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Posted in: Firefighter docked pay for making over a million yen from game streaming See in context

The pay is insufficient for the firefighters here.

He should have just faced his computer with brows knitted and eyes closed pretending to be at work like so many other office workers.

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Posted in: Fauci slams senator for death threats as U.S. hospitalizations hit record See in context

Paul said Fauci was the "lead architect" of America's COVID response, blaming him for the around 450,000 deaths that occurred since Biden took office -- although the vast majority were unvaccinated, and health officials including Fauci have consistently advocated for vaccines.

I see Paul has studied up on the playbook for an authoritarian putsch: The best lies are framed as partial truths. It is typical for his libertarian conservatism and how he has shifted to ally himself with the Trump wing.

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Posted in: Border restrictions force 300 foreigners to decline Japan teacher jobs See in context

The JET program, launched in 1987, works with municipalities -- alongside the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and the Foreign Ministry -- to send those living abroad to teach at elementary, junior high and high schools across the country for a maximum of five years.

JET is a good deal for foreigners wanting to step foot in Japan and make a living wage.

The predatory, race to the bottom in wages, useless middleman infested gig job "English teaching" industry in Japan is something these JETS should be protected from.

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Posted in: Global tax reform deal to require U.S. participation to be effective See in context

Tax something more, and you get less of it.

Tax something less, and you get more of it.

Everyone knows this is plain true like the sun rising in the east, but some choose to ignore it because they put their wacky theories ahead of what matters in reality.

Some people are not acquainted, or chose to ignore, the history of the last 40 years of cuts in corporate taxes, falling real earnings for workers and skyrocketing corporate profits.

And the Panama and Pandora Papers about tax havens for the ultra rich and connected in politics and business. Taxing businesses and the .01% at the previous high rates before the 80s will force reinvestment in human capital and research instead of mountains of wealth used for luxuries and political influence.

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Posted in: Biden's economic challenge: Finding workers and goods See in context

The verdict will be passed by American voters in November and my trillion dollars is on the incumbents being shown a big NO.

After Republican gerrymandering and changing voting rules to disenfranchise more urban and minority voters , there very well might be a return of the Republican corporate gravy train. Great news for that .01%.

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Posted in: Biden's economic challenge: Finding workers and goods See in context

are those extra 3 days really that important to Jeff Bezos?

Is Jeff Bezos the only capitalist? There are tens of thousands other unfair corporate policies, both by him and all the others.

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Posted in: Biden's economic challenge: Finding workers and goods See in context

And hourly pay has risen, in some sectors by more than 10% in a year.

Still not a living wage in many locations from where they are starting. And given the COVID risks in many lower wage positions it is not enough to convince many to return to the job market.

Both enhanced jobless pay and distance learning, it was thought, had been roadblocks keeping people from returning to work.

The biggest roadblock is simply low wages as corporate profits soar. Address that and problem solved.

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Posted in: Biden's economic challenge: Finding workers and goods See in context

President Joe Biden enters the midterm election year of 2022 determined to address what economists call a “supply” problem — there aren’t enough jobseekers or goods to meet the country’s needs.

People refusing to work jobs that do not provide a living wage, a byproduct of corporate greed and the coronavirus pandemic environment.

And rejecting consumerism as well. Eminently logical actions on the part of workers.

The solution of having workers receive a greater share of the productive value of their labor is that which shall not be addressed though.

Better have another stimulus package to buoy the market.

If progressive taxation were linked to giving workers a larger aggregate of the value of production this challenge could be addressed post haste.

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Posted in: Taking on Trump is Biden's reluctant calling See in context

Depending on which side that truth is being told and the people that believe it.

I thought conservatives and Christians did not like moral relativism and believed in only one truth. You just defined moral and cultural relativism .

But the alt-right has talked about the idea of "alternative facts" though.

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Posted in: Taking on Trump is Biden's reluctant calling See in context

Absolute nonsense. Lol

Great comeback. Truth hurts I suppose.

hate the direction wokeness and the PC crowd with their msm backers to fundamentally change the nation and that’s why he won and that’s why Republicans are winning everywhere and in places they would normally never win.

Democrats do misstep in emphasizing identity issues over class.

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Posted in: Taking on Trump is Biden's reluctant calling See in context

“I will stand in this breach. I will defend this nation. And I will allow no one to place a dagger at the throat of democracy.”

Trump and his coalition of Christian nationalists, xenophobes and cronies are a clear and present danger to American society.

