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The problem seems to be that the coronavirus did not fall into the previously legislated categories that would give the Japanese government the right to impose a compulsory preventive quarantine. From a rule of law perspective, this is actually correct, unless you want the government to be given random rights to expand compulsory detention measures as they see fit.

BS. Japan has proven multiple times that it does not care about the rule of law, that it easily doesn't respect current legislation and that it will be more than willing to impose arbitrary detention measures. That aside, your point is anyway meaningless and unrelated since every serious country should have a precise procedure to deal with situations related to public health unless you are willing to admit that Japan is incompetent.

I read that France had also evacuated french citizens from Wuhan and that they are keeping the people without symptoms in a designated location under constant observation and isolated for 14 days. France did not have a specific "category" for this coronavirus either since by definition it's a new strain. They nevertheless came up with a quarantine plan without any drama. So your tentative of Japan apologism is quit ridiculous.

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Your posts are full of non sense. The coronavirus is not the common virus associated with having a common cold. The is the rhinovirus. In contrary to the rhinovirus, the coronavirus can have strains like the SRAS ans MERS which can result in severe pathology including deadly pneumonia.

Now concerning the comparison with the seasonal influenza. The influenza has typically a mortality rate of 1% (around 400,000 deaths each year globally). For the new corona virus and given the latest figures in China (5974 infected, 132 deaths), the mortality rate is slightly higher than 2%. BUT this number might become much smaller since there might be a far larger pool of people infected. So I don't think anyone could say which of the virus have a bigger mortality rate right now. I don't think there is a reason to panic and I agree that spreading irrational fear is not helpful. However care should be taken with that virus since it could mutate to a stronger strain as it continues to infect more people.

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The number of people in Tokyo who wear these masks as a magical talismanic chinwarmer never ceases to infuriate me.

Yes and this is the same who happily walk out from the restroom without washing their hands on a daily basis.

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Japanese medical personnel aboard checked on the passengers who are being asked to stay indoors for two weeks

They are stupid or naive or both if they think that people will obey to this. This is the country where people don't hesitate to go outside or even go to work while being infected with flu.

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Another day in USA.

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What about Canada's "hostage justice" system? Why aren't you complaining about how the Huawei CFO Meng is being detained for 2 years?

Excuse me but you do it by purpose? We are talking about the Ghosn case here and I would be happy to talk about the Meng's case if the opportunity comes. In a nutshell, I do believe that her case is extremely troubling and the intervention of governments into the judicial system is a concern that we should all look at. Since her arrest is apparently linked to the tensions between US and China concerning Huawei. But your argument that seems to say that if they do similar things elsewhere so scree up Ghosn is of course ridiculous.

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I have been in Japan for 14 years, with zero issues with the Japanese justice system... all people here that hates it so much, what did you do?

Again ridiculous argument. I have been living in Japan for 20 years and never had a problem with the legal system. So what? That does not stop me to criticize it and say that it is medieval because anyone including you could find himself trapped in it one day.

..my guess is that Ghosn hates to be accused for a crime he did, which he knows other did too and got away with,

Your guess is not justice. Nothing at this point proves that he is guilty of any crime, absolutely nothing. The only thing that could determine it is if he gets a fair trial, which was never going to happen.

Most likely Ghosn is as guilty as most of the 1%+ people.

What does it even mean? Again who are you to decide whether he is guilty or not?

If you believe there is a country with a perfect and just justice system without any bias, you are not the sharpest tool in the shed

That's not the point. Again the discussion is not about perfectness of a justice system, the discussion is about whether it respects the right of the defense and basic human rights. Japanese system does not, and this has been called out by numerous organizations worldwide and locals like the Japan Federation of Bar Associations and also by the  Japanese Legal Professionals.

In fact the Japanese "hostage justice" system uses detention beyond its original purpose of securing suspects appearance in court and violates the human rights guaranteed by the Constitution of Japan, including physical freedom, the right to remain silent, and the right to a fair trial.

but Japan is not much worse than most others (US and UK included)...

Prove it, because saying it without clear argumentation is utterly useless.

a good advice in life, do not break the law and behave like a rude obnoxious idiot anywhere in the world and things most likely work out fine! Or accept that when you do the crime you might have to do the time, no point in complaining afterward.

This is just naive and totally disconnected from the reality given the numerous documented cases in Japan of forced confession resulting in people being put in jail for decades. You would know that if you would put sometimes your head outside of your Japan apologism.

I think Japanese justice system can be highly improved in many aspects, though UN with members like Saudi Arabia and Iran, calling it medieval is a joke.

It is medieval, period. What is a joke is you trying to defend it. Again this is well documented so feel free to inform yourself a little.

