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Posted in: LDP lawmaker group suspected of underreporting political funds See in context

A different support body for Sonoura separately reported it had earned a total revenue of 10 million yen through three parties held between 2017 and 2019.

Accept responsibility, bow, apologize for the confusion and loss of trust.

Watched a Japanese documentary program about the tax office and there were tax agents waking up an elderly man early in the morning in a rural home and threatening to confiscate his kei truck he used for his livelihood for some oversight in his tax reporting.

If the politicians and corporate executives defrauding the public on a daily basis were faced with such measures, would there be fewer cases?

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Posted in: Jeffries wins historic bid to lead House Dems after Pelosi See in context

Jeffries has sometimes been met with skepticism from party progressives, viewed as a more centrist figure among House Democrats.

House manager of the Trump impeachment, solid neo-lib credentials, certain to rile up partisanship while not threatening Democrat corporate donors.

Par for the course.

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The people in politics who you support view you with pure contempt. To them, you're a useful idiot and they don't give a damn about you.

The level of self-awareness among the alt-right is non-existent.


At least the left-wing of the Democratic Party has the self-awareness to know that the Democratic leadership is not working in their best interests and are just a Hobson's choice.

The attempted intellectualism of the right is like something out of a Fish Called Wanda.


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Posted in: Biden hosts congressional leaders to discuss his agenda See in context

As if they care since they already pay the bulk of all taxes.

Literally everything you wrote is counterfactual. Congratulations for proving my point.


The Democrats need to take their proper place as a center right party and a true left in America that represents the people emerge.

The Republicans can take their place on the trash heap of history along with other corporate fascist parties.


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Yes, since they are the job providers, tax them into oblivion and you will see more businesses close and who suffers the most, the little people, they always do.

Who believes these corporate funded Fox talking points?

Not even the billionaires who benefit from these policies.


Enjoy paying more taxes than Trump and other real as faux billionaires.

The shills will keep on shilling for the lower tier elite.

The political duopoly in America symbolized by this meeting makes shilling for. corporate interests a viable income option.

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From left are House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of Calif., Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, of N.Y., Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Ky

None of these people have the best interests of the American people at heart.

The US truly needs a robust third party to represent the people. Andrew Yang had a lot of right ideas but has lost his way as of late.

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Posted in: Japan's October job availability improves for 10th straight month See in context

"Those employers will need to secure enough manpower by offering more attractive wages," Sakai said.

This economic sagacity is why senior economist Sakai gets paid the big yen.

Many hospitality and travel workers were unceremoniously laid off at the start of the pandemic and forced by desperation to find other work. While the businesses were getting subsidized by their tax yen.

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Posted in: Lower house OKs ¥21 trillion supplementary budget See in context

It urged those concerned to debate earnestly and gain an understanding from the public about how to share burdens broadly.

The burdens will be shared broadly, the bounty to the LDP and its cronies.

Countdown until the announcement of a rise in sales tax.........

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Posted in: Musk signals Twitter going to 'war' with Apple See in context

"Do they hate free speech in America?" he asked, before replying with a tweet tagging Apple CEO Tim Cook.

In the war between virtue signaling Apple oligarchs with factories with suicide nets, and right-wing culture war cultivating oligarchs; we lose.

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Posted in: Lawson opens 1st avatar-staffed convenience store in Tokyo See in context

So are they attempting to deceive us by pretending to be a green environmentally conscious franchise.

There is literally nothing "green, kind, socially-responsible" about this.

These people with mobility-issues already receive government support and support through their community.

Not like other staff in need of a living wage.

Avoiding that is of paramount importance to the corporate diktats,; sustainable development goals impose directives on consumers, boost the shareholder bottom line and move to cut out workers.

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Posted in: What's your opinion of what Elon Musk has done so far with Twitter since buying it? See in context

Elon Musk may see a rightward shift in America, engineered in part by oligarchs like himself, and is tacking Twitter politically in that direction.

He is endorsing a culture war Republican corporate tool like Desantis.

Supporting this political side may be good for his bottom line in the long run but the prospects for Twitter are not looking good at the moment.


It is also calling into question his commitment to the ideals of Iain Banks, whose Culture books have been said to inspire Musk.

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Posted in: Japan births at new low as population shrinks and ages See in context

Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno promised comprehensive measures to encourage more marriages and births.

Like the last one which was a big crony corporate welfare contract to dentsu for apps and matchmaking schemes that went nowhere?

Someone with a high school education used to be able to get a job to support a stay at home wife, children's education and a home.

Now none of that is true.

What changed?

