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Respect to the freedom fighters of HK. Hit these violent police thugs with anything you have, and dont stop. The HK police are simply agents for Communist China. They despise freedom.

Hypocrisy at a shameless level. Since you have expressed multiple times on this forum a strong support for the LDP party, I don't think that you are the best one to say that. Japan similarly to China will never tolerate this kind of contestation in its society for the sake of protecting the public order as they call it. So the Japanese have zero legitimacy to give lessons of democracy and freedom to the rest of the world given that they barely have them in their own country.

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a growing number of Japanese businessmen in their late 30s, 40s, and 50s are following up a day of pushing paper and clacking keyboards by pumping iron.

Well this is very vague because I am afraid that in reality there are still too few people involved in regular and serious physical activities here.

The fact that maybe more people are into it is a good thing but working out with discipline is still a foreign notion here. And you can also see that with poorly equipped and narrow gyms which are as so many things in Japan ridiculously expensive.

Now the fact that people are not given the time to work out is a problem. Working out once or twice a week is not enough even doing weightlifting, this dude has no idea what it's talking about. In fact most of the people who say that they do weightlifting are doing the wrong thing for several reasons:

Having look at plenty of them, most of them have no Idea what they are doing, doing things with an awful wrong form. It's almost comical. They need first to learn things and seems to me that a lot to dudes are too arrogant to do that.

Most of them have no idea how to organize a work out and train the full body by organizing their routine into several sessions towards the week. That's why claiming that two sessions are enough is just BS.

As I said, they still finish work late, so people need to go work out late and finish late, preventing them to take the time to organize a good diet. Weightlifting is no joke, good nutrition is essential to get results and prevent injuries. Plus they need to take the time to work on mobility, so it's clear that they are not doing things in any way that could be beneficial to them.

Doing only weightlifting is of course not enough. Having intensive cardio routines is essential for heart training.

I am more into calisthenics (although I do have some weightlifting on a regular basis). I am 41 years old and I train 4 to 5 times a week. I do muscle ups, front lever, back lever hand stands push up, weighted calisthenics, all the hard stuff. That makes me in great shape but this needs a lot of work. A lot of work. A lot of discipline and putting a great importance on my diet. Which by the way is incredibly expensive to do in Japan. All my diet is based on fresh food that I cook by myself, and of course I need proteins. Buying fresh rich protein food and vegetables is just crazy expensive here so that's also a limiting factor for many people.

And to put all that work I made clear with my company that I am not going to stay at work past 17:30, there is no way that someone can train seriously to get real results without putting serious time on it.

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this sound as a perfect description of every "majesty" starting with entire British Royal Family and all across Europe and Middle east. 

Sure, I have absolutely the same opinion for all of them.

Still the Japans Royals are more humble and more subjective to the people of the land than most of the other royals.

I am sorry, but again making fake smiles in public means nothing. But I give you the benefice of the doubt and would believe that. However, as I said, we are paying for their very very comfortable life with our tax money, the least they can do is being humble......

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As usual there is always someone ready to make a rediculous comment based purely on thin air!

Yeah well there is always a Japan apologist who never read properly people's post before to write ridiculous things. Did you read all my post? I don't think so. My perspective was his contribution to the world, not whether he is able to entertain me during a discussion with a cup of tea.

Name one thing, one thing that him or his father did and can be truly considered a contribution to the world. There is none. Unless you consider that making blank statements and fake smiles in public is a big contribution to human kind. You may be brain washed and stupidly consider his father has a unique upbringing, the truth that there is nothing unique about him or any of them. They are just living a comfortable life paid with our tax money (workers money) literally doing nothing. That's the plain flat cold truth. You like it or not.

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And to put things in perspective, the government declared a few weeks ago that they will use 700 million yen for immediate disaster relief after the Typhoon Hagibis which killed almost 100 people. So the government spend 2.7 billion yen for paying a fantasy circus which has no connection to reality whatsoever. But they announce 700 million yen for something which is real and tragic. Japan is still a caste, its leaders still view the majority of the population as low and unimportant.

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The shrine complex alone costs about 2 billion yen, and the whole ritual will total about 2.7 billion yen.he isn't

> It’s all funded by the government. 

Scandalous, just scandalous.

Good for His Highness!

His Highness? How ridiculous. He is just a man whose contribution to the world is actually very small. He isn't an engineer, he isn't a scientist, he isn't a doctor, he isn't a philosopher, he isn't a writer, he is just a boring man.

Amazing and unique tradition, they should never consider changing it.

There is nothing amazing and unique here, this kind of fallacious fantasy exists all over the world. I don't care if they want to do this circus, I just don't want our tax money to be used to pay for it.

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Ritals and ceremonies are an essential part of the fabric of society. When they disappear we are left with immoral politicians to carve the past and future.

