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@Peeping_Tom: well spoken ! Clearly none of these so called " experts " have never heard of the

Naginata and how well the women used them while the warriors were away during their campaigns !

Half the Middle School girls near us are in a club practising the use of the Naginata and I wouldn't mess with them either !!

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Big Yen : Sorry but the " Departure Tax " in Oz even if it is called a different name is very high compared to other countries. One thousand yen is a bargain , and the utilization charge just keeps the Terminals better than anywhere else in the world , we have the best system in the world and it's not cheap to run . Oh , and the aircraft is taxying and so the push cart had done it's job at the terminal , that's why it is not in the photo .

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Chuichi Hasimura

I am fortunate , there is a very small shrine 4 doors down from where I live , it is very modest , but still very beautiful , it has everything I need except the large crowds . I go there almost every day , it is very peaceful and fulfilling . wishing you a good year of the Boar . Sincerely , Daiki desu .

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Happy birthday to a great man and our Emperor . He thoroughly earned his retirement and now can have a

well earned rest . We all looked up to him as our world Ambassador , and I don't think there is a Royal anywhere in the world that has so much respect . I wish him a good crossing into the new year and a long life , enjoying quality time with Empress Michiko .

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Kozuki : We have had a driverless train to Odaiba for over 5 years now , Japanese technology is just making it better with the next gerneration of trains . Obviously some of you who critisize everything Japanese , have either not been here or just like to bitch !! I seldom comment because half of the comments I read are mindless , and to reply to such idiots is a waste of my time , and yes , I know it runs on rubber tires . How many Shinkansens do you have ? Over 50 years without incident .

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Try Australia , they are simply arrogant stand over merchants who , if you do not comply , they call their Federal Police co-horts to intimidate you even further , and if you still fail to " give in " , they will deny you entry , OR jail you for a day or two , missing all your connecting flights , or back out on the next Jet home . Sydney is the worst one of them , I know from personal experience how much of a stand over group they are !! They do this to their own also ( Aussie passport holders ) so no-one is immune from these gestapo like staff .

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Daikisan : I think the Rugby World Cup will be the acid test , then the government will realise there is not enough accommodation for the Olympics ! I think it will be a nightmare . I'll stay for the rugby but go visit another country until the Olympics has finished . Yes , we need tourism but no-one has thought this through , I see even catering will run short . Good luck Tokyo !!

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