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Posted in: Lawson opens 1st avatar-staffed convenience store in Tokyo See in context

Lawson Inc opened Monday its first futuristic convenience store in Tokyo staffed by "avatars" remotely controlled by employees, making it possible for even those with mobility issues to enter the workforce.

A "bridge" technology for the coming wave of automation and replacement of workers.

"Living wages" for most jobs are a thing of the past, except for narrower and narrower fields of specialized skills.

How difficult is it to write a script to imitate the rote nature of Japanese customer service interaction?

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Posted in: Ad agency Hakuhodo, others raided as Olympic bid-rigging investigation widens See in context

On Friday, the prosecutors and the Japan Fair Trade Commission raided Japan's top advertising agency Dentsu Inc, and premises linked to a former senior official of the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee and event production company Cerespo Co, after the country's third largest advertising agency, ADK Holdings Inc, reported to the watchdog that it had participated in bid rigging.

Dentsu, Cerespo, ADK and Hakuhodo...It is safe to say if you are not an LDP crony you cannot exist in this industry.

Japan could have an economic revitalization just by cracking down on its crony companies. It won't happen though.

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Posted in: Some Republicans criticize Trump for meeting with white supremacist See in context

Trump is a marketer, and culture war outrage farming is big business.

And grifters big and small are benefiting to the detriment of society.

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Posted in: Some Republicans criticize Trump for meeting with white supremacist See in context

Pretty much, the left is helping him, a lot actually, 

Once again, this repetition again and again, regurgitating talking points

Most of the "left" is more concerned with the late stage capitalist demolition of the middle class for the enrichment of a hyper-rentier class.

Culture war outrages are a corporate funded distraction strategy. To help rightist neo liberal policy promoting candidates who will oppose progressive taxation on billionaires.


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Posted in: 23% of major Japanese firms may raise prices next year: survey See in context

When machines and subsistence slaves can provide for the rich masters the majority of humans will be surplus to requirements.

A worst case scenario but Marx pointed toward a different future:


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Posted in: Kishida cabinet support rate drops to 33.1%, lowest since launch See in context

Kishida's leadership has increasingly been called into question, marked in this survey by 30.2 percent of respondents asked when they want the prime minister to resign saying "as soon as possible."

I wonder if Kishida and company are genuinely puzzled by their low polls.

"I just signed a 29 trillion yen aid package to "protect the livelihoods of the Japanese people! Can I get any appreciation around here!"


Of course it was just corporate welfare subsidies with the request wages rise to offset inflation and prices stabilize. As usual.

Or just shrugs knowing he does not in any way , shape or form serve the Japanese people.

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Posted in: Some Republicans criticize Trump for meeting with white supremacist See in context

Some Republicans criticize Trump for meeting with white supremacist

Key word "some". What is MTG's take on this?

David Friedman, Trump's former ambassador to Israel, said anti-Semites "deserve no quarter among American leaders, right or left."

"To my friend Donald Trump, you are better than this. Even a social visit from an antisemite like Kanye West and human scum like Nick Fuentes is unacceptable," Friedman wrote on Twitter.

A diplomat who had no problem serving with a president he praises who called immigrants and POC protesting against police violence "rapists, savages" and countries on other continents " ****holes".

I suppose antisemitism triggered him. All the rest is fine.

This is Republican virtue signaling. Free speech, big tent.

Fuentes' and Trump's opinions are not fringe in the alt-right MAGA griftosphere.

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Posted in: 23% of major Japanese firms may raise prices next year: survey See in context

The survey results were released as consumer prices in November in Tokyo gained 3.6 percent from a year earlier, marking the steepest rise since 1982 amid higher energy and food prices that increasingly squeeze household budgets, according to government data released Friday.

I thought the 29 trillion yen economic stimulus with subsidies to export oriented firms to counter inflation and encourage wage hikes is already gone and forgotten?


These titanic corporate welfare packages have a way of falling into a black hole and the inflation and misery is still passed on to the consumer as if the stimulus from the public treasury never existed.....

There are kleptocracies in East Africa more accountable.

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Posted in: Kim says North Korea aims to have world's most powerful nuclear force See in context

Hailing the new ICBM as "the world's strongest strategic weapon", Kim said North Korean scientists had made a "wonderful leap forward in the development of the technology of mounting nuclear warheads on ballistic missiles," the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported.

Unless Kim also developed a time machine to go back into the past and pre-empt 60 years of weapon development, this is for domestic consumption and regional fear-mongering.

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Posted in: Major Japanese utilities face record amount of antitrust fines See in context

Japan's trade watchdog is likely to impose a record amount of fines on several major utilities after finding they formed a cartel and obstructed the liberalization of the country's electricity market, sources close to the matter have said.

