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Posted in: Japan, France unveil new road map to boost defense, economic security See in context

Good for Japan- good for France. 

Two freedom-loving democracies who believe in Rule of Law - a concept sadly becoming less common. May they both prosper.

What a grotesque statement. Japan and France are too typical countries going the path of collapse for various reasons specific to each country but producing the same results. They have been both suffering for decades of inept people put in charge who have kept taking mind blowing bad decisions without the beginning of accountability for the bad consequences they imposed on the population and the country.

One of the big difference between these countries though is that France is a far better democracy than the oligarchy ruled Japan which is having the exact same political power with the same oligarchy controlling the country for almost 80 years. Japan is a fake democracy, a democracy more of form than substance.

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Posted in: Shop employee fights off three robbers with polearm in Tokyo's Ueno district See in context

Japan comedy.

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Posted in: Japanese workers took 62% of paid leave allocation in 2022: gov't survey See in context

Japan's notoriously punishing work culture

Yet Japan ranks 23rd for labor productivity among the 36 nations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development according to OECD data. Worse, Japan has remained at the bottom of the productivity ranking for Group of Seven nations since 1970! Makes you wonder what are those people doing when they say they are «working».

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Posted in: Mouse embryos grown in space for first time: Japanese researchers See in context

we are all going to have to pack up here and find a new planet - or perhaps a space station - to live on

When I read this kind of nonsense I immediately wonder at what point the education system screwed up so bad so that even very very basic science is way above the head of people.

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Posted in: Japan to give $10 million in emergency aid to Gaza Strip civilians See in context

This is a disgrace. Gaza is fully controlled by the Hamas and there is no way just no way that the aid money is not being collected by them. At this point Japan is funding terrorists with tax payers money. Shame on you!

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Posted in: Troubled Toshiba to delist after takeover by Japanese consortium succeeds See in context

A leading brand behind rice cookers, TVs, laptops and other products once symbolic of Japan’s technological prowess,

BS! None of those products were extraordinary in any shape of form and were more a sad representation of how Japanese tech firm were producing bad products. If their laptops for example were any good and attractive to the international market, they would be still in business and make billions of dollars out of their computers like Apple does. But no their products were terrible and nobody bought them more over when the competition was delivering truly good products. So stop the ridiculous nonsense.

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Posted in: Japanese driving school holds special drunk driving lesson See in context

As we experienced first-hand in our series on getting a driver’s license in Japan, the test course is no joke

It is a joke otherwise the Japanese wouldn't be so bad drivers. Even elementary rules like fully stopping at a stop-controlled intersections are not respected. Instead of this grotesque circus they should better improve their driving schools teaching and tests to make sure that people really understand (and not pretend to) the driving rules before giving them a driving licence so easily.

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Posted in: Kishida meets fishery group head over Fukushima water release plan See in context

There were no full meltdowns

There were full meltdowns. The nuclear fuel rods completely melted, formed a corium which went through the pressure vessels and it’s believed that some parts of it sit at the bottom of the containment vessel and the rest went through the containment vessel itself and ended at the bottom of the building structure. No fuel rods are believed to be present in any shape or form inside the pressure vessels hence a full meltdown occurred on all operating reactors. The rods in the cooling pools of the reactor 4 have also melted and sinked at the bottom of the pools.

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Posted in: More Japan tourist hot spots imposing hotel taxes to fund promotions See in context

Accomodation taxes are not a concept unique to Japan. Why is everyone so shellshocked about this? Because the hotels and the cities tell you about them?

Take the time to think about it for two minutes, it shouldn't be difficult to figure it out even for you. Instead of being triggered every time people dare to have a critical point of view of Japan.

 I spoke to quite a few during the Covid years, and most were unaware that not just tourists but foreigners/nonresidents in general were barred from entering.

BS! Your anecdotical circle of people does not make a fact. The fact that the borders were closed were heavily covered by the Japanese media during their COVID circus moreover when they opened them, they made another big circus of it like they were opening the borders to some aliens or something. Typical grotesque stuff here. No way most of the population didn't know about it. A lot did not the details around it, but they certainly knew the country was closed.

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Posted in: Study highlights limitations of BMI in predicting death See in context

What a load of nonsense moreover based on self-reported weight and height therefore on totally unreliable data. The BMI is a perfectly adequate tool to assess the risk of being overweight for most people who don’t do strength training and have a larger than average muscle mass. The woke imbeciles are trying hard to excuse a certain population and portrayed them as victims instead of making them face their responsibilities and life choices.

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Posted in: Japan's tallest skyscraper, at 330 meters, completed in Tokyo See in context

Yeah another ugly piece of Japan architecture. It's incredibly that they can build such ugly structure that does not fit whatsoever with the surrounding environment. Japan modern architecture is just chaos, nothing is done with a coherent vision. In fact similar to most cities in US.

