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Posted in: Itochu worker detained in China for 1 year over espionage See in context

Suga said at a regular briefing that the government is providing as much support to him as possible from the standpoint of "protecting Japanese citizens."

Well Japan, how does it feel to be victim of a similar dictatorship justice system as yours? How does it feel to be victim of a manipulated justice system which arrests people on poor or fabricated charge?

I am actually always amazed on how much Japanese can be hypocrite. He claims to defend Japanese citizens arguably against an oppressive justice system in China but Japan does basically the same to people. For world sake, they are doing the same dirty crap against Ghosh.

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Posted in: The art and science of Japan's cherry blossom forecasting See in context

Do any other countries have cherry blossoms?

Yes of course! Some nice locations:

Vancouver, British Columbia in the Queen Elizabeth Park.

Macon, Georgia.

Bonn, Germany, Alstadt Cherry Festival.

Jerte Valley, Spain.

St. Louis, Missouri near the Gateway Arch.

Sceaux, Hauts-de-Seine, France. Paris has also its fair share of cherry trees.

Vilnius, Lithuania.

Jinhae, Changwon, South Korea, Jinhae Gunhangje festival.

London England, Kew Gardens.

Brooklyn, New-York, Botanic Garden.

Edinburgh, Scotland, The Meadows park.

Curitiba, Brazil, Botanical Garden.

Seattle Washington, University of Washington,

Shanghai, China, Shanghai Campus festival.

Teipei, Taiwan, Yangmingshan National Park.

San Francisco, California, Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival.

Stockholm, Sweden, The King's Garden.

Boston, Massachusetts, Charles River Esplanade.

Washington, D.C., National Cherry Blossom Festival.

Etc, etc....

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Posted in: Japan to ban use of plastic straws, cutlery in gov't cafeterias See in context

Most people complain about the use of too many plastics in just one item but what they don't know is Japan is probably no. 1 recycler in the world. Their system is very good.

This is utterly wrong. Which system are you talking about? Japan was exporting most of its used plastic to China since it can't recycle it all domestically and it struggling to deal with it now because China has closed its borders to most paper and plastic waste in line with a new environmental policy. Which means that Japan is facing a growing sea of plastic waste with limited capacity to process it and illegal dumping was also observed to rise. Before China stopped accepting foreign waste imports, Japan exported about 1.5 million tonnes of plastic waste a year, again most of it to China. So I am asking you again, what are you talking about?

With Tokyo 2020 just around the corner, Japan will show other nations how to protect the environment.

This is ridiculous statement as much as this measure of the government which is just useless. How could you possible say that for a nation which continues to dump radioactive water into the ocean? How could say that for a country which has such low use of green energy and still promotes nuclear energy? How could you say that for a county which continues to waste energy with an outdated society model? How could you say that for a country which continues to build poorly isolated and energy consuming buildings and infrastructures? How could you say that in a nation where single use of plastic bags is such a mess with a population which is totally ignorant about environment issues? When I go to a supermarket or a bakery, I am horrified to see how the clerks stupidly waste plastic by putting each item in a bag or to see people having access to unlimited single use plastic bags in supermarkets so that they can put items themselves already in a plastic container into a plastic bag.

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Posted in: Japan bars journalist from going to Yemen See in context

This is a shameful violation of the freedom of press in a country which is ruled by a non-democratic authoritarian regime. A democracy does not prevent journalists from doing their work which is to inform. If Japan can do this sort of violation on a freelance journalist, it can do it as well on all journalists inside the country. Actually it does.

Countries that do respect the freedom of press have their journalists working in Yemen right now and are not using obscure reasons to prevent them to go there. Yes there are risks, as always in a war zone. That's part of the work, those countries and journalists understand and accept those risks. If a journalist gets into trouble, that's the government responsibility to do its best to help him. Because freedom of press is accepted from the beginning as a core value.

A government can't defend the freedom of press but when things get dangerous or uncomfortable decide that it's not the case anymore. Doing otherwise is called being hypocrite and coward at best, or worse not willing to accept the freedom of press.

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Posted in: Swine fever spreads in Japan; gov't warns of 'extremely serious' phase See in context

Well what this epidemic really shows is that the country has a problem of hygiene.

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Posted in: Ghosn: Bail refusal would not be normal in any other democracy See in context

These are 2 complete separate matters, and one does not preclude the other, after all.

Yeah sure but that does not mean that people should be allowed to do historical revisionism.

Because Ghosn saved Nissan back then, how is he entitled to steal money from Nissan, and to commit financial wrongdoings afterwards ?