Don't worry! PM Kishida announced in his effort to "protect the livelihoods of the Japanese people" he is fighting inflation in utility costs by directly subsidizing the utility companies!

The amount passed on as savings to be decided by the utility execs, the amount of savings for a particular household may differ.

Or may not even be apparent at all.

It is probable these taxpayer funded subsidies will go in part to pay for the fines for the anti-monopolization laws.

That is the problem with corporate welfare ; the amount that will trickle down to benefit the public has a way of getting diverted to the priorities and pockets of the execs and shareholders only.

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Posted in: Musk plans to relaunch Twitter premium service, again See in context

The yes vote was 72%. Such online polls are anything but scientific and can easily be influenced by bots. Musk also used one before restoring former U.S. President Donald Trump's account.

“The people have spoken. Amnesty begins next week. Vox Populi, Vox Dei,” Musk tweeted Thursday using a Latin phrase meaning “the voice of the people, the voice of God.”

Musk seems to be making a reference to his inspirational Iain M. Banks "The Culture" series where the civilization is ruled by god-like AI "Minds".

But the bots on Twitter are neither god-like nor the voice of the people. Musk is getting carried away.

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Posted in: Japan gov't domestic travel discount program to continue next year See in context

Under the new plan, package tours that include charter bus and rail travel costs will be subsidized up to 5,000 yen, down from 8,000 yen. Those going on day trips or only paying for accommodation can obtain a subsidy of up to 3,000 yen, instead of the current 5,000 yen.

Oh, so the public struggling with inflation and stagnant wages is only going to be subsidizing the leisure class slightly less.

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Posted in: Court dismisses woman's suit claiming husband killed himself over order to falsify gov't papers See in context

The ministry had admitted in 2018 that as chief of the ministry's Financial Bureau in charge of managing state assets, Sagawa directed officials to falsify and delete parts of the documents related to Akie Abe.

LDP bigwiwgs: Our underlings cover up our malfeasance of there own free will and will suffer all the consequences if they are caught doing it.

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Posted in: Prosecutors raid Dentsu in widening Tokyo Olympic probe See in context

Tokyo prosecutors and Japan's Fair Trade Commission suspect that Dentsu may have colluded with other firms over the bidding for Olympic test events, which could constitute a violation of anti-monopoly laws, media said.

Violation of anti-monopoly laws is most probably the least of Dentsu's crimes, and probably most of the influence peddling and bid-rigging and crony corporate welfare are not even technically "crimes", no matter how much the public suffer for the enrichment of dentsu execs.

Spin the roulette wheel of: Move along , nothing to see here.

Some irregularities, apologies, bows, 3 months of 30 percent reduction in salary.

As much as it could signal a sea change and immense benefit to the Japanese public if it expanded to include LDP collusion, there is zero faith in the Tokyo prosecutors.

Anyone with reason to be more positive?

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Posted in: Kishida eyes U.S. trip for talks with Biden in January See in context

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is planning to visit the United States in January for talks with President Joe Biden, government sources said Thursday, with deepening the bilateral security alliance likely to top the agenda.

More Kishida standing around stiffly, uncomfortably and uncomprehendingly around world leaders on the depreciated public yen (how much more expensive are these profligate, useless trips since the yen has depreciated?)

Finally to stammer out "Japan stands by the rules based order and will oppose any effort to change the status quo".

The LDP can protect the status quo from Nagatacho.

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Posted in: Walmart shooting raises need for violence prevention at work See in context

Workplace violence is a situation that you never think is going to happen to your organization until it does, and unfortunately, it’s important to prepare for them because they are becoming more commonplace,” Peterson said.

"Dying for the minimum wage".

Another one of the conundrums of American late stage capitalism.

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Posted in: Americans celebrate Thanksgiving under shadow of two more mass shootings See in context

U.S. schoolchildren learn to trace the holiday to Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620 and celebrated the autumn harvest with the Wampanoag peoples. Among Native Americans, Thanksgiving is a day of dark reflection on the genocide that followed.

America has made efforts to reflect on and change the wrongs of its past. To slavery and maybe even gun rights that were enshrined in the aspirational but flawed and fallible document of the Constitution.

But now the leading Republicans from Pompeo to Desantis are using culture war campaigns against "woke cultural Marxism" to distract from their crony capitalism and socialism for the rich.


The US still needs to face its past this Thanksgiving.

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Posted in: Mizuho Financial in high gear to appoint female managers See in context

Mizuho Financial Group Inc recently launched a program to increase the number of women in management positions by connecting female employees with board members, as the major Japanese lender seeks to update its services by diversifying its male-dominated management.

The supply of middle-aged salarymen is decreasing so here are the women to be exploited and harassed by the overwhelmingly male executive class.

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