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Good. To be perfectly honest, I was surprised that there are countries in the EU that are not NATO members.

It did not come out of thin air. There is a historical background to that. For example after the Second World War, Finland signed a treaty of peace with the Soviet Union which by the way had resulted in pushing out German forces out of Finland. In the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance established by the Soviet Union, Finland promised to adhere to neutrality unless the country itself was attacked. This resulted in a strong, openly neutral Finnish standpoint in foreign and security policy. The treaty was cancelled in 1992 and replaced with a new, more liberal treaty on friendly relations. Sweden had similarly historic reasons to adhere to a neutrality standpoint.

That’s why Finland or Sweden joining NATO, which is demanded by irresponsible and clueless politicians, is an unnecessary and dangerous provocation of Russia. Sweden and Finland can continue their policies of close partnerships with NATO without applying for membership.

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Wearing masks outdoors to protect against the coronavirus is not necessary providing social distancing

Wearing masks outdoors is not necessary whatsoever. Social distancing or not. The stupids in the Japanese government still believe that ballistic droplets are a factor of contamination. They are not or more precisely the risk with them is very low and negligible. Only virus carrying aerosols are. That makes the contamination risk outside extremely unlikely which is by the way easily explained by physics.

And anyway this mask thing has to stop now for a virus with such a low fatality rate. This is becoming in Japan just bizarre and grotesque. Even wearing mask indoors should be abandoned or only advised for the vulnerable population. The rest of the population should be left alone at this point and particularly children. The selfish elderlies of this county should be ashamed for having imposed on children wearing a mask all the time like they did.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 4,764 new coronavirus cases; record high 2,702 in Okinawa See in context

Told you so, only ZeroCovid is good Covid.

Go to China then. Come back to us when you will be fed up for being treated there like a slave.

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Posted in: Should you watch end credits at the movies? Japanese celebrity’s comments spark fierce debate See in context

Another non sense article about Japan. I am from a country in Europe and it’s normal and very common to watch the credits even more when people liked the movie. People just don’t jump out of their sit once the movie finished. This is not specific to Japan nor it constitutes a cultural shock whatsoever. Stop to view the world as being either where you are from or Japan. This is just silly.

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Russia accounted for 3.6 percent of Japanese crude oil imports in 2021, coming after Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar. The four Middle Eastern countries provided about 90 percent of oil supply in total.

Yes sure but just continue making business with totalitarian criminal states that cut heads and hands, or cut in peaces their opposants (https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2018/10/16/middleeast/khashoggi-turkish-investigation-intl/index.html). Or similarly invade a country and have been bombing civilians for years as Saudi Arabia has been doing in Yemen. Hypocrites!

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Asian Games postponed indefinitely as China battles COVID

Enough with this warrior-like rhetoric BS. They are not battling anything. This is just nonsense, a grotesque situation entirety made up by the government of this dictatorship country.

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Look really I don’t want to show off. But I am a PhD in computational geophysics and I know a hell a lot about fluid mechanics and particles dynamics. Wearing a mask outside do not make any sense and never did. Regardless of social distancing, the risk of contamination by aerosols for most situations in an open system is extremely small (for many reasons but looking at the advection-diffusion equation is already sufficient to draw a strong conclusion).

The risk of contamination by ballistic traveling particles have also been shown no to be the main route of contamination. Those so-called experts are not experts. Not only they are not physicists but they are doing ideology and culte driven decisions.

On top of that and beyond the mask effectiveness question since it’s been often removed indoors during social interactions and situations where the contamination is the highest; it’s has been ridiculous to force such a constraining measure to the younger population (in fact anyone under 60 or 50 years old if you want to be conservative) with a virus who has essentially no consequences on them. The entire situation is grotesque.

I am not wearing a mask whatsoever anymore. I have never done so outside. Now inside too. Enough is enough.

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Experts see harsh realities ahead for Musk at Twitter

Stop with this word “experts”, that’s enough. It has become a meaningless word used to just designate some people with big mouths but no expertise on anything really. In this case it seems to be a bunch of woke and far left people who are upset that Musk took over Twitter which has become a platform for censorship from those fatheads.

