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Remember! Informants included foreign executives. Ghosn is not innocent.

Again refrain from deciding who is innocent or not, you are not a judge.

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I do not want it happens in Japan that rich people by hiring smart lawyers released and proved innocent. I know cases happening in foreign lands.

This is utterly wrong on every way. Have the executives of Olympus and Toshiba ever been jailed? Answer the question. 

Have the executives of Takata which wrongdoings involved the death of dozens of people ever been jailed? Answer the question. 

Have the executives involved in the Nissan and Subaru data falsification ever been jailed? Have the executives involved in the Tepco, Toyo Tires, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Kimura Construction, Asahi Kasei, Green Cross Corporation, Kobe Steel Ltd, Mazda, Yamaha motors, Toray Hybrid Cord Inc, Hitachi Chemical Co, KYB Corp scandals for data falsification and fabrication putting at risk the safety of people ever been jailed? Answer the question.

What about the executives of Chisso Corporation responsible of the Minamata disease? Answer the question. 

 If Ghosn did not do any shady thing, he was not arrested and investigated. It is taking time because it was skillfully schemed.

What are you talking about? Do you have any element showing that he is guilty? No you don't, so please refrain of accusing people. Cases where people are arrested in Japan for no reason are far from being rare.

Japan is known as one of the most safest countries in the world. 

Yeah yeah safe with Yakuzas doing shady business with the blessing of the same justice system that you are defending.

 That is one of the reasons foreigners visit and want to live in Japan. 

Do you have any figure to share in order to prove that people visit or come to live in Japan more than other industrialized countries. The last time I checked Japan was far, far behind France in terms of visitors coming to the country. And the last data show that Japan is not attractive to skilled foreign workers, see here: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2018/11/22/business/japan-less-attractive-28-countries-skilled-foreign-workers-survey-shows/#.XAR3py3pOL8  

The crimes are punished strictly and fairly here. For precise investigations, it takes time.

Japan has a justice system that sicks convictions more than real justice so what you are saying is totally baseless. Plus the system is nasty at its core. High profile prosecutorial arrests generate significant press and are often accompanied by a leak-based media strategy. The press was waiting for Ghosn’s jets together with the prosecutors. Right after his arrest, Japanese tabloid magazines had stories out full of salacious details from anonymous sources about his extravagant, supposedly Nissan-funded lifestyle. Such details were irrelevant to the grounds for his arrest, but the goal is to paint the suspect as a “bad person.” Narrative control is a recurring theme of the process.

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Posted in: Former Morning Musume singer Yoshizawa gets suspended sentence over hit-and-run See in context

Yoshizawa has been detained up until the trial verdict.

Not true, Yoshizawa was released on bail on September 27 after being indicted the previous day. She was not detained until the trial verdict.

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Posted in: Abe, Macron arranging to meet at G20 to discuss Nissan-Renault alliance See in context

Macron must stop to play around with those people. Either Abe comes up with strong reasons to explain why his country is holding Ghosn without any charge, or Macron asks that the CEO of France major car company to which his government owns shares get released immediately. Stop to play with those clowns, time to get tough with them if that's the only way they understand.

Ghosn is a French citizen and must be protected from the abusive and archaic Japanese justice system which apparently did not bother to put in jail the executives of Olympus, Toshiba or Takata despite the fact that they were found guilty. I am just giving here three examples but the list of similar favorable treatment is very very long.

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Posted in: Former Morning Musume singer Yoshizawa gets suspended sentence over hit-and-run See in context

Yet Ghosn is kept in prison without any charge. Japan must be shamed internationally.

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If that's the case I'm remembering, she got caught smuggling illegal drugs into Japan. Not really the same issue at all, in fact, quite different.

It was the case of a Toyota executive freshly hired in Japan, Julie Hamp. She was accused of having been sent from abroad some oxycodone, a opioid medication which is strictly regulated in Japan. She used this medicine in US and arranged with her father to have 57 oxycodone pills sent by air mail from US. 57 pills do not make her a drug dealer in any shape or form given also that she was not aware of the Japanese regulation. After spending I believe 23 days in custody without formal charges, she was released and was never charged for anything. A Japanese male took her job. In fact the way she was treated was just disgusting.

Now concerning Ghosn, if he had done anything illegal then he will have to take responsibility for it. However, the way foreigners are treated in comparison to Japanese in such cases is absolutely making Japan shameful. As far as I remember, similar press conferences involving scandals with Japanese are not done like that where accusations and judgements towards individuals are pronounced even before any official charge has been established. Nor do I remember Japanese executive involved in bigger scandals being arrested so fast and like that. The people involved in the recent earthquake absorber data falsification scandal were not treated like that nor did many of the others in the countless scandals involving Japanese companies.