Again so far nothing has proven that he is guilty of anything or at least that he did anything that Nissan did not know about it. For world sake, why the guy can't benefit of the presumption of innocence?

And again, it's always strange that people come to defend Japan here but did not show up for example when Japanese executives at Nissan admitted to have falsified data relative to car safety and fuel consumption for decades. Then the only sound we could hear are the crickets....

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Posted in: Ghosn: Bail refusal would not be normal in any other democracy See in context

So, Ghosn is saying that France in not a democracy, as Macron's regime still refuses bail for yellow vest protestors, whose trials are scheduled at least 3 months after their arrest.

That's nothing to do with the case of Ghosn. Some of the yellow west protestots being refused bail are charged with serious crimes involving serious violence against police, destruction of public facilities and action of violence against journalists. Trying to compare this with the Ghosn's case is simply ridiculous.

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Posted in: Ghosn: Bail refusal would not be normal in any other democracy See in context

He needs to stop saying that he revived Nissan. He just fired tens of thousand or people and reported the salaries not paid as profits. That’s it.

Oh boy, Japanese revisionism in action. Let's check the numbers shall we. In 1999, Nissan had US$20 billion in debt, the situation was that the company was close to bankruptcy, as the banks had stopped lending it money.

So Renault and Ghosn saved it. How? Well, first Renault bought, you know with its own money, 36.8 per cent of Nissan back then. That's one thing. Second Ghosn did few things which can be summarized as: he put Nissan out of its Japanese misery with its typical Japanese inefficient management style which was ruining the company. Yes he did cut cost but I recall that he was saying that some plants were literally empty. Nissan had too many plans, too many suppliers and too many models. But he also radically changed the culture of the company ending the Japanese seniority system and made people work in cross-functional teams, which he had implemented at Michelin. This technique forced people with different functions - such as engineers and designers - and from different age groups and genders to work together on company problems. Radically different that the old-boy centric system that a typical old Japanese company as Nissan used. And he simply took right decisions, it was under his lead that Nissan went into electrical cars. He developed Nissan in US, Europe, Singapour. Etc, etc...

The result: in 1993, Nissan posted a US$1 billion loss; In 2001, less than two years after he had joined Nissan, Ghosn announced a profit of nearly US$3 billion, the most it had ever earned in a year.

So how dare you say that he did not revive the company? How dare you?

The idea that he was ousted because he was moving Nissan-MMC-Renault too close together is ludicrous. They have just reaffirmed committment to the alliance.

You are not understanding the difference between the alliance which is not questioned so far by anyone and the merger that Ghosn wanted but the Japanese did not.

Ghosn seems to blame everyone but himself. Legal System, Japan, Nissan executives etc. 

Again, you seem to always say that he is guilty but so far you and the legal system that you defend have failed miserably at providing strong evidence besides vague accusations which surely do not require him to be kept in jail like this. This is a violation of human rights by a nation which is obviously not democratic since it doesn't respect the right of the defense. I also do not remember you claiming that the executives at Toshiba, Takata, Olympus, Kobe Steel etc, were guilty even though they admitted their crimes but they were never put in jail for that. Also more recently, I don't recall you saying that Tsunekazu Takeda who was charged by French prosecutors for corruption in the attribution of the Olympics to Tokyo was guilty. Hopefully being hypocrite does not kill.....

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Posted in: Subaru probe finds 3,400 staff were not paid for overtime work See in context

The pay issue comes after the revelation of governance lapses at the automaker since 2017 involving flawed vehicle inspections. 

Not only this but also the falsified data for fuel economy of their cars for decades. A Japanese company in all its glory.

 they under-reported overtime hours "so as not to exceed the limit for the budget for overtime work".

What does it even mean? Why not simply say that the workers were forced to report fewer hours by their management?

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Posted in: Japan forced to amend budget over dodgy labor data See in context

dodgy labor data

Dodgy? I would not call falsification of data for more than a decade "dodgy". And again, who are the responsible for this? Let me answer. Nobody is responsible because the people involved are Japanese protected by the government.

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Posted in: Ghosn indicted on 2 new charges; Nissan cancels lease on his Tokyo apartment See in context

Maybe more as permanent traveler than as chairman of Nissan to avoid some tax in Japan.

Which tax? All of this circus has nothing to do with tax whatsoever, nothing. And Ghosn was not chairman of Nissan, he was chairman of Renault-Nissan, so the fact that they he was travelling a lot was part of his job.