But Biden's long career supporting a prison-industrial complex, Wall Street financialization of the economy and deregulation favoring banks and failing to move forward with promised additional direct stimulus, health care reform and student debt are part of what has led America to this place.

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Posted in: Father, son from Japan plead guilty in Vegas in $1.5 bil 'Ponzi' case See in context

Fujinaga ran the Las Vegas operation. He was found guilty of using new investors’ money to pay off previous investors and spending the rest on himself, including a Las Vegas golf course mansion, a private jet, luxury cars and real estate in California wine country, Beverly Hills and Hawaii.

Notice in these stories.

Defrauding investors is often met with severe penalties and bailouts.

Defrauding customers and public=apologies and bows and no bailouts

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Posted in: Almost 100,000 children lost parents to COVID in Peru See in context

Almost 100,000 children lost parents to COVID in Peru

And yet many with their own agendas still insist it is just a cold or flu.

The government currently provides a pension of 200 soles ($50) every two months to more than 18,000 families.

And many other governments have given up supporting their citizens as funds are diverted to support corporations.

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Posted in: Biden accuses Trump, supporters of holding 'dagger at throat' of democracy See in context

Republican leaders and lawmakers largely stayed away from the day's events, dismissing them as overly politicized — some continuing to spread false claims about the election.

American democracy has always been deeply flawed, but it has become nigh unworkable.

One solution would be ranked choice voting. Break the grip of the dysfunctional two party duopoly.

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Posted in: Japan requests U.S. base curfews; Okinawa reports 981 virus cases See in context

Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi on Thursday asked U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken to impose curfews on U.S. bases in Japan, following a recent surge of coronavirus infections among American military personnel, the Japanese government said.

Japan is a vassal state of the US ATM.

The real drama will come when Japan subverts US requests and aligns itself with Chinese interests.

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Posted in: Fed officials now seeing U.S. job market near full recovery See in context

The U.S. job market is nearly at levels healthy enough that the central bank's low-interest rate policies are no longer needed, Federal Reserve officials concluded last month, according to minutes of the meeting released Wednesday.

A "healthy" job market with mass resignations, resurgent unions and furious workers, many refusing to work for non-living wages while endangering their health and well-being. Many dropping out of the job market entirely.

Yeah, "healthy".

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Posted in: Kishida calls for aggressive wage hikes in push for wealth redistribution See in context

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Wednesday asked business leaders to raise wages more aggressively for employees as part of his pursuit of wealth redistribution.

Theater of the absurd. The oligarchs have already accumulated an absurd amount of wealth to themselves and are increasing those sums through rents and investments.

Only progressive taxation and a UBI will result in "wealth redistribution".

Keidanren, meanwhile, does not plan to encourage its member companies to consider wage hikes across the board.

And this is coda for all Kishida's urges to Japan Inc. Just an empty ritualistic ceremony to placate the masses by these suits at the Imperial Hotel.

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Posted in: Trump cancels Jan 6 press conference; Biden to address divided nation See in context

And fighting what Trump, the master brander, popularizes as "the Steal," has become a political ideology in its own right, with nearly all Republican lawmakers either squirming to avoid criticizing what happened on Jan 6 -- or actively defending the attack.

Trump does have a reverse Midas touch for branding, degrading everything he touches. From casinos to steak to universities to airlines to websites to the election process. It has really been something to see.

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Posted in: Japanese firms adopt AI dating app to help staff find love amid pandemic See in context

The government earmarked 2 billion yen to support local governments' matchmaking efforts in the fiscal year that started in April, with the ratio of state subsidy raised from half to two-thirds when AI assistance is incorporated.

-Gives excessive subsidies to weak machine learning algo rebranded as "AI"

-Arranging problematic and surveiled liaisons exclusively in a corporate environment as if it is an advantage.

-Diverting public money in a pandemic when many people are actually suffering privation to a frivolous and useless project.

Looking at this, the LDP bureaucrats came to the decision:We can give all this public tax money to great Japanese companies! It's a go!

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Posted in: Webb telescope fully deploys sunshield in mission milestone See in context

The James Webb Space Telescope fully deployed its tennis-court sized sunshield Tuesday, a critical milestone for the success of its mission to study every phase of cosmic history, NASA said.


If a tenth of the budget used for crony capitalist and defense industry subsidies was used for space exploration instead think of the wonders.

Post Apollo and shuttle and Cold War era budgets, NASA has done yeoman's work in furthering space exploration.