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Posted in: China's zero-COVID restrictions curb May Day holiday travel See in context


This is true but the really sad thing is that something rather similar happened in many countries with democratic regimes. Open discussion and critical point of views about the dramatic and scientifically unproven measures that were taken were systematically and falsely accused as disinformation. New Zealand, Australia, some states in US, South Korea, France, UK, Germany, etc. Japan had also similar things.

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Posted in: Haneda Airport upgrades security with 12 Hi-Scan 6040 CTiX screening systems See in context

even laboratory grade UV disinfection on safety cabinets require 10 to 15 minutes of exposure

UV disinfection is effective at wavelengths from 200 nm to 300 nm and microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi are rendered harmless within seconds by radiations within those wavelength range.

In more details, to determine the time required, one need to determine (1) the wavelength-specific dose required, (2) the number of LEDs and relative placement/distance, and (3) minimum irradiance point on the surface. Knowing that the dose needed is simply irradiance times the time required.

For instance, a disinfection level of 99 percent reduction (i.e. 2 log reduction value) of staphylococcus aureus on target surface area of 10 cm x 10 cm knowing that:

(i) The dose required to achieve this level of disinfection is 5.4 mJ/cm2 at 254 nm, which is an equivalent dose of 5.2 mJ/cm2 at 265 nm or 6.7 mJ/cm2 at 280 nm.

(ii) a single Klaran 35R GD LED is operated at 350 mA and at beginning-of-life, aligned to the surface center and placed 6 cm from the surface.

(iii) The minimum irradiance value measured at the corner of the surface is 0.075 mW/cm^2.

Then the required disinfection time is 1 minute 10 seconds (note that this time is not absolute).

All of that being said, those disinfection measures are pointless and ridiculous since the likelihood of contamination with covid-19 fomites is estimated to be less than 1:30000. This is totally negligible and everything else is just PR and show.

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Posted in: China digs in on zero-COVID strategy despite public's frustrations See in context

China's virus policy is a "magic weapon for preventing and controlling the pandemic", 

No it’s a convenient excuse for more brutal totalitarianism.

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But as long as the deadliest variant of Covid in Japan

The case fatality rate in Japan used to be around 2-3% in 2020 and it’s now down to around 0.38% (even probably lower given the large amount of asymptomatic cases and undetected positive cases). So how can this be considered in any shape or form the deadliest variant?

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Posted in: IMF says yen's rapid slide may hamper Japan's post-pandemic recovery See in context

the yen's rapid recent slide could hamper the pandemic-stricken Japanese economy from returning to a steady growth pathway

Returning to a steady growth? Another one living in a parallel work apparently. Japan has not achieved a steady growth for the last 30 years.

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Posted in: Tokyo to remove last trash cans from stations next month See in context

We have resolved to remove all trash cans to strengthen countermeasures against terrorism and the like.”

BS excuse to justify how pathetically stingy they are. It’s just silly measure to reduce further their costs without any regard for consumer service quality and any consideration for the fact that since people are paying taxes, they deserve good public services including the availability of trash cans.

But the robots Japanese will throw a shoganai up into the air and continue to pay their due taxes without any sense of criticism.

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Posted in: 'Old Enough:' Netflix show sparks global debate on parenting and child safety See in context

What a load a Japanese propaganda, that’s ridiculous. Japan’s society doesn’t teach any independence to people that’s quit the opposite. It’s an awfully infantilizing society when adults are constantly told what to do and how to behave. Nobody here really knows what to do by himself/herself without being instructed to. I spent years on academia and it’s was puzzling how the students supposedly adults can’t do anything. Rooms were dirty as hell and people just were always clueless.

And regarding security, there is right now in my neighborhood a dude who sexually chase children going to school. It has been going on for months and the police has miserably failed to catch him. So don’t tell me about the Japan safe BS. And beyond that, drivers here are total disrespectful idiots (in Hokkaido they’re at their own class), who never stop at stop signs and speed up on small roads so there is no way I will leave my son going alone with such dangerous people around. Japanese people are just living in their distorted world and refuse to accept the reality that Japanese roads are very dangerous for children.