And none of those issues makes Ghosn innocent.

They don't make him guilty either so please stop to act as you were a judge.

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If he is truly innocent and really paid his taxes, then what is he afraid of. 

The allegations against him have nothing to do with taxing whatsoever. Just nothing. He was never accused in Japan for tax evasion. So why don't you make the effort to inform yourself before making up a biased opinion?

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you can keep saying it...still doesn't make it fact. Let mexsay it slowly...he...was...re-arrested...for...new...offence/s...his...lawyer...whinged...about...it...and...ask...prosecutors...to...press...all...charges...asap...NOT...rely...on...new...charges...to...detain...him.

You claimed that he had a press conference with his layer which was flat wrong. I have proven it by providing you a fact.

Of course the prosecutors claimed that it was for new charges. But arresting someone with sudden new charges after he just said that he will organize a press conference, charges that they magically did not have hours before he announced the conference, is beyond a coincidence. But at this point I am not expecting you to be able to intellectually understand that.

In fact here the facts. On the day (April 3 2019) before he got arrested again, Ghosn opened his official Twitter account and tweeted in both English and Japanese:"I'm getting ready to tell the truth about what's happening. Press conference on Thursday, April 11." He was arrested on early morning of April 4 2019! They could have indicted him again without arrest if they believed they can build a case by gathering evidence. There was no legal reason for the arrest beside stopping him to do his press conference, which again you claimed he had. You were flat wrong.

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You can say it over and over, it doesn't mean it becomes fact. He had a conference, with his lawyers present, he can have as much conferences as he likes as long as it doesn't prejudice his case.


He did that video of fear that he won't be able to do a press conference he planned on April 11th 2019. He was indeed arrested again to prevent him to do that conference. So now what are you going to say?

Read the rest of your post...doesn't change anything

Yeah because you can't answer to it..

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Is this self explanatory enough for you? What if everybody flee bail?

That's not the point and the link you provided is non sense. Absolutely irrelevant. The point is that he was accused and put in jail like a criminal with few evidence, then put on restricted bail without knowing when a trial will be conducted. And by his lawyers own words, he was not going to get a fair trial anyway. If a Japanese citizen would be treated like that in a foreign country and then decide to escape his bail, you would be saying use that's totally right.

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Also, he could have had the exact same conference whilst on bail in Japan and still have his day in court.

He was never allowed to organize a press conference and his bail prevented him to do that. The only communication with the press he had were few, controlled and restricted interviews, mainly with some foreign reporters.

Still can't believe anything he says.

No once care if you believe him or not. You don't make justice.

The fact he ran away from his only opportunity to clear himself speaks volume about the consistent dishonesty.

Makes no sense. Write in English please.

The rat accepted the same justice system for decades, did nothing.

He was not put in jail for four months with fabricated allegations, why should have he cared? And if he is a rat that enjoyed some many success in his life, imagine what you are given you didn't achieve even 0.1% of what he did.

The same system that treated him better than most other Japanese in the same predicament (he got bail).

He was put in jail for three months and got a bail that restricted considerably his freedom since he was not allowed to use his private phone, computer and see his family. Saikawa who admitted his financial misconduct got nothing.

Then there are contradictions within seconds of him spewing out 'facts', like keeping him isolated for days, no contact, not even with guards, only to contradict seconds later by saying they interrogated him day and night.

Again this sentence makes no sense whatsoever.

Don't know about anyone here. I can't stand side by side with a rat that flee justice in a box.

You can't take that he humiliated Japan can you?

He was re-arrested on new charges, not for organising a conference. 

He was arrested because they claimed that he did not respect his bail conditions. No new charges were added after that arrest.

Prosecutors adding new charges in Japan is not unusual either. It's how they work, you might not like it, but fleeing is not going to fix the system

Silly statement. He doesn't want to fix the system, he wants to prove his innocence. And nobody with a working brain can claim that the fact that the prosecutors keep adding fabricated allegations is just "how they work".

An entire country now have to pay for the sins of one rat.

The country had a dictatorship justice system before Ghosn, how he is making it worse?

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Posted in: Japanese gov't, prosecutors condemn Ghosn's remarks in Lebanon See in context

At any moment they actually respond precisely to the specific allegations that Ghosn raised and in particular the collusion between the prosecutors, Nissan and some officials of the Japanese government. They call his claims just false and play the victim card as Japanese always do.

Our office has developed our factual and legal arguments and disclosed the supporting evidence to Ghosn's defense counsel in order to guarantee a fair and public trial,"

This is a flat lie and disgraceful in the wake on how Ghosn was treated. Again one can compare how Saikawa was treated in comparison.

