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Posted in: Officials in Tokyo alarmed at lack of sense of crisis as virus cases hit record highs See in context

They are 'alarmed " at the public's lack of a sense of crisis?

I guess the public do not pay regular taxes to a nation state government whose primary job it is to ensure the public safety in a crisis.

The LDP; the laziest, most stingy government in existence.

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Posted in: Video of Israeli athletes breaking cardboard village bed goes viral See in context

According to reports, the now-deleted video in which the athletes test the strength of the recyclable cardboard bed frame was uploaded by Ben Wanger, a U.S.-born baseball player on the Israeli Olympic team, to his TikTok and Twitter accounts on Monday.

Ben Wanger. Sounds like a Monty Python Life of Brian sketch.

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Posted in: U.S. urges Japan to pay more for hosting American troops See in context

The United States has urged Japan to shoulder more for hosting American troops during preparatory talks on a fresh cost-sharing agreement from fiscal 2022 and onward, diplomatic sources said Wednesday.

It seems to be a rule of urges that when governments urge they do not really care about the outcome in the end. Either the Japanese public or the American public pays.

Items of real import to governments and their business owners, geo-political struggles for resources and taxes, are never couched in the form of urges but with coercion and force.

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Posted in: Employers in U.S. have legal right to mandate COVID shots See in context

Employers in U.S. have legal right to mandate COVID shots

Conservatives who scream this is like "1984!" and a violations of their freedoms have no problem with businesses mandating drug testing of employees.

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Posted in: Japan grants health benefits to A-bomb 'black rain' victims See in context

Suga's decision ends a long legal battle by the central government that delayed medical aid for the “black rain” victims, who were outside a government-set boundary used to decide survivors’ eligibility for medical care.

A craven delaying action until the victims are nearing the end of life and shamefully stingy behavior by the Japanese government.

Still will not stop Suga and his ilk using the victims for sympathy points.

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Posted in: Gov't alcohol ban blunder shows limits in anti-virus measures See in context

Since its first virus emergency last spring that disrupted many social and economic activities, Japan has refrained from going into the kind of hard lockdown some major cities around the world have imposed and has largely relied on the voluntary cooperation of the public and businesses, with steps mainly focused on restricting the operations of eateries.

It has been said many times since the beginning of the pandemic, but the government has has no problem restricting freedom of movement when there is a disaster, visits by VIPs and special events.

The reason the LDP has relied on "the voluntary cooperation of the public and businesses" is they are lazy, entitled and inflexible. Maintaining the status quo for Japan Inc. , going so far as promoting tourism during the pandemic with corporate subsidies was another reason. And not having to distribute broad based compensation to workers and small business was another major reason.

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Posted in: Japanese horror manga win U.S. awards touted as Oscars of comic industry See in context

Junji Ito is a treasure and his Lovecraftian influences stand out even amongst other mangaka.

Hope to see even more recognition of his work.

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Posted in: Philippine leader threatens to kill drug dealers See in context

Do you know how China could get rid of the peril of opium after 1949 ?

You know what to do, Mr.Dutrete!

Good to know you support totalitarian Communist massacres

Situational ethics is a useful tool for those in power

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Posted in: Astronomers seek evidence of tech built by aliens See in context

Given recent research showing the prevalence of Earth-like planets throughout the galaxy, "We can no longer ignore the possibility that technological civilizations predated us," Professor Avi Loeb told reporters at a news conference.

His book Extraterrestrial is a good read and logic dictates that we should be looking for things like Dyson spheres or swarms around stars.

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Posted in: Olympic broadcasters curb sexual images of female athletes See in context

True gender equality starts with the nipple!

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Posted in: Philippine leader threatens to kill drug dealers See in context

But he said he had found at least nine police generals and Bureau of Customs officials were involved in the drug trade.“I did not know that I was fighting my own government,” he said, although the involvement of law enforcers and public officials has long been reported.

Criminalization invites corruption. Legalize drugs and address the chronic poverty caused by hereditary landowning families and crony capitalism.

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Posted in: Man arrested for scattering anti-Olympic flyers from train See in context

The arrest on suspicion of forcible obstruction of business came as some parts of the Japanese public oppose holding the games amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Legal sanctions assigned according to the socioeconomic position of the perp, not the crime.

