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Posted in: COVID-19 deaths of people aged under 60 soar in Japan due to Delta variant See in context

Silly fear mongering as usual in again a poorly and confusing article.

A total of 29 people aged 39 or younger died due to COVID-19 in the fifth wave, accounting for nearly half of the cumulative total fatalities of 63 in the same age group since the start of the pandemic, the ministry said.

So what? It absolutely not surprising. The Indian variant is more contiguous, this is not surprising that it can reach a larger population including more vulnerable people since most of them had health conditions or comorbidities. Death is unavoidable even in young population groups for any decease. What matters is whether there is an excess mortality. The data shows it isn't the case whatsoever.

20.6 percent of the total COVID-19 deaths of 860, with the rate jumping more than fivefold from 3.8 percent of the death toll reported before early February, according to the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry.

3.8% of how many? Makes not sense to compare like that and make it dramatic by saying a fivefold jump.

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Posted in: Virus lockdown extended for Australia's capital by 4 weeks See in context

This is the safest path forward and it will lead to a safer Christmas, a safer summer holiday period and a safer 2022," he told reporters.

Yeah you said exactly the same thing a year ago when you should have planned for a campaign of vaccination instead of following a non-scientific BS based zero-COVID strategy.

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Posted in: China races to squash new COVID-19 cluster among schoolchildren See in context

Yeah so we have hygienism and hysteria combined with China authoritarianism and dictatorship, what can go possibly wrong? Well a brutal and criminal regime given even more power for the sake of the called "zero-COVID".

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,675 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 10,400 See in context

Just yesterday a boy died in Osaka due to Covid-19. Fatalities may be low in kids, but it’s not a given they will just recover.

This is fallacious thinking and so typical of the hysteria around COVID. A single case does not make a general rule as the data suggests that the mortality in Japan is low even until 50 years old.


And death among children from a particular decease is not new with COVID. It's relatively rare but it does exist for many other deceases like flu, common cold coronavirus infections, bacterial infections, cancer, cardio-vascular failures, genetic decease, etc. That's the universe where we live, it's like this. It's not the norm but it does exist.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,675 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 10,400 See in context

The hospitalization of children is growing around the world.

Present data show that although hospitalizations has increased in some countries (eg. USA) and not "around the world" as you said without any data to back that up, there is no significant increase of the number of children aged 0-17 with severe complications that require care at ICUs. A recent study from the CDC in US done between March 1 last year and Aug. 14 this year showed that weekly hospitalizations of children aged 0-17 were at their lowest between June 12 and July 3, at 0.3 per 100,000, before rising to 1.4 per 100,000 in the week ending Aug. 14 — a 4.7-fold increase but still very low. However the percentage of children with severe indicators and admitted to intensive care was 26.5% pre-delta and 23.2% post; the percent placed on ventilators was 6.1% pre-delta and 9.8% post; and the percent who died was 0.7% pre-delta and 1.8% post. These differences did not rise to the level of statistical significance.

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Posted in: Sydney floats pub promise to boost double-dose vaccination rate See in context

If the target is reached in October, Sydney residents would have spent up to four months under stay-at-home orders.

Stupid country. They were wrong, flat wrong to think that they could have zero-covid in the long run. How could this be even possible in an open world where the virus has become endemic? Only stupid people could believe that (and apparently there are still a lot them in some states there). The only rational solution was the vaccination with priority given first to the vulnerable population. Thinking that somehow a virus can't circulate is not science, that's fanaticism. But no, the stupids did not listen, they were locked in their dogmatism and hygienism.

One would think that their blatant mistakes would make them more humble and reconsider their hysteric and tyrannic way of doing things. But no, four months under say-at-home orders. The leaders in Australia are fanatics, nobody with a minimum of rationality can defend that this is right.

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Posted in: Takaichi joins race to be next PM; outlines 'Sanaenomics' policy See in context

She has my vote!

You missed again your chance to not write a totally silly post. Congratulations.

For a change, why not elect a woman to be Japan's new premier?

The fact she is a woman does not matter. She is literally insane and hence have no business to lead this country. I don’t care she is a woman.

