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Posted in: Gov't asks 4 power companies to plan for rolling blackouts See in context

As long as the temperatures are under 33C or so, it should be fine...

33! last year didnt it almost hit 43?! Ha!

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Ha ha. Awesome.

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The speed limits in Japan are ludicrously low. And even more crazy is that people follow the speed limits here almost to a fault.

You're joking right? I drive almost every day and EVERYONE does about 50% over the speed limit. I never see anyone doing the proper speed. Always about 70 in a 50 zone and many people doing over 140 in the 80 limit expressways.

Drivers, in Kanto at least, suck! They NEVER give way, they will risk their lives and the lives of those around them to gain an extra few meters ducking in front of you or "undertaking" as I like to call it. I come from just outside London and I thought they were bad but after 5 years in Japan, I think English drivers are pretty savvy and polite! (for the most part)

@fadamor and papasmurf. I have never had a car accident (touch wood) but if you are sitting in someone's blind spot and they dart out into your lane, I just can't see how you can stop in time. Especially if you are traveling faster than them. I also treat every driver as an idiot, it's the way I was taught and works because I've never had so much as a scratch on the road but that doesn't mean it can't happen out of my control. The person behind is always at fault rule is bull.

Oh, and my blood boils at the fact that if you leave so much as a hair's gap between you and the car in front, someone will slip in.

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I agree on both sides of this, I like the new direction, it's refreshing, but I hope it will go back to its old ways one day. I've been a fan of bond since I was little, watching every movie about 4/5 times and I'm kind of glad they are taking the character somewhere else for a change. Still, I don't really see Craig as "Bond" I see him as a "what if...?" Bond. "What if Bond was a human being?"

I don't disagree with it.

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I think sexuality is not the issue here. Being a warm-blooded male I'm quite happy to see this ad! But, I don't agree with "sexual activity" like this being shown in the afternoons on TV in front of your children. Whether its boy-girl boy-boy or girl-girl makes no difference.

"The commercial may encourage homosexuality,” one of the complaints said" It's homosexuality, not heroin!

As for certain individuals asking to remove all the "new halves, transgenders and other gays" there are many people that say the same for foreigners here. Would you like them to ride on separate buses too so you dont have to have them "rammed down your throat" then? Its not like they're having sex in the middle of the quiz show.

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Posted in: Japan's rocket alert system failed due to lack of info from defense ministry See in context

"At approximately 07:40 we confirmed that a certain flying object was launched from North Korea and fell after flying for just over a minute," Japanese Defence Minister Naoki Tanaka said.

Maybe they were too busy chuckling at it to pass the info on.

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Posted in: Japan's rocket alert system failed due to lack of info from defense ministry See in context

I heard that the missile warning system didn't work because the missile travelled about as far as it would if they threw it. The Americans where watching via satellite whereas the Japanese system looks from the ground so the missile just didn't come close enough. I wouldn't expect a missile warning system to let me know about missiles nowhere near us.

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After a little research i found that EU regs were at 600 becquerels per kilo (about 380 for milk) and have risen to "almost double" no figure but one kind of sensationalist looking site said 12500 becquerels per kilo, not sure if i believe that.

It seems the Japanese level is way lower than others so i wonder if it is us worrying about an amount too little or the EU has set a limit way too high? This stuff is really confusing. I wish there was a more conclusive understanding so we know whether to worry or not. Until then I will just live as normal because I'm sure the worry of earthquakes and radiation and things that might happen will certainly shorten your life.

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ah yeh kinda getting off point. Would be nice if it was taken seriously and they stop being reactive and more proactive.

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in my view its like letting a toddler play with a gun, if its unloaded, theres no real danger unless he/she drops it on their toe or develops an unhealthy liking for guns when they're older. Then load it and cock it, it does the same job (keeps the child entertained) but there is a chance they could pull the trigger and blow their brains out. Analogy in pretty bad taste but works i think.

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I liked how SushiSake said "Let's face it - there's risks associated with all types of energy production. No one type is perfectly safe and it's unwise to expect it will be" I cant really think of many dangers associated with ANY other type of energy errr... maybe global warming...... or a wind vane falling on your head. Compared with (in worst case scenario) thousands of horrible unthinkably painful deaths, rises in various cancers for millions, poisoning ecosystems and causing whole areas to become uninhabitable for millenia. yeh, they're all the same, lets just face it. Dont like to resort to name-calling but douche.

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I havent read all the other comments above me so i might be repeating what others said but...

As much as i don't agree with this "Sue everyone, get what you can" mentality in the west because we all eventually pay for it, the only thing that these companies do listen to is money. If they are giving false claims at sale then they should lose the case, pay loads of money and stop BSing from here on out. When they say it gets 50mpg that should be an average not a maximum! They should say "30-50MPG". Where do you draw the line? "If you push it downhill, you'll get an infinite number of miles to the gallon!! Give us your money quick!"

I know its less money but internet companies are the same: "40,000Mps Broadband!(probably)Sign up now!!" and then when you sign up and get it up and running you have to wait ten minutes for a youtube video to buffer.

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Posted in: Team of Japanese doctors in N Korea to examine A-bomb victims See in context

Hold on, am I missing something? The US bomb Japan, some north Koreans get sick and Japan has to pay compensation? Even if down to the bombings, why are Japan expected to treat and pay compensation. They were bombed!

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I think the main reason for these suicides is the massive stigma attached to mental health problems, I know someone here who was very depressed and when I suggested counselling they refused saying they wouldn't want anyone to find out. Counselling should be readily available and the government needs to do something to assure these people that there is a place to go and by that I don't mean being water boarded by a priest to free you from evil spirits. So many of these cases could be avoided by just having someone neutral to talk to.

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The ban on vending machines is good but cigarettes are so expensive from those machines (10 pounds for 16 cigs) that I can't imagine many kids buying from them. It's also illegal for anyone under 18 to even enter a pub so how are they using them? On a large scale I mean. But yeh at least it's doing something.

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Posted in: New regulations take effect for restaurants serving raw beef dishes See in context

One of favourite dishes, I was so disappointed when those poor people died for two reasons, one, I thought it would no longer be served anywhere and secondly, the newfound fear of one of my favourite dishes. I just hope they follow the new procedure so at least their deaths weren't a complete waste.

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Posted in: Quake-prone Japan looks at geothermal energy See in context

Wait a minute, according to some of the posters here the massive ball of infinite fire that has been burning for billions of years under us and provides us with a magnetic field and as such an atmosphere isn't renewable?! We're in big trouble if charging my iPod is going to kill that. If you did deep enough there is always going to be more heat than we could ever use. Geothermal is the only way forward in my opinion. It is so simple and effective. Why cook up more complicated unnatural forms of nuclear energy when we are sitting on so much of it?

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