The loudspeaker election cars patrolling in neighborhoods are a egregiously forcible obstruction to the business of sleeping in on a Sunday afternoon but do not suffer arrest.

This is an egregious abuse of the freedom of speech .

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Posted in: With first posthumous album, Prince pierces the American condition See in context

For Prince a key component of freedom was ownership, according to Hayes: "if you don't own your own things, you don't have any freedom."


John Lennon sang about imagining no possessions, and how lovely that would be.

Good song, but I definitely come down on the same side as Prince philosophically.

Except that Prince was fighting against predatory corporations for ownership of his creative labor. Which makes him as timely as ever right now.

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Posted in: With first posthumous album, Prince pierces the American condition See in context

Melding urgent lyricism with languorous funk, the pop shapeshifter Prince sings of America as the "land of the free / home of the slave."

Long live his Purple Highness.

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Posted in: Beach volleyball match canceled after Czech player tests positive for COVID See in context

The Czechs were supposed to be playing a team from the host country that would have been making its Olympic debut. Instead, the Japanese pair of Megumi Murakami and Miki Ishii earned the victory by default.

So Bach and the JOC and IOC mantra that "Holding the Olympics at this time is all for the athletes", means some will be disqualified for COVID infection, ending their Olympic prospects for 4 years at least. Or have a cloud of suspicion (at least an asterisk) associated with their victory.

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Posted in: Virus 'pingdemic' causes havoc for UK businesses See in context

Empty food shelves in stores. Essential workers to be given an exception to the ping

"Essential workers" were treated "exceptionally" in many ways already. Given nominal bonuses or raises, working in customer facing businesses during the height of the pandemic, honored in speeches and given flyovers.

Then have already gone back to getting wages and benefits cut to coerce them back to work for non-liveable wages if they have health or lifestyle concerns and being treated as societal maladaptives for not being post-pandemic winners and for their interest in socialism.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic opening ceremony begins See in context

Then came the fireworks, a 20-second blast of light — as if to say these Olympics have finally emerged from dark times.

Watching this spectacle, I felt my heart rise in time as I gazed up at Bach and the shining faces of the officials in the grandstands. All the darkness of the pandemic and hard times seem to dissipate, truly this was a symbol of the triumph of the spirit of sport. Everyone seemed joined in humble appreciation of our Japanese hosts in their subtle wisdom to carrying out this Olympic and vanquishing the virus.

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Posted in: The Tokyo Olympics are rigged to fail. Why hasn’t the media noticed? See in context

Coverage of the Olympics may be remembered as the first comprehensive example of how journalists, faced with the diminishing relevance of their profession, chose to present the news without engaging in journalism.

The article does stand out for its' incisiveness. However, most of the Japanese press do not engage in journalism. Just watch their press conferences.

And many still remember than lead up to the invasion of Iraq and how many journalists just presented the news and statements of the government about WMD's without questioning the narrative.

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Posted in: U.S. jobless claims rise to 419,000 from a pandemic low See in context

Last week Biden said "Capitalism is alive and well".

This data shows that with a K-shaped recovery the loss of faith in neo-liberal market capitalism is proceeding amongst a large sector of the population. How could it be different? People are confronted with the contradictions and misery in their lives on a daily basis.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics set for unusual opening ceremony See in context

Tokyo 2020 has had a difficult build-up and the opening ceremony is no exception, with a series of sackings of people connected with the show.

The article refers to them as "VIPs" but the rogues gallery of oligarchs , fraudsters and privleged bullies who will be the sole attendants of this show will be impressive.

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Posted in: Flying high See in context

This picture could be nominated for the corporate cringe of the year.

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Posted in: In Trump's Jan 6 recast, attackers become martyrs, heroes See in context

The rioters were black people looting Foot Lockers for the latest Jordan, Wal-Mart, Target and even Apple stores. Just as they're doing now in summer 2021. I doubt any of those people looting care about the left or the right. They're thieves who would use whatever opportunity those lost in politics give them, and the big majority happen to be black.

