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Posted in: Pelosi to step down as top Democrat after Republicans take House See in context

Democrat Nancy Pelosi, the trailblazing first female speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, said Thursday that she will step down as party leader when Republicans take control of the chamber in January.

Not sad to see her go.

She personifies the false identitarian political pap the Democrat leadership feed progressives.

She is trailblazing in her gender but her policies were fat cat neo-liberal trickledown.


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Posted in: Tokyo court orders 2 to pay ¥500 mil over 'fast movie' uploads See in context

The Tokyo District Court on Thursday ordered a man and woman to pay 500 million yen in damages to 13 major film production companies for uploading minutes-long, edited versions of their films known as "fast movies" on YouTube without permission.

Absurd and another example of the corporate controlled Japanese courts.

Corporate negligence causing death and injury, bribery and graft do not even get such fines.

Of course the defendants are YouTube geeks and not proud members of Japan Inc.

There are a billion story recap videos on Youtube.

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Posted in: Prosecutors to extend accused Abe assassin's psychiatric evaluation: report See in context

The evaluation, which was initially set to last until Nov.29, has been extended until Feb 6, Kyodo said.

The timing must be tricky for prosecutors.

The finding of the investigation into the Unification Church dealings cannot come too close to a decision Yamagami is mentally incapacitated or he goes to a trial and speaks about the Church ties to the LDP.

Don't want the next LDP suit after Kishida to get wrapped up in this.

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Posted in: Vietnamese trainees call out unpaid illegal overtime at Japanese firm See in context

A group of Vietnamese technical interns whose former employer failed to pay them a total of 27 million yen for overtime


Imagine if Japan Inc. were forced to return all the stolen wages from their Japanese and foreign staff over the last few decades?

Privileged Japan Inc. investors/ ,'elite' consider themselves entitled to a feudalistic share of the human resource of labor.

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Posted in: Foreign visitors in Japan surge after tourism reopening See in context

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is counting on tourism to recharge the economy - especially with the yen hovering near a 32-year low against the dollar.

Charging the bank accounts of tourist/retail adjacent rentier investors.

Japanese public: About 1000 an hour.

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Posted in: Leading Republicans try to ignore Trump campaign launch See in context

Declining to say the former president's name,

He Who Shall not be Named even amongst his own party.

America's two parties have little to offer the American people、and pro wrestling style drama can be very distracting.

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Posted in: NASA's mightiest rocket lifts off 50 years after Apollo See in context

The 322-foot (98-meter) SLS is the most powerful rocket ever built by NASA, with more thrust than either the space shuttle or the mighty Saturn V that carried men to the moon.

While the smartphones people carry in their pockets are exponentially more powerful than the computers that controlled the Saturn 5.

Interesting times we live in.

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Posted in: Across the U.S., a return to democratic order. Will it last? See in context

former Soviet style socialist outdated ideas that just look good on paper, nothing more.

Medicare for all, guaranteed work for a living wage and environmental protection are "Soviet"?

I suppose you did put 'former' there to distinguish it from the current crony capitalist oligarch in Russia, Putin, whose policies most closely resemble the current Republican candidate for President.

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Posted in: Trump launches 3rd campaign for U.S. presidency See in context

Trump says he will ban members of Congress stock trading.

The chances of that happening are the same as when he said he would take the Wall Street influence out of politics when Hilary gave a well-compensated speech to Goldman-Sachs.

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Posted in: Trump launches 3rd campaign for U.S. presidency See in context

“I am running because I believe the world has not yet seen the true glory of what this nation can be,” Trump said. “We will again put America first.”

Again. For real this time. The borders were not secured and inner cities and middle class dafe and prosperous last time? They will be now.

More postponed apocalypse , televagelist talk. And floating Duterte like tactics to clean up the streets.

The circus begins again and the Dems also need to take a good , hard look at themselves.


Chris Hedges: Neoliberalism Gave Us Trump

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Posted in: Musk delays Twitter relaunch after fake account frenzy See in context

U.S. media reports said about a dozen employees were let go in recent days after openly questioning decision-making by Musk, who has called himself a .

Wish it were true; unfortunately this Musk is a "free speech absolutist" like he is a self-made man Horatio Alger story real-life Tony Stark. And not someone who got an African emerald mine head start .

He bows, and Twitter will still bow before Indian, Chinese and Saudi censors.


