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The 65-year-old Ghosn was arrested in Japan in November as he stepped off his private jet at Tokyo airport.

It appears that this is not true at all. Ghosn's wife gave an interview to French media last month (which was never reported on Japanese media of any sort) and she revealed a truly disturbing fact to say the least. She said that the arrest in the jet was completely fabricated by the prosecutors. Her husband told her that he was not in the plane where he got arrested but he actually reached the immigration area at the airport where he was told that there was an issue with his passport and visa. Then he was taken to a room where a prosecutor was waiting and who told him that he will be arrested without saying any reason for it.

So to make the arrest appear more dramatic, the prosecutors organized afterwards a fabricated arrest in the plane, which was empty, and asked the media to film the deception. So what've got here? Well prosecutors fabricating an arrest with the help of the media. In other words, we've got processors who are supposedly searching for truth and represent justice, fabricating facts in order to serve their narrative and interests. If Ghosn's wife allegations are true, and that would explain why we never saw any image of Ghosh getting out of the plane, this would just prove even more that Japan is ruled by a mafia club (with the media being controlled by it). Moreover it will seriously alter the credibility of the charges that those so-called prosecutors have against Ghosn.

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Posted in: Japan now has crab fish paste sticks that taste like soda See in context

Pure crap.

Over the years, Japan has been reinventing the way we eat bread

Don't be ridiculous, Japan has ruined it. This is ridiculous bad.

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Posted in: Sex tech in, skimpy outfits out as CES show seeks diversity See in context

 after a debacle over a robotic personal massager for women.

Personal massager? Don't be ridiculous, call the things the way they are, the product is a robotic devise for hands-free blended orgasms. Or is that difficult for you to even mention woman orgasm?

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Posted in: Japan Post unit admits to mismanaging 90,000 insurance policies See in context

Why the article is talking about mismanagement? This is not mismanagement, they are clearly admitting that they scammed people to pay more than they should have, this is in plain English fraud.

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Posted in: Whale meat fetches 'celebration prices' after Japanese hunt See in context

The meat sold Thursday for up to 15,000 yen ($140) per kilogram (2.2 pounds), several times higher than the prices paid for Antarctic minkes.

This is it, this is all about business, this is about making money. The Japanese must stop their disgusting hypocrisy and say it plain and simple. Instead of coming up with the BS reason about culture.

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Posted in: Chilled coffee noodles for dessert are Japan’s newest summertime sweets innovation See in context

Pathetic and revealing how low taste they have. This boggles the mind that anyone on Earth would think this garbage tastes well and that it makes sense to sell it to people.

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Posted in: Sony holds 40th anniversary event for iconic Walkman music player See in context

He lost ALL his Court cases; every single one of them.

You seem to concentrate on the many cases that he brought against Sony for violation of his IP, but you ignore the final outcome of the dispute which is that Sony accepted to pay royalties to Pavel. By that means, they admitted they stole his idea and accepted to pay for the royalties associated with the walkmans sold. The idea of a portable music player was not Sony's one, they stole his idea, period.

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Posted in: Celebrating with sake, Japanese whalers bring ashore first catch See in context

But Minke Whales are not.

I replied to this yesterday and I am still waiting for your answer. All mammals are endangered, all. As I told you yesterday, wild mammals represent today only 4% of living mammals,


In fact humans have caused the loss of 83% of all wild mammals. Another study,


showed that without coordinated conservation, it will likely take millions of years for mammals to naturally recover from the biodiversity losses. So again no one with a properly formed brain can argue that it makes sense to start again any commercial whaling hunt. 

And since you are not replying with arguments and keep saying the same wrong things, why don't you stop trolling here?

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Posted in: Sony holds 40th anniversary event for iconic Walkman music player See in context

As the story goes, the idea for a portable cassette tape player came when Masaru Ibuka, the late Sony co-founder, asked for a convenient way to listen to music while abroad on business trips.

Sony did not invent the walkman, this is disinformation which continues to be spread by Sony. The original idea for a portable stereo is credited to Brazilian-German inventor Andreas Pavel who patented the Stereobelt in 1977. Sony first refused to recognize that they stole his idea, but finally agreed to pay Pavel royalties in 2004.


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Is not others people decision to make to forbid us from hunting whales if we want.

It's absolutely the case. Again this is not your planet. You can't just decide to do whatever you want and decide to exterminate wild animals. Again whales are not the property of Japanese hence everyone has the right and the duty to say you that you are wrong. And by the way, I will tell the same to the people from Iceland and Norway, so you don't need to play the victim like your nation often likes to do.

This is why most of us in Japan tolerate it even though many of us doesn't eat the meat anymore. 