Ghosn said his case will be ended another 5 years whether he is guilty or not. He need to continue his bail lifestyle until that time.

No! He was told by his lawyers that he could stay in that restricted bail up to 5 years before even a trial could start. Which is of course a scandal.

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Posted in: Prosecutors raid Tokyo office of Ghosn's Japanese lawyer See in context

Just Because They’re Out to Get You Doesn’t Mean You’re Not a Criminal

Again flawed article full of non sense from the start because it fails to mention the case of Saikawa.

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 But you don't get to try and censor what I want to say and post.

I am not censoring you, I am asking you to stop declaring someone de facto guilty because apparently being rich for you necessarily means that he is a criminal. This is silly thinking let me tell you that.

So you think its nonsense that the majority of detained foreigners don't get bail and remain in detention centers and prisons while they wait for the trial or deportations.

No you are not reading properly. I am precisely saying that Japanese justice system is a disgrace. So I am telling you to stop blaming Ghosn for it. It's ridiculous.

I haven't seen the evidence of Ghosn's crime but then again nor have you. 

Yes I did not, and you know what, Ghosn and his layers themselves did not see any evidence either. So if you didn't see any evidence, don't presume of his guiltiness.

But he wouldn't be the first CEO of a major company to have his hand in the cookie jar.

That's not a rational argument to judge of the innocence of someone, being a CEO or not. Rule of law does not consider the status of someone for judgement.

If the Japanese justice system is corrupt then its corrupt for all people not just Ghosn. If the system is so corrupt why are less people imprisoned than say in a country like America.

America is totally irrelevant here. I don't think you understand the word corruption. It's precisely corrupted because it treats people in a different way if they have the power and the connection with the Japanese government and oligarchy. If they do, they escape it and never get judged for their crimes. Saikawa (for who you did not provide a reply), the executives at Toshiba, Tepco, Chubu Electric Power, Japanese Post, Takata, the Abe related corruption crimes,  Chisso Corporation and the list is very long.

It rare for any detained person to get bail. I know people who have sat in prison for more than two years waiting trial for simple crimes.

Again then blame Japan. why blame Ghosn for it? They were in prison before he escaped and were not about to get a bail anyway.

I do not like the Japanese justice system and prefer something like in my own birth country Britain. But no justice system is prefect.

That's not a rational argument. We are not talking about which system is perfect or not. We are talking about whether it is fair or not, and more importantly whether it respects basic human rights and the right of the defense. Britain justice system does. Japan justice system does not.

 Did Ghosn think he could get away with his crimes?

I don't think Ghosn is 100% innocent.

Which crimes? You are again presuming about his guiltiness without any evidence. Whether or not you think he is 100% innocent is irrelevant, justice is not made by the populace in a rule of law country.

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His lawyer guaranteed he wouldn't jump bail.

What his lawyer guaranteed is totally irrelevant because he was required to do so by a corrupted and primitive justice system. The core of the conversation is not his lawyer, this is Japan where rule of law just does not exist in contrary to what many people thought.

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You can cease telling me what I can do.

I can tell you whatever I want.

Bail for foreigners is rare so yes I expect in future it will be even more difficult for detained foreigners.

Again non sense. You don't respond to the core of the problem which is about the corrupted Japanese justice system. Ghosn is not making worse the bail conditions than it was before, which are dictatorship alike. And you are by the way admitting the racist behavior of Japan which does not give easily bail to foreigners.

Did he lie about his compensation payments?

Is he 100% innocent?

Now we will never know because he jumped and there won't be a trial.

All reasonable people looking at this case are saying that he would never have had a fair trial. So he would have been put in jail without us knowing the truth anyway. Now yes we don't know if he is 100% innocent, but you said I quote: "Should I really care about a rich guy caught with his hand in the cookie jar" implying that he is de facto guilty. However you don't have the authority whatsoever to give that sort of judgement.

And I should remind you that Saikawa who admitted to receive illegal compensations was never prosecuted for it. Ghosn's misconduct allegations are about his retirement compensations, which means he did not receive any money yet. So how on Earth could you then argue that he should not have escaped Japan given such difference of treatment?

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Posted in: 176 killed after Ukrainian plane crashes near Tehran airport See in context

What a mess..... Poor people.

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Posted in: Prosecutors raid Tokyo office of Ghosn's Japanese lawyer See in context

This is deeply disturbing. It suggests that there is no respect for attorney-client privilege.

This is because rule of law does not exit in Japan. The country is not civilized enough to have one. Sad but a reality.

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Posted in: Prosecutors raid Tokyo office of Ghosn's Japanese lawyer See in context

He has made it more difficult for the next foreigner to get bail.

