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Here's a quote:

"...53 percent of Americans in this ABC News/Washington Post poll approve of Obama's job performance overall -- 15 points lower than his opening grade, but still just over half at the one-year mark. He remains personally popular, if far less so. And confidence in his leadership, as weakened as it is, greatly exceeds that in the Republicans in Congress, or, for that matter, in his own party."<

[emphasis mine]

So he still has over 50% approval (though it's not as high as when he started, but I expected that). Republicans (and I would include many Democrats as well)... ummmmm, no.

With that said, there are many people (myself included) who think that he needs to change how he's tackling some of these issues. However, I also know 1) he never had majority in Congress (say what you want, but I don't consider the Blue Dogs or Lieberman as Democrats... period) - so trying to garner the votes was going to be pretty impossible, and 2) it's only been 1 year.

He did actually turn the "Titanic" of the economy away from the iceburg and we're starting to see some improvements (DOW is back above 10,000 after starting from 7,000). Now he just needs to get the unemployement numbers under control.

He was dealt a bad hand, but he's made some progress.

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Lies and "no" is all they have. Heaven forbid they try to tell the truth, or come up with an idea.

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Obama has nothing to do with, IOC members voting preference. Rio was the choice of IOC. The South Americans/Rio point that, they never even hosted once, swayed most IOC members votes

Only people who use their brain cells realizes this. The "first time in South America" line pulled on their heart-strings. To the IOC, that's a story they couldn't pass up. Honestly, I don't blame them - I was convinced to (though I was still pulling for Chicago or Tokyo).

But hey, why let the truth bother them?

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Posted in: Rio wins bid for 2016 Olympics; Tokyo eliminated in 2nd round See in context

From what I read, though everyone was saying it's between Chicago and Rio, it was actually Rio's Olympics to lose. The IOC is all about "spreading the love" (case in point - Beijing) - and since the Olympics hasn't taken place in South America yet, it was due. Plus, the US Olympic committee pissing off the IOC is what landed Chicago in 4th.

But regardless, congrats to Rio!!! It's going to be one hell of a party. Now, I, unfortunately have to hear nut-cases whine about "how bad this will hurt Obama," though it has nothing to do with him.

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