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Even though they are all VIPs with unlimited wealth

Which wealth? What a dumb thing to say. Do you really believe that? Those people are born with a gold spoon in their mouth paid with tax payers money. Yet, they serve no purpose, they just exist on this Earth for the sole purpose to make fake smiles. People in this country are working to the death often for miserable salaries and we have people here getting a luxury life not from the merit of their work but from their status.

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The Tokyo District Prosecutors' Office said in a statement that Ghosn caused $5 million in financial damage to Nissan by siphoning off half of $10 million that he had a Nissan subsidiary transfer to an overseas sales agent for the automaker in 2017 and 2018.

>  It said it had determined that the payments in question "were in fact directed by Ghosn for his personal enrichment and were not necessary from a business standpoint."

"Such misconduct is completely unacceptable, and Nissan is requesting appropriately strict penalties," it said.

What a bunch of immoral individuals, this is insane, They keep throwing at him accusations and charges as facts in order to influence the public opinion by basically making him appear as necessary guilty. Despite the fact that no trial has been done yet and that he is basically prevented to defend himself. This is insane, nobody rational can defend that. As we speak, him and his lawyers have not been presented any material from the accusation so that they can organize their defense. None. The rights of the defense are totally violated in this country which justice system works more as a dictatorship. Accusing someone and preventing him from defending himself is exactly how dictatorship regimes have muzzled their opponents.

Now it's clear that this circus has an unique goal. To prevent him to speak and to make him confess what the prosecutors want him to confess on behalf of Nissan. He is being kept in jail without window where the lights is turned on all the time even at night, he has to sit and sleep in a defined way and he has no watch. The Golden Week is approaching and the prosecutors want to keep him locked during that time since during holidays, he won't get his daily time outside the jail and will be potentially locked continuously in that jail for almost ten days. This is mental torture plain and simple. This is shameful and it just shows how archaic Japan is. But also extremely corrupted because many Japanese executives involved in bigger scandals and who admitted their crimes never slept in a jail.

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Ghosn was CEO of Nissan at that time he only moved to Chairman less then 10 years ago.

And yes and you should learn to read. I precisely said decades since the scandal appear to have started even before he was named CEO of Nissan which was 2001, and soon after for both Renault and Nissan in 2005.

But that's not the point. The point is that we know who are the responsible since some of them admitted their wrongdoings in a press conference last year but never got arrested. So we know who they are, and it was not Ghosn's responsibility

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It doesn't really help Ghosn since it was done during his days as CEO too.

I should add that the sandal only affected cars sold in Japan, as again it was the responsibility of Nissan Japan which leadership are Japanese executives, including Saikawa by the way.

I should mention for those with short memory that Nissan had to recall some 1.2 million vehicles in Japan after the safety check scandal.

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It doesn't really help Ghosn since it was done during his days as CEO too.

No the operation at Nissan Japan is under the leadership of the Japanese executives who admitted last year of the scandal. Ghosn was the chairman of the alliance, not the executive of the operation at Nissan Japan which also works independently from Renault. That's why the scandal was only at Nissan and did not affect Renault.

And you are not responding about the fact that none of them got arrested by the way.

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 It's certainly his right to remain silent, but the lack of substance suggests to me that he may not have a persuasive defence to the charges.

Oh yeah? Actually if the Japanese would have let him make his press conference and answer questions, he could probably have given more information. It's clear that he had to make this video in a rush knowing that he will get arrested again and I don't see how you can blame him not to provide a persuasive defense when he is not allowed to do that in the first place. I mean you people are unreal.

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Odd thing to do for an innocent person, put up conspiracy theories, but won't name names.

He did. It was clearly edited out from the video on the decision of his lawyers.

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He refers at some point to the fact that Nissan performance was not good and about scandals to which the company did not provide a fix even if it said it did. That's the core of the problem.

I should recall to the blind defenders of Japan and other nationalists that Nissan was caught in a giant scandal last year about data falsification concerning the safety check of their cars and gasoline consumption which has been going on for decades. Nobody was arrested for that and no criminal investigation has ever been initiated so far. That's one thing. The second is that the Japanese executives responsible of this scandal are precisely the ones who have put Ghosn in this situation by collusion and corruption of the prosecutors. Ghosn wanted rightfully to get rid of them given the poor performance of Nissan.

It would be interesting to hear a comment on this matter from the people who are declaring Ghosn guilty.

And his remark about their lack of vision, the culture of consensus is spot on, and this is what brought Nissan to bankruptcy in the first place.

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But this is a prank, just a prank. By definition a good prank is audacious. Just tell them not to do it again because of the potential disturbance and let then go without further consequence. What's wrong with this country?

