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whining? who stepped on the cat's tail?

to paraphrase isn't Japan again 'off... to impose Japanese culture' on Christmas? and having a laugh at it all is a lot less painless than listening to a group of bow-tied university students singing Stille Nacht.

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Nope, just checked. Very precise about the time the poor girl was found by her parents but no indication that she'd been dead for a few days.

TV news reports mentioned that she had sent an e-mail to her parents saying she was visiting friends on Monday; guess that was actually the boyfriend trying to buy himself some time.

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So doesn't that imply the girl had also been dead for a few days when her body was found?

Wonder why the police held on to that information? I don't remember that information in the related story from yesterday.

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Seems to me that Mr. A has done all his talking behind closed doors which keeps his name out of the press, whereas Taylor is doing his talking through the media - and that's why one gets his name printed and not the other.

Ako Kawada herself had allegedly been having troubles at work and 2 weeks before she took her life had written an entry into her blog (all entries since December 2006 have now been removed) that could be seen as revealing a strained mental state - all this and more has resulted in a lot of innuendo, suspicion and supposition appearing in Japanese gossip rags.

More than anything it makes you wonder why did some people dislike Mr. A, and just what was Ako herself refering to when she added the now deleted entry '母の日に私は悪魔になってしまいました' in her blog on May 12 of this year -

母の日に私は悪魔になってしまいました。もともとそうだったのかもしれません。 産んでくれた母に、生きている意味を聞いてしまいました。 母の涙が 私の涙がとまりません。母の涙が耳の奥で響いているのです

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