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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 570 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,524 See in context

That’s still low compared to many countries. 

Again this sort of statement is actually no valid. The many countries you are referring to test way more than Japan so it's pointless to compare the number of infections.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 570 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,524 See in context

Something is not right. Either the number of tests was lower or the number of positives is being capped.

Yeah this is actually very weird.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 570 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,524 See in context

NHK is reporting 8 deaths for Hokkaido alone.

Sorry it was a mistake. I wanted to say that's for a population of more than 5 million people. And 8 deaths compared to what other mortality cause? I guaranty you there are way more than 8 deaths every day without covid so it's pointless to throw numbers without putting them in perspective.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 570 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,524 See in context

By age group, the highest number of cases were people in their 20s (147), followed by 120 in their 30s and 76 in their 40s.

Ok but how the remaining 227 people divides up? It would be interesting to know.

Almost 10.000 tests...Wow!

That's still very low actually.

NHK is reporting 8 deaths for Hokkaido alone.

Yeah but that's for a to

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 534 new coronavirus cases as Japan goes on maximum alert See in context

Which means he doesn’t know. Which is what everyone here is been trying to tell you from day one.

No we do know. I gave you a link for that. There are also governmental data which I agree may be lower than the reality (as I mentioned above about Tokyo) but again no way near what is observed in the most affected countries. This is not rocket science.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 534 new coronavirus cases as Japan goes on maximum alert See in context


You say that a study under review for an international's journal is not valid but you link to some work in Japanese which is what? Under review?

As a scientist myself, I get quite annoyed by people not understanding processing data and giving their work catchy headlines for attention reasons.

That's not an argument. I am scientist too but not an infectiologist. However I still respect people working on that field. You can't just say that people's working in that field are producing nonsense because they don't go towards your opinion.

I am not sure if you live in Japan or not, but if you do I think you should try to image how it is to live in a country with no leadership, having a government telling you mixed messages, a government encouraging people to go out and eat and drink and travel during a pandemic, a government choosing not to test people and choosing to make people pay for testing, to live in a country where the economy always comes before its people. There are no excuses how this government is handling the pandemic.

I agree with that. I did not say that Japanese government was doing great. I have been living here for 20 years I know well how Japan's government sucks. I have been saying since March that Japan handling of the situation was all about having the lowest reported cases. But I am not an extremist. I try to have a balanced view, and again trying to claim that the situation in Japan regarding the deaths could be similar or worse than EU without the beginning of evidence is an extreme position.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 534 new coronavirus cases as Japan goes on maximum alert See in context

Did I mention anything about hiding bodies? For a significantly excess amount of people to pass due to COVID-19 complications, one doesn't need to hide bodies at all.

You said:

There is no testing, neither before nor after death, so we simply don't know. Is it similar, worse or better than in the EU?

So how do you expect it to be worse or similar? By what process? You said we don't know. Of course we know it is not similar or worse. Again how do you expect that it could be similar or worse than EU without having the medical staff here crying loud about people dying at their hospitals?

I am not saying Japan has that level of deaths, all I am arguing is that not having to "hide bodies" is not a proof about the # of deaths.

That's not what he is saying and what I was replying to. Again read the post properly. He was precisely saying that it could be worse or similar to EU and that we don't know. But of course we know for sure that it isn't.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 534 new coronavirus cases as Japan goes on maximum alert See in context

EXACTLY. Could be any one of the 3. We don't know.

Come on, this is conspiracy theory. Do you have any evidence showing that it would be similar or worse? Anything? Any data related to an excess of mortality that points to that direction?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 534 new coronavirus cases as Japan goes on maximum alert See in context

Are you suggesting that the US or Europe cannot handle the dead bodies normally today? There is no need to hide anything.

What are you talking about? You have a bad habit of not reading people's post it seems. I am saying that Japan is not having a number of deaths that is comparable to US or some countries in Europe even with the low number of testing. As I said above and if you could read properly, it's probably underestimated but no way it's comparable to the most affected countries. So even with low testing, if a large amount of people would be dying in Japan, it would be hard to hide.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 534 new coronavirus cases as Japan goes on maximum alert See in context

But that's the main point many people are trying to make. There is no testing, neither before nor after death, so we simply don't know. Is it similar, worse or better than in the EU? 

Again people should try not to jump into crazy theories. Yes the low testing rate in Japan is problematic since it just doesn't help to have a clear view on the spread of the infection particularly because they are so much asymptomatic people. I have been telling this since March. But you can't claim that the number of deaths is in the order of magnitude of what is observed in some countries. You can't just hide dead bodies like that. Please. Unless you consider that Japan is a total criminal state which I don't think you do. And I am saying this as someone who has been and still is very critical towards Japan's government.

