout of Wall Street.

Or subsidies to Big Ag.

You have payed and because it is Trump you will do so with a smile.

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Posted in: We're lucky to have Osaka as figurehead, says Billie Jean King See in context

Osaka and BLM are addressing real problems the African-American community face that were not caused by " liberal, Marxist, socialism".

And why on multiple articles are there the same ignorant repetition of this mantra as if it is actually a thing? The fact that you use these terms interchangeably shows nothing but your massive ignorance and lack of erudition.

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Posted in: Number of suicides among Japanese jumps in August See in context

Lay the blame squarely on the government's corporate bailout heavy response to the pandemic, leaving many working Japanese economically out in the cold during the summer.

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Posted in: Trump urges Senate to vote without delay on his high court pick See in context

Though in reality there is not a world of difference between neo-liberal Republicans and Democrats; Democrats up until now usually made a nod toward things like precedent, equality under the law and fairness, if sometimes grudgingly.

It is clear all those things are out the door now and Trump and the Republicans are aiming for an existential fight.

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Posted in: Abe tweets that he has visited Yasukuni Shrine See in context

The political equivalent of flipping someone off you have been arguing with as the subway doors close and the train is pulling out of the station.

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Posted in: Suga aims to get new digital agency running by autumn 2021 See in context

Even with the lead up time of a year, expect zero integration inter-agency, even with the other "efforts" to cut red tape .

A year later: The various bureaucratic forms have been put online, which much be downloaded from pdf and stamped, scanned, faxed or otherwise printed and sent to the appropriate ministry in physical form.

After which the versions are compared as a group of 5 or 6 bureaucrats hiss and sigh over a space on a line or an entry which is not on their very limited database of prescribed answers.

Then they decide to mail a form for a request for clarification.

Payment possible by IC card payment at a convenience store, but none of those foreign online payment systems like Paypal .

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Posted in: With quiet humanity, Chloe Zhao's 'Nomadland' makes noise See in context

What a rise from a naturalistic, elegiac study like Nomadland to the cosmic scope of The Eternals.

I hope she knocks it out of the park.

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Posted in: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies at 87 See in context

Rest In Power Ruth. Look to Trump and the Republicans total hypocrisy and ignoring everything they said in blocking President Obama's court appointment in the last year of his term and rushing forward with a nominee to stack the court.

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Posted in: 'Suganomics' will target quick wins, not grand visions See in context

Short term thinking :QE which is UBI for financial institutions to prop up the markets, weakening the yen to prop up exports that has done wonders for the economic stability of the Japanese populace so far right?

And so many richly ironic quotes here:"He hates people with vested interests."Then Suga should have a hatred for the LDP like the white hot fire of a thousand suns.

"Suga's slogan urging the public to "look after yourself before seeking government help".

This is the urging to the public. When Dentsu and Keidanren come around as the economy continues to struggle into next year and companies are saddled with Olympic debt, time for another tax increase to bail them out.

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Posted in: Complaints overwhelm red-tape hotline hours after launch See in context

Pure political theater.

Under the question: "Please send information, such as unnecessary regulations, rules that are making your job difficult and bureaucratic silos that are problematic,"

Check:All .

Tasking the dinosaur bureaucracy to reform itself. The response will always be:Create more bureaucracy.

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Posted in: Olympics cancellation likely to sock populace with nasty tax surprise See in context

Surprises? The Tokyo Olympics an expensive exercise in political hubris with rich possibilities for disaster pushed for by an insulated political class leaving the public on the hook? More regressive taxes to fund corporate welfare masquerading as crisis relief? One of the largest recipients of said welfare being Dentsu? No surprises there at all I would say.

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Posted in: Netflix woos Japan with new original series about a reporter's exchange with Suga See in context

The participants seem fairly mainstream so I have my doubts it will have teeth. But if it succeeds in triggering the thin-skinned LDP jijis it is worth my Netflix subscription.

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Posted in: Netflix woos Japan with new original series about a reporter's exchange with Suga See in context

More political satire and critique needed in Japan. If it is pointed critique, expect the LDP to try some sort of stealth protest/retaliation but hopefully Netflix is beyond the means they use to control the dinosaur press in Japan.

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Posted in: Suga gets word out: He supports Tokyo Olympics See in context

“Making the Olympics and Paralympics a success, using all means, is the strong commitment of Japan,”.

Meaning damn the consequences of possible infection risks, the debt incurred to a public coping with an economic shock, further postponement of efforts addressing continuing relief of disasters like Fukushima, this effort in hubris of an entitled and insulated political class will proceed.

