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She had rejected requests for locks of hair or DNA samples, saying that "only the good Lord knows" the secret of her longevity.

Without a doubt, it will be studied despite her wishes.

Life extension research, fueled not only by oligarchs like Peter Thiel and others but also atheist, transhumanist movements are incentivizing this.

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“I dissent. I am the MAGA king,” he posted the day after the election. And on Nov. 15, he added: “I never conceded my HD 14 race. Now researching my options.”

MAGA is a metastasized version of conservative, Tea party trickle down politics.

The base is fighting for politicians and business who are against their own economic interests.

They will feed them culture war, xenophobic pap while getting the corporate tax cuts and subsidies that they really care about.

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New York City's education department banned ChatGPT on its networks because of "concerns about negative impacts on student learning".

If it is anything like how it was when I was in school, some student will find a way around filters and network restrictions.

Societal institutions are in a race with tech development.

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Musk said in a tweet Dec. 22: “My reason for declining the Davos invitation was not because I thought they were engaged in diabolical scheming, but because it sounded boring af lol."

This will probably help with Musk's street cred with his conservative fans, but try as he might he is pretty much a standard oligarch, with some good ideas.

He may see himself as a Special Circumstances agent from his inspirational Iain M. Banks The Culture series but he has a long way to go to live up to Bank's socialist-anarchist post-scarcity ideals.

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Posted in: Japanese company defends Van Gogh ownership after lawsuit See in context

They say Sompo's predecessor, Yasuda Fire & Marine Insurance, acquired the painting "in reckless disregard of its provenance, including Mendelssohn-Bartholdy's forced sale of the painting in Nazi Germany in 1934".

Much of the artworld has become the playground of oligarchical dark money, while artists are not benefitiing.

I imagine much of Japan Inc. pines for the day when they were gobbling up premium real state and treasures abroad.

Now they have to just be content with squeezing Japanese workers and consumers for all they are worth with the help of their LDP partners.

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Posted in: What do you think of video-sharing app TikTok? See in context

In China, the content shown to kids on TikTok is entirely different - science and education based: https://www.deseret.com/2022/11/24/23467181/difference-between-tik-tok-in-china-and-the-us

Great link and Tristan Harris is very credible:

“It’s almost like they recognize that technology is influencing kids’ development, and they make their domestic version a spinach version of TikTok, while they ship the opium version to the rest of the world,” Tristan Harris, a former Google employee, and advocate for social media ethics, said of China’s approach to TikTok.

Opium War analogies aside, China's capitalist command economy has an aim of AI supremacy that is highly dangerous.

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Posted in: ANA to offer flight attendants 2-day workweek after COVID See in context

@dagon - Once again someone under the misconception that ANA received a 'bailout' (please note this exact word). They most certainly did not. JAL did years back and they paid for it dearly with loss of slots.

Google is not your friend.


Hotels were given aid, while ANA and rival Japan Airlines received money to help boost passenger numbers on domestic flights. Katanozaka said that if the government was serious about helping, it could resume the subsides as early as next month and ease entry limits for overseas visitors.

Just subsidies no bailout! Call them what you like.

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Posted in: As elites arrive in Davos, conspiracy theories thrive online See in context

All these "crazy" conspiracy theories about Davos!

Hundreds of public sessions are planned, but the four-day conference is also known for secretive backroom meetings and deal-making by business leaders. This gap between what’s shown to the public and what happens behind closed doors helps make that makes the meeting a flashpoint for misinformation.

Nothing to see here! Just the usual backroom dealings between billionaire oligarchs and the so-called "democratic " leaders supposedly serving the electorate.

They organize vast public wealth transfers, mostly to oligarchs, and are worried about potential blowback.

It is in plain sight.


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All Nippon Airways Co plans to offer its flight attendants the option of working two days a week, starting fiscal 2023, enabling them to pursue second jobs as the coronavirus pandemic has dented demand for air travel, company sources said Monday.

At least ANA is passing along some of that sweet COVID bailout wealth transfers from the the public they got to make their flight attendants lives a little easier.

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Posted in: On Martin Luther King Jr's holiday, daughter calls for bold action over words See in context

“We’re battling not just two sides or left or right and a gradient in between that have to somehow come to compromise, but a growing movement of hate, abuse, extremism and white supremacy fueled by misinformation, fueled by conspiracy theories that are taking root at every level,” she said.

Rest in Power Dr. King.

Dr. King in his wisdom realized rehashing identitarian issues was a dead end and a distraction for oligarchic agendas.