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In the wake of the Fukushima disaster, Japan's government lifted its standard for the acceptable level of radiation to 20 millisieverts per year from 1 millisievert.

UN or not. This was scandalous and Japan must be internationally shamed for that.

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The world's third-largest economy has one of the highest debt-to-GDP ratios among rich nations. Much of it is held domestically at low interest rates, allowing Japan to avoid a Greek-style cash crunch.

Excuse me, one of the highest? No, the highest by a large margin, period. And this idea that somehow because it’s held domestically is fine is just non sense. Japan’s government has to service more than 400 billion dollars every year. Every year! This is a huge burden on the country and the reason why it’s in terrible financial shape.

The sole responsible of this huge debt is the LDP party which has ruled the country for more than 50 years. And now after having ruined the country, they want people to pay for it. The bureaucrats and politicians know that people won’t do anything about it because they have been formatted not to do so, and the LDP can continue its mafia-style management.

Look at the price of fresh food for world sake, how can they make it even more expensive by increasing the tax on it? This is madness, wages here for most people are simply not high enough for this sort of expensive cost of living.

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I received two days ago a letter from Subaru for a recall affecting my car, a 2010 Legacy. The reason, a design flaw of the parking brake. That’s my third recall on his car. It tells a lot on the quality of Japanese cars.

And concerning the ridiculous conditions on which they were doing the inspections in the plant, it would be unbelievable if it were not in Japan.

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Posted in: Mother, 3 children found dead in Tokyo apartment in apparent murder-suicide See in context

Yeah a country with happy people....huh?

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With fresh food and energy stripped out, prices rose by even less

Yeah what a surprise.... That's why it's ridiculous to include fresh food and energy in the inflation calculation since they can be very volatile (and by the way also outrageously expensive in Japan). So in other words, Japan's inflation is basically flat and has been for decades. Abe's government trying to insinuate that there is anything changing is just a PR lie.

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Abe poised to win third term as LDP leader

To win? Oh come one please! I am quite tired that Japanese media or the Japan related media are trying to make believe that this is a real election going here. It isn't for world sake. The ugly truth is that party members are given instructions on who to vote for once a consensus is found among the party big bosses. This is a farce of election so that Japan can keep showing to the world that they are trying to behave as a real democracy. But in reality the election outcome is already decided.

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The 'whales preservation agreement' states right in its charter that its purpose is to maintain whale stocks so as to ALLOW continued commercial exploitation of the whales.

The preservation agreement did defined restricted rules (i.e. quotas) on any commercial exploitation of the whales which at that time were based on the current scientific knowledge about those animals. But it does not allow anything and particularly it completely banned hunting of certain species deemed fragile. Not only those restrictions are obsolete, that is there should be today a complete ban of whale hunting, but moreover Japan DOES NOT agree with the CURRENT rules and has been violating them since it signed the agreement by killing more whales than it is allowed to do. As I said (but the post was deleted by JapanToday!!!), Japan had and has the choice to stay away from the agreement as Iceland did.

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Posted in: Putin says it is naive to expect quick settling of island dispute with Japan See in context

It's always funny to see those Japanese nationalists like Abe playing the tough guys in Japan with all their military rhetoric, and then see them becoming little kittens in front of Putin or Trump.

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Posted in: Japan proposes end to commercial whaling ban See in context

Science is clear: there are certain species of whales whose population is healthy enough to be harvested sustainably,

Which science? No serious scientific study has ever showed that hunting again whales is something reasonable to do. They are twisting the reality here for the sake of their interests. Population of species which recovered from human massacring them are not somehow immune to again see a rapid decline. Actually this can be verified by the population of elephants which recovered after measures were taken to protect them in the 80s and 90s. After an intensification of illegal hunting and ivory traffic fueled by demand in Asia countries including Japan, the population of elephants has become dangerously law, in the span of one decade. So science and facts have instead proven that the populations of big mammals are extremely fragile. 

Science has proven another thing which is extremely important. It has shown that big mammals, in particularly whales here but it could be generalize to many species, are intelligent creatures. They have feelings (actually most vertebrate have), they communicate between themselves using a form of spoken languages, possess reasoning capabilities, etc. Killing in mass these animals is criminal. So if they want to talk about science, then they have to talk about real science, not the Japanese fantasy science fueled by the fishery lobbies.

Japan's proposal would also change how the international body operates, reflecting its frustration with an organization that it says has become "intolerant" and a "mere forum for confrontation.

What a hypocrite statement. This is Japan which is intolerant and is bringing confrontation by trying to protect its own vested interests which come largely from a group or people in the government and in some organizations that are trying to make money from whale hunting. The culture argument is totally BS. They want to make business. That's all.