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Posted in: Across the U.S., a return to democratic order. Will it last? See in context

Voters and property owners in Florida reap the benefits of a Republican-led state.

The latter are far more important than the former in Republican calculations.

Their whole strategy is benefiting the rentier and going back to the early 19th Century with only property owners having any say in politics.

Thanks for saying the quiet part out loud.

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Posted in: Across the U.S., a return to democratic order. Will it last? See in context

A leading progressive, Vermont Sen Bernie Sanders, who has raised concerns about far-right threats to democracy since before his own 2020 presidential bid, suggested that the GOP has begun to act more rationally.

A voice of prescience, reason, rationality and compassion, Bernie Sanders is a National Treasure as a voice for the people like Steinbeck or Woody Guthrie.

If there were a hundred of him in Congress....

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Posted in: McCarthy passes 1st House speaker test, but hurdles remain See in context

One key Republican, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the far-right Trump-ally from Georgia, has become a quiet ally of McCarthy, who has promised to reinstate her on choice committees, working behind the scenes to ensure the leadership elections move forward.

An alliance made in Hell and it shows that the Hebrew orbital believing, QAnon fringe of the Republican Party is not that different from the leadership.

Unlike the Squad and Pelosi/Schumer.

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Posted in: Japan's economy shrinks as consumers hold back on spending See in context

“The yen’s depreciation gives tourists better value for money, making Japan more attractive as a destination,” said Hiroyuki Ueno, senior economist at SuMi Trust.

Must be nice to get paid the big yen to state platitudes while this has actually no relevance to the lives of working Japanese.

Japan's economy shrinks as consumers hold back on spending

Japan Inc. in collusion with the LDP has choked out the Japanese consumer economy.

Socialism for the rich Abenomics was never going to trickle down, unlike wage increases and income support that would have been put back into the economy almost immediately.

But that was never the point, the exaggeration of inequality is a feature, not a bug for the oligarchs.

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Posted in: Hobbs wins Arizona governor’s race, flipping state for Dems See in context

to make a large number of Americans vote against their own economic interests and fight for the interests of billionaires

Utter childish banter

Unfortunately, it is the reality that you can see at any MAGA rally.

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Posted in: Hobbs wins Arizona governor’s race, flipping state for Dems See in context

I don’t think he knows, he can’t even explain what the right is!

Ironic since your poltical spectrum is so out of whack and I am sure you are one of the temporarily distressed billionaires shilling for the interests of billionaires.

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Posted in: Hobbs wins Arizona governor’s race, flipping state for Dems See in context

Dagon, could you please explain to Bass what the “left” is?

looking at some of the posts in the last few days, I think a few people need to be schooled about that.

However, some like the poster you name will never learn.

The right will keep on using this term to make a large number of Americans vote against their own economic interests and fight for the interests of billionaires.

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Posted in: Hobbs wins Arizona governor’s race, flipping state for Dems See in context

She bet instead that voters would recoil against Lake, who picked verbal fights with journalists as cameras rolled and struck a combative tone toward Democrats and even the establishment Republicans who have long dominated state government.

It is a good thing that Hobbs defeated a MAGA maniac like Lake and is another nail in their coffin.

But if the Dems keep on playing defensive, offer no better solutions for workers, and keep winning because they give the electorate a Hobson's Choice between them or rightist demagogues....it is not going to end up well when an even more charismatic demagogue emerges.

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Posted in: Twitter prank spurs unexpected scrutiny of U.S. insulin prices See in context

"Parody is successful when it reveals embarrassing and widely understood truth."

Many of the Twitter impersonations have been a great use of parody, and really sick burns on targets that need to be taken down.

Like the price gouging in US healthcare and profligacy in the tech industry.


People get more riled up about some alt-right getting banned from Twitter for using slurs than the day to day tragedy of hyper-capitalism.

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Posted in: To mask or not to mask? G20 gathers nations with divergent COVID rules See in context

The only think more tiring than mask rules are the people who obsess and rail about mask rules as if they were the apex of tyranny.

There is a lot more to be upset about in these 2020s.

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Posted in: U.S. House control hangs on tight races See in context

Of course the Clinton and Obama administrations had nothing to do with that.

Great examples when talking about the overall trend of American political discourse.

Two Dems who could use multi-syllabic words correctly and construct complex sentences.

Flanked by Dubya and Trump.

Disagreed with many of their policies but they could express policy issues.