Sapporo Kobe Osaka etc

Sapporo is a better place to live since it has less people and it's obviously cheaper than Tokyo. The weather is horrible in Hokkaido though. But boy it's also an ugly city. Ugly buildings everywhere, boring parallel streets, chaotic architecture, it's just ugly in most of the city. In terms of architecture it's a mini modern Tokyo, it's also very similar to Chiba. At least Tokyo has still some historical places that look much better than the modern developed areas.

I would argue that all Japanese cities with the industrial architecture Japan adopted post-war are awfully ugly. Rural towns are also very ugly and they look all the same. The only nice looking cities in Japan are the ones with some major historical areas.

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Posted in: 150 arrests in overnight unrest in France after teenager killed by police See in context

The video starts after he tried already to flee the police. The prosecutor has indicated that before he was stopped as it appears in the video, he tried to flee already multiple times almost hitting a pedestrian and a cyclist. Once he was stopped they asked him not to flee again, he refused to obey their commands and decided to flee again while the cop was standing literally against the car. At this point when the vehicle started to move, the cop decided to shoot probably because he got scared for his life and he thought that letting him go and speed up in an urban area would put again in serious danger innocent people. France has seen recently multiple events of innocent people (including kids) dying from being hit by a car or motorbike because an idiot decided to flee the police or after stealing a vehicle.

The guy had no valid driving license and was arrested in the past for multiple cases of fleeing from the police as well as procession of drug. For some reason he was not prosecuted (the justice system in France seems to be incredibly tolerant for this part of the population) even though fleeing from the police can get you to two years in prison and a fine of 15,000 euros. In fact this dude was arrested for the same offense as early as last week.

He had multiple chances to stop his behavior, he paid the price of his stupidity. So stop with this police brutality nonsense. He had one simple thing to do. Listen to the cop and stop putting the life of others at risk.

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Posted in: Japanese researchers develop robot arms to unlock creativity See in context

Ridiculous nonsense. I can’t believe that he gets funds from tax payers to do such silly things. This is silly, useless, poorly thought, grotesque and just plain weird. This country keep wanting to do useless things that will never never have any impact whatsoever.

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Posted in: Kishida unveils new measures to reverse declining birthrate amid election rumors See in context

Japan is showing the world that economic growth can be achieved with a falling population. The world is taking notes - and many nations may well follow suit.

How is that tell us? Japan hasn’t see a significant economical growth for 30 years with a working class that hasn’t seen any significant wage increase in that period. Nor it has seen a significant increase in quality of life despite people being overused all their life to the point of having a miserable boring life working for boring outdated Japanese corporations and paying outrageous taxes to a corrupted cast called government here.

How is that an example for the rest of the world? What about you come out of your ridiculous fantasy world you are living in?

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Posted in: Yokosuka adopts ChatGPT after favorable trial results See in context

which is driven by a machine learning model that works much like the human brain.

No they absolutely don't. Such a silly statement from the hysteric media lacking technical knowledge. Those model are essentially applied statistics. In fact LLMs are really just models solving probabilistic problems in finding what is the most probable succession of words in response to a prompt using neural networks trained on a vast collection of data which are themselves optimization algorithms using gradient descent methods to minimize cost functions.

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Posted in: Japanese get trained in smiles as masks slowly come off See in context

Even before the pandemic, donning a mask in Japan was normal for many during hay fever season and around exams due to concern about getting ill for a key life event.

That's enough with this nonsense! I have been living here for 21 years and the mask was never prevalent here among the population. Never! One can argue it was more used (often for ridiculous reasons) in comparison to Western countries, but relative to the total population it was anecdotical. Enough with this fallacy. Never Japanese went into such a bizarre and grotesque behavior with the mask. The COVID circus and the hysteria around it pushed them into a totally new area of ridiculousness. Never so many people were seen wearing this ridiculous mask outside or inside at any time of the year, regardless of the fever season or any other nonsense excuses given by the media to give a pass to this grotesque behavior.

Japanese get trained in smiles as masks slowly come off

Yeah sure keep continuing to be grotesque and awkward.

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Posted in: Ukraine's Kostyuk booed at French Open after no handshake with Belarus' Sabalenka because of war See in context

“I have to say," Kostyuk said, "I didn’t expect it. ... People should be, honestly, embarrassed.”

No you should be embarrassed. You could have played fair-play and transcend war and politics for the name of sport because this is the beauty of sport to be able to do that. The person in front of you had nothing to do with all the mess in your country. But no you decided to play the little victim witch and you got what you deserved.

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Posted in: G7 leaders visit World Heritage shrine, dine at traditional inn See in context

Our hard-earned tax money used to pay a luxury life for people who don’t deserve it. What a bunch of shameless individuals.

Until when people will continue to cope with such malice behavior? They are basically giving us the middle finger on that picture

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Posted in: Bear attack on angler suspected after human head found at lake in Hokkaido See in context

I know well this area. This is very remote and nobody should go there alone unprepared like that in an area populated with brown bears. Now brown bears usually don't approach or attack humans unless for example a mother is afraid for the safety of her cubs and wants to protect them. They usually keep distance as long as a person let them know of their presence on their territory.