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Posted in: 9 dead, 33 missing after M6.7 quake hits Hokkaido, knocks out power See in context

There were widespread power outages

Actually its a power blackout on all Hokkaido since 3:00 am.

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Posted in: 3,000 people being transported out of typhoon-hit Kansai airport See in context

 property damage is remarkably low. 

This is factually wrong. The torrential rains in July alone will cost Japan $2.39 billion. So with what sort of stretch of the mind can someone state that the damage are "remarkably" low? And just wait until they come up with figures for the damage caused by this typhoon.

 Compare this to the hurricanes that hit the US and have death tolls in the hundreds or thousands 

This comparison makes little sense. It all depends on the strength of the event. But I would remind you that the torrential rains in July killed over 200 people in Japan. So yes death tolls in the hundreds....

Having a ship run into a bridge isn’t something engineers can prevent and could happen anywhere.

I am not sure if you don't know or pretend not to know, but this thing has been sinking at a pace 44 years faster than planned. So how could you claim that this has nothing to do with it being easily flooded?

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Posted in: 3,000 people being transported out of typhoon-hit Kansai airport See in context

Such a typical Japan screw up.

The flooding of the airport was meant to happen given that the design and conception of this airport was utterly flawed. This airport has cost an astronomic amount of money to build and prevent it to sink faster than it is already doing, and the fact that the runaway and the basement floor of a terminal building were flooded so easily is just showing even more how unprofessional and arrogant the architects and engineers of this atrocity were.

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Posted in: Abe to proceed with sales tax hike next year: Nikkei See in context

They are already charging insane prices for undersized vegetables and fruits. And they want to make them even more expensive?

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Posted in: Husband arrested for beating pregnant wife to death in car See in context

Japanese people are very calm, peaceful and not agressive

They aren’t. This is not Wall Disney here. Like any other country of the world, Japan has its share of violent people. Actually extreme violence against women and children is a real issue here.

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Posted in: Woman stabbed by man while walking home in Funabashi See in context

This follows in a single week the incidents when a 14-old stabbed a woman in Osaka and a 45-old man got stabbed in Saitama.

Safe Japan my .....

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Japan with almost no existing political opposition, strong political corruption, an oligarchy based regime and a government (the LDP) which has almost non-stop hold full power on the country for more than 50 years, has no rights to give democracy lessons to the rest of the world.

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Posted in: Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine on World War II surrender anniversary See in context

On the flip side of things, why are these "war criminals" more so than the people who ordered the atomic bombs be dropped on innocent civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

There wouldn't have been any bombing if Japan would not have started a war and refused to capitulate even after German did. The Japanese population was totally brain washed, the entire nation was irrational, how do you cope with this? You can't just turn the madness of a nation and its criminals to victims.

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Well done PM Abe. Showing your respects to the victims of that awful war, just like all Japanese have a RIGHT too.

Yes sure shameless and disgraceful nationalists showing respects to Class A war criminals who perpetrated crimes such as attack on neutral powers, mass killing, human experimentation, use of chemical weapons, torture and execution of war prisoners, cannibalism, forced labor, sexual slavery and perfidy.

Japanese have the right to show respect to the civilian victims of the war that they inflicted on themselves. But no they don't have the right to show respect towards any member of a brutal army and regime that brought devastation to Asia. Period.

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Posted in: Japan's economy returns to black after first dip in two years See in context

 Wages rising.

Nope, see figures above. Also see here:


Record low childhood poverty rate

The last figures come from a 2015 survey released by the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry which found that 13.9 percent of children under age 18, or 1 in every 7 children, were poor. The relative poverty rate was 2.4 percentage points lower than in the previous survey for 2012, when it was the worst ever, at 16.3 percent. But the latest figure is still higher than the 13.3 percent average among 36 countries, including OECD members. Especially, the poverty rate among single-parent households was as high as 50.8 percent.

Any comment? Also assume that any number coming from the Japanese government is almost always underestimating the reality.

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No it isn't. 

What? Quarter on quarter, 0.5% GDP growth rate, it's flat. You like or not.

Yes the GDP Growth Annualized increased to 1.90% in the second quarter of 2018 from -0.90 percent in the first quarter of 2018. But if you compare that number with the GDP Annual Growth Rate in Japan averaged from 1981 until 2018 which is 2.01%, then it does not look impressive at all, does it? This just shows that Abenomics has done nothing. Period.

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Maybe you need to find a better job? I have had wage increases and bonus increases every year for the past three years.

