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TEPCO blatantly lying? Hum, who is surprised.

But that's not the worst thing here. The worst thing is that the country is not prepared for major natural disasters in contrary to common beliefs. Imagine the mess it would be if a major earthquake hits the region?

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What an utterly, unbelievable, mind-blowing stupid idea. That's unbelievable that they even tried it.

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Posted in: Disputing Koizumi, new industry minister calls no-nuclear power policy 'unrealistic' See in context

And when it comes to the efficient argument, that's also debatable. Nuclear plants need a vast amount of nuclear material, which itself needs to be enriched, and water in order to produce the fission reaction and attain criticality. All of that to bowl water and produce hot steam that gets used to move giant turbines. Yes sure a reactor can operate a long time before refueling but it also needs a large amount of resources to do that.

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Posted in: Disputing Koizumi, new industry minister calls no-nuclear power policy 'unrealistic' See in context

Nuclear is clean & efficient. 

No this is not true, it's not clean. It's carbon dioxide emission free but it's not clean. Nuclear plants produce a large amount of radioactive waste. This waste is expensive to handle since reprocessing plutonium and uranium to reusable fuel is very expensive and does need by itself facilities exposed to potential catastrophic incidents. Note that Japan gets the majority of its waste reprocessed in France where we end up moving across the globe dangerous materials on ships. How this would make any sense to someone rational is beyond me.

The remaining waste that can't be reprocessed has to be stored for basically an infinite time (if scaled to human life) in facilities again exposed to potential catastrophic incidents. Projects to bury waste few hundreds meter into the ground have turned out to be a disaster like in Germany (leaked occurred and they ended up deciding that they need to bring back up the waste) or awfully expensive to build like in France without any sight on how when the facility will be completed to operate safely.

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Posted in: Disputing Koizumi, new industry minister calls no-nuclear power policy 'unrealistic' See in context

In Japan, electricity is most expensive in Hokkaido and Okinawa while Hokuriku and Chubu cheapest. Prices are cheaper where nuclear power plants working while where they are not working it is expensive.

Could you provide detailed metrics to back up your claims? I have lived many years in Hokkaido and electricity was expensive even before the nuclear power plant was stopped, should I remind you because it does not satisfy yet the requited safety standard. Moreover they increased by 12% (at once!) the price a few years ago and they claimed that was precisely because it was required to cover the cost for putting the Tomari nuclear plant at the level required for operation from the new safety standard. So I am failing to see how your statement makes sense.

Also the comparison between nuclear energy and alternatives green energy are often dishonest as they often don't include the major cost of nuclear waste treatment, the colossal cost of nuclear plants decommissioning and the astronomical cost of a nuclear disaster.

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a rising political star in Japan, 

Stop with this, it's ridiculous.

"Countermeasures against global warming can't work without innovation," the 38-year-old said at a press conference after assuming his first ministerial post in a Cabinet reshuffle. "By dealing with environmental problems, I believe innovations will occur one after another, which will create business opportunities."

This is totally empty talk. He does not know what he id talking about. A 6 years old kid could have said the exact same thing.

Koizumi's father Junichiro has changed his stance to oppose nuclear power generation in the country since resigning from politics.

His father is an opportunist and a hypocrite. When he was prime minister, he did nothing against TEPCO which in 2002 was caught in a giant scandal where they have lied and falsified about critical safety checks since the 70's. Nobody was prosecuted, no punishing measures against the company were taken, Koisumi and his government protected them. We know how the TEPCO's ignorance for safety ended.

"That's an area in which Japan can make contributions,"

Empty talk. Japan is a plastic mess. First start to have a honest critical point of view and admit first that Japan is the second biggest contributor to plastic waste.

But I don't mean to tell (my wife) to take care of our house because I became a minister. Rather, I will do more housework since I became a minister. We're in such an era."

We shall see that....

 did anyone even read what he is promising?

Well he doesn't provide anything to read...

 He sounds like the kind of polititian that they need more of in this country.

He is exactly like his father. He tries to give a better image and smooth his appearance. But he is just part of the Japanese oligarchy. Why should he be different? He was educated and molded in the same system.