Ridiculous. What else will you blame him for? What you should be saying is how he is helping at last to expose to the world the incredibly corrupted Japan.

Should I really care about a rich guy caught with his hand in the cookie jar?

Being rich or not is totally irrelevant. Everyone has the right for the defense against criminal allegations, a right that was not given to him. Plus nothing absolutely nothing a this point proves that he is guilty of anything. So please keep your judgement for yourself.

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Posted in: Prosecutors raid Tokyo office of Ghosn's Japanese lawyer See in context

This nation is reaching the bottom of the garbage bin. It's not even on top of it.

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Posted in: Toyota to build prototype city of the future in Japan See in context

Yeah yeah city of the future, from a country that can't isolate properly its buildings. That's laughable.

It seems to be an association of the current buzz words, autonomous cars, "smart homes," artificial intelligence. bla bla, this is just PR marketing at this point.

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>  Basically they only bring to trial those cases which they are nearly 100% confident they will win in, while prosecutors in other countries bring a lot more borderline cases to trial.

BS! I hear a lot of this excuse. They are confident because they most of the time get confessions beforehand precisely by arbitrary putting people into jail without any right for defense.

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"Japan's justice system allows investigating the facts while it ensures the individual basic human rights at the same time," Mori told reporters at the ministry. "It is set with appropriate procedures and it is operated appropriately."

Is this women totally stupid? Here is how Ghost was treated:

Put in jail for three months without any valid charge. Interrogated constantly and at any time without the presence of a lawyer. Isolated during his jail time to pressure his mental and force him to admit to the accusations that they fabricated. Accused without giving him any possibility to explain his version to the media. However the prosecutors with the complicity of the Japanese media has constantly thrown out brick of vague accusations in order to raise the public opinion against him and therefore fabricate a false accusation. Forced to sleep with the light constantly switched on. Forced to sleep turned towards one side. Little time allowed outside of his jail. Again this was done for a man who was not accused of anything yet. Therefore still innocent. Treated as a criminal with general harsh conditions. Not given any right to defend himself. Forced to admit with dirty tactics notably by threatening him that his wife will be also charged if he doesn't. Not allowed to see his wife. Forced to endure unnecessary long procedure again in order to pressure him to admit since this forces him to continue to be restrained even longer. Publicly humiliated.

How is this respecting human rights? How is this appropriate? At this point anyone trying to defend Japan is a moron.

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What they should do is stop being disgusting people and review their corrupted justice systems which has leaved unpunished many Japanese politicians and executives involved in various crimes because of their direct connections with the government which itself dictates what the so called justice does or not.

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Japan, with the death penalty, has the lowest murder rate in the OECD.

29 states in US have death penalty and look at the crime rate in that country. The association between death penalty and low crime rate is a total load of non sense.

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Posted in: Australia's PM defends climate stance amid wildfire disaster See in context

What a blatant idiot.

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Posted in: Court orders journalist to pay damages to reporter Shiori Ito in rape lawsuit See in context

The old ways are much better.

Ah ok so rapping women are the way to go. Honest question, are you even educated?

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Posted in: Court orders journalist to pay damages to reporter Shiori Ito in rape lawsuit See in context

The Tokyo District Court on Wednesday ordered prominent reporter Noriyuki Yamaguchi to pay 3.3 million yen in damages to journalist Shiori Ito in a civil lawsuit over her allegations he had raped her.

Ok this is disturbing and it's scandalous the way this woman is treated. First 3.3 million yen is peanuts for the level of trauma she has experienced. Second if the Tokyo District Court acknowledges that Yamaguchi should pay her damages, then this means that it has acknowledged that Ito's claims of rape are legit. This means that the Tokyo District Court has acknowledged that Yamaguchi's guilt for rapping her is real. Since rape is a crime, this means that Yamaguchi should be prosecuted and judged for the crime he has done.

But... we are not seeing this. Why then he is not being prosecuted? I mean, nobody with the minimum of rationality that should be driving normally formed humans can deny that this country's justice system is a scandal, and that it treats people differently based on what some hidden dudes decide behind closed doors.

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Posted in: Japan to tighten screws on tech giants to ensure transparency See in context

Almost every other country in the world has done similar laws. Some will ban this companies outright.

Yeah yeah, would you say the same thing if a Japanese company would be treated like that? I bet no and neither all hypocrites like you would. You would be crying out how a big victim Japan is.

If laws don't protect small businesses than a few giant ones like Facebook and Amazon would dominate all markets.

This is a simplistic and naive view. Those giants became giants because they offered better products that people decided to use. They didn't force nobody to use their products.

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