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Posted in: Ghosn indicted on 2 new charges; Nissan cancels lease on his Tokyo apartment See in context

This is a dictatorship country plain and simple. Coming up with arbitrary accusations to keep someone in jail for the sole purpose to make him confess something, in fact anything is disgraceful. This sort of violation of the rights of the defense is what notably makes a country a dictatorship. A country which does not have a justice system which fully guarantees the rights of any person to defend himself or herself when charged with accusations is not a democracy. The rights of the defense is a core principle of democracy as the freedom of press is. Japan does not have both of them.

And actually the Japanese are even more pathetic because on what is really going on here. Those prosecutors are clearly not independent and are being manipulated by the snakes at Nissan. They are making sure to first make Ghosn finished at Nissan, taking all his assets and waiting until Renault announces that they have to out Ghosn as Renault's director. Once it happens he will be released.

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Posted in: Tens of billions of yen in jobless benefits unpaid due to faulty data See in context

I don't understand why the news is actually written as it is just a little "incident". This is huge. I mean a government doing falsification of the country unployment rate and millions of people being not paid their unemployment insurance and compensations as a consequence. This is insane.

I have been saying for a while that nobody should believe any data coming from the Japanese government including the employment rate simply because the country works as a mafia. It's just very corrupted. This manipulation of the unemployment data was not a mistake but it was intentional.

So the question is will a prosecution be started? I am not holding my breath for it.

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Posted in: Judge says Ghosn being detained due to flight risk and possibility he may conceal evidence See in context

Actually, it’s nothing more nor less than standard operating procedure for all court cases here. He is not being singled out for extra special nor extra bad treatment. 

It is. Again I am repeating myself. cf Olympus and Toshiba cases. And we are talking here about a man without any penal record being treated as a murderer. It's not because it's normal procedure here that it is acceptable. It's barbarian.

In the USA I’ve watched defendants being brought into court in shackles.

I don't see the point here. Who, when, what? I can also tell you as easily that I saw a flying pig yesterday, that does not make it true.

Here they use a rope around the waist, which was removed after arrival at court. 

Oh that makes it better then. Again he is not a murderer, he is an educated individual who happens to lead a company that its employing thousand of Japanese. If you can't understand that this is not a civilized way to treat a person, I can't help you. It's not because Japan does it that it is acceptable. Yes Japan does dumb things, accept it instead of trying to justify the impossible.

The sandals as opposed to normal shoes are to somewhat hinder anyone who tries to escape. 

Again that's not because they do it here that it makes sense. And escape where? He is handcuffed, surrounded by agents and tired. Don't be ridiculous.

And I wouldn't three rice-based meals per day to be inadequate food.

He clearly lost weight and according to his son, possibly 10 kg. How can you then call the food he received which is arguably very low in protein adequate? Plus, being kept isolated, with little time outside of his cell, obliged to sleep following certain strict rules, having limited access to shower is not what I call being treated well.

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Posted in: Judge says Ghosn being detained due to flight risk and possibility he may conceal evidence See in context

appeared thinner than before his arrest as he entered a court in handcuffs and a rope around his waist. He wore a suit without a tie, slippers, 

What a disgrace, what a disgrace. A man like him being treated as a psychopath murderer tied with a rope around his waist like an animal. What a disgrace Japan. And why can't they allow him to wear shoes instead of having to show up with slippers? What a shameful and orchestrated campaign of humiliation towards this man.

This country has a big issue. The issue is that it can be incredibly hostile towards foreigners whenever it wants to. None of the Japanese executives involved (and found guilty) in the bigger scandals at Olympus and Toshiba, or for the many other scandals at Japanese companies, slept a single night in a prison let alone they were humiliated like this. None! 

They were all protected, gracefully from a corrupted justice system and a corrupted country.

But here we are with a man who saved Nissan and created thousands of jobs in Japan finding himself in a country which operates like a mafia. Here we are witnessing a man trying to argue for his freedom with irrational and immoral people, a freedom which would have been granted to him already a log time ago from any country that truly has rule of law and respects human rights.

This event should serve as a lesson to all foreigners living, working and paying tax in this country, You are not treated equal. Period. I have been living in Japan for almost 17 years but this event has truly raised real questions on whether I should continue to contribute my talent, knowledge and work as a scientist and engineer to this country. It does not deserve it.

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Posted in: Judge says Ghosn being detained due to flight risk and possibility he may conceal evidence See in context

A captain does not steal from his crew to pay of personal bad debts.

He did not do that. You are not understanding what he is saying.

Yes. That would have been the CORRECT MORAL choice.

He did not do that. You are not understanding what he is saying.


No ridiculous point. When Japan needed him to save Nissan, no one was asking him to speak fluently Japanese. Plus, you would be the first one to ask that a text translated in Japanese would be provided to a Japanese if they would be in the same situation. So stop your hypocrisy.