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Posted in: Suga starts work as new prime minister as Diet convenes See in context

"Work". Take a moment to imagine what that means for Suga and as per his job description how much is of benefit to the populace of this nation.

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Posted in: Suga elected prime minister by Diet; new cabinet contains just 2 women See in context

Maybe in 20 years there will be a person with female genitalia around 40 to 50 who will be shepherded in by these hereditary party insiders to enact legislation to ensure the LDP and their Japan Inc. cronies stay in power and accrue more wealth.

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Posted in: Super Mario, Trump buddy: Remembering the Abe era See in context

Abe can rest on his laurels and say :Mission Accomplished.

His arrows have succeeded in draining the obsessively working and saving Japanese working classes, transferring wealth to the rent-seeking and capital-holding and creating a stable if not permanent underclass labor pool of younger Japanese and foreigners.

By the measures by which he came to office he is an unqualified success.

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Posted in: Post-Abe candidates make late-stage appeals in debate See in context

"Kishida acknowledged the merits of Abenomics, but said the benefits had yet to trickle down to the middle class and called for more efforts to raise base wages, including tax cuts for firms that do so".

While this is the public subsidizing of wages that should come from the fair distribution of revenue, at least it is a proposal.

Suga shares the failed dependence on the trickle down strategies of Abenomics and in continuing its policies; his efforts to raise wages will consist of Abe-like bi-annual "urging" to Japan Inc. leaders that will be instantly forgotten.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka wins 2nd U.S. Open title See in context

A success on all fronts, her messaging actually seems to have had an effect on and off the court, in both of her countries.

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Posted in: Japanese firms want Suga to become next PM, tackle fiscal reform: poll See in context

A majority of firms want Suga and he has been anointed by the ruling party. That's how it works in a democracy right?

These firms' desire for "fiscal reform" is usually code for austerity measures including the already proposed regressive rise in sales tax and cuts in social services. Corporate tax rates and subsidies won't be touched of course.

Encouraging as usual to see the proactive LDP and their corporate backers "see no need to change the status quo on stimulus policy at least until the coronavirus crisis ends" as small business bankrupticies, foreclosures and the misery index pile up and more direct payments to citizens would be the wisest approach to address these issues.

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Posted in: PM contender Suga hints at consumption tax hike See in context

Gotta give it to Suga announcing his neo-liberal, regressive bona fides right off the bat. Of course with his LDP anointing in this "democratic" system he has nothing to fear from an electorate.

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Posted in: New Zealand's ruling party plans higher tax for top earners if re-elected See in context

Agree with the intent, disagree with the implementation.

Under the post war regime there were maximum tax rates in the Western world that would have conservatives screaming communism and also unprecedented growth and prosperity.

Ardern needs to target the offshore interests buying up property in NZ.

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Posted in: Go To travel subsidy program to cover half of costs from October See in context

This is a regressive transfer of wealth masquerading as a coronavirus stimulus measure.

Higher sales and residence taxes are being funneled to support middle/upper income leisure travel and rentier businesses.

Subsidize leisure travel and food stuffs, that is the way to overcome this crisis. ?!

The average Taro might see a couple more hours on their shift at the local izakaya.

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Posted in: Boyega says non-white 'Star Wars' characters 'pushed to the side' See in context

Agree with Boyega . Seeing the first trailer with him holding a light saber, I thought the story of a former storm trooper discovering he is a powerful Jedi would have been the better story than what we got.

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Posted in: First trans, non-binary characters to debut on 'Star Trek' franchise See in context

People who complain about Star Trek introducing progressive politics obviously know nothing about Star Trek and its history.

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Posted in: One way to quickly resolve the coronavirus crisis may be a major war breaking out somewhere. The economy will recover with the merchandise of weapons once the war begins. See in context

I am sure Endo will be the first to volunteer to storm the beaches of some disputed island chain.

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Posted in: Japanese kids suffer near worst mental health among richest nations: report See in context

@Ipanema Beach well done satire is on point.

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Posted in: Nikkei recovers pre-pandemic level See in context

If only stock market indices actually measured the prosperity of a society and not just a ticker for the competition between rentier class capital holding oligarchs, Certainly Japanese and American society have not "recovered to pre-pandemic levels".

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Posted in: 3 arrested on suspicion of coronavirus relief fraud See in context

Investigators and the public would be better served by investigating fraud at Dentsu. I am sure it has been much more damaging to public funds.

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