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Posted in: Tokyo cancels Sumida River fireworks festival for 3rd straight year See in context

Sumida Ward and Tokyo metropolitan government officials said the continuing high rate of coronavirus infections in the city make it difficult to hold the festival, as social distancing would be impossible.

BS! This is gibberish, this means nothing. It’s nonsense because it is not based on any scientific rational.

At this point they are just using the COVID BS to establish a society where people are allowed to do a limited amount of activities defined by the government while wearing a stupid mask all the time.

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Posted in: China reports 20,000 daily COVID cases; most since start of pandemic See in context

The majority of the cases are, however, asymptomatic.

Yeah so the disgusting country that China is, is now basically using the COVID excuse to exercise even more totalitarianism and control on its population. The mentally deranged nutheads leading this country have found a perfect reason for that.

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Posted in: Japan to see higher prices for food, daily goods from Friday See in context

The major transportation system in the country is no exception either.

The Shutoko expressway will also see a significant price raise. Japanese expressways are already organized racket, at this point this is becoming even criminal. And the apathetic Japanese populace is not saying anything about it.

As for Japan's public pension system, the amount of benefits will decrease by 0.4 percent as wages have gone down due to the influence of the pandemic.

This is BS rhetoric. The real cause is governments having reacted irrationally with restrictions that forced them to spend an immense amount of public money to compensate the economic sectors affected by their decisions. And now someone has to pay. Similarly, the sheep that makes up the population of Japan will keep their mouth shut inside their masks.

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Posted in: Diet enacts record ¥107.60 tril budget for FY2022 See in context

"Servicing the debt" is a non-issue here.

What are you talking about you? The country is spending 24.34 trillion yen for debt-servicing, which means that it is costing Japan the equivalent of the GDP of some counties out there in paying back its debt on a yearly basis. That's a lot of money that is not going to be used to serve the population of the country. You speak like Japan is operating in a vacuum. No it doesn't. It has to pay its debt back like any other country whoever owns it.

Moreover it's not like the country is doing well, isn't it? it has been in an economic stagnation for three decades with a massive building debt and an aging population unable to drive an economical growth required to sustain it. Why do you think that Japan's government is increasing taxes if everything is fine?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 7,825 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 49,210 See in context

Under testing, under reporting.

And you under thinking for failing to understand even in 2022 that it makes no sense whatsoever to still be whining about the number of tests.

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Posted in: COVID quasi-emergency to completely end on Monday: Kishida See in context

Infection is not necessarily immunizing, people that got infected and felt down for a day have not the same immune reaction than those that had to spend a month in the ICU. Making a full characterization of the immune response to be able to say the person is at least as immune as someone vaccinated would be much more expensive (and profitable for the companies that sell the necessary equipment and reagents) than the vaccine.

There is a large amount of scientific literature on natural immunity, for example and it’s not even exhaustive:





















Yet there is a random dude with no qualification whatsoever on internet trying to lecture people with literally random chosen words put randomly together about a subject that goes way above his head. This is fascinating, our world is fascinating.

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Posted in: Japan eyes lifting COVID quasi-emergency next week as infections fall See in context

When will it be okay not to wear masks in Japan, (aka socially acceptable)?

I stopped wearing this ridiculous thing already from a while ago. And I have never worn it outside. Never.

It is people's own self-consciousness and self-awareness that is pressurizing themselves to mask up.

No that's not that. This is BS! Japanese stupidly keep wearing a mask all the time even outside because they are scarred to death from being judged and ostracized for not following the group and the social norm.

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan exec Kelly gets suspended sentence; judge slams Ghosn See in context

What a joke what a joke. This ridiculous decision which only exists as a consensus in order that the prosecutors don’t go come with their hands in their pocket, just shows that they had really nothing tangible against neither Kelly nor Ghosn. But I remember the Japanese media treating them as almost murderers. Japan can really be the a.. h… of the world.

And we know now that it was a set-up by Nisan with the complicity of the prosecutors to get rid of them. The Japanese mafia old boys club all over again.