You seem to argue that we need religion to have morality in a society, no we don't. It's ridiculous to argue otherwise. We need intelligent and rational people. The Japanese politicians who support this kind of circus have proven to lack morality in a level that puts them among the top contenders in the worldwide immorality race. So your correlation just does not fit reality

Now rituals and religious ceremonies are fine to exist, as long as tax payers don't pay for them because precisely not all of them believe in this fantasy.

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Posted in: Emperor performs thanksgiving ceremony as key succession rite See in context

Our tax payer money being used to pay some religious nonsense fantasy. Well....kanpai Shinzo!

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Posted in: Abe cancels gov't-funded cherry blossom event next year amid criticism See in context

A country with a government of crooks. Extravagant political meetings paid with tax payers money. Bravo!

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Poorly written articles with a lot of BS arguments reported from this so called doctor who is a nationalist with an anti-foreigner rhetoric, i.e look at how the foreigners are screwing us up.

According to World Health Organization statistics for 2018, Japan ranked second among 228 countries and regions in the world, at 85.52 years, after Monaco, with (89.37 years).

The calculation of life expectancy is based on data collected from national and local governments. Knowing how sloppy Japan is about the accuracy of data, I would be careful about those statistics. Now keep in mind that Japan life expectancy is mechanically driven up by a few regions where it's high, Akita, Okinawa, etc. The big cities are a completely different story. Also those health related statistics ignore the full physical, mental and social health of the population which Japan is surely not great at.

and since then, has been weaned away from the traditional Japanese diet as their intake became increasingly Westernized.

This has led to more people developing the same lifestyle illnesses as Westerners.

Ridiculous sentence, Japanese suffered with certain illness that Westerners had less and vice versa. Trying to make a one way argument is ridiculous.

 Japanese are consuming less rice, vegetables, mushrooms, sea vegetables and so on, which are rich in vitamins and minerals

Vegetables and mushrooms, ok. Sea vegetables, questionable. Rice? BS. White rice is the worse thing that a person can eat three times a day as it is often the case in a Japanese diet. This is just sugar, with high glycemic index that is only useful to reduce quickly hunger. A study in 2012 I think, found that the more servings of white rice a person eats per day, the greater their risk for developing type 2 diabetes, the form of diabetes most closely linked to obesity. On average people from Asian countries ate about four servings of white rice daily. The number of people suffering of type 2 diabete is quite high in Japan even though they consume less the sugar filled food typically found in US and liked to obesity. The fact that this doctor ignores this is more than suspicious.

The rest of there article is not worth commenting as the dude is trying to sell us some BS hidden behind some religious and nationalist motivations.

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Not surpassing at all, Japan is neither democratic nor a country which allows a free and strong critical point of view among its population. It's totally ok to say xenophobic and racist things against foreigners but dare you say anything publicly and with a large audience possibly listening to it against the interests of its authoritarian government.

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Posted in: Drug cartel gunmen kill 9 U.S. citizens, including 6 children, in ambush in Mexico See in context

Those poor and completely innocent children. Life lost without any meaning. What a world of savages.....

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 Tokyo in its bid described summers as "mild and sunny."

That's not the only blatant lie Japan did to get the Olympics. They also lied about the real cost (not mentioning the stadium fiasco), they lied about their organization capabilities by claiming that the venues will be concentrated in a small region, and so and so on. Now they have no rights to play the little victims once the s.... hits the fan.

The IOC has a lot of responsibilities too in this mess with its corrupted organization which many members supported Japan's bid knowing it was full of lies.

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Very positive news for one of the world's most premier tech brands.

Did you read the article? Their net profit dropped 15%, even after Sony has in previous years terminated thousands of jobs and sold many of its business units, and you call that positive news?

 If only they can get their smartphones to bring in some steady, decent, profit, then Sony is essentially back in its forner glory.

Sony's smartphones are not competitive, technologically behind and pretty much unattractive products. Their mobile division is essentially dead.

From pioneers in audio, to pioneers in interactive entertainment, to pioneers in imaging.

Sony was not a pioneer whatsoever on any of these.

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Posted in: Koike remains defiant over IOC decision to move events to Sapporo See in context

Japan (with its prime minister) lied up and down, left and right to get the Olympics. Now that the brutal consequences of their lies are becoming real, they are playing the victims and some of them apparently continue to lie by claiming that the decision was taken without the top organizing officials being informed about it. History has shown that playing the victims in order to save face publicly is a big specialty of this country.

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Posted in: Shibuya Scramble Square high-rise complex to open Friday See in context

Another building built with almost no environmental considerations and modern energy management which ends up to be just another piece contributing to our environment destruction, The area is already over saturated with people, what's the point of this?

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Posted in: Halloween in Japan: What’s different? See in context

the feeling of avoiding 迷惑 めいわくをかける (or “being a pain/bother to someone else) 

What a load of nonsense, it’s amazing. The reality is the complete opposite. Japanese people with the way the Japanese society is defined and organized have an incredible sense of inflicting annoyance and harassment to each other.