Is it possible, even in the slightest bit, that he got into politics not because of his dad's connections, but because he looked up to his dad and wanted to do the same thing?

I am sorry but this is naive. His family background basically brings him with minimal effort to a very high paid job and high privileges. That's why he is in politics.

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Posted in: Anger mounts in Japan over 'outdated' rape laws See in context

For cases such as those in the article where the victim is too fearful or upset to resist a father, how many would be willing to report the abuse?

That doesn't not matter what the victim did or not here. A father is not supposed to have sex with his 13 years old daughter. What's wrong with you?

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Posted in: Anger mounts in Japan over 'outdated' rape laws See in context

 who was abused by her father between the ages of 13 and 20

He abused sexually the daughter when she was just a child. In any civilized country, this alone is a serious serious crime, regardless if she resisted or not, or whatever stupid reasons given by the court. Do they think that a 13 years old child is consentent to have sex with her father? What pathetic logic is this? The country is still stuck in stone age, that's incredible.

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When the criminal code was created in 1907, Japan was purely patriarchal

Was? Another one in denial I guess. Japan is purely patriarchal. This ruling that does not condemn the father for sexually abusing his daughter is a proof of it. The country still considers that what the patriarch owns, it can use and abuse at will. A daughter is seen as a property of the patriarch (here the father) so having insane behavior (sexual activities with his own child) is not seen as a crime.

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I do not see Japanese comedians satirizing their politicians... does anyone know why is that?

You are making a fundamentally wrong assumption. That is, you assume that Japan is a free country. It isn't in many regards, specially when it comes to question, criticize or make fun of the established order.

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Other democraciies who always keep changing PM should learn from Japan.

What a silly remark. What other democracies are you talking about? Most of them do not change prime ministers often and Japan is certainly not foreign in changing prime ministers often in his history. So Japan is the last country to have any credibility giving lessons on that matter to others.

And you seem to think that Japan is a democracy. It isn't. Having basically a single party regime, an oligarchy in power practically without interruption for more than 70 years is not a democracy.

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The spectacular appointment as environment minister of Shinjiro Koizumi

Japan oligarchy at its best. The dude doesn't have the required expertise and knowledge on environmental issues to even remotely qualify for this job. Just none.

He is being brought in just because Abe and him had a little chat and came to an agreement about how they should play the game behind the doors without interfering at each other. He is as incompetent as his father was, who by the way made catastrophic reforms. The one which is still stuck in my throat is how he ruined even more the Japanese public universities by changing them to have a corporate structure rather than an academic one. This caused thousands of young Ph.D graduates (including me) to be employed for years in low paid, short term contracts.

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Posted in: Gov't to use family name first in Roman alphabet in documents See in context

And this is just silliness from the government, another one. In English it is so that the first name is written first, so the nationalist Japanese owe to respect the language rules if they don't like.

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It is more arrogant for Westerners to insist that they use the Western method.

First name first emphasizes the individual over the family. Last name first emphasizes the family (collective) over the individual. Insisting on the Japanese style means that even when speaking in English, a person's most distinguishing characteristic is not himself, but the family he belongs to.

The last name referenced first exists also in so called "western". For example in France they use the last name first in all official documents and in formal interactions. There is nothing unique to Asia or Japan here.

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Just like Ghosn promised to reimburse Versailles for his wedding party, but they still came after him!

Actually Ghosn as of today has not been charged for this. An investigation is underway by the prosecutor but no charges have been issued. Also his wife indicated a few months ago that the party was not a wedding party but her birthday party. The issue concerns only the payment of the rent for using Versailles.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO Saikawa admits being paid too much by equity scheme See in context

Apart from that, no crime was committed.

The dictionary definition of the world crime reads: "an action or omission which constitutes an offence and is punishable by law. "

This is what is about here, so a crime was committed.

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Posted in: Vietnamese trainees sue Fukushima firm over decontamination work See in context

Probably because it wasn't dangerous work.

That's not the only issue. The core of the issue is for being lied about their work. When you are employed somewhere, you expect the work described in the CONTRACT you signed to be accurate and not a blatant lie.

