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damexicanbuda comments

Posted in: Iran Revolutionary Guards chief warns Israel See in context

The whole Middle East is a basket case! Why? They are all so screwed because of all the RELIGION brain washing not just Muslims, but Jews and Christians fighting for some land in the name of the RELIGION of their choice, this situation makes me sick to my stomach. Imagine how many schools, hospitals, parks, etc..could have been constructed instead of the BILLIONS spent on WEAPONS in this awful part of the world! Imagine their is NO HEAVEN! Give Peace a chance, Long live John Lennon!

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Posted in: KDDI to offer free call service for fixed, cell phones See in context

I use JCOM for my telephone (domestic and international), for my internet and for my cable tv, does anybody else here use JCOM?

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Posted in: 25-year-old wife arrested for selling nude photos of herself See in context

Bravo! I think this should become a land mark case! Forget about abortion rights, what about the right of a women, who in this case must have a great body, to show it off to the entire cyber world! Good for here! I hope she is giving her husband a nice cut to so he can also buy some clothes?

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Posted in: No soy sauce! Japanese athletes forced to adapt to Olympic menus See in context

No soy sauce!! I am Mexican, and I do not really care for Kikkoman or any other sauce unless I am having sushi, so I need it to water down my wasabi but as a true Mexican, I need HOT SAUSE, Tabasco, Jalapeños, Habaneros etc..I hope the Mexican Olypmic team makes sure not to leave home with out there spicy stuff, other wise they will not be to happy at the Olympic Village.

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Posted in: Mugabe says 'only God' can remove him See in context

Zimbabwe used to be a "model country" for Africa when the white man ruled it not, most whites are being told to leave and good old Mugabe, is turning a once great country into the laghing stock of not only the entire African continent but of the entire world. Only God can remove him?? Boy he is luck the US is too busy fighting in Iraq and Afganistan, because I think GOD would come swooping down on him in the form of some nice laser guided missiles. Let us pray for the poor Zimbawaens who have to put up with this idiot!

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Posted in: Mother of Filipino allegedly raped by U.S. soldier in Japan appeals for help See in context

If we want real justice, it would be nice to have this U.S. service member serve out his sentence in a nice, heated jail somewhere in the PHILIPINES with say about 100 Filipinos who would just love to hear how he got in jail. I am sure after the Filipinos find out what this idiot did to one of their women, they would have a great imagination on what to do with this knuckle head. I am sure crime in Okinawa and around any other US military base would fall real quick! Hey dude, did you hear that if you get drunk in Roppongi and rape young ladies you will spend time in a Philipine jail? Imagine who quick even the stupidist jar head would go jerk off instead of abusing young ladies.

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Posted in: Crown prince calls for stronger ties between Japan and Brazil See in context

Gosh, just go to Hamamatsu in Shizuoka Prefecture, were thousands of Brazilians and Brazilians of Japanese decent live in perfect harmony with their Japanese counterparts. Many are actually quite happy to live and work here in Japan, where you do not have 5 year olds ready to shoot you dead on the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

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Posted in: 12 dead in stampede at Mexico nightclub See in context

This news makes me very, very sad and also ashamed of how stupid and ignorant our police in Mexico are. I can not even imagine something this stupid happening here in Japan, well I at least pray something this horrible never happens here. I pray for all the young souls who were only out to celebrate the beggining of summer vacation.

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Posted in: Porn actress, producers arrested for filming in rear of dump truck See in context

Having a bit of romp in the back of dump truck in the middle of Shibuya?? If the truck is nice and clean, no rain, and I just happen to be asked to participate with a about 10 really "outgoing" young Japanese girls, I guess I would have to say, YES!! But only if I get to pick the music to be blared from the trucks speakers, because I can not stand this techno stuff!

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Posted in: Serial child killer Tsutomu Miyazaki, 2 others executed See in context

Bastards like Miyazaki are sick and twisted individuals who showed no mercy to their victims and are nothing more than scum. Who the hell kills children, eats parts of their bodies and then sends the remains to this childs parents? This sick bastard makes me think that even the death penalty is too good for him. Maybe the victim's parents could think of a couple of creative ways to torture scum like Miyaziki, because I sure can come up with what to do to scum like this. Any good ideas out there?

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Posted in: 22-year-old night school student assaults 15-year-old classmate in Chiba See in context

a 22 year old (a legal adult) and a 15 year old (still a minor) in the same class??? What the hell are they thinking! This is just an incident waiting to happen. I just have to wonder what kind of parents these students have, I am sure they must be some real winners, huh?

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Posted in: Qantas cuts Japan flights in face of high fuel costs See in context

I think Qantas is just trying to save it's own behind, which is quite natural. The Japanese economy is still in very bad shape and why waste time and money sending planes out here to Japan when you can always look for new and stronger markets in China, India and the Middle East.

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Posted in: The defendant continued to offer alcohol to the customer in order to obtain profits with the sale of the drinks. The motive for offering alcohol is selfish and his criminal responsibility is big. See in context

Bravo!! I am very happy the court in this case has a bit of common-sense! Do we all remember a few months ago that 2 young stupid mothers were guzzling beer,etc..at a Saizeriya family restaurant late into the night, with all of the little children, were not stopped nor asked how they would get home and all died a few hours later after the idiot drunk driver mother slammed her car into a light pole??? She was stupid but the restaurant evil for not taking away her car keys! Calling a taxi? These innocent children would may alive today.

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Posted in: There is no effective cure to save Japan from a population crisis. In order for Japan to survive it must open its doors as an international state to the world and shift toward establishing an 'immigra See in context

Life in Japan is very expensive, I do have a wife and 2 children, I love them very much, but I think too many Japanese get "sucked" into the mentality of having to prove their loyalty to their company by being there 24/7 and then have no time nor enery to spend it with a loving spouse nor making children, what a sad life! No wonder there is so much suicide in this country!

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Posted in: Police patrol in pedestrian paradise in Ginza See in context

Barricades, Ginza, Shibuya, Shinjuku,and poor Akihabara need BARRICADES!! Try getting near the US Embassy and you will see CEMENT BARRICADES, and not just 1 row of CEMENT BARRICADES but if I remember correctly at least 3 rows! If Akihabara had some strong portable (you need a crane or fork-lift) cement barricades this idiot who ran over 7 people and then finished killing them off with a survival knife would not have been able to get his truck in there. How much do a couple of cement barricades cost? A lot cheaper than all the lives of those innocent people who were killed in Akihabara!

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