However there is a particular period when this can be extremely dangerous to venture in bear's territories. Typically, the end of the bear's winter slumber is around the beginning of April, but females who gave birth (from late January to early February) will leave the den about a month later. Around the beginning of May, all bears will have become active, including the single bears and mothers with cubs. During this period they need to feed a lot since when bears emerge from their dens they are understandably hungry. So this is really not a good idea to be there then, not good at all. He was actually also in an area where bears also feed in fish.

This guy was reckless and stupid.

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Posted in: China and Russia increasing military collaboration, Japan foreign minister warns See in context

China and Russia increasing their military collaboration, Japan's foreign minister warns

Just shut up! Those idiots managed to put Russia in the arms of China instead of making them an ally of us. Russia was meant to be an integral part of Europe have the US stopped their imperialist policy and Europe to be their puppets.

This de facto has put China in a position of force and radically increased their offensive strategies. History showed us that creating big blocks of antagonist military powers against each other does not end well. But the same idiots who played chickens with COVID are now playing the tough guys card while impoverishing their working population and threatening the security of the world.

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Posted in: Japan hopes G7 leaders will show 'strong' resolve to defend international order See in context

Japan is poised to showcase with other Group of Seven advanced nations their "strong determination" to defend the international rules-based order

Which order are they talking about? Who went again to invade a souverain country, Irak, based on fabricated stories and lies all by the way supported by the US puppy Japan which ended literally in the complete destabilization of several countries in the region, the development of terror and international terrorism and of course the death of hundred of thousand of people?

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Posted in: Massive price increase announced for Japan Rail Pass; cost to jump by up to 77% See in context

Pathetic move to milk tourists. They are shameless.

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Posted in: Video game maker Konami employee tries to kill old boss with fire extinguisher See in context

Of course it is impossible to know the full story from the sparse details of the article, but since we already know Yamazaki thinks killing someone (and specially doing it from the back) is a valid measure to take it would be reasonable to give the benefit of the doubt to the manager (and company) until more information is given.

What about you learn to use punctuations?

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Posted in: Companies hold in-person welcome ceremonies for new employees See in context

New employees of Toyota Motor Corp attend their entrance ceremony in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, on Monday, the first weekday of the new business year.

Army of dorks.

You'd be surprised how corporation influence their employees. This photo is no different to Apple employees all wearing blue jeans, and black skivvy if you're in the design department.

Ridiculous nonsense:


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Posted in: Kyoto to abolish one-day bus passes to combat tourism overcrowding See in context

I call this BS. What they are doing is that they decided to increase prices and milk the tourists more. That’s what they are doing. And instead of admitting that, they are playing as usual the victim card of the oppressed Japanese by the invasion of foreigners.

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Posted in: Japan to end negative COVID test requirement for visitors from China See in context

Yes - and with their home developed vaccines - and the unwillingness of many locals to take it - the virus prevalence lasted much longer and was far more widespread than in the west or Japan. At one stage ~50% of Chinese travellers were testing positive. 

We will never know how disastrous Covid has been in Communist China.

Stop with your fallacies. It’s incredible how mentally confused people are trying to rewrite history after being wrong all along. That’s nothing to do with people being vaccinated or not. The low infection rate in China was achieved with the zero COVID BS policy that locked millions of people down regularly for three years when a few case were detected. Yes the irrational lockdown policy that disturbed people like you defended. Once China decided to let people mixing, law of nature took over and people started to be infected in mass with a low case fatality rate and mortality rate virus.

Japan whose population was massively vaccinated with your super effective vaccine yet experienced the same thing last year. Once the government decided that the population could again mix and circulate, Japan picked the world in infection rate from last year August to November. Vaccinated or masked, it did not matter. Every country that dragged their feet with silly restrictions saw a delay in their pick infection rates again regardless of the vaccination and mask policies and the virus strain active at that time.

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Posted in: In Japan, women find rare parity in the prosecutors' office See in context

despite being No. 1 in equal access to education for women and men

BS! There is nothing making it more No. 1 than most countries in Europe.

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Posted in: Drunk Japanese politician in trouble for doing pullups inside moving train See in context

Not a single pull-up was done by this dude. Not a single.

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Posted in: Japan reports 158,383 new coronavirus cases See in context

A good job Japanese researchers say vaccines targeting Omicron coronavirus variants are 71 percent effective in preventing infections.

Nonsense. A recent report from the CDC showed that the bivalent boosters were just 43% effective at preventing mild illness compared to receiving no vaccine in adults 49 and under. In those aged 50 to 64 years, comparative protection against symptomatic COVID-19 was 28%, while for the population 65 and older the booster protection was just 22%.


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Posted in: Japan reports 137,193 new coronavirus cases See in context

Each new variant of Covid has been deadlier than the previous strains



Moreover the data show clearly that the case fatality rate has never been as low as it is now. So stop your fanatic nonsense.

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