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Posted in: 2 death row inmates hanged, bringing 2018 executions to 15 See in context

And you think other countries 'justice systems are better? Yeah right.

With a Japan's human right violating 99.9% conviction rate, yes there are way better justice systems in this world. The ones that respect the fact that anyone is first and foremost innocent and has to be proven guilty. That's the fundamental principle of presumption of innocence. And I assume one should have a minimum level of education to understand it...

Japan has the lowest murder rate in the world.

This is actually not true if you want to play the game of who has the lowest one. And in fact the very low homicide rates in Japan is somewhat debatable since the rates derived from criminal justice data (typically recorded by police authorities) is questionable in Japan.

The major reason is because it has the death penalty to make criminals think again before doing a heinous crime.

This is not true. US for example has death penalty and it has nowhere managed to reduce in any significant way its high homicide rate. 

Now whether or not you agree with death penalty put aside, what you should ask yourself is why Japan which calls itself civilized still uses hanging. That just shows to the world that the country is barbarian.

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Posted in: Japan officially announces IWC withdrawal; will resume commercial whaling See in context

It is simply to maintain adequate food sources for the population in a time of Trade War.

The above makes no sense whatsoever. Do you really think such nonsense or are you just making it up for the sake of defending Japan at all cost?

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Posted in: Nissan asks employees not to contact Ghosn and Kelly See in context

Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa told reporters the contact ban was introduced as the automaker's employees are "unsettled," but refrained from elaborating on the measure believed to have been announced through an internal document.

What a pathetic and disgraceful individual.

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Posted in: Japan officially announces IWC withdrawal; will resume commercial whaling See in context

The truth is Japan's motivation to hunt more whales is solely driven by commercial interests, meaning a few people can make money from it and they sell the all thing as "culture preservation" to an uneducated population. Although the consumption of whale is presumably low by volume, it is still well profitable since the meat is sold at high price. So a few people really do make money from it, including the corrupted people in the government because they are more than happy to receive the "compensations" to take this kind of decision. Corrupted Japan's greedy oligarchy is doing well, and a naive population to which your comment is a perfect representation, continues to be dragged backward to the past.

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Posted in: Japan officially announces IWC withdrawal; will resume commercial whaling See in context

In fact Abe is probably one of the worst leader that this country has ever had. His reign based on silly nationalism has driven backward instead of forward a country which already desperately needed to modernized itself and enter the 21th century. This is a pathetic development and it just shows to the entire world that this country has no will to join leading countries with civilized people that are working on finding solutions to the dramatic environmental crisis we are witnessing.

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Posted in: Japan officially announces IWC withdrawal; will resume commercial whaling See in context

it became evident once again that those supporting the sustainable use of whale stocks

There is no possible sustainable use of whales. This is precisely this productivist logic that has brought a mass extension of the wild fauna on this Earth. Is that difficult to understand? A recent study has shown that farming animals which we use to produce our meat and humans represent 96% of all living mammals on Earth, the rest only 4%. So how they can come up and talk about sustainability?

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Posted in: Japan's justice system under scrutiny over Ghosn's continued detention See in context

Remember! Informants included foreign executives. Ghosn is not innocent.

Again refrain from deciding who is innocent or not, you are not a judge.

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Posted in: Japan's justice system under scrutiny over Ghosn's continued detention See in context

I do not want it happens in Japan that rich people by hiring smart lawyers released and proved innocent. I know cases happening in foreign lands.

This is utterly wrong on every way. Have the executives of Olympus and Toshiba ever been jailed? Answer the question. 

Have the executives of Takata which wrongdoings involved the death of dozens of people ever been jailed? Answer the question. 

Have the executives involved in the Nissan and Subaru data falsification ever been jailed? Have the executives involved in the Tepco, Toyo Tires, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Kimura Construction, Asahi Kasei, Green Cross Corporation, Kobe Steel Ltd, Mazda, Yamaha motors, Toray Hybrid Cord Inc, Hitachi Chemical Co, KYB Corp scandals for data falsification and fabrication putting at risk the safety of people ever been jailed? Answer the question.

What about the executives of Chisso Corporation responsible of the Minamata disease? Answer the question. 

 If Ghosn did not do any shady thing, he was not arrested and investigated. It is taking time because it was skillfully schemed.

What are you talking about? Do you have any element showing that he is guilty? No you don't, so please refrain of accusing people. Cases where people are arrested in Japan for no reason are far from being rare.

Japan is known as one of the most safest countries in the world. 

Yeah yeah safe with Yakuzas doing shady business with the blessing of the same justice system that you are defending.

 That is one of the reasons foreigners visit and want to live in Japan. 