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dubbed an economic "miracle", fuelled by innovative electronic goods, that reached its pinnacle in the late 1980s.

Stop with this silly innovative thing concerning Japan during this period. The country was never innovative. It was just flooding the world with cheap electronics that were in majority copies of western competitors but sold much cheaply. There was no innovation in selling rip offs at cheap price. Japan was the China of today.

In fact there wasn't a so called economic miracle in Japan. The economic bubble was fueled by a cheap and obedient work force, a disastrous environmental impact (the Minamata disease is an example of that for those who have short memory) and the development of an undemocratic and authoritarian society that not only until today greatly limits the freedom of people, but also caused an enormous amount of suicides among the population. I really doubt that anyone sane in their mind would call this a miracle.

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 but I suspect they have phone usage metadata for most phones in the country (as does likely all countries). 

By the way, unless you come up with some solid explanation on what you mean, the above makes little sense.

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 If they had records that her phone was used in a way that violated his bail conditions, or possibly even tied to these new charges or something

Ghosn was arrested for new allegations concerning money transfer so the bail has nothing to do here unless the prosecutors are plain liars. And anyway, his wife is not charged for anything, therefore she is not a suspect, therefore there is no legal basis to confiscate her phone and her passport. Period.

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Several other news and official sources in France report she IS a suspect (not guilty until... ). 

No she is not. No charge has ever been put on her. None.

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AGAIN only a couple of reports so far point toward this as a POSSIBLE explanation

No no this is not a possible explanation. Either she is a suspect or she is not. Penal law is a precise matter not something that can be interpreted somehow and at will. Japanese prosecutors (and Nissan) have at any point indicated that she is involved in any of the allegations against Ghosn and therefore they have not indicated at any point that she is a suspect, So they have no legal basis to confiscate any of their belongings let alone her passport. Because taking her passport by definition implies that they confine her in Japan and prevent her from her free movement. On what legal basis?

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Ok so is anyone still defending Japan in this circus? I bet we won't see for this news the same people we saw early today on another Japantoday thread defending Japan with absurd arguments because precisely it has become very difficult for them to do so at this point.

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The document you refereed to is incomplete and does not constitute a full description of the French law in any shape or form. It just describes the general procedure associated with the temporary detention system and does not clarify that it is an exceptional measure as I explained. In Japan temporary detention is not exceptional but rather is applied without rules in place to protect the defendant. See for example the recent story of a young US citizen being kept in jail for months now for basically no reason other than breaking a lamp. That does not happen in France. And in France as it is also written in the document you linked, a lawyer will have access to the judicial file and will be present at any appearances before the Examining Magistrate. This is not the case in Japan, so by definition your comparison between France and Japan makes no sense.

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According to British government advisories, the three countries where he holds citizenship (France, Brazil, and Lebanon) typical typically do not grant bail to foreign nationals. Those same advisories say foreign nationals will spend 24 months in pretrial detention in France, 18 months in Brazil, and as long as the authorities want to hold you in Lebanon.

When you report something. be sure to be honest and report it correctly. I don't know about Brazil and Lebanon, but the above statement about France is utterly wrong. France has a system called in French "détention provisoire" which means temporary detention and which is an exceptional measure with variable duration. This is usually used for serious crimes with serious evidence and when for example releasing the person would constitute a danger for the society. There is no special regime for foreigners, the temporary detention applies equally to anyone regardless of being a foreigner or not, therefore it is used only exceptionally for foreigners too. In any case, the rights of the defense is fully respected contrary what Japan does.

Now instead of using the fallacious argument which tells to people to look somewhere else, you better respond to the case in place, that is the Japanese system being manipulated by Nissan and not respecting Ghosn's rights.

Not true. There is much more to it than that.

> Renault SA and partner Nissan Motor Co. have uncovered payments made under Carlos Ghosn that allegedly went toward corporate jets, a yacht and his son’s startup, leading the French carmaker to alert authorities about potential wrongdoing, according to people familiar with the matter.

> The transactions at Renault, Nissan and their Amsterdam-based venture RNBV were revealed in probes and amounted to millions of euros to companies in Oman and Lebanon that may have then been used for the personal benefit of former head Ghosn and his family, said the people, who asked not be be named because the details aren’t public.

> https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-04-02/ghosn-s-spending-on-yacht-jets-is-said-to-draw-renault-scrutiny

No, what you are referring to are first of all so far allegations. You also don't understand that even if the French prosecutor may have received an inquiry from Renault, they have not officially opened yet a formal investigation concerning the Oman allegations, which means that I am right.

Why are you getting so triggered and even responding to me then?

I am responding because precisely nobody cares that you have no sympathy for Ghosn, that's irrelevant to the matter.

