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Posted in: Japanese firms offer highest pay hike in 32 years in spring wage talks See in context

Meaningless for most people, at my place we get a 5% pay raise max if we get a full rank up. Otherwise it is 0.5% max if you get the highest review otherwise it is 0% or negative, which is a thing.

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Posted in: Japan's service industry reeling from part-time worker crunch See in context

Full time knowledge workers are about to get hit with catastrophic layoffs even in Japan, as in the near future there will barely be any office jobs available, the workers will trickle down and soon there will be an oversupply.

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Posted in: The decision underscores the need for companies to properly track remote workers’ working hours. See in context

Most people dont have a choice. Outside of manual labor and low skilled jobs the labor market is horrible. You either have to suck it up or take a 80% pay cut at another job. Ive been asked to take the 5 days paid vacation days off on the system as required by law, but work all 5 days from home. Not to mention heavy weekend work that is never logged to system. The overtime caps heavily favors employers, as now it is just the employees who lose out on OT pay

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Posted in: 2 more deaths linked to Kobayashi Pharma dietary supplements See in context

Supplements are far more dangerous than prescription drugs. There are basically no regulations surrounding supplements and most are not tested at all. You have no idea what kind of harmful ingredients are in them.

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Posted in: Tokyo hopes AI app will spur marriages See in context

The majority?? You may need to check your facts.

The moment you enter high school as a female in Japan now, you would be pressured by your senpai to get with hosts, underground idols, or kon-cafe. If not, you will be severely bullied. The revenue of host clubs have been on exponential growth over the past 2-3 years. You would be hard pressed to find anyone from that age range who is not a current donator, or ex-donator to hosts, underground idols, or kon-cafe. Their debt load will destroy any marriages for the next generation.

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Posted in: Tokyo hopes AI app will spur marriages See in context

They need to fix the host club issue first. Majority if 16-20 year olds are addicted to host clubs / underground idols due to peer pressure and enter into adulthood under millions yens in debt

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Posted in: Man arrested after 3 women stabbed in Kumamoto building See in context

Almost all of the hostess bars, girls bars, etc are owned by han-gure groups.

A lot girls working there have yami-kin debt, usually due to host clubs. May be the girls are planning an escape and this was a show of force to the other girls? Intimidation tactics are often used by these groups.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stealing customer’s pouch with ¥790,000 in it at supermarket See in context

I wonder why she was walking around with so much cash?

Very typical in Japan.

People dont understand the wealth around them.

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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault, robbery of woman in Nagano See in context

Arrested but not charged. In 99% of cases the prosecutors will drop all charges in a few months.

it is next to impossible to get a prison sentence for rape unless it results in death or grave injuries, even in that case the sentence will be lighter than typical murder or assault charges.

At most he may be charged for the 28,000 robbery.

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Posted in: Sony to cut about 900 jobs in its PlayStation unit as layoffs in tech, gaming sector continue See in context

This is only the beginning.

Happening first in tech because they are the most ready to adapt AI.

Over the next 5-10 years the layoffs will accelerate exponentially. The vast majority of office jobs will be gone by 2035 and there will be no replacement jobs.

mostly only manual jobs will remain because there is a cost to building and maintaining robots.

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Posted in: 3 men arrested for sexual assault, theft after spiking women’s drinks with sleeping pills at bar See in context

The chances of them getting indicted or having to pay any penalties is next to zero. The hurdles is too high to get that charge through the courts so I doubt the prosecutors will try.

Will see some 1 paragraph article about charges being dropped in a few months and they'll be back doing it again.

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Posted in: Japan drops to 26th globally in annual pay for IT workers See in context

IT in Japan is one of the worst industries to be in Japan, when you count in the fringe benefits, IT is one of the lowest paying as IT companies are notoriously cheap with their benefits, not to mention the lack of job security compared to other industries ok top of lack of good severage packages (weeks vs months in other industries. This is not to mention the long hours and generally heartless management vs other industries, as IT tend to have a lot more companies run by jerks.