I drank coffee this morning. Coffee has caffeine. caffeine in doses 300x greater than consumed can be dangerous. Therefore the coffee company owes me 12M.

> Wait a minute .... Water. Too much Water.... You can drown! Water is deadly! I've drank Nestle bottled water! NESTLE OWES ME MONEY!

Ridiculous statement. No one is forcing or in fact will force you to drink any of that in a excessive amount, outside of a criminal action. Those people were basically forced to be exposed to radiation as they were obliged to work on behalf of their contract.

I wonder if these immigrants are aware they probably were exposed to higher doses of radiation on the plane to Japan than they've been exposed to in the time they've been in Japan.

As an example one get exposed to 0.035 mSv during a flight if you were to fly within the United States from the east coast to the west coast. As a comparison, in Namie for the first year after the Daiichi power plant accident, the average effective dose for the evacuees due to artificial sources from the accident was 5.0 mSv. Note also that the average effective dose due to natural sources for the evacuees from Namie Town before the accident was estimated to be 1.9 mSv. So next time please make sure to check that you know what you are talking about....

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Posted in: Nissan CEO Saikawa admits being paid too much by equity scheme See in context

We are only talking about a few hundred-thousand dollars here.

So what? Ghosn would have gone through the same treatment as he did would he have been accused for the same amount of money. And you would have argued that regardless of the amount of money in question, he should have known better and he should be condemned. Strange that suddenly for Saikaiwa, people like you are having a different tone, now it's just a few thousands dollars. That's the same people who were telling us that Japan justice system does not make distinction between people with power and the rest of the population. But now it's it's just a few thousands dollars.

And again Saikaiwa did got the money and he is admitting. Ghosn did not receive the money and is denying the allegations which makes him innocent until proven guilty. Saikawa is guilty from his admission. Contrast now how both are treated.

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This is about an oversight of Saikawa-san accidentally not acquiring salary in shares until a week later, when they had gone up.

> And, Saikawa-san has already promised to return this amount.

Baffling hypocrisy! So for you Gohsn is guilty but Saikawa who is being caught for the same charges did that accidentally and he can just give back the money? You are not making any sense.

deliberately avoiding to disclose tens of millions of $US in salary payments.

This is utterly flat wrong. Ghosn never received the amount for which he is accused for. The supposedly overpay was part of his retirement benefits from Nissan which by the way he would have received with the additional requirement that he won't work for a competitor. So Ghosn did not receive any money so far. None. On the contrary, it appears that Saikawa did receive the money. That makes the all point of him not being prosecuted like Ghosn was even more scandalous.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO Saikawa admits being paid too much by equity scheme See in context

Well here we go.

We've got a guy who presumably got illegally a large amount of money and we are told that Nissan does not believe that the over payment was in violation of the law, that somehow he will give back the money, that basically no detailed investigation on how this happened is being done, that no prosecutors are involved and surely that no made up arrest at an airport will be performed..... Of course Saikawa will surely continue to be allowed to see his wife if he has one and won't spend months in a jail.

All of this in the context of the Ghosn drama who as we know was dragged into the mud for basically similar accusations. The first Ghosn's arrest was on identical charges. If the prosecutors believe that Ghosn is guilty, then how can it be that they don't investigate Saikawa as well? I just can't see how someone could defend Japan on this one.

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Posted in: Japan briefs diplomats on Fukushima plant's radioactive water See in context

where Japanese officials stressed the importance of combating rumors.

Translation: every information that it's not coming from our state controlled propaganda is rumors including the scientifically based multiple reports from international organizations. We are big liars but we want you to trust us just like our apathetic population despite our undisputed record of blatant lies.

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 Heavily scented perfume/cologne

Yeah but the opposite can also be said. I accouter on a daily basis people with very bad body smell (mostly Japanese men). Another daily issue is the horrible bad breath smell that so many people have in this country (again more men than women, but women too when they are elder).

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Posted in: Gov't to launch smartphone-based rewards program to soften tax impact See in context

Ridiculous. It's like that this country just likes to make things complicated for the all sake to annoy people. And don't even get me started with using the My Number thing.....