Bigoted MAGA and neo-liberal Dems both embrace socialism for the rich, those with large capital assets.

His later quotes do not get enough attention.

Whenever the government provides opportunities in privileges for white people and rich people they call it “subsidized” when they do it for Negro and poor people they call it “welfare.” The fact that is the everybody in this country lives on welfare. Suburbia was built with federally subsidized credit. And highways that take our white brothers out to the suburbs were built with federally subsidized money to the tune of 90 percent. Everybody is on welfare in this country. The problem is that we all to often have socialism for the rich and rugged free enterprise capitalism for the poor. That’s the problem.

“The Minister to the Valley,” February 23, 1968, From the archives of the SCLC.*

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Posted in: Japan's opposition parties unite to take on Kishida over tax hike plan See in context

Ahead of a regular parliamentary session starting this month, the Japanese Communist Party agreed with its larger counterparts -- the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan and the Japan Innovation Party -- to take on Kishida who is facing tumbling approval rates for his Cabinet following a series of scandals.

A united front but lacking daring proposals.

What is needed is a progressive tax as in the post war era where broad based prosperity and growth ruled and the highest tax brackets paid over 80% on earning above a very high level, an incentive to put money into productivity and labor, not the hoarding we see today.


But it is plutocratic LDP, what am I saying?

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Posted in: UK gov't seeks stronger powers to stop disruptive protests See in context

The government says the new laws, if passed, will mean police can shut down disruptive protests pre-emptively.

If that is the case does the power of protest really exist?

It has not for a while; protest is only effective when it does disrupt the usual flow of oligarchical machinations.

Maybe Sunak can pose at a hospital while the police haul away nurses for protesting for fair conditions?

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Tens of thousands of health workers protested in Madrid on Sunday over what they say is the destruction of the public health system by the conservative regional government.

These conservative governments need to work harder explaining to the Spanish people that deregulation freeing up market forces, energizing the job creators and increasing their flow of capital and going through Health Management Organizations has been a great success in other nations like the US where health care debt is not a danger.

European socialist states need to adopt the American model and get the government central planners out of health care.

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Posted in: Ex-Japan defense chief Kishi to quit soon; by-election eyed in April See in context

The ruling Liberal Democratic Party is expected to field the 63-year-old's eldest son Nobuchiyo in the Yamaguchi No. 2 constituency of the lower house of parliament, while soliciting candidates for the No. 4 district that has become vacant since the former prime minister's assassination last July

All in the Family!

Hope Nobuchiyo can quickly get to work to, as his boss says ," defend the rule of law and democratic institutions and strongly oppose any effort to change the status quo".

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Posted in: Repairing shoddy nuclear waste storage site to cost Japan ¥36 bil See in context

The Japan Atomic Energy Agency estimates that it will cost taxpayers 36.1 billion yen to rectify the shoddy storage of radioactive waste in a storage pool at the Tokai Reprocessing Plant, the nation's first facility for reprocessing spent nuclear fuel, an official said Sunday.

There is a whole lot of shady going on. The Japanese taxpayers are the mark and the one party LDP and their associates (some even shadier than them) they are always on the hook to pay for another money pit.


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Posted in: Kishida's weeklong trip focuses on China-Taiwan tensions ahead of G7 summit See in context

On the domestic political front, Nagy said, "Japanese leaders benefit from proactive foreign policy achievements as it is one of the only areas where the public can expect to see change."

According to this analysis it is easier for the leader of a one party state to play act making influential foreign policy achievements than to enact beneficial change for the electorate at home?

Sounds like the definition of a degenerate gerontocracy.

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Posted in: Davos expects record turnout as resumes winter slot See in context

Huh. As a devout “neoliberal”, Davos is of no interest to me each year whatsoever.

However the business elite at Davos are very concerned with discontent about their "neo-liberal project" as they themselves describe it.


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Criticized by some as a talking shop for the jetset that merely adds to the world's carbon footprint, the forum insists it has the power to bring decision-makers together in a world facing multiple crises amid growing geopolitical mistrust.

Accurately criticized.

They bring in economists for presentations about how their neo-liberal policies are creating precariatized, disaffected working poor drawn to rightist leaders but they don't care.

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Posted in: Can U.S. avoid a recession? As inflation eases, optimism rises See in context

Even if unemployment remain low, employers don't have to perpetually pay ever-higher wages to fill jobs. They can try to automate some jobs, for example. That's what many companies in Japan, where unemployment has been low for years, have done.

Unemployment as in fudged numbers including part time and gig workers living at home and on precarious contracts? With stagnant wages.