Just like the majority of rioting Trump supporters just happen to be white.

I doubt they care about the Republican evangelical moral majority prosperity gospel agenda Trump has no moral authority.

But they are triggered by people of a different skin tone not being a permanent underclass and just happen to beCaucasian.

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Posted in: In Trump's Jan 6 recast, attackers become martyrs, heroes See in context

Trump and many Republicans have cycled through various characterizations of the insurrection, each wholly unlike the previous one. The attackers were said to be leftist antifa followers in disguise. Then were said to be overexcited tourists. Now they are heralded as foot soldiers for freedom.

There are other parallels in the recasting of the attackers to Nazi era Germany.

Maybe they will make a Horst Wessel song about Ashli Babbit and the QAnon shaman?

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Posted in: Taiwan cancels dispatch of digital minister to Tokyo Olympics See in context

Taiwan has canceled the dispatch of Digital Minister Audrey Tang to Japan to attend the Tokyo Olympics after organizers restricted the number of participants to prevent coronavirus infections, a cabinet spokesperson said.

Tang is transgender and has a policy of "radical transparency", recording and uploading meetings that are behind the scenes so obviously not welcome by the LDP gerontocrats during their rapidly disintegrating sports day.

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Posted in: Tokyo launches info hub on culture, tourism See in context

The Tokyo metropolitan government on Monday launched an information hub in the capital to introduce its culture and promote tourism to visitors during the Summer Games scheduled to open later this week.

This is in keeping with the LDP's love of building bridges to nowhere and useless construction projects to line the pockets of cronies. They never change, and the public pays.

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Posted in: U.S. accuses China of Microsoft hack, disruptive and destabilizing behavior See in context

NATO issued a statement condemning malicious cyber activity and offering of "solidarity" over the Microsoft hacking without directly assigning blame, while noting that allies United States, Britain and Canada found China to be responsible.

A US official said it was the first time that NATO -- the Western military alliance whose members include Hungary and Turkey, which have comparatively cordial relations with Beijing -- has condemned cyber activity from China.

It follows a summit last month in which NATO took up China, part of what Biden says is a more collaborative, alliance-driven strategy to face Beijing after Trump's predilection for harsh rhetoric.

File this under things that would not have happened under a Trump Administration.

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Posted in: Under-fire Olympic composer steps down over past bullying See in context

Oyamada's is the latest resignation to plague the Games. Yoshiro Mori resigned as organizing committee president over remarks perceived as sexist. Hiroshi Sasaki also stepped down as creative director for the opening and closing ceremonies after suggesting a Japanese actress should dress as a pig.

The dreaded "outside pressure" is what did them in after the JOC issued statements they were satisfied with some weak expression of contrition and wanted to move on.

If the games keep on this trajectory:More athletes, well-known ones, getting infected and dropping out. Athletes and staff sent home for violating the "playbook". Some other breaking scandal.

Might we see the IOC and JOC wanting to carry on no matter what but the foreign pressure and withdrawals forcing a historic mid-Olympic cancellation?

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Posted in: Zero risk? Virus cases test Olympic organizers' assurances See in context

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said last week there was "zero" risk of athletes passing on the virus to Japanese or other residents of the village. But that bold statement was already being tested.

If you set zero as the bar for your test it has already failed on the face of it. Not that anything coming out of the IOC or LDP should be taken at face value.

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Posted in: Ultra-violent post-apocalyptic anime 'Fist of the North Star' becoming a stage musical in Tokyo See in context

On the production side, "Fist of the North Star-Hokuto no Ken" (the official title uses both the series’ English and Japanese names) is an international effort,

Probably will be better than the 80's American movie but those side by side pictures do not look very inspiring.

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Posted in: Japanese composer for Tokyo Olympics apologizes for 1990s abuse See in context

Oyamada, a well-known rock musician, had boasted about the abuse in detail in Japanese magazine interviews he gave in the 1990s.

Rock stars love to flaunt a bad boy reputation, but can you imagine thinking," How cool would it be if I bragged in interviews about torturing children with disabilities."

This may story not be gaining traction abroad, but if it does...Oyamada would be very deserving of the full force of western cancel culture for his sadism.

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