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"yes and the freedom of expression won out, until the Japanese starting waving the Run Sun Flag and visiting Yasukuni Shrine."

you must dont know that the ones who passionately asked the event organiser to bring the film back and ones offered volunteers to work as a security staff are Japanese.


→check it out.dont say "omg its not written in English〜!!!"

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Posted in: American ALT teacher fired from high school after exposing genitals See in context

That's why ALT ''teachers'' are not necessary any more.

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Posted in: Indonesian man sues after being sent home for lack of Japanese skills See in context

Those who cry ''Why doesn't Japanese learn English'' crap is the typical loser who have no idea how to fit into the local society and live in foreign country.

To me it seems like they are just moaning for not being ''welcomed'' as their privilege doesn't work so ''effectively'' but still begging local Japanese to give them ''linguistical favour''

No wonder those loser end up working as a bloody eikaiwa sensei as a casual staff and live in a small gaijin bubble 24/7 n surely they can't get decent job and make local friends no matter how long they live here in Japan.

Even they move another another '' better''country, it must be same outcome.

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