Stop to just speak about eating, you are insulting human civilization. This is not about eating, this is about whether or not it is morally acceptable to exterminate wild animals for commercial reasons and for making money. That's a civilizational question, this is not about your stomach.

what we can do or cannot do and many of the population doesn't like that.

We don't care you don't like it but you will listen to what people say to you because again that's not your planet. Since we all share it, I am telling you that I DO NOT AGREE AND WANT you destroying it. Hence I have all the world rights to stop you.

They treat animals more important than humans and are taking many things too far sometimes. 

That's not the point. Science is telling you you are wrong. Instead of living in your distorted world of ignorant Japanese, check the science. And the figures which I wrote in my previous post are not just alarming, they are a disaster. We can't afford at this point to commercially hunt even more fragile populations of mammals. We just can't, and your so-called culture does not prevail on facts and science.

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Posted in: After 31 years, Japan resumes commercial whaling See in context

Minke Whales are not endangered

Such an ignorant comment, it's pathetic. At this point, we are in a situation where all species on this planet are endangered, all of them. A recent study from WWF showed that our planet has lost 60% of its wild population of animals since 1970. A study last year published in PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America) showed that only 4% of mammals on Earth are wild animals, humans represent 36% and 60% are livestock. Those numbers are mind blowing and anyone with the most basic intelligence can understand that there is a serious problem. But no, the Japanese can't get it, can they?

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Posted in: After 31 years, Japan resumes commercial whaling See in context

I feel very strange that anti-whaling movement does not happen in Japan

This is actually not strange given how ignorant and poorly educated they are about so many things. I am still desperate to see around me that a lot of Japanese still think that whales are fishes.

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Posted in: After 31 years, Japan resumes commercial whaling See in context

Japans country, Japans culture, Japans right.

Tired to read such silly comments. So poor intellectually. Here is a fact for you. Whales are not farming animals, they are wild big mammals. They are not a property of Japanese, they are the property of no one. So Japan can't decide to exterminate them, you and the other stupid Japanese nationalists like it or not.

That's not your world, talking about country and about Japan's right makes not sense whatsoever, this is not your world. You can't just impose your primitive behavior to the rest of the world.

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Posted in: Average working hours of teachers in Japan longest in OECD survey See in context

 but the percentage of secondary school teachers who frequently or always gave "tasks that require students to think critically" was 12.6 percent, the lowest figure and a far cry from the 61 percent average among all the countries surveyed.

> Further, only 16.1 percent of teachers in Japan presented "tasks for which there is no obvious solution" compared with the 37.5 percent average among all the countries surveyed.

This is the core reason why Japanese often act like robots and can't do anything without being instructed to do so. I am amazed to see so many so called educated people in my current company (and before at the university) who have such low level critical thinking and problem solving skills. This is also what allows the LDP to reign for 74 years on this country. With little culture for critical thinking, the government has controlled the population political views by basically guiding it.

Japan's new curriculum guidelines promote deeper learning through independent and interactive means

I am sorry but this all BS. The Japanese government is not interested to have a population with critical thinking in the way it is taught in "real" democracies. The government wants a docile and easily controllable population which is precisely antagonist to the principle of thinking critically. And by the way. this is the same new curriculum that introduced shameful historical revisionism which by itself restricts even more critical thinking.

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Posted in: Japan revises law to ban parents from physically punishing children See in context

Though there are no penalties for offenders

This is scandalous and it just shows that Japan does not want to enter the modern world and wants to stay a primitive society.

Violence against children is awful and barbarian, therefore it's not only unacceptable in a civilized society, it's punishable by law.

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Posted in: Defense minister apologizes over Aegis deployment survey errors See in context

I highly doubt it will. 

I sincerely can't see how you could say that given, to take a recent example, what the government did to the people in Okinawa. The people there have opposed the plan to relocate a U.S. military base within the southern Japanese island for years. There have been a referendum recently where over 70 percent of voters opposed relocating the base. Yet, the government decided to push ahead with the plan despite the referendum result. Saying the government will change its course because people aren't pleased with their decisions is just naive and so disconnected from the reality of Japan. 

This is Japan we are talking about. Since when its authoritarian and oligarchic regime has ever listened to his population?

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Posted in: Once a backer of the BOJ's price target, Abe turns his back on Kuroda See in context

Funny how all the posts above none of them except mine have stats to back up their comments?

Oh yeah? It does not seem you did either besides coming up with numbers that have nothing to do with the topic.

Now I am not going to waste my time giving you numbers here, but in order to put yourself out of your Japanese or Japanophile distorted reality, you can read an article from last month published by the Financial Times called "Shinzo Abe contemplates one last throw of the economic dice".