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Posted in: Japan ramps up spending for typhoon relief, but workers are scarce See in context

killing 79 with seven still missing.

As of yesterday, NHK reported 88 victims and seven people remained missing. Which one is it?

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Posted in: Kyoto’s popular tourist spot Gion to forbid photos on private roads See in context

Ban tourism in Japan and in return ban Japanese tourists who travel in other countries as well. Maybe it's better that we all just stay in our own countries and enjoy our own private properties. In that way we can all achieve peace and culture preservation!

BS talk! Do you realize what you are saying? Actually you should try to get out from your hole of Japan so that it will prevent you from writing such silly things. Trying to constrain the freedom of movement of people is dictatorship, are you remotely close to understand that?

Japan is a very wealthy country they don't need tourism to survive.

This is factually wrong since many regions and municipalities in Japan with aging population or depopulation increasingly depend on tourisms for their existence.

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Posted in: 48% want ex-trade minister Sugawara to quit as lawmaker: poll See in context

Yeah corruption and bribe being called "gifts", welcome to the crooks nation. They are wondering if he should quit as lawmaker instead of asking the right question: why isn't being prosecuted? Again and again, compare with Ghosn.

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Posted in: Tokyo eyes starting Olympic marathon at 3 a.m. to counter IOC plan to move race to Hokkaido See in context

Finally, the Olympics have been held in Tokyo before, so how did they manage then?

It was in October.. LOL

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Posted in: Tokyo eyes starting Olympic marathon at 3 a.m. to counter IOC plan to move race to Hokkaido See in context

3 am? Are they serious? Or maybe someone should say to those clowns that they forgot to ask what the first concerned here, the athletes, think about it. I can guaranty you that none of them will be happy to start running from the middle of the night when they are supposed to be sleeping. Athletes have a well defined routine for training and resting to which their body is used in order to give its maximum performance. Forcing them such a crazy schedule will break the potential of many of them.

They are trying at all cost to save face because it became clear that Tokyo was not the best place to organize the Olympics and that they blatantly lied to win them. And they are doing so in a very Japanese way by being arrogant and inconsiderate to others.

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Posted in: Ghosn's lawyers accuse prosecutors, gov't officials, Nissan execs of collusion See in context

The papers allege collusion between prosecutors, government officials and executives at Nissan Motor Co to drum up criminal allegations in order to remove him as chairman.

This was crystal clear from the beginning and even more so when Ghosn's wife made public the fact that the initial arrest at the airport was staged by the prosecutors with the complicity of the Japanese media.

It was later confirmed when the snake Saitama admitted the same "misconduct" he accused Ghosn for but went away with it without those so-called prosecutors ever opening their stinky oyaji mouths about it or putting him for three months in jail.

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Posted in: 90% of homes flooded in typhoon ineligible for gov't support See in context

In cases of water damage, the law on financial assistance to disaster victims stipulates that they can be awarded up to 3 million yen for rebuilding.

3 million yen is a joke.

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public funding for them violates a constitutionally mandated separation of state and faith.

The conservatives (often nationalist) that make the majority of the LDP members don't care at all about respecting the constitution since they view it as a Western imposed hurdle. The Komeito party which continues to have direct relations with the religious group Soka Gakkai is part of the country government so the separation of state and faith has been violated for years now by Abe.

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Posted in: Police officer found to be sex worker after leaving her gun in public restroom See in context

 because in this case the job was quasi-prostitution

Nope, providing sex in exchange for money is called prostitution. There isn't such thing like quasi-prostitution because she was not providing quasi-sex.

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Posted in: IOC apologizes for abrupt plan to move Tokyo Olympic races; Sapporo mayor not notified See in context

 So if you want to put blame you can not put it only on Japan for these games.

I will surely do that boy! Japan is the sole responsible for this mess by having literally lied during the Olympic bidding. The Japanese lied to get the games by promising things that any rational person with a minimum of competence would have called BS. They knew that it won't be possible to have the game within the radius they defined (it was already proven false even before the IOC decides to move the races to Sapporo), they knew about the weather conditions in summer, they knew that the original figures for the cost of the games were a load of BS. They lied and used false statements by purpose in order to get the games and just thought they could go away with it as they often do in Japan. Apparently they even maybe bribed some people to get the games. But the reality came back and now they have to face their shameful lies.

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Posted in: IOC apologizes for abrupt plan to move Tokyo Olympic races; Sapporo mayor not notified See in context

The key promise of Tokyo's bidding was to deliver "compact games" with 85% of venues in an 8-km city center radius.

So we went from "we are doing everything in an 8-km radius" to "we are doing the marathon and race walks on a totally different island 830 km air travel distance away from Tokyo" Good job Japan!

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Posted in: Cabinet minister visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

The nations that protest most have shameful histories of war crimes, I guarantee.

Read my previous post...

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