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Posted in: Japan's top business lobby calls for border controls to be eased more See in context

that the government's decision to raise the cap on the daily number of new entrants from the current 3,500 to 5,000 starting next month is not enough.

This is not correct and there seems to be a confusion about that. The figure refers to the number of people entering Japan on a daily basis — Japanese nationals and foreign residents re-entering the country are included in the quota, as well as the new entries who will be allowed in from March. That’s why it’s considered to be ridiculously low.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 8,805 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 51,987 See in context

You mean let the covid go wild and generate new dangerous variants such as the BA2 ?

Any data to back up this claim instead of throwing around baseless statements? I guess not.

Let's see what we have. A preprint Japanese study has claimed that BA2 may be more pathogenic. However their results are incredible questionable since they are based on lab and animal experiments. They basically claimed that in experiments with hamsters, BA.2 caused more severe lung disease than BA.1. Work with hamsters and mice also suggested that BA.2 could defeat immune responses generated to BA.1. But again those are experiments based on animals without any regard to human produced humanity, and anyone with some knowledge about this field of science knows that it's extremely hazardous to naively translate results from animals to humans. In fact the authors admitted themselves that their results do no hold up statistically when the researchers pitted BA.2 against antibody samples from three unvaccinated people who had recovered from BA.1. Yeah what a surprise!


In fact real data from real humans do without surprise contradict the findings of this study. A recent study from Denmark where BA2 has become prevalent has indeed shown that there is no evidence to support that BA.2 is associated with an increased risk of hospital admission.


Similarly the World Health Organization noted recently that the rise of prevalence of BA2 hasn't been accompanied by concerning increase in severe disease and hospitalizations.


And a recent report released by the UK Health Security Agency found that current vaccines are just as effective—if not slightly more effective—against BA.2 than BA.1. Given that an overwhelmingly amount of scientific data and research have demonstrated how effective natural immunity is, we should expect even better protection from it.


In conclusion. indeed you are making baseless claims.

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Posted in: Japan to ease COVID border controls, entry quarantine from March See in context




They determined that omicron is significantly milder even for controlling for vaccination status ie. regardless of vaccination status.

Another source is this very detailed report from the French government statistical institution:


It's written in French but the relevant part is on page 17 where they show the risk of death for people aged between 20-59 years old; 60-79 years old and 80+ years old for unvaccinated people (top panel); vaccinated with two doses (middle panel) and vaccinated with three doses (bottom panel). You see that for the population under 60 years old, the risk with omicron even unvaccinated is essentially zero. The risk with delta again for unvaccinated people (which has the same pathogenicity as the ordinal strain) was also very small and mostly driven by people with comorbidities. The risk increase with age for omicron as we know with previous strains but remains significantly less than delta for older people. Of course vaccination for this vulnerable population is beneficial. For the rest of the population mass vaccination makes no sense unless for people with comorbidities.

On page 18 same plots but for the risk of hospitalization (left panels) and the risk of entering in intensive care (right panels). Here too for the 20-59 olds population very low risk and even lower with vaccination (again mainly driven by people with comorbidities) and the risk with omicron is lower across all age groups.

Similar data can be found I presume for UK, Netherlands, South Africa etc.

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Posted in: Japan venture to build country's first nuclear fusion power plant See in context

*It takes an immense amount of effort to keep the fusion going, which is the reason why only Korea actually managed to keep the hydrogen plasma going at fusion temperature for a prolonged period, all other's efforts failed and fusion plasma control is basically a Korean secret sauce at the moment.*

Nonsense! You don't know what you are talking about. What does that even mean?

