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Posted in: Speaking positively about marijuana online leads to arrest of Japanese man and woman See in context

Wow Japan so you just mention weed there and you get locked away for not even having a tiny itty bitty bud on you is shameful and quite funny and for the one dude that said western country's has homeless people that started out from smoking weed then moved onto harder drugs did you ever think thats false weed is not psyically addictive but you know what is and will make you homeless alone causes numerous cancers on top of other problems and you can have seizures and die from going without ALCOHOL and if I haven't mistaking last visit to your country you can DRINK IN PUBLIC thats not a drug thats not bad how diluated is that to think that way ever think your country lied to you since 1948 when you outlawed weed and continue to do so why do you think they try to enforce the same laws overseas after Canada legalized weed in the whole country hmmm? Maybe to keep everyone still mis informed or at least try to guess what the Usa also tried to pull the same trick want to know what happened everyone kept on smoking and then the goverment finally realized how pointless it was to lie with all the anti weed psas soon enough everyone in Japan will get fed up with it and when that happens and when a great % start to advocate it and smoke themselves you aint going to be able to lie no more as well as controll that many people once that happens I will finally move to your country but jesus for weed this is just insane I get the mass majority of other drugs sure but a drug that is more harmless then caffeine is just plain idiotic oh and ps I got weed from one of your anti drug citizens every single time I been to japan oh and smoked right on your soil lmfao

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