Good to see AP mentioning this.

The automation wave was a given after the pandemic.

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Posted in: Biden and Kishida discuss Japan stepping up security See in context

Kishida, speaking through an interpreter, said the two nations "share fundamental values such as democracy and the rule of law" and stressed that their joint role on the global stage "is becoming even greater."

A one party state and a country with a powerful alt-right fundamentalist faction a hairs-breadth from stepping back into power by hood or by crook as defenders of democracy?

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Posted in: Tokyo to make child care free for all 2nd children from October See in context

The measure will be applicable for those aged zero to two years without setting conditions, such as being within a certain household income bracket, as the local government aims to provide an incentive for families to have more than one child.

So a Not-Universal Basic Income for only those families with the wherewithal to have one child in the first place?

Funded partly by Taro-kun scraping by in his single room rental?

Pure regressive taxation in action, par for the course with the LDP.

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Posted in: Whale spotted near mouth of Yodo River in Osaka confirmed dead See in context

An estimated 15-meter-long sperm whale spotted near the mouth of the Yodo River in Osaka earlier this week was confirmed dead Friday, local officials said, after it had remained in the same spot for days and was not observed spouting water.

A sad Friday the 13th. Rest in power great beast.

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Posted in: Trump Organization fined $1.6 mil for tax fraud See in context

The sum, paltry to the billionaire real estate developer's amassed fortune, is nevertheless symbolically significant as the ex-president eyes the White House again amid a host of legal woes.

The penalties on corporate crime are always only symbolically significant. Corporate crime pays which is why it is so prevalent.

It is so profitable that it has now captured the "democratic" processes of many nations.


Meanwhile their is a host of the less well off propagandized by well-funded corporate media outlets willing to campaign for plutocratic oligarchs in hope of some trickle down.

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Posted in: All-out drone war in Ukraine points to future See in context

"Because these are basically expendable with a very short shelf life, they have to be provided to the forces in very large quantities," he said.

With 3D fabrication and machine learning the danger of drone WMD is very real.


Produced by leading AI expert Stuart Russell

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Posted in: Garland appoints special counsel to investigate Biden documents See in context

So the question becomes who is actually guilty of robbing a bank and who isnt?

The best way to rob a bank is to own one.

Both parties are owned by the corporatoracy.

Who misplaced documents worse or have the most wastrel sons and devoting team spirit to this is why the American people lose out.

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Posted in: Lisa Marie Presley, singer and only child of Elvis, dies at 54 See in context

She would later make headlines of her own. Struggles with drugs and some very public marriages. Her four husbands included Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage.

The supernova like celebrity surrounding her itself could be a hell of a drug.


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Posted in: Democratic lawmakers urge Biden to void visa of Brazil's Bolsonaro See in context

Hmm--sounds like another leader who was speaking about the right of the people to lawfully assemble while at the same time admonishing violence.

Real stand up guy there Bolsanaro just standing up for the little guy in Brazil .

Not a right wing demagogue who of course once in power was all about strip-mining the country of its natural resources and a key legacy of the planet while talking about deregulation .


The US has a long and sordid history of giving refuge to right-wing dictators though.

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Posted in: South Korea plans fund to compensate World War II forced labor victims See in context

Hopefully no Korean activists will embezzle the money from this fund like last time.

Of course they should not.

The one party state LDP government and their associated cronies never do such things like embezzlement.

And the Korean state or even activists whose ancestors may have been victims of forced labor that enriched Japanese politicians and corporations who still enjoy comfortable existences today should follow their exemplary example.

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Posted in: What's a 'gig' job? How it's legally defined affects workers' rights and protections See in context

What's a 'gig' job?

A feature of late stage capitalism brought about by 80's neo-liberal economist influenced politicians who undermined and broke unions and slashed worker benefit protections, increased the tax burden on wage earners while decreasing that on capital, and passed Orwellian-named "Right to Work" laws.

That is why the working age people today are able to afford homes and not be living paycheck to paycheck, or so the neo-liberal consensus says.

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Posted in: Garland appoints special counsel to investigate Biden documents See in context

Biden told reporters at the White House that he was “cooperating fully and completely” with a Justice Department investigation into how classified information and government records were stored.

Biden didn't accuse the JD and FBI of being "deep state" and suffering from Biden Derangement Syndrome?

No,"this is a witch hunt and the greatest persecution any President has ever suffered in the 500 years of the Great Republic of the United States"?

Biden has a lot to learn about making meaningless equivalencies, psychological projection and playing the victim to his base.

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