The situation is unlikely to improve as IT is the one of the only industry where little Japanese is required, therefore you have an army of foreigners who want to live in Japan willing to accept lower pay.

No one who have the Japanese level to work in other industries should even consider Japan IT industry.

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Posted in: Japan to boost child allowances to tackle falling birthrate See in context

There are no income problem in Japan. The government clearly have zero idea of what is going on.

Low birth rates are being mostly driven by majority if women ages 16-20 getting addicted/peer pressured to host clubs and therefore racking up huge debts for life, often to host club linked han-gure groups.

there needs to be a huge crack down on the shadow loan operations worth tens of billions of dollars run by the large host club groups. 95%+ of the host club group revenue is not from the physical host clubs but these loan interest payments, as well as splits from overseas criminal groups from acting as scouts to send Japanese women overseas

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Posted in: Woman in adult entertainment industry arrested after bodies of 3 infants found at her home See in context

The reason for majority of Japanese women to work in adult entertainment is host clubs. Until the Japanese government take some serious actions to crack down on the host clubs and especially the large host club groups that act like quasi yakuza, this problem will only get worse.

Even without the high interest loans, the host clubs charges break up fees and will threaten the women and their family by driving up to their family houses and effectively stalk. As such, even when the women pays back the loans, they need to continuously make monthly payments as protection.

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Posted in: As cancer treatment advances, patients and doctors push back against drugs' harsh side effects See in context

A lot of hype here.

While treatment is a lot better for people with stage 3 or better cancer, stage 4 cancer is typically terminal.

Cancer type also matters a lot, while breast snd lung cancer have a lot of targeted options, cancers such as CRC have very few treatment options other than chemo, with targeted therapy only working in ~5% patients, and a dry pipeline

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Posted in: Syphilis is a highly infectious disease that people could contract through just a single sexual contact. It can be easily treated, so those who think they might be infected should get tested without hesitation. See in context

The overall driver is host clubs and male underground idol groups who make the girls some as young as 14-16 to pay them 50M+ yen a year on oshi-katsu, and convincing them into prostitution including dangerous oversea ventures.

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Posted in: Tokyo government to release official dating app See in context

The #1 spending by Japanese women in their 20s and 30s is oshi-katsu.

Most who use this are probably there to gain additional cash flow for oshi-katsu or host clubs. I dont think there will be much good stories coming out from this.

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Posted in: Municipalities in Japan help local firms beat big rivals to Asia's IT talent See in context

Rather than a lack of IT talent, it is a lack of IT talent willing to work for 1.5M~2M annual salary without full time contracts, no career ladder for promotion, and required 100-hour work weeks.

Japanese students should flock to these jobs which I think have a bright future. Better than working at a conbini or wasting time arranging tea leaves and eating herbs like herbivore man.

If it pays more on an hourly basis, which is highly unlikely. Japanese IT is just super long hours with low pay, zero job security for the majority of positions unless you are in one of the very top companies. Job security is the absolute worst, even the top IT companies have lay offs every other year, and unlike other industries pays a very paltry severance. Financially it makes no sense for any Japanese to want to enter the IT field in Japan.

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Posted in: Lucrative practice of 'sugar daddy dating' goes international See in context

And after she returns to Japan and gets married, the sex will stop.

most of these girls are immediately bankrupt when they return to Japan because they would give it to their hosts or underground idol oshis. It is very common for girls to gave over 100M per year for oshi-katsu. I have not seen any who saved or spent money for themselves. The entire culture in Japan revolves around spending on oshi-katsu

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Posted in: Japan Airlines pilots 'unaware of fire' at first See in context

The fact that FA can take the initiative without captain OK is already amazing training, as it goes against the Asian cultural norms.