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Posted in: Japan holds nationwide disaster drills See in context

I disagree. The response to the 2011 was very impressive

You did not understand what I meant in the first place. I was talking more about pre-disaster measures, proactive measures. The Japanese government has been warmed for decades about the risk of a big tsunami in that region and nothing was done about it. Instead tax payer money was spent on useless infrastructures. That's why I call those drills useless, since again they just try to make naive people feel safe. Once a major disaster hits, like a giant tsunami, little can be done. It's too late. That being said, during the 2011 earthquake, the response was nonetheless weak. It was clear that the country did not have the man power and technology to bring assistance to the population. This was even more evident with the nuclear disaster that followed the tsunami.

The government at that time was the democrat party and not the LDP.

Silly remark. The LDP has been in charge of this country for more than 70 years. The democrat party is irrelevant here. What Japan failed to address in order to better protect the population is the responsibility of the LDP, period. They are also responsible of having put in place and supported a deceiving and corrupt nuclear industry, which total ignorance of basic nuclear safety practices almost brought the entire country into a nuclear disaster at unseen scale.

And let's say the truth, during the course of the 2011 events, the LDP wouldn't have done better. They would have done probably worse given their track record of incompetence and they would have lied even more about the situation at Daiichi power plant.

Japan is the country which sets the standards for natural disaster preparedness the world over from holding drills to having evacuation centers to advising citizens to emergency packs ready.

BS. Again 2011 proved that standard to be quit weak. The more recent earthquakes in Kyushu and Hokkaido did the same. Also numerous other countries have measures in place for evacuation and advises for people to prepare for a en event.

In Britain there are no emergency drills even for the flood plains.

The comparison with Britain is silly and makes no sense. Japan has far more natural disaster than Britain, bigger in scale, intensity and frequency. And again, Japan does not seem to have efficient proactive measures. The leak of oil from at a local plant run by Saga Tekkohsho Co. following the torrential rain and the resulting flooding on Wednesday in Saga prefecture is another sign that the nation continues to neglect radical proactive measures that could be taken in areas known for a high risk of flooding.

Hurricane Andrew which hit Florida in 1992 and the Katrina Hurricane in 2005 which hit New Orleans are both times when the U.S. government agencies were very slow to react to the needs of the people experiencing them.

You could say the same for the Kobe earthquake if you want to compare things at that decade.

The 2011 disasters were overwhelming and no nation could have prepared for those.

This is utterly flat wrong. The government was warmed by numerous scientists about the risk of a earthquake in that region a decade before it happened. It was not taken seriously and efficient measure which could have saved life were not taken. One of them was to have an efficient evacuation plan in those areas which did not exist.

In my younger day I was involved in mountain rescue and during the summer months we trained on most weekends because training is important in saving the lives of others and also saving your own life in those rescue moments.

Mountain rescue and having to deal with a disaster with several thousands of causalities are two completely unrelated things. The fact that you are confusing both puts a serious doubt on your proclaimed rescue experience.

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Posted in: Tokyo ranked world's safest city for 3rd consecutive year by EIU See in context

broad array of strengths" with "low crime levels (both violent and petty)

I am sorry but this is relative. Yes sure Tokyo is relatively safe, but isn't hypocrite to say that when so many bushiness are owned by the Yakuza and in fact that the mafia is tolerated and very active in all major Japanese cities?

the city is still plagued by corruption and organized crime.

Yes sure so why "plagued by organized crime" does not mean then that the city is not that safe? This denomination would mean poor safety for any other place in the world so why not for Japan?

 infrastructure designed to withstand natural shocks 

This is a bizarre statement as past big earthquakes have showed that this is not true. See the recent ones in Kyushu and Hokkaido. There is no scientific evidence to believe that Tokyo will not sustain severe damages and causalities in the event of a major earthquake.

low risk of computer malware

This one is flat wrong.