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Posted in: New Zealand police kill man after he stabs 6 people at supermarket See in context

The same people bitching about this guy not being jailed for his thoughts are the same people who moan how NZ is a police state because of its COVID restrictions.

Consistent in their hypocrisy.

It’s the total opposite, how could you write such a stupid post, it’s alarmist hilarious. The point is that NZ is being easily authoritarian to lock people down for a virus but can’t be enough tough to keep a dangerous person in prison. NZ was tough enough to close its borders for the virus but can’t close them to dangerous terrorists. Instead of that, witch Ardern was more than open to welcome everyone with her stupid progressive dogma.

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Posted in: Nagoya mayor who bit Olympian's gold medal tests positive for COVID See in context

has not developed any symptoms and is resting at home

If he has no symptoms (he is also probably vaccinated I presume) then there is no point to say he is resting at home. He is resting from what? Just stop to always dramatize things when they don't need to be. He is at home because he is forced to stay there for isolation, not because for the sake of just resting.

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Posted in: Record 98 pregnant women in Tokyo had COVID-19 in July: study See in context

The incident has underscored the strain on hospitals due to the explosive spread of COVID-19.

This basically means nothing and it’s almost misinformation. She was rejected because the hospitals who refused her claimed that they would not be able to protect against an infection spread in their establishment since she was positive. They did not refuse her because they could not provide care from being overwhelmed from the COVID. It’s was purely from fear than any other rational reason.

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Posted in: Japan's governors call for COVID lockdown See in context

It’s been wildly successful in Australia and NZ.

That’s even quit debatable. Australia used strict lockdowns last winter. If lockdowns work, why are they again in lockdown for basically all the winter this year too? And that’s even not mentioning the catastrophic social and economical consequences of lockdowns which are now well documented.

But besides the point whether lockdowns work or not, the question is more profound than that. It’s philosophical and morality. How far a state can go in brutality and authoritarianism for the name of health? Australia’s government is basically saying to its population that it knows what’s good for them and people are going to listen whether they like it or not.

It really doesn’t require a lot of intelligence, moral and humanity to understand that Australia and New Zealand are not doing the right thing. They are wrong, they are disgraceful.

This article describes it well. Please read it and please just take the time to think at least five minutes about it.


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Posted in: Sydney extends lockdown for another month; imposes partial curfew See in context

Stay-at-home orders will now remain in place across the city until the end of September and residents in virus hotspots will also be subject to a nighttime curfew and limited to one hour of outdoor exercise a day.

Better to call this country China, not Australia anymore. What a disgrace, what a disgrace for Australia (and New Zealand too). What a government of fanatics and primitive idiots. And the majority of the population is just accepting this situation without resistance despite the fact that this shameful and disgusting lockdown imposed on them without any democratic consultation is the result of the complete and utter incompetence of the government which failed to vaccinate the population. They failed, failed miserably and now have the nerds to come up with disgusting authoritarian measures for the name of what? A few hundred positive cases and hygienism? If they are so fearful towards the virus, they should have vaccinated the population, not believing in the utopia of zero COVID. Idiots!

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Posted in: Woman with COVID-19 loses baby after being forced to give birth prematurely at home See in context

Medical institutions that can take on a pregnant woman with COVID-19 are limited due to more complications related to preventing the virus from spreading within the hospital.

It's just the COVID hysteria all over again that cost the life of a baby. She does not have the plague for the sake of rationality. Of course it was safe to bring her to any general hospital or maternity hospital with a the adequate protective measures which really are not rocket science difficult. Tired to hear in these countries, Japan and others, people hiding behind the COVID to justify systemic failures of their health system.

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Posted in: New Zealand says it has solved COVID outbreak puzzle See in context

Ardern ordered a three-day national lockdown

What an hysteric woman. She is crazy.

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Posted in: China rejects need for further WHO coronavirus origins probe See in context

Meanwhile, Danish scientist Peter Ben Embarek, who led the international mission to Wuhan, said a lab employee infected while taking samples in the field falls under one of the likely hypotheses as to how the virus passed from bats to humans.