He is guilty as hell and so happy today he is back in jail. Think I'll be happy for a decade at least too haha*

Yeah, yeah, you did not allow yourself to declare people guilty when Japanese executives or politicians were caught for their wrongdoings, so why are you doing that for him?

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Even Renault is turning on him and the French are investigating him. 

The French prosecutor is at this time of writing only investigating the case of his wedding at Versailles which according to his lawyers in France, the matter is really not a big deal even if proven. Also an investigation does not mean he is guilty.

I have no sympathy whatsoever for the man. 

Nobody cares about what is your sympathy for him.

 Conspiracy theories of him being set up are ludicrous to say the least 

That's not the point. Again the point is that he is being put in jail for arbitrary charges and without being proved guilty. It's amazing how people are avoiding the real issue just for the sake of blindly defending Japan.

thankfully the prosecutors here aren't that silly

Ah yeah, so for example what is your comment on them refusing to prosecute and charge the people involved in the Kake Gakuen scandal whose wrong doings have been actually proven? This is your double standard which is actually silly and ludicrous

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I get the hostility toward the Japanese criminal justice system, but given its heavy-handed methods, it still doesn't mean that Ghosn is innocent of any of these crimes.

That's not the point. The point is that his rights of the defense and his rights of innocence until proven otherwise are not respected precisely because he is being kept in jail for an outrageous amount of time without being proved guilty. Why people can't understand that?

This new arrest did not come without any reason. It came under the action of Nissan pushing the prosecutors for it because they knew Ghosn wanted to talk publicly about the matter soon and they don't want that. This is disgraceful that prosecutors and the justice system can be manipulated like that.

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So by your own admission, they are kept out of the justice systemin the first place. That makes the rest of your post irrelevant.

Please read properly people post or stop pretending you don't understand. You should be understanding that I am precisely talking about the fact that Japanese justice system does not rely on rule of law but rather is directly influenced by external entities, the government being one of them. So that makes my post totally relevant and calling it irrelevant precisely shows that you don't have arguments to reply to it.

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the culture is born and nurtured while the people are beautifully attracted to each other.

Makes no sense either.

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Sorry this is a pile of nonsense.

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So representative of what is Japan today. No ambition, no creativity, no imagination, no innovation.

The best they achieved to name the new era was asking a panel of old dudes still living in the past who couldn't do better than coming up with a name that is at the same time predictable and backward thinking.

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The number of people recognized as gangsters by police in Japan dropped to a record-low 30,500 in 2018 amid an intensified crackdown on organized crime, the National Police Agency said Thursday.

I am sorry bit this seems to be intended smoke to mislead people and therefore total BS. This is the same National Police Agency that allows a large business of prostitution (supposedly illegal) which is run by the Yakuza. In fact its not clear what they mean by "recognized gangsters" as it seems to be defined completely arbitrary meaning that if they don't show it too much, they are not considered gangsters.

Japan’s organized crimes groups are not vanishing — they’re transforming. They are moving into cybercrime and are diversifying their revenue streams. They are finding ways to morph from honor-bound tribal outlaws into common criminals who will do anything for money. The shrewder ones are simply turning less visible. The Yakuza are not secret societies, and aren’t banned by the government so anything the police is saying is by definition BS.  

Yakuza are also still doing the dirty work they do best: nuclear industry staffing, international human trafficking, loan sharking, defrauding retirees of their life savings.

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Do you think it's a problem unique to Japan? 

Unless you consider Japan to be a third world country, and I guess you don't, Japan is undeniably not up to the standards of other industrialized countries with modern societies when it comes to its justice system. This is a fact, you like it or not.

Japan does have a real problem with its archaic justice system which gives too much power to prosecutors and which does not respect the rights of the defense as a fundamental human right principle.

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I found bizarre that the article refers to the term "Western calendar". Why not call it by its real name which is Gregorian calendar? The term Western usually refers to what is living in or originating from the West, in particular Europe or the United States. However since the Gregorian calendar is today used in many countries not understood to be Western, including in Asia, I don't think that's a correct terminology.

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 only approximately 35 percent of eligible voters opposed the work proceeding, 

That's funny, when there is a referendum expressing the wish of the populatian, it's somehow illegitimate. The referendum was hold on Okinawa on the principle that the population there is the most legitimate to decide whether or not they want that base relocated since they are the one to be the most exposed to its consequences directly on a daily basis. Not the people of Tokyo. The turnout of the referendum was 52.48%, which is above the 50% threshold, a line which could be considered as lending legitimacy to the referendum. 70% of voters rejected the relocation of the bases. So there is no way that their vote can be ignored as it is being shamefully done by the current government.