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Start fining joggers without masks and loiterers around the stations. 

Why anyone would do that unless they are crazy psychopath? There isn't any scientific evidence that large contaminations are occurring outside in open air.

Japan also rarely tests anyone who have died, so even if you get 10,000 actual covid deaths a day, there still won't be any reports. When you have policies that actively suppress testing and reporting, comparing Japan numbers to any other country's number is unfair.

I totally agree that Japan's so ridiculously low testing hides the fact that the number of infected people is much higher than what is reported. Plus a lot of people who have COVID-19 related symptoms are scared to go to take a test because they fear for being discriminated or blamed for having caught the virus if they are positive. I know personally many examples of that around me. However although the number of deaths related to COVID-19 is probably also underestimated (see for example the excess of mortality of 1000 people in Tokyo in April compared to last year for which 100 were counted as COVID-19 and the rest remained unexplained), I don't think we are anywhere near what is observed in Europe or US. No way. This would be noticeable if that would be the case.

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Posted in: South Australia announces 6-day state-wide lockdown to stifle new virus outbreak See in context

What a ridiculous authoritarian government. It seems that they like it now, they just take away people freedom so easily, on demand, just like that. What a disgrace. For 22 cases, they have become insane.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 298 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,686 See in context

so few cases is very positive news.

The fewer cases are due to the extreme low testing in Japan so any comparison to countries that test way more is pointless.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 180 new coronavirus cases; nationwide rally 923 See in context

But if you accepted it still, then you are part of the problem just as much as those you are complaining about. If you refused the seat, and so did others, the restaurant would be forced to stop offering it.

I am not complaining about it, I just said that we felt uncomfortable because this was really not in line with the recommendations. If I was complaining, I would have left the place. Secondly, that's not my responsibility to decide what the restaurant should do or not, precisely because they are doing it because otherwise they wouldn't have enough customers to stay in business. Actually thats's not the first time I saw that, I have been seeing it for a while now in many places. If everyone would refuse to seat, most of those places would go bankrupt, people know it.

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keeping those numbers low! well done japanese govt and all the people being careful and following rules!

We went out with my girlfriend on Saturday. We were near Tokyo Station at the Shin Marunouchi building. The dinning floors were full of people sitting next to each other and of course without mask and partitions. There was also even a wedding party. The next day we had a dinner near Yurakucho station, the restaurant was full of people too and they even made us sit just next to people we didn't know. It was the case in the whole restaurant since it was not very big and we were actually quit uncomfortable with that. I don't see any reason to believe that the same thing is happening on other areas of Tokyo.

Now I don't blame them at all for that. As long as the number of death is not sky rocketing, even if the infections increase, I don't see why people should not continue to live almost normally. But stop with Japanese following the rules, this is utterly not true.

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Posted in: Critics speak out on Tokyo Olympic costs, pandemic, fairness See in context

This dumb face dude should really keep his mouth shut at this point given how outrageous the cost for the tax payers is so far. He should be ashamed to even show up in public for trying to justify even further what is an awful waste of the nation financial ressources by the Japanese gouvernent which does not care at all about the future of the young generations and children of this country.

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Posted in: S Korea starts fining people not wearing masks See in context

People will also be required to wear masks at restaurants and cafes when they are not eating or drinking.

What does that even mean? People may intermittently eat or drink while they talk to each other unless they are alone which is not then an issue because they are not talking. So are they supposed to remove and put back their mask and hence touching it every single time they eat or drink? This is ridiculous. This is a typical example highlighting how the world has become not only crazy but plain stupid.

Also what does it mean to impose masks in a nightclub where precisely this is a typical place where people will tend to remove them because they want to see faces. It seems to me that the measure is just put in place to grab more money from people since why not, it's a pandemic, governments can do whatever they want now. Better then to close the nightclubs instead of coming up with a measure which is difficult to enforce in reality and is being used to find a way to fine people. The same applies to sports facilities.

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Posted in: 1,805 suicides reported in Japan in September See in context

The number of reported suicides in Japan in September was 1,805

That's even more in just a month than the reported death by the COVID in Japan (so far 1631, probably underestimated but anyway...). Just think about it. This actually illustrates so well that over-reacting to a threat can produce a worse outcome than the threat itself.

The NPA said the number of suicides nationwide has risen for three consecutive months since July. 

Ok so what's the total cumulative number? Like often on Japantoday, incomplete reporting makes the above sentence almost pointless.

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Posted in: 24-year-old woman found stabbed to death in Kyoto See in context

The door was locked so isn't suicide possible?

