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Posted in: Tokyo to pay more to businesses that remain closed until May 31 See in context

Why not(like many other countries have done) extend unemployment compensation to gig, contract and PT workers ? This seems the largest cohort that is falling through the gaps and endangers any plan for an effective response going forward.

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Posted in: Workers, parents feel strain as state of emergency extended See in context

The Japanese unenforced lockdown and American administrations rush to "reopen for business" have similar purposes. In both cases worker relief is tardy and workers will be squeezed into privation or returning or finding work in dangerous conditions at their own risk as further meager assistance is indefinitely delayed.

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Posted in: Retailers, manufacturers cautious on outlook under extended emergency See in context

The lip service being paid to "small business" has nothing to do with the actual agenda. Which in the Japanese case is to force them into an untenable position of closing in an unenforced "lockdown" or stay in business with a dwindling number of customers hoping for assistancethat will be too late or never arrive. Then larger investors come in and scoop up the distressed properties, solving the problem for the government. A hard lesson in that the government is not for you.

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Posted in: In televised town hall, Trump pushes for economic reopening See in context

He can't even spout his drivel to a friendly audience while sober.

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Posted in: In televised town hall, Trump pushes for economic reopening See in context

"Larry Kudlow, Trump's top economic adviser, said on CNN's "State of the Union" that the administration would "pause” to review the effectiveness of trillions in economic relief spending before making any decision on whether additional aid is needed."

Larry Kudlow, one of the architects of trickle down or "supply side" economics since the Reagan era, is one of the last people that should be in charge of a balanced socially, worker-friendly response to the crisis. Another banker, irresponsible big business friendly bailout plan that will condemn many to a decade of impoverishment is incoming.

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Posted in: Cash handout program won't start soon in many cities See in context

Matches the spotty implementation of the quasi-"lockdown". Even the morning media shows were contrasting this to the New Zealand approach: weekly payments of 36,000 rolling out before the strict lockdown and a drastic and timely flattening of the curve.

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Posted in: Deflation fears creep back in Japan as pandemic hits prices See in context

Precis:Economic activity grinding to a halt, price of oil freefalling and markets and their political cronies in a panic. Meanwhile in this deflationary spiral people can't pay rent, are resorting to Depression-era food strategies and meager assistance is rolling out at a snail's pace.

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Posted in: Japan passes ¥25.69 trillion emergency budget See in context

For those worried about the effect on the tax base and deficits don't worry; only infinitesimal scraps are coming your way, it is not for you to see and will disappear from your eyes like previous economic bubbles. But rest assured, you and yours will be on the hook to make up for it in the future. /Only partially sarcasm.

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Posted in: Trump predicts 'spectacular' rebound as U.S. economy plunges See in context

Surprised how many still buy into the trickle down and job creator myths that have been disproven time and time again by history. The results of this "incentivization" have been more stock buybacks, greater consolidization of industries, increasing centralization of capital to the .01% and stagnant wages and grotesque wealth disparity.

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Posted in: Trump predicts 'spectacular' rebound as U.S. economy plunges See in context

When Trump talks about a "spectacular rebound" he is talking about the stock market buoyed by massive bailouts and QE and private equity firms buying up all these foreclosed small businesses and properties on the cheap. Not the miserable lingering aftermath for the American worker from this crisis.

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Posted in: Essential workers taking risks despite harassment during virus crisis See in context

These essential workers don't need your salutes, thoughts and prayers and commemorations. They need business and politicians to ensure they have living wages.

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Posted in: Supermarket in Aichi robbed of ¥10 million after store closes See in context

Expect to see a lot more cases like this in the coming months with with the spotty implementation of quarantine, insufficient testing resulting in lingering effects of the virus and an inability to return to normal operations and many workers not receiving any or insufficient relief. Goodbye to the myth of "safety" Japan.

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Posted in: Comedian says pandemic will prod pretty girls into sex industry See in context

A comment that would not have been out of place in a novel by the Marquis de Sade.

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Posted in: Murderers on the lam, police abuse-incited riots all part of life for Osaka’s day laborers See in context

On a smaller scale in Tokyo you have Minami-Senju. The coronavirus is hitting the most vulnerable communties the hardest. While the government is prioritizing wastefully massive schemes to keep mega-corps and financials afloat.