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Posted in: A record 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs in November See in context

A record 4.5 million American workers quit their jobs in November, a sign of confidence and more evidence that the U.S. job market is bouncing back strongly from last year's coronavirus recession.

This strangely echoes the recent Kyodo article about rising unemployment figures in Japan:Record number of people quitting their jobs means people are confident in the free market capitalist job market!!

But massive government spending — and eventually the rollout of vaccines — brought the economy back.

Very similar spin here. The stock market and companies have bounced back. But with stimulus money and unemployment benefits and rent freezes ending, workers are in flux.

Next article:Growing homelessness seen as a sign of confidence in the housing market.

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Posted in: Japanese firms adopt AI dating app to help staff find love amid pandemic See in context

For Izua Kano, incubation director at NTT Docomo Ventures Inc, who has been involved in the service's development since 2019, the makeup of the pool of potential partners is the key to the spread of the app.

Just making a wild guess, but NTT Docomo received subsidies as part of the stimulus package for the purpose of "digitization" and this is where it is going?

The government earmarked 2 billion yen to support local governments' matchmaking efforts in the fiscal year that started in April, with the ratio of state subsidy raised from half to two-thirds when AI assistance is incorporated.

And the usual sign off with the all too many news stories like this: Your tax yen at work.

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Posted in: Japan starts year's 1st day of work amid Omicron fears See in context

@P. Smith

China no. 1.

Japan no. 3.

India no. 6.

Korea, and then ASEAN follows suit.

I find your belief system fascinating, please tell me more. It seems to be an amazing farrago.

But Korea is best IMHO.

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Posted in: Trump, Ivanka, Don Jr subpoenaed by New York attorney general See in context

So is Trump, you don’t build a fortune,

Correction: You don't inherit a fortune, lose it...

The Trump followers will never let go of their mantras despite all the facts to the contrary.

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Posted in: 84% of firms in Japan see economic growth in 2022, survey shows See in context

Consumers in Japan have also continued to tighten their purse strings as prices of some daily supplies have been hiked due to rising raw material costs and the weakening of the Japanese yen.

The LDP and Japan Inc. to Japanese consumers: We give you inflation and a record high stock market. Why aren't you spending all this bounty?

Meanwhile the public is trying to figure out how to pay next month's rent from their contractor job and if they will ever be able to retire.

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Posted in: Trump, Ivanka, Don Jr subpoenaed by New York attorney general See in context

The subpoenas, stemming from Attorney General Letitia James’ yearslong investigation into matters including “the valuation of properties owned or controlled” by Trump and his company, the Trump Organization, came to light after James went to court last month seeking to force the Trumps to comply.

This has been going on in the New York landed elite rentier class from Leona Helmsley to the Kushner family. And much before that. And will continue even if Trump is convicted.

The carnival barker is a master of misdirection and distraction for the show going on behind the scenes.

The huge systemic advantages of the rentier class need to be addressed with the utmost severity.

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Posted in: Kishida vows focus on COVID-19 response, new capitalism See in context

Much fewer people are willing to work if the wages on offer are too low. If the wage was 1 yen an hour, how many takers do you think there would be? Very few, I’d wager. (This is why the true minimum wage is zero, nada.)

Great job making arguments against banning slavery and child labor. But that must have been the "central planners" at work.

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Posted in: Jan 6 committee prepares to go public as findings mount See in context

Their goal is not only to show the severity of the riot, but also to make a clear connection between the attack and Trump’s brazen pressure on the states and Congress to overturn Joe Biden’s legitimate election as president.

The Overton window of political discourse in America has moved so far to the right there has to be a reset. The threat of fascism, led by religious fundamentalists and Trump world political grifters and their propaganda machine is real.

But it is also used as a boogeyman to make it seem that a neo-liberal conservative who voted for legislation supporting crushing debt for Americans and the prison industrial complex is the only alternative for fascism.

America absolutely needs to look at the models of the social democracies of Europe.

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Posted in: Kishida vows focus on COVID-19 response, new capitalism See in context

So the rising wages in various developed countries around the world over the past 30 years are because of such policies?

I don’t think so…



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Posted in: In nation at war with itself, one U.S. town tries cup of civility See in context

Minority votes are vital to Democrats stay in power. They promise and promise and change never comes.

Sounds familiar. Are the Trump supporters still waiting for that wall, all that "winning" we would get tired of , the biggest and best health care plan you had ever seen and the tax returns?

Left and right, the grifters will take advantage of the gullibility of the marks.

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