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Well done Azul , you all will notice Qantas is nowhere to be seen in the mentions !! Check your luggage carefully !! Cabin staff ar not much better . Last time and only time for quite a few years , I flew with them in 2016 , I should have known better , I do now !!

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No-one has mentioned the fact that we have had electric milk carts since forever , well , in my neighborhood anyway , and I'm sure I'm not the only one .

perhaps no-one has noticed because they are so quiet !!

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Why aye mun , the beautiful sound of the North East , I can hear it from a thoosan yards . Whilst I have been away for aboot 25 years , I have been hyem 3 times and the minute I'm off the jet , the switch in the back of my head switches to pure geordie , and when I get to wa local , I am greeted as soon as I waak through the door of " Wor Pub " with a " where you been mun ? " like I've only been gone for a month . When I'm back at work the switch turns back to my kinda BBC sound , it's nivver posh mind ! Nowhere else can you ask for a " pint o' Scotch , canny lad ", and not be looked at like you're a martian or a super drinker . I always look forward to one of Brian Johnson's doco's and just sit there and listen to english taalked proper like .

That should confuse 'em Bonny Lad , he can't even spell proper like . Aal the best , mun .

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Posted in: Asian faiths try to save sacred swastika corrupted by Hitler See in context

Obviously not one of you have ever looked closely a the map of Tokyo for example . There are hundreds of circled swasticas all over the map ! They are markers for Temples , the last I heard the Governor of Tokyo was considering changing the symbol , but I haven't checked a new map , so have a look at an old and new map guys , and see how many you find .

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Posted in: JAL, Qantas to form joint business See in context

No thank you Qantas , if you are going to poach more of JAL's income because people

like me won't use your company I will only use ANA , sorry JAL but this would be a big mistake for you .

I flew a return flight to Australia with Qantas ONCE , never again . Mechanically they might have a good reputation as a safe Airline , but inside the aircraft it is rubbish , staff attitude wise . I only use JAL or ANA when I have to return from leaving one of my Corporate aircraft in MEL due to another crew having to take the aircraft on to it's next leg due to me being out of hours . The difference between Qantas and JAL/ANA is like night night and day . I know Australian patriots will support Qantas , and I wish them good luck and respect their loyalty to their country , but I would rather swim back than use Qantas again !! Even Virgin domestic leaves them in their wake .

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I think it is appalling that Mr. Morrison went to Hawaii whilst his country was suffering huge losses , even one former Prime Minister Mr Abbot was on the front line assisting , whilst I do not like him I have great respect for his efforts and compassion whilst the incumbent one

was absent . A reliable military serving source told me he even took a C130 to Hawaii and the mainland US for drinks . That aircraft could have been used to carry supplies , people and equipment to areas in dire need , I think that is even worse ! Why cannot the

" Leader " of Australia take a Qantas flight or even Australia's Air Force One equivalent ,

after all it was a " Family " holiday and I agree with @concerned citizen . even our own Prime Minister and the Emperor Emeritus showed up at the disasters that befell our country . I think he should resign also but that would be a further embarrassment to the good people of Australia . What has it been ? 6 Prime Ministers in in almost as many years ? Whilst Abe might not be perfect he is consistent , and the people have faith in him .

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Posted in: 1,400 women take part in New Year archery event See in context

@Peeping_Tom: well spoken ! Clearly none of these so called " experts " have never heard of the

Naginata and how well the women used them while the warriors were away during their campaigns !

Half the Middle School girls near us are in a club practising the use of the Naginata and I wouldn't mess with them either !!

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Posted in: Japan to start collecting ¥1,000 departure tax from Monday See in context

Big Yen : Sorry but the " Departure Tax " in Oz even if it is called a different name is very high compared to other countries. One thousand yen is a bargain , and the utilization charge just keeps the Terminals better than anywhere else in the world , we have the best system in the world and it's not cheap to run . Oh , and the aircraft is taxying and so the push cart had done it's job at the terminal , that's why it is not in the photo .

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Chuichi Hasimura

I am fortunate , there is a very small shrine 4 doors down from where I live , it is very modest , but still very beautiful , it has everything I need except the large crowds . I go there almost every day , it is very peaceful and fulfilling . wishing you a good year of the Boar . Sincerely , Daiki desu .

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Happy birthday to a great man and our Emperor . He thoroughly earned his retirement and now can have a

well earned rest . We all looked up to him as our world Ambassador , and I don't think there is a Royal anywhere in the world that has so much respect . I wish him a good crossing into the new year and a long life , enjoying quality time with Empress Michiko .

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Kozuki : We have had a driverless train to Odaiba for over 5 years now , Japanese technology is just making it better with the next gerneration of trains . Obviously some of you who critisize everything Japanese , have either not been here or just like to bitch !! I seldom comment because half of the comments I read are mindless , and to reply to such idiots is a waste of my time , and yes , I know it runs on rubber tires . How many Shinkansens do you have ? Over 50 years without incident .

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Try Australia , they are simply arrogant stand over merchants who , if you do not comply , they call their Federal Police co-horts to intimidate you even further , and if you still fail to " give in " , they will deny you entry , OR jail you for a day or two , missing all your connecting flights , or back out on the next Jet home . Sydney is the worst one of them , I know from personal experience how much of a stand over group they are !! They do this to their own also ( Aussie passport holders ) so no-one is immune from these gestapo like staff .

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Posted in: Japan's new 'Airbnb law' a double-edged sword See in context

Daikisan : I think the Rugby World Cup will be the acid test , then the government will realise there is not enough accommodation for the Olympics ! I think it will be a nightmare . I'll stay for the rugby but go visit another country until the Olympics has finished . Yes , we need tourism but no-one has thought this through , I see even catering will run short . Good luck Tokyo !!

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