Keeping it to the science, looking scientifically at it could only lead to this hypothesis as being one of the most realistic or at least worth to consider and investigate seriously. But then the political ones, the ones who have no background in science (one of them often in this site forum will recognize himself) came to the discussion with again no scientific thinking and motivated purely by politics to call the people who have a scientific background conspiracy theorists.

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Posted in: Australia's capital Canberra enters 7-day lockdown See in context

What an awful country to live in.

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Posted in: 84 COVID-19 patients died at home in Japan over 6 months: gov't See in context

Completely the opposite, variants have appeared in the middle of huge peak of cases that could have been prevented by vaccination, immunity (even imperfect) inhibits the virus to keep replication for a long time (something that lets the virus mutate continuously until a variant that can escape better the immunity is selected) it also makes it more difficult for any variant to be transmitted to other people.

Again please stop to try to comment about something you don’t understand and provide instead links to publications that would be infinitely more convincing than this pile of words you put together randomly. Your embarrassing lack of science vocabulary and phrasing skills makes your post not much worthier than an opinion formulated by a elementary school student.

This also applies to all your other poorly written and often totally wrong posts on this page.

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Posted in: Gov't policy to only hospitalize critical COVID patients draws flak See in context

but not hospitalizing patients that have respiratory distress is even worse

Do you even understand the words you use? Distress means that patients would be in serious danger and in peril. I don’t think that the government is saying that such patients should not be hospitalized. The issue is about moderate patients. For mild patients, this is clear, they shouldn’t be hospitalized.

Moderate patients are classified into two groups. Moderate I - who have difficulty breathing and have signs of pneumonia; and moderate II - who can’t breathe sufficiently on their own. Moderate II patients will presumably continue to be hospitalized. Moderate I patients will be hospitalized depending on whether they are at risk for further complications.

You can then argue whether this is an adequate decision. But stop throwing words randomly without fully understanding the issue.

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Posted in: Chiba Prefecture closes beaches until Aug 31 See in context

Ridiculous decision based totally on irrationality than science.

I went to a beach in Tateyama last week. It was so refreshing to see people without mask, just living peacefully without this COVID all the time in our ears.

Screw that, I will continue to go there

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Posted in: After COVID jab, BioNTech sets sights on malaria vaccine See in context


Again you are trying to give an opinion based on zero expertise on the matter and end up writing really something almost totally meaningless.

A big hint that this is not going to be easy is that the natural infection also completely fails to protect people on the long term

This is more complicated than that. In regions where malaria is highly endemic, a part of the population is carrying the Plasmodium parasite responsible of the disease and is asymptomatic. It is believed that this results from several years of chronic infection from the parasite, and that some people develop a tolerance to it and a natural immunity.

For viruses the immune response is relatively simple, so it becomes also easy to evaluate dozens of candidates and choose the best to keep testing, for parasites the immune response is still badly understood, things that should be working nicely end up offering no protection, while candidates that do poorly on tests still protect some of the animals by unknown mechanisms.

This makes no sense whatsoever. Since you are not a scientist, you are trying to use your own words for a subject that you don’t understand and then just make things up. The real difficulty to develop a vaccin against Plasmodium is that during its lifetime, the parasite goes through several stages with phases of intense asexual multiplication in humans (in liver cells - hepatic phase, then in red blood cell - phase erythrocyte), and a phase of sexed reproduction followed by multiplication in the insects. Each phase ends by the formation of parasites of different form carrying different antigens and therefore resulting in different immune response that complicates the development of an effective vaccin.

and most candidates fail to reach even clinical trials.

The only available vaccin so far is the RTS,S. It had favorable results in phase III and a trial campaign is ongoing since 2018 in several African countries to asses it’s effectiveness in normal conditions of use.

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Posted in: Japanese sandwiches give foreign reporters culture shock at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Japanese bread is fluffy and delicious

Japanese is break is awful. Just awful. That can't even be qualified as bread, this is not bread. This is just an industrial unhealthy weird mixture which happens to taste like it is produced, ... industrial.