Keeping the fusion stable is not the only problem. The challenge is being able to sustain the fusion reaction long enough to extract useful energy. In fact right now, the issue is really to produce as much energy as the energy needed to control the fusion reaction itself. A condition called breaking-even point. Currently the most promising design is based on creating a high-energy hydrogen plasma and then using intense magnetic fields to contain and compress it. This is generally done in a toroidal structure called a tokamak. The EUROfusion group seems to be the most advanced and close to achieve breaking-even fusion energy. They announced a few days ago that they have been able to produce a record 59 mega-joules of energy for 5 seconds on the Joint European Torus device (JET). JET is at the moment the most powerful tokamak on the planet with a previous record of 22 mega-joules of useful energy produced in 1997. The devise serves as an experimental and validation platform for the much bigger device ITER, which construction is being finalized in France. In fact people working on that project believes that if they can maintain fusion for five seconds, they can do it for five minutes and then five hours as they scale up their operations in future machines. The ITER will be the first major step into that scaling and is now expected to begin experimental runs in 2025. ITER is expected to go well past the break-even point and host self-sustaining fusion reactions in which the energy produced remains above the energy needed to control the reaction.


Though experimental reactors to prove the feasibility of nuclear fusion reaction exist in Japan and abroad, "a plant that actually generates power is rare even on a global basis,

Nonsense. This dude should make a reality check and get out of his reality distorsion. He is being late in the game, cf above.

As a side remark, another method for achieving fusion is to use many high-powered lasers which deliver an extremely intense burst of energy that crushes and heats a small pellet of hydrogen isotopes, producing a short burst of fusion. This is the approach taken at the National Ignition Facility, which has put up some impressive results in terms of the amount of energy produced. However the current main issue with this design is to be able to create a sustain release of energy because the lasers need to be recycled and the targets need to be replaced. But when the system is ready for another burst, the heat generated by the first has already dissipated.


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Posted in: Japan aims for 1 million daily booster shots to stem infection wave See in context

Yes it does, 


No it does not. Cheery picking an obscure study (published in Eurosurveillance) that really is not conclusive does not make your reality distortion and ideological view of the situation correct.

I can come easily with a study this time in a prestigious journal that completely contradicts it:


Fully vaccinated people with breakthrough infection have the same virus load and can transit as easily the virus. And as real data of the real word (not your imagination) is showing us, fully vaccinated people with breakthrough infections are a common thing. See data in US, Europe, Israel and Japan.

Several studies have concluded that the even if the vaccine can attenuate the transmission, this only occurs on a very short period and its effectiveness agains transmission diminish significantly very quickly.


Same conclusion here:


The general consensus is really is that those vaccines are not good at preventing transmission:


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Posted in: No. of daily new coronavirus cases in Tokyo passes 20,000 for first time See in context

I'd like to see stats with show how many infected were already vaccinated twice, once, or none

Here, the vaccination status of positive cases in Tokyo.


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Posted in: Gov't reopens mass vaccination center in Tokyo for COVID booster shots See in context

Being vaccinated reduce the spreading of the infection importantly

No it does not. This is fallacy, fake news, We have real data now. Israel is the first country which has largely vaccinated its population with a third dose. But the positive cases have never been that high there as they are now. The same can be said for several countries in Europe. Look at the data instead of making up things with the imagination of someone who has no expertise to talk about science.

If we look more closely at some data we can have an idea of what can be said about vaccination with a minimum of rigor instead of throwing BS all around. For a report from the UK Health Security Agency, we know that after two doses the effectiveness for symptomatic disease was 9% and 13% for BA.1 and BA.2 respectively (the two omicron lineage). After a third dose, this was 63% and 70%, again for BA.1 and BA.2 respectively. Seems good, the effectiveness for symptomatic disease does largely improve with a third dose (but not for long since data have shown that the present vaccines are not immunizing agents).

But again this is for symptomatic disease, not against transmission (and protection against severe complications is another subject since the two doses were still reasonably effective). And even so, the real question is: should we mass vaccinate the population for it not having a little fever, running nose and sore throat? The answer is obviously no we should not. This is unreasonable if not crazy. It makes not sense whatsoever to mass vaccinate the population with a vaccine that does not stop transmission. Moreover so that those vaccines are not given free, a very large amount of public money is used to buy them. The vaccination should at this point, and this should actually have been the case since the vaccines were made available, concentrate on the vulnerable population, ie. the old population, people with comorbidities and immunocompromised people. The rest of the population can be infected without any notable issues, precisely also because natural immunity is better than vaccination (I have already posted numerous studies showing that).


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