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Posted in: Lucrative practice of 'sugar daddy dating' goes international See in context

They are not well off, so I paid my younger sister's college tuition

that is a lie. She spent it on hosts or her oshi or paying off host club debts. 99% of prostitution in Japan is driven be oshi-katsu and host clubs

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Posted in: Transcripts of fatal aircraft collision reveal coast guard plane not cleared for take-off See in context

The fact that ATC communication is in English may have played a role. It would have been extremely tough to hire people with coast guard pay who can both pilot and speak English as well as do all the coast guard duties

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Posted in: 'Parasite' actor Lee found dead amid drug allegations: Yonhap See in context

Asia in general punishes drug use crimes more harshly than murders, etc. and unlike other crimes, one can never find work again after a drug crime conviction. As there is no recovery it is no wonder some people would choose this route.

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Posted in: Japanese women fall prey to host clubs See in context

There are something like two million young women (by my definition) in the general Tokyo area. If they all went once a week, Tokyo would need more host bars than convenience stores (7,500).

Even the highest spenders in host clubs generally only go to the host club once a month, where they will use their entire savings. Other will save up for months for 1 donation. Almost no young women would want to share in their social circles that their love is not a host.

I personally know many women involved in the club business (not prostitution) here and what drives them into it.

Some have at least two if not three jobs and obviously a high work ethic.

It is simply the cost of living and the desire to be independent.

That is a very different crowd than prostitution, although a significant portion are host club users especially if they are young. In prostitution, especially for the under 30s crowded, it is 90% due to hosts or host club debt. You only need to check their twitter to see things like "I live for my host/tantou). Most of them will lie to their customers regarding this, you should never trust what girls in the night industry say to you.

So, the scapegoats are the male host clubs?

When you have a industry that can regularly bring in 10M+ yen a month (significant portion paid in cash which is untaxed) even for an average host, and is the key driving force behind japanese women going overseas on prostitution trips, that is not a scapegoat but an underlying cause. Most hosts also double as scouts for prostitution shops, overseas brokers, yamikin brokers, etc. Many women in prostitution have used well over 100M+ yen to their hosts. If police raid a host's house they would be able find several hundred million yen in cash.

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Posted in: Japanese women fall prey to host clubs See in context

It is too late to stop this now. Years of positive media including manga and dramas, etc. have made hosts seen very positively by girls and young women. Regretting hosts is also very rare, unlike the women in the article, most host customers remain extremely loyal to their hosts even after they accumulate significant debt.

The innate demand for hosts is already there, no amount of regulation or even criminalization could stop it. It is un-cool to not have a host in young women and girl’s social circles now. The social pressure alone is enough to continue to drive exponential growth of host industry in Japan

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Posted in: Nearly half of young Japanese men in survey have never had a girlfriend; zero-boyfriend women rise too See in context

The vast majority of young women under age of 22 are host club / concept cafe users. It is not that they dont want companionship. It is not cool when you do not have a host BF in today’s culture.

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Posted in: 'Grand Theft Auto VI' trailer drops, flagging 2025 release See in context

Modern western games are just going to be designed as woke ideology first. Little hope for this game.

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Posted in: Undeclared income of Japan's wealthy hits record high See in context

That's not even a pipe dream unless you are putting something in it and smoking it.

Yes pipe dream for the expats working here, but it is easy for locals. I think it is time for you to get out of the expat bubble and take a look at the enormous wealth surrounding you. Just take a look at all the benz’s in your local neighborhood.

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Posted in: Undeclared income of Japan's wealthy hits record high See in context

Not anywhere close. Pretty much every local Japanese I know draws less than 5% of their income from their official day jobs. Most local people have cash flows north of 10M per month while drawing only 400k from their official jobs. Japan have been undercounting income for their population pretty much forever.

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Posted in: Sony lures record female engineers despite talent shortage in Japan See in context

The media need to stop pushing this false narrative of “talent shortage”. There’s no talent shortage in knowledge and office jobs. Only manual labor have talent shortage. There is a massive supply and very little demand on knowledge based jobs in Japan right now, especially since this year. If you do a posting for a office job right now, you’d be almost the only company hiring externally as majority of postings are actually internal only. There’s mass layoffs in the office jobs this year with more to come in the future.

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