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Posted in: Japan to introduce tighter rules for tech giants to protect customers See in context

Japan to introduce tighter rules for tech giants to protect customers

Protect customers? BS, so why the customers in Japan are not protected from overpriced vegetables and fruits or any fresh food, overpriced rents and abuse from owners, unfair taxing, and abuse of position of Japanese companies? Seems to me more like a disguised measure of protectionism to help Japanese companies who have miserably failed in tech.

 were drawn up after the ruling Liberal Democratic Party called on the government to impose tighter rules on tech giants to improve their privacy policy 

Hypocrites! They did not say the same when T Card's operator, Cultural Convenience Club, has admitted for providing its members’ personal information to police and prosecutors without court approval and users' consent. And in fact what about the willingness with which Japanese businesses hand over their customers' personal data to law enforcement agencies that is the voluntary transfers of such data to police and other agencies from many of Japan's biggest companies?

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Posted in: Abe warns Africa about debt as China grows presence See in context

but they have invested the monies in projects that are feasible , verifiable and in the long run financially viable. 

This is not true. The reason that Japan accumulated so quickly a huge debt after the bubble is that the Japanese government (=Abe's LDP ) has injected large amount of money primarily for public works in the hope that this would bring back Japan to its economy before the bubble explosion. It never worked and resulted only in making the country to dig its debt at a steady high rate. This translated into ridiculous spending, useless infrastructures is one example, or going into costly experiment like the Monju fast-breeding reactor which was a financial disaster.

In other words, what Abe is telling them not to do is precisely what Japan did.

 Most of the debts have gone into consumption and so there is a huge mismatch between what is on paper as debt and what actually pertains on the ground. 

Makes not sense...

 Whereas Japan can repay their debts

No it can't. Japan is borrowing money to service its debt which is around 240 billion dollar each year.

and by the way, a chunk of the debt is owned domestically

This argument is often used but so what? A debt is a debt and Japan does not operate in a parallel world where debt is somehow just a number. The domestically owned debt only helps to have stable interest rates, but that does not mean that those rates will never increase, which could be catastrophic. In any case, Japan has to service its debt each year, which is currently an enormous burden on the country finance as it needs to create even more debt to do that.

Now the fact Abe tells with a straight face to other countries that they should be careful about accumulating too much debt is a joke from a country which has managed to accumulate the largest one relative to its GDP.

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Japan's pledge to boost investment in Africa from the country's private sector to more than $20 billion over the next three years, in the hope of facilitating the giant continent's development.

We will do whatever it takes to assist the advancement of Japanese companies into Africa,

Yeah yeah, stop the hypocrisy. Japan like China wants to have a big foot in Africa for the sole purpose to exploit the natural resource of the continent. Something that several other countries do/did to a large extent before them by the way. But the scale to which China is trying to gain a big hold on Africa regardless of any environmental consideration is unprecedented and alarming. The Japanese have a similar mindset, they have consideration to nothing but their interests. So seeing them trying to also develop strongly their presence there will add even more fuel to a coming ecological cataclysm. 

A serious international regulation will have to be put in place to prevent it. Letting the Asians eager for just making money going there without any control is calling for a disaster, specially with the entrenched corruption in Africa which will make the task even easier for them.

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Posted in: Estimates cast doubt over Japan's public pension sustainability See in context

At least in Japan, the issue is getting top level government attention rather than being glossed over as has been done in some US states and some European countries.

This is not true at all. The pension system in Japan has been known during the last 20 years to be in a trajectory for a severe collapse given the debt of the country and the rapidly shrinking working population required to support the pension system. Yet no decision and action have ever been taken to help the future generations to cope with that gigantic issue. Instead, the LDP has continued wasting an outrageous amount of tax payer money to help Japan Inc. instead of implementing a radical change on how the country operates and how it can mitigate the shrinking working force. I have been living here long enough to witness this.

The best they could come up with is to try to gradually introduce the idea that people will have to work way longer that they do now in order to get a full pension. Basically they do what the Japanese leaders have always done to their population. Consider it as second-class people.

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Posted in: Estimates cast doubt over Japan's public pension sustainability See in context

worth about 61.7% of pre-retirement income.

If you think about it, that's already actually quite low given the average salary, in Tokyo in 2018 a mere 325,000 yen per month, and how ridiculously expensive it is to live in Japan.

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