And before you say it, Biden makes the Republicans happy because finally there is someone they can criticize for being poorly spoken.

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Posted in: U.S. House control hangs on tight races See in context

giving Biden's opponents the power to limit his political agenda and launch potentially damaging probes into his administration and family.

Such lofty goals.

Remember when American political parties used to promise to go to the Moon or end poverty as their platform?

The corporate funded Republican Party since Reagan is largely responsible for the downward path of American political discourse.

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Posted in: Biden, Xi clash on Taiwan but try to manage differences See in context

Xi's government said he condemned such moves, saying, “Starting a trade war or a technology war, building walls and barriers, and pushing for decoupling and severing supply chains run counter to the principles of market economy and undermine international trade rules.”

That war has already begun with Huawei, 5G, semiconductors and AI.


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Posted in: Japan to provide ¥130 bil in loans to Indonesia for transportation See in context

Despite the plummeting yen, falling wages and a labor shortage; the LDP still plays at being the big spender with the public treasury.

It won't change unless there is a major shock to the system.

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Posted in: Kuroda says BOJ will maintain easing, watch impact of global tightening See in context

"At present, the Bank of Japan deems that it should continue with monetary easing and thereby firmly support economic activity," Kuroda said in his speech.

Late Stage Capitalist rentiers in Japan and in the West have become enamored with this socialist largesse fro the rich and are not going to give it up anytime soon.

Kuroda is a bagman for Japan Inc.


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Posted in: Democrats defy 'red wave' forecasts to keep Senate control; eye Georgia See in context

the House election is not decided by the popular vote.

And not decided by your vote, because you can't vote.

Like the rightist "Obama is a Muslim form Kenya" and the usual corporate funded conservative static managed to bankrupt the American people.

The perspective from people outside the US on the US political process is informative because it can show that caring for workers instead of corporations is not "Stalinist" and is a tactic just to push the Overton window of politics in the US to the right.

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Posted in: Democrats defy 'red wave' forecasts to keep Senate control; eye Georgia See in context

The loud voices on the far left become fuel for the right-wing Fear Media, whereas the balanced voices on the left would put out the fires. So the right-wing Fear Media focuses exclusively on the AOC et all, in the pursuit their culture war.

Thanks for the cogent response @Strangerland.

Agreed but the problem is, as we can see in microcosm on this board and on the macro scale with Trump and the alt-right, is that even the bulk of the liberal wing of the party, with their mild proposals, get labeled " far-left, radical,Marxists" by the demagogues.

They are determined to push the Overton Window of discourse to the right. So that even universal healthcare or a living wage becomes "socialist, Marxist, Stalinist". Poisoning the well as it were.

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Posted in: Democrats defy 'red wave' forecasts to keep Senate control; eye Georgia See in context

You are never going to elect someone like AOC or Mr. Sanders to a national office. And for good reason, they do not advocate anything that helps rural America.

Thanks for the reasoned response that is often lacking in recent American political discourse.

Let me parse that though as someone who lived in both rural and urban settings in the US through the US Mil-industrial complex.

The working class white majority in the US has been marginalized and propagandized to vote against their economic interests by the corporate-funded media.

Using historical racism and new political-economic fears.

But I would say proposals like guaranteed work for a living wage that would build infrastructure as Sanders proposes , if it could get past the neo-liberal corporate funded gatekeepers, would be wildly popular in Red States.

Bernie Sanders proved that with his match-ups against Trump, that is what the rightists fear.

Tax the rentiers and corporations in line with what workers pay, and use that to fund a New Deal rebuilding of the US infrastructure.

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Posted in: 50.1% of Japanese companies suffering from labor shortage: survey See in context

A total 30.4 percent of businesses also said there was a shortage of nonregular workers. Eateries and the hospitality sector, which traditionally have higher ratios of nonregular workers, were particularly hard hit at 77.3 percent and 62.3 percent, respectively.

Japan Inc.; Here is a zero-hour, minimum wage, irregular shift working contract that can be unpaid furloughed at any time.

Why is there a shortage of workers???

For full-time employees, the crunch was most notably felt by the information services sector at 71.3 percent, followed by recruitment at 65.0 percent, and maintenance and security industries at 64.6 percent.

Not enough recruiters and not enough labor. Seems you could solve a large part of the problem by cutting out the recruiting middlemen, whose skills at vetting staff are often shown to be mostly useless.

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