One of the main message was, quoted from the article:

Nominal activity growth in Japan, which can be viewed as an up-to-date proxy for nominal GDP, has been falling since the end of 2017, since the decline in real output growth has been greater than the rise in inflation.

I am looking forward for your answer to this and the one from Ganbare Japan.

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Posted in: Once a backer of the BOJ's price target, Abe turns his back on Kuroda See in context

At work and enjoying the longest run of economic growth in post war history.

BS, there have been no sustained and significant economical growth whatsoever. In fact there have been several periods of economical retraction since Abe took power. I have been living in Japan for long enough to have observed that Japan has been for decades in this cycle with periods of essentially insignificant economical growth followed with periods of economical retraction or total stagnation. There have been also no significant increase of wages whatsoever in contrary to what Abe promised.

And I note that you don't reply to my point which was about the government inflation policy which failed. Or do you context that? And since Abenomics idea was that with inflation, they will counter decades of economical stagnation associated with deflation and produce an economical recovery, it's clear that this so-called recovery never happened.

Another fact for you think about is Child poverty record-high 16.3 % in 2012 now in 2019 the rate is 11%

Non sense, this is another topic. If we believe the government figures (which I tend to doubt given the LDP "relax" manipulation of data), this has nothing to do with any economical recovery but with better social welfare allocated to the parents of these children which are often single mothers with low wage jobs. Those woman are still working in the same jobs with low income. The difference is just that they are getting more governmental support which would mechanically reduce child poverty without any economical growth since those extra welfare are funded with debt.

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Posted in: Once a backer of the BOJ's price target, Abe turns his back on Kuroda See in context

When the stupidly called Abenomics was made public, we were many to say that its policy and target for inflation were doomed for failure. Yet I remember that we were told by the blind defenders of Japan that we are just anti Japanese and anti Abe. Where are they now?

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Posted in: Defense minister apologizes over Aegis deployment survey errors See in context

after peak elevation angles were calculated based on figures measured by a ruler without noticing that the scales of maps used for checking the height and distance were different.

What a blatant incompetence funded by tax payers money. This could be just comic if it was not about military purpose.

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Posted in: Japan offers most paid leave for fathers in world, but few take it See in context

In Japan, the only country that offers at least six months at full pay for fathers, only 1 in 20 took paid leave in 2017

Here is why:


Japan so called generous paternity leave is just for decoration. People are not supposed to use it.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic CEO reminds visitors that cannabis is banned in Japan See in context

 A lot of hate for Japan here. The way I read this is a gentle reminder to tourists about drug laws in Japan. It's PRINTED in immigration cards when you enter various SE Asian Countries.

Please let's not bring again the usual Japan hate or bashing argument whenever there are critical point of views towards Japan. We heard it already.

In fact what some people seem to miss is that Muto with the typical Japanese (old) man patriarcal, arrogant and cavalier attitude is trying to lecture people on cannabis in Japan despite the fact that one can find with little effort places like bars, clubs or hostess bars say in Shinjuku owned by the Yaks where cannabis and other drugs are sold. The point is that people don't need to bring cannabis with them to smoke it in Japan in contrary to what some people including this dumb dude want to believe.

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Posted in: Japan's detention center gives foreign media a look See in context

This is standard in Europe including in France. Lawyers can attend interrogations but are required to keep silent.

Your point is meaningless since we are talking about a system, the Japanese one, where lawyers are not allowed during interrogation in the first place. At least in other countries they are allowed precisely to avoid situation where intimidations are used to obtain a confession. And what you say about France is not fully correct. The lawyer is asked not to do any statement until the end of the interrogation but he can in practice influence his client for example by asking him to keep silent if things go wrong. Also and this is important, after the interrogation is over, the lawyer has the possibility to interrogate further his client concerning missing points or about clarifications that he thinks are required. Far cry from what is available in Japan, which again does not allow a lawyer at all….

Rather better than France. British government advisories say you may be held as much as 24 months before going to trial. The same advisories say foreign nationals are almost never granted bail.

You confuse two regimes in France which are known as «détention provisoire » et « garde à vue ». The provisional detention (détention provisoire) in France is quite different than in Japan as it’s an exceptional measure because it’s used to jail people until their trial when there are indisputable evidences of their crime and when they are considered to be dangerous. The provisional detention can be up to two years (exceptionally three to four ) and is decided by the investigating judge with consultation with the judge of « des libertés et de la détention » (liberty and detention judge). This is a fundamental difference with the excessive power given to the prosecutors in Japan. There is no a single chance that Ghosn would have been put in jail in provisional detention given what he is accused for. The worst he could have got was to be put in custody (garde à vue) for maximum 24 hours (exceptionally 96 hours).

France is known for some of the worst prisons in Europe.