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Posted in: Stimulus steps cannot easily buoy coronavirus-hit economy: Abe See in context

Again, look at the numbers: before the revision to the new scheme of 100,000 for all it was 108 trillion with 4 trillion going to workers and households. Similar numbers in America. Like in other bailouts, "let no crisis go to waste" and the fat cats will end up with the lion's share of the pie.

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Posted in: Japan's March jobless rate rises to one-year high See in context

Schroedinger's unemployed:Were you on a "zero hour" contract with no guaranteed shifts dependent upon "client demand"? National holidays, lunches, prep time,sick days unpaid time off? Deliberately counted as under 40 hours a week by scheduling and accounting gimmickry? Then denied benefits including contributions to unemployment insurance?

Surprise you have no job, are not counted as unemployed and and can collect no benefits, go out and try to navigate this job market!

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Posted in: Japanese service helps victims get consolation money for adultery and sexual harassment See in context

Easy access to recourse for victims of sexual harassment is a good thing. But a for pay internet service to try to extort money from someone whom you think your partner is having an adulterous affair with is disturbing on many levels. Also for labeling the knowing or unknowing other partner of an adulterer a "perpetrator".

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Posted in: Gov't eyes pushing businesses hoarding face masks to sell them See in context

Isn't hoarding goods in high demand and selling when demand is high something that all good capitalists do and is the path to wealth and success ? /s.

Like American firms and sky high essential drug and insulin prices?

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Posted in: Japan gov't submits extra budget for virus rescue package See in context


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Posted in: Japan gov't submits extra budget for virus rescue package See in context

To solve the problem of the well off receiving a UBI payment, Andrew yang in his scheme devised a plan to claw back that income from those high earners via offsetting taxes. But like Trump, increasing taxes on the wealth and corporations is something Abe is loathe to do.

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Posted in: 60% of small firms can survive pandemic if it ends in a few months: poll See in context

Clarification: It is not a "Japanese" problem, it is a late stage capitalism problem. Gig, part time, zero hour contract workers are taken to task for not having months of savings to ride out a rainy day while all these businesses are in dire straits after a few weeks in this crisis. There is a double standard at work and it is not based on nationality.

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Posted in: 60% of small firms can survive pandemic if it ends in a few months: poll See in context

Personal anecdote yet relevant: These Japanese firms will say they can ride this out and have a path to solvency until a few days before they "suddenly" declare bankruptcy leaving clients and employees out in the cold.

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Posted in: Experts call for more coronavirus tests as positive rate rises See in context

Quite the character you often see in Shinjuku wandering the streets. I do not think he is homeless but I hope he is doing alright in this pandemic.

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Posted in: Japan may need scheme to inject funds into ailing firms, says LDP lawmaker See in context

The corporate welfare gravy train kicking into high gear.

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Posted in: Osaka names pachinko parlors defying closure request despite pandemic See in context

Now do the same for the "black" companies, embezzeling exectutives, bribed politicos, and bureaucrats and police caught criminally abusing power.

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Posted in: 2 firms recall undelivered cloth masks from Abe's handout program See in context

Your (residence, pension,income, car inspection) tax yen at work.

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Posted in: Virus pushes U.S. unemployment toward highest since Great Depression See in context

Turns out that keeping workers afloat is more important to the economy than massive corporate welfare in the form of tax cuts, supply side "trickle down " economics, quantitative easing and deregulation to the "job creators".

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Posted in: The fact that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is wasting taxpayer money to contain the plague of foreign criticism is indicative of a government that has handled this more as a PR crisis than a pandemic. See in context

The question is: How many distressed families in this pandemic, or even going back to the ongoing Fukushima fallout, could have benefitted from this money?

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Posted in: Pandemic reduces BOJ's options in backstopping frail economy See in context

If there is one thing the pandemic has shown us, it is that the financiers and "job creators" and all the quantitative easing(UBI for bankers) and breaks they get from the government are not what keep the economy going. It is those front line workers without which everything falls apart.

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Posted in: Some U.S. manufacturers reopening amid fierce political heat See in context

"Economics the dismal science". Gave us such disproven gems as trickle down economics which has been a disaster for the working class and which the Republicans still stubbornly cling to. I'll stick to dr. Fauci for my advice in this crisis.

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