Do you have any figure to share in order to prove that people visit or come to live in Japan more than other industrialized countries. The last time I checked Japan was far, far behind France in terms of visitors coming to the country. And the last data show that Japan is not attractive to skilled foreign workers, see here: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2018/11/22/business/japan-less-attractive-28-countries-skilled-foreign-workers-survey-shows/#.XAR3py3pOL8  

The crimes are punished strictly and fairly here. For precise investigations, it takes time.

Japan has a justice system that sicks convictions more than real justice so what you are saying is totally baseless. Plus the system is nasty at its core. High profile prosecutorial arrests generate significant press and are often accompanied by a leak-based media strategy. The press was waiting for Ghosn’s jets together with the prosecutors. Right after his arrest, Japanese tabloid magazines had stories out full of salacious details from anonymous sources about his extravagant, supposedly Nissan-funded lifestyle. Such details were irrelevant to the grounds for his arrest, but the goal is to paint the suspect as a “bad person.” Narrative control is a recurring theme of the process.

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Posted in: Former Morning Musume singer Yoshizawa gets suspended sentence over hit-and-run See in context

Yoshizawa has been detained up until the trial verdict.

Not true, Yoshizawa was released on bail on September 27 after being indicted the previous day. She was not detained until the trial verdict.

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Posted in: Abe, Macron arranging to meet at G20 to discuss Nissan-Renault alliance See in context

Macron must stop to play around with those people. Either Abe comes up with strong reasons to explain why his country is holding Ghosn without any charge, or Macron asks that the CEO of France major car company to which his government owns shares get released immediately. Stop to play with those clowns, time to get tough with them if that's the only way they understand.

Ghosn is a French citizen and must be protected from the abusive and archaic Japanese justice system which apparently did not bother to put in jail the executives of Olympus, Toshiba or Takata despite the fact that they were found guilty. I am just giving here three examples but the list of similar favorable treatment is very very long.

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Posted in: Former Morning Musume singer Yoshizawa gets suspended sentence over hit-and-run See in context

Yet Ghosn is kept in prison without any charge. Japan must be shamed internationally.

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Posted in: Arrest of Ghosn and another top exec sends shockwaves through Nissan See in context

If that's the case I'm remembering, she got caught smuggling illegal drugs into Japan. Not really the same issue at all, in fact, quite different.

It was the case of a Toyota executive freshly hired in Japan, Julie Hamp. She was accused of having been sent from abroad some oxycodone, a opioid medication which is strictly regulated in Japan. She used this medicine in US and arranged with her father to have 57 oxycodone pills sent by air mail from US. 57 pills do not make her a drug dealer in any shape or form given also that she was not aware of the Japanese regulation. After spending I believe 23 days in custody without formal charges, she was released and was never charged for anything. A Japanese male took her job. In fact the way she was treated was just disgusting.

Now concerning Ghosn, if he had done anything illegal then he will have to take responsibility for it. However, the way foreigners are treated in comparison to Japanese in such cases is absolutely making Japan shameful. As far as I remember, similar press conferences involving scandals with Japanese are not done like that where accusations and judgements towards individuals are pronounced even before any official charge has been established. Nor do I remember Japanese executive involved in bigger scandals being arrested so fast and like that. The people involved in the recent earthquake absorber data falsification scandal were not treated like that nor did many of the others in the countless scandals involving Japanese companies.

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Posted in: Japan rejects U.N. call to stop returns to Fukushima See in context

In the wake of the Fukushima disaster, Japan's government lifted its standard for the acceptable level of radiation to 20 millisieverts per year from 1 millisievert.

UN or not. This was scandalous and Japan must be internationally shamed for that.

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Posted in: Gov't to announce 2019 sales tax hike to address debt mountain: reports See in context

The world's third-largest economy has one of the highest debt-to-GDP ratios among rich nations. Much of it is held domestically at low interest rates, allowing Japan to avoid a Greek-style cash crunch.

Excuse me, one of the highest? No, the highest by a large margin, period. And this idea that somehow because it’s held domestically is fine is just non sense. Japan’s government has to service more than 400 billion dollars every year. Every year! This is a huge burden on the country and the reason why it’s in terrible financial shape.

The sole responsible of this huge debt is the LDP party which has ruled the country for more than 50 years. And now after having ruined the country, they want people to pay for it. The bureaucrats and politicians know that people won’t do anything about it because they have been formatted not to do so, and the LDP can continue its mafia-style management.

Look at the price of fresh food for world sake, how can they make it even more expensive by increasing the tax on it? This is madness, wages here for most people are simply not high enough for this sort of expensive cost of living.

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