It’s true that many prisons in France are in poor conditions. But that’s not the point here. The point is not how the prisons look like, it’s how people are put inside them. And Japan is definitely not respecting the rights of the defense and has been called out multiple times already before Ghosn’s case for arbitrary putting people in prison (go to ask this US student who has been in prison for months for breaking a lamp in a club). And even if Japan is trying this ridiculous attempt of propaganda by opening the prison to the press after carefully making sure that everything is shinny is not changing that fact that Japan justice system is at third world level.

If Ghosn gets a conviction and a prison term from the charges Renault has been pushing, he will wish he was back in Japan.

Utter BS, the truth is that first of all in France he would not have spent more than 24 hours in prison compared to the 3+ months he did in Japan with the crappy food, no watch, the lights on all the time and the abusing rules that he had to follow even when sleeping. Even if you believe that he would have been put in provisional detention, and again there is no legal reasons to do that for his case, he would have spent his time in the VIP corner of the prison called «la Santé » where he would been treated thousands times better than he did in Japan. On top of that, by now he would have access to the fully detailed accusations and associated documents so that he can prepare his defense, something that his lawyers have not been able to do so far in Japan and not until his trial. So by definition Japan does not allow a defense to defend.

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Posted in: Microsoft gives glimpse of new Xbox console See in context

These are always incremental improvements - nothing jaw dropping.

I am not a Xbox user but I have serious doubts on whether you could engineer anything better, could you? So your judgement of this product of being not jaw dropping is at best ridiculous since also you did not try it yet.

Im looking forward to the Praystation 5

Well the Playstation 5 (not Praystation lol) will be based on the same internals, CPU, GPU and memory subsystem as the next Xbox, custom-designed by AMD. So the systems will be very similar in terms of the hardware and raw performance as they actually are already today with the current generations.

So, it would the Xbox One X was a bit of a flop

Not taking into account only the Xbox One X but all models, so far, the PS4 has sold 92.64 million units lifetime, the Xbox One 41.48 million units, and the Switch 30.65 million units. The Playstation 4 is clearly a leader in sales, but I don’t think that the Xbox One in general could be called a flop. The Nintendo Wii U only sold 13.56 million units lifetime in comparison.

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Posted in: Nissan had tech that drove Fiat Chrysler-Renault merger idea See in context

But what Fiat Chrysler lacks and really wanted was what's called in the industry "electrification technology," Takeuchi said.

BS Japanese propaganda. Renault developed its own electric engines tech independently of Nissan which is commercialized with the Zoe car. The car ended up to be nominated the best electric car in England in 2014, 2015, 2016 et 2017. So Fiat Chrysler did not need Nissan to get access to this kind of tech, this is Japanese propaganda to help them feel they are relevant somewhere.

Nissan is also a leader in autonomous-driving technology,

This is utterly flat wrong. Go to see for example what the German car makers are doing.

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Posted in: Ex-top farm ministry official says Kawasaki attack prompted his murder of son See in context

His own freedom (which he has not shirked from) and his sons life, who by all accounts was a worthless human being contributing nothing and who was violent towards his family and threatening the community.

The fact that he was possibly a worthless human being does not imply that his father has somehow an excuse or a reason to kill him. Period.

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Posted in: Ex-top farm ministry official says Kawasaki attack prompted his murder of son See in context

His son was found with a dozen wounds concentrated in his upper body including chest and abdomen.

Well he savagely killed his own son and somehow he thinks that it was only his son who had mental problems? He is as mentally sick and insane as his son was, actually more since he is the one who committed a murder.

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Posted in: Mahathir urges U.S., others to accept China's prowess See in context

accept China's technological prowess.

Yeah yeah prowess and coming from where? China has for years been getting a free pass on solid history in intellectual property theft. That could not continue without any consequence.

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Posted in: Japan beefs up measures against workplace harassment See in context

to combat the country's increasingly prevalent reports of bullying and abuse of power.

Increasingly prevalent? What is this suppose to mean? All Japan's society, the entire country has always been based on bullying and abuse of power. This is part of the how the society is organized here. The old are superior to the young, men are superior to women, anyone higher on the hierarchy is superior and can exercise all his wills to anyone lower.

But none of the legislation prescribes punitive measures that can be taken against violators.

You see, see above comment....

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Posted in: Succession will shrink number of Japan's imperial heirs to 2 See in context

Even though they are all VIPs with unlimited wealth

Which wealth? What a dumb thing to say. Do you really believe that? Those people are born with a gold spoon in their mouth paid with tax payers money. Yet, they serve no purpose, they just exist on this Earth for the sole purpose to make fake smiles. People in this country are working to the death often for miserable salaries and we have people here getting a luxury life not from the merit of their work but from their status.

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