Let's instead look at facts here. From trading economics, wages in Japan averaged 321448.99 JPY/Month from 1970 until 2018, reaching an all time high of 883791 JPY/Month in December of 1997 and a record low of 52914 JPY/Month in February of 1970. Now compare the 1970 to 2018 figures to recent data. For example, average wages in Japan increased to 309902 JPY/Month in May from 309633 JPY/Month in April of 2018 (period excluding bonus). This is peanuts but the figures are even lower than the wages averaged on the period 1970-2018. There is no increase of wages whatsoever.

Well said. Basically all those complaining bitterly about good economic news are those at the bottom working in unskilled jobs.

Yeah sure go to say that to all people owning PhDs and working with contracted jobs for years without any wage increase, or the army of engineers in this country being paid miserably in comparison to western standards. And see also the average monthly salary figures above instead of making up non sense.

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Posted in: Suzuki, Mazda, Yamaha Motor admit using fake vehicle emission data See in context

Correction: non-phone smartphones - non-iPhone smartphones.


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Posted in: Suzuki, Mazda, Yamaha Motor admit using fake vehicle emission data See in context

Japanese industry has increased its quality protocol above international levels.

Really so do you have any data to back that up? Because the real facts do not support your statement at all. Let's have a look about the facts, shall we?

Here is a list non-exhaustive of the so called high standard quality in Japan:

 Tepco safety check data falsification (going on for 40 years) and negligence which eventually resulted to the nuclear disaster in Fukushima. 

Japan Atomic Corp safety check and operation data falsification.

Toyo Tires product quality data falsification.

Takata airbag poor quality product and data falsification. 

Olympus financial falsification. 

Toyota fiasco with accelerating vehicles and poor quality production of floor mats.

Suzuki and Mitsubishi fuel emission falsification. 

Toshiba financial falsification.

Kaketsuken, vaccine and blood product records fraud going on for forty years. 

Kimura Construction falsification of quake resistance data. 

Asahi Kasei data fabrication scandal on piling work. 

The food menu scandal involving well-known hotels and department stores. 

The HIV-tainted blood scandal involving the Green Cross Corporation. 

Kobe Steel Ltd. and Mitsubishi Materials Corp data quality falsification.

Improper testing at Subaru Corp (going on for 30 years). and Nissan Motor Co. (also going on for decades), 

Mazda and Yamaha Motor improper fuel economy, emissions tests on vehicles. 

Toray Hybrid Cord Inc. quality assurance data falsification.

Todai professors falsification of research data in five papers at Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences (IMCB).

Citizen Watch Co. subsidiary falsified inspection data on LED parts.

Kohei Yamamizu, a specially appointed assistant professor at Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA) involved in iPS research — falsified 11 of 12 figures used in his paper that was published in the U.S. academic journal Stem Cell Reports. 

Obakata research data falsification.

Hitachi Chemical Co. falsified quality data for batteries.

Electronics maker Toshiba Corp. falsified data on three coolant flow meters for a reactor at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant operated by Tokyo Electric Power Co., in addition to one at the utility firm’s Fukushima No. 1 power plant. This was back in 2006.

JR Hokkaido failure to fix track defects and falsification of track maintenance data.

Airliner seat maker Koito Industries Ltd. (air plane seat maker) fabrication of fire-resistance data.

Tokyo medical university, exam falsification to reduce the number of women and accepting bureaucrat's son from the education ministry in exchange of government funds.

I could go on and on but I guess the nationalists like "Ganbare Japan" are already sweating right now...

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Posted in: Suzuki, Mazda, Yamaha Motor admit using fake vehicle emission data See in context

To be honest, Japanese companies could have 10 times as many scandals but I still consider Japanese products magnitudes higher quality than the rubbish from the US

I am not American but your statement is incredible non sense. Rubbish products from US? Really are you serious? So:

Where do the operating system running all non-phone smartphones come from? Google US.

What's the most popular smartphone in Japan? Apple's iPhone from US.

Where do the majority of cpus running in Japan come from? Intel, AMD US.

Where do the planes transporting people in Japan come from? Boeing US.

Where does the operating system running on all pcs in Japan come from? Microsoft US

Where do the second most popular personal computer platform used by people and business in Japan come from? Apple's Mac US.

Where all all GPUs used to power games and compute AI applications including self driving cars come from? Nvidia, AMD US.

Where do the large majority of CPUs powering non-phone smartphones in Japan come from? Qualcomm US.

Where do the majority of web technologies used in Japan come from? US.

Where do the majority of programming language used in Japan come from? US

Where do the majority of storage technologies come from? US.

And I could go on and on... I could also mention the questionable quality of Japanese products. I could for example mention the recall of cars by millions by all Japanese makers the last few years. I could speak about the poor quality of Japanese apartments and housing. But I don't want to embarrass you....

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