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Posted in: Officials in Tokyo alarmed at lack of sense of crisis as virus cases hit record highs See in context

People are still roaming the streets despite stay-at-home requests

What a hell is he talking about this idiot? The government can’t request people to stay home while at the time hosting the Olympics. That’s just not going to work.

And that’s enough with this panicking and fear mongering narrative. This does not enter the hears of people anymore. He can’t bring the medical system being in strain BS anymore after more than a year and a half of covid. At some point the actors in the medical system and the government has to take their responsibilities instead of always blaming people and particularly the young crowd who for good reason feel less concerned. After a chaotic start of the vaccination, the only thing he should do is keep his mouth shut and bare his responsibilities.

There are still hundred of thousand of vulnerable people in Tokyo who are more than 65 years old and not fully vaccinated. Instead of fear mongering and population blaming, he should make sure to do his job for once.

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Posted in: 'Can't help but cheer': Some in Japan warm to Olympics See in context

This is of course understandable, people more easily believe what makes them feel better, and instinctually resist things that makes them stressed, forgetting the pandemic and embracing a celebration is as natural as refraining from reading an article about the health problems associated with alcohol and instead reading how a drink or two every day could be good for you.

The most meaningless and absurd sentence of the day. Congratulations. And what about you learn to use punctuation marks?

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Posted in: Man given religiously forbidden food at Nagoya immigration center See in context

This is really not a nice way with dignity to treat someone by giving him subpar food.

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Posted in: Man given religiously forbidden food at Nagoya immigration center See in context

The religion issue is really not an issue by itself. Japan has no obligation to follow any religion restrictions. The man should stay in his country if his religion forbids him to eat some food or any other activities. He can stay where he is if his goal is to impose his religion and customs on other countries.

What I find more problematic though is that he was supposedly just given a sachet of instant soup for lunch. This is really not

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Posted in: Olympic broadcasters curb sexual images of female athletes See in context

This is ridiculous. In reality, this is conservatism and puritanism coming back to our societies. all hidden behind "gender equity" and political agendas.

Why should they not be able to wear a burqa if that were what THEY chose?

What an absurd comment, it's amazing. Well then go to many islamist countries and ask women there if they can choose or not to wear a burqa. Tell them about authoritarianism for wearing a bikini in a beach volley ball competition and see what feedback you get.

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Posted in: Osaka in Olympic spotlight, but biracial Japanese face struggles See in context

I wonder if I should tell my biracial kids that.

Yes absolutely. You should tell to your kids that race is a social construction and has not scientific basis. Your kids are not biracial, they are mixed ethnicity. And stop that imbecile racial fixation.

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Posted in: Japan takes gymnastics lead; reigning champ Uchimura bows out after fall from high bar See in context

considered to be the greatest men's gymnast of all time

BS! Far from that, get your facts right.


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Posted in: Beach volleyball match canceled after Czech player tests positive for COVID See in context

This is ridiculous. That’s why canceling the game was the best option given the fear mongering and hysteria. Either cancel them or organize them so that the athletes can at least compete fairly. Not this circus of fear mongering that put athletes out without a chance to compete because of being just positive. What a ridiculous s…. show.

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Posted in: China says WHO plan to audit labs in COVID origins probe 'arrogant' See in context

The natural origin is still the most likely explanation for the COVID pandemic, by a huge lot. 

You don’t have the qualification and expertise to state that. Whatever you brag about is therefore pointless and meaningless.

lab origin as if it was the only explanation (even with clear evidence against it)

This is factually wrong and the scientific community which you don’t belong to has not reached a consensus about it. Serious people are are not obsessed, they want a scientific and professional investigation of all possible origins of this virus. China has refused that so far, forbidding direct interviews with the lab personnel and free access to the lab facilities and documents for investigation. If China has no issue with the virus origin, they could just make the investigation easier and we could all move on. They aren’t. Instead they chose to bring BS theories and manipulate the truth, even rejecting now that the virus originated naturally in China.

For that reason, serious scientists have the right to consider all origins because there is simply not a strong consensus on a single one.


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