Work must go ahead to ensure the protection of Japanese citizens in one of the most dangerous regions of the world.

This is a fallacious argument as you are basically trying to defend the use of authoritarian methods against the wish of a population behind safety reasons which are more than disputable.

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A lesson of democracy huh?

Pathetic, plain and simple.

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But the 21st century has seen Silicon Valley giants and rivals from China and South Korea catch up and overtake some of the great names in Japanese tech.

Come one don 't say non sense. I am old enough to know that Japan never, simply never was ahead of the Silicon Valley companies. Japanese Tech was always gimmicky and not really world changing since they never or rarely came up first with real ideas that really were disturbing and have a real contribution.

And they continue to do that, since the things listed on this article are just gimmicks. Gimmicks based on technologies that did not anyway originated first in Japan. I don't believe that Japan has either been good at robotics either since they have produced so far mostly gimmicks that have little real use. Same for AI, Japan is actually late, having completely missed the rapid development in deep learning. Most Japanese companies are trying to catch up but not really with innovation. Rather they are using the available tech for applications that are again gimmicky and often childish. I just don't want a stupid sounding robot to talk to me.

And come on, Panasonic, really? Give me a break....

They're talking about the Olympics. Or are you suggesting they should power the entire Games by wind, hydrogen, wave, geo-thermal or solar technologies, completely off-grid?

Well Apple which yearly global operation is certainly at a scale higher than a single olympics event is now running 100% under green energy, 100%. This includes retail stores, offices, data centers and co-located facilities across 43 countries. Remained to be done is getting all its suppliers on the same agenda, but it's getting there.

So yes really useful innovation is possible and it's not coming from Japan when it really matters.

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non-sense to you. LOL I doubt the jury will think the same than you do.

Yeah well the first thing that you should do is to learn to read properly. That's not what I think. What I am reporting here is what Ghosn's lawyer has told last week to the French media (on TV on the channel France 5). He has access to the files, you don't, right? So that makes him infinity more credible than you are. What he made extremely clear is that the so called "fancy homes" are owned by Nissan, Ghosn is not the owner of those house therefore he can't be accused of using company money to buy them. 

He could use company money to buy properties for his private use because he was the all-powerful CEO surrounded by yes-men. 

Nope see above. 

Because you either say yes - or you lose your bonus, your pay raise, your position, and/or your job.

Makes no sense....

Nobody else in the company ever used those properties, Mr Ghosn brought a lot of his own belongings, made expensive renovation work inside, and those properties were in non-strategic locations for the company (but of high personal interest to Mr Ghosn, in Brazil and Lebanon his 2 home countries), and it could not have an investment value for the company as well given the price paid.

Makes no sense. In fact those houses are accommodation provided by Nissan itself. Again according to Ghosn's layers who has access to the documents.

This is an advantage in nature and should have been disclosed as part of his income, both to Nissan shareholders in the annual reported as it is mandatory to report director's full income, and to the relevant tax authorities.

Ridiculous statement as you are not in the position to judge anyone from you were sit. You have no credibility to do that, zero, none. Also Nissan accounting is checked by an external audit company which makes it hardly to believe that Nissan was not aware of the agreements with Ghosh regarding bonus or other payments. And for the 100th time, the tax authorities have nothing to with anything here since the whole story has nothing to do with taxing. The money that Nissan accuses Ghosn to underreport to the Japanese security exchange commission was never paid to Ghosn. Plus the money could only be granted to Ghosts once he retires from Nissan only and only if he accepts not to work for a competitor.

We see a lot of people going to prison for stealing a few apples in supermarkets as well.

Ah yeah but we did not see the Japanese executives at Toshiba, Olympus, Tepco, the Japanese government, Takata, Toyo Tires, Kaketsuken, Kimura Construction, KYB Corp , Subaru, Nissan, Mazda, Hitachi Chemical Co., Kobe Steel Ltd, Green Cross Corporation, etc, etc for massive financial, data falsification and cover ups and medical sandals. 

In France, a preliminary investigation has just been opened and he might be charged as well in a near future.

No the investigation in France has nothing to do with what he is accused in Japan. In fact the investigation is a normal procedure, it's not a surprise and it is about a wedding in Versailles for which the rent of the place was not properly paid by Ghosh but was charged on Renault. Not all the wedding, only the rent of the space at Versailles. Whether there is anything that will require a prosecution, that the aim of the investigation ro clarify that. Fro the moment, there does not seem to be a real legal issue here though.

 This has nothing to do with Japan hating Mr Ghosn

Yeah yeah, humiliating and putting him jail for three months for weak charges without the possibly to defend himself, yeah yeah.

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