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Thanks for your reply. I know I do tend to wail on in an unseemly manner, but I am determined to use your constructive criticism to better my lot. Part of the reason I am drawn to this Japanese cultural prism is that I can identify with the social anxiety displayed in such extreme forms as the Hikkikomori phenomenon. As for me, I am fortunate to be able to say I live independently, pursue my own career successfully, and actively travel to enrich my outlook on life. I simply must bide my time and keep myself occupied while exercising patience.

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Posted in: Parents actively seeking mates for their single offspring See in context

I would be happy if my parents were actively involved in my life such as reported here. As it stands, they treat me like a stranger who just happens to be their offspring. I have reservations about marriage, but at 30 I am loathing this single life.

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Sad. I am baffled why she would continue to pull this, and not be able to find a boyfriend after so many different outings. I find myself in the opposite dilemma. An ample sum of money from a steady job and living below my means. Yet alone.

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As a 30 year old American man, I can well identify with plenty of the Japanese rationales given here. My number one reason? Sex is too important to me to consider getting married. After a honeymoon of 2-3 years, forget about it.

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Posted in: Diet passes Y90.3 tril budget, adding to Japan's debt mountain See in context

As noted, this just happens to be another country reduced to a dangerous dependence on deficits for effective functioning. Japan racked up most of this debt heap long before March 11 last year. My only question is who is buying all this government debt? Must be the banks and private citizens I am sure, yet still is there no limit to the enabling of financial malfeasance present in the concerned holders?

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Posted in: A year on: Tourism shudders in quake-hit Japan See in context

This intrepid traveler will be flying to Japan for 10 days next month. First time in Asia after many explorations of Europe.

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Posted in: Lawmakers wage see-saw battle in U.S. debt default stalemate See in context

I am calculating that the US has a chance of default. I have long foreseen this day coming. Not simply because of the debt, deficit, and reckless budget efforts. Indeed, fiat currencies are all over the world, lacking any firm backing by gold. We could be on the cusp of a new dark ages. I am stocked up at home, armed, and grimly awaiting whatever may come.

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I give my old books to my local library because I enjoy supporting my community. I derive great benefit from the material I am able to borrow, and I wish to repay this somehow. Also, if I keep a book at home, I have no incentive to read it in a timely manner. By donating it, I can still access it, but a multitude of others are now able to learn from it as well.

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I applaud your work on this article. I can identify with Kato somewhat: I don't have many friends, didn't have a girlfriend until I was in my 20s, I was absorbed in computer games when not in school. Its hard to feel sympathy for a society that rejects you. Would he have been as driven to commit this massacre if he didn't have the guarantee of instant media celebrity?

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