Are you freaking kidding or what? Kyoto Prefectural Police launched a murder investigation, precisely because it's a murder since they immediately understood that the wounds she has seem certainly to have been inflicted by someone. So yes, another day in Japan, another murdered woman.

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Posted in: Mail delivery robot makes test run on Tokyo road See in context

Look at this thing! Just ridiculous. I am often baffled how bad Japanese are in designing things. Plus I am really not convinced by the utility of this.

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Posted in: Fashion designer Kenzo Takada dies from COVID-19 at age 81 See in context

This is very sad. He was actually a very great guy. RIP.

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Posted in: Gov't urges people struggling to cope to seek help after death of actress See in context

Japan's government Monday urged people to seek help if they were struggling to cope, 

Seek help? What a stupid and arrogant comment. Why not first recognize that Japan's society has fundamental issues that make it oppressive to many people who end up killing themselves. Without a dramatic change in the society here, this won't change whether or not the government calls for people to seek help which they won't do since Japan's society is a shaming society, and people prefer to kill themselves than to face this huge wall that Japan's society represents. A woman with two kids, one of them born in January, does not kill herself just like that and leave their children. There are catastrophic causes at work here.

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Posted in: 72% of children in Japan feel stress over coronavirus pandemic: poll See in context

Look at the above photo and it’s not hard to understand why they are stressed. Which could be avoidable in most part by stopping those ridiculous plastic sheets and relaxing the obligation to wear a mask all the time. Another solution is to give them back extra holidays to compensate for the lost ones. And of course stopping with all this fear mangling would certainly help a lot.

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Posted in: Japan's e-money service fraud widens; 5 other operators involved See in context

Always difficult to balance usability and security

BS! There is clear issues in the security design among those companies that basically have designed crappy products. There is no fatality here so that a payment service get spoofed so easily, it's sloppy design period.

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Posted in: Suga pledges to balance fighting coronavirus and promoting economic activities See in context

Look at this guy, loom at him. Is there anyone seriously believing that he won't be out in a few months?

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Posted in: Japanese airline removes passenger refusing to wear face mask See in context

High infection rate + asymptomatic transmission + lingering effects for months (or years potentially) + high death rate.

Asymptomatic transmission is not new at all. Not only it is observed among the four common human coronaviruses which cause 15-30% of common colds but it is observed for basically all sort of virus (including flu actually). We always transport all sort of germs that do not trigger any disease or even can be beneficial. See here an article about bacteriophages: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2017/11/does-sea-viruses-inside-our-body-help-keep-us-healthy.

This asymptomatic transmission thing is overly used recently with the COVID-19 without properly putting it into perspectives as nature is very complicated.

The lingering effects are not so far scientifically established because the number of people affected by this is so low and statiscally not relevant. Again nature is complicated, there are always special cases among such a large amount of people out there. That does not mean that such rare cases are the norm. They aren't so far.

The death rate is actually rather low. This is because there are so much asymptomatic people that have never been tested. In May, the CDC  placed the number of asymptomatic cases between 20%-50%, with a "best estimate" of 35%. The range of estimates put the fatality rate for those showing symptoms between 0.2%-1%, with a "best estimate" of 0.4%. By combining the two estimates, the estimated overall fatality rate of those infected with the virus – with and without symptoms – would be 0.26%. More recently, it said that the current estimates of between 0.2 to 1% are better and that 0.65% is the current best estimate. Still not a high death rate in any shape or form.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics will be most costly Summer Games, Oxford study shows See in context

What a fiasco for the taxpayers. A fiasco.

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Posted in: Beaten man left outside Chiba hospital dies; assailants flee in car See in context

But I'm just guessing that if they're innocent good samaritans,

You are kidding right? Two men drops a man beaten to death and they are innocent? What tortured thinking process did you use to arrive to that stupid statement?

and his cause of death

Read the article, it's written. He was savagely beaten.

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It's been covered before. Not enough staff, and documents are faxed (yes, faxed) back and forth from one institution to another, and in between personal details of patients need to be blackened with a marker.

Yeah I know about that, but they announced a few weeks ago that the reporting of the tests results was digitalized to some extent. I know that Japan is often not the most advanced country in terms of productivity, but this is at this point totally ridiculous and embarrassing that they can't fix it.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 141 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 583 See in context

Numbers falling across the country.

Well no since with a positive rate of 15% (here in Tokyo), 2000 tests would give 300 positives.

I really wonder what kind of numbers we would get if Japan would test more, in the scale of many other countries. They really want to report the lowest possible numbers with such limited testing. I am not saying this as to say that it is a big deal to have much more positive tests but this is quite dishonest.

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