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Posted in: Two 19-year-old drivers arrested for racing each other 6 kms down mountain road See in context

Who won?

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Posted in: Fukuoka man ordered to pay over Y1 mil for peeing in elevator…every day for half a year See in context

Is it just me or does the title of this article have a dangling particliple and can be taken as "He must pay 1 mil yen every day for 6 months for peeing in an elevator"?

That would be a hefty fine for "dangling" your You-know-what in a public place!

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Posted in: Food mislabeling scandal spreads to department stores See in context

I've always wondered about those 7/11 burritos I've been scarfing back for 23 years in Japan.....

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Posted in: Wedding held on Yamanote line in Tokyo See in context

Getting married on a train in Tokyo. A place with drunk people getting sick,perverts,molesters,suicide jumpers etc Not my first choice of a venue.

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Posted in: Joggers warned to mind their manners as they run around Imperial Palace See in context

That's always been my biggest complaint about Tokyo. People never say anything if they bump into you on the street or anywhere else for that matter. And when they do apologize,it makes everyone feel a whole lot better. I guess the large population makes people robotic.

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Posted in: Woman killed by truck after getting out of car on Tochigi road See in context

The poor woman. Look both ways before you cross the street,look before getting out of a car. Pedestrian safety 101....

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Posted in: Lennon reveals 'torture' of Beatles' final album See in context

Auction said the hour-long interview over two audio tape reels had lain forgotten for nearly four decades.

But the problems and incompatibility of The Beatles during 1969 is certainly not new news.

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Posted in: NRA says Fukushima water leak risk exaggerated See in context

Reminds me of the scene in the movie JAWS when the mayor of Amityville tells the sheriff to back off the shark scare at the beach.

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Posted in: Gov't abandons hands-off approach to Fukushima clean-up See in context

Japanese government or TEPCO. What's the difference? They are both way over their heads on this. There should be an internationally runned team of the best nuclear scientists and technicians allowed into the country to handle the problem. It is now a world crisis,not just Japan.

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Posted in: Ichiro's 4,000th hit earns praise in Japan See in context

I think it's pretty safe to say that if Ichiro would have started his baseball career in MLB he would have gotten the 4000 hits by now anyway.

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Posted in: Ichiro gets 4,000th career hit See in context

I've always wondered why OBP stats (On Base Percentage) are generally not regarded as important as batting average. A walk's as good as a hit as they say in the baseball world...

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Posted in: 7,135 hospitalized for heatstroke Aug 12-18; 21 die See in context

Just sitting around doing nothing is not the best answer. A bit of daily exercise is needed to increase stamina and strength to battle the harsh conditions of the heat. A jog or walk early morning,a swim or go to the gym. Of course stay hydrated and well rested as well.

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Posted in: Kanebo says skin stain complaints top 7,000 See in context

never happy with what we've got...

Absolutely correct Knox. Seems to be human nature. Hope these people can cure their skin ailments and then learn their lesson.

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Posted in: Kimutaku, Kou Shibasaki to star in android drama See in context


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Posted in: The deadliest part of Fukushima's nuclear clean-up: Removing fuel rods See in context

Containing radiation equivalent to 14,000 times the amount released in the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima 68 years ago

This is quite simply a much,much bigger problem than TEPCO or Japan alone can handle. Isn't there some kind of World Nuclear Energy group that can step in with an assembled group of the best technicians in the world? And if this group of the best of the best do exist,they should immediately and unconditionally be allowed to enter ANY country that screwed up to this level of danger. This is an environmental concern for the world,not just Japan.

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Posted in: Temperature hits record 41 degrees in Kochi See in context

The Gatsby Ice sheets are great. I find it amazing though that you still can't buy a decent deodorant stick in a country as humid as this.

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Posted in: Cameron to release three 'Avatar' sequels See in context

I know what the article is about. I posted on it to express my disappointment that instead of creating new movie concepts Cameron has decided to make Avatar sequels.

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Posted in: Cameron to release three 'Avatar' sequels See in context

Slumdog,I read the article because I like James Cameron's older movies like Aliens,The Abyss etc. Avatar never really hit home for me.

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Posted in: Cameron to release three 'Avatar' sequels See in context

Hitsuji,I totally agree. I'm bored with the Avatar subject already and have zero interest in the original movie too.

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Posted in: Cameron to release three 'Avatar' sequels See in context

Hollywood simply cannot think of any original ideas anymore can they. Either remakes or sequels. 3 more Avatar movies? Yawn.

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Posted in: 3 school girls bitten by monkey in Shizuoka See in context

Monkey see,monkey do. Perhaps they have been observing how stupid and weird people can act and are mimicking our behavior.

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Posted in: Record rainfall causes floods, fatalities in Shimane, Yamaguchi See in context

Unfortunately,extremely heavy rainfall in one region of Japan does not necessarily mean an end to a water shortage in another region.

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Posted in: TEPCO takes blame for Fukushima nuclear crisis See in context

Nobody ever wants to admit the real blame behind the disaster....the entire nation itself. TEPCO is only feeding the greedy needs of electricity that everyone wants. When I first came to Japan 23 years ago and saw the relentless use of electricity by people (not that North Americans are any better) I knew that one day we would pay the price for all that unlimited power. We all love our luxury and comfort,to be able to buy a nice cold can of cola from a vending machine on the street or put on our air conditioner.That convenience isn't fueled by magic.Japan doesn't have good use of hydro power or other natural resouces for creating electricity. The obvious answer to meet the high demands of the nation's incredible use of electricity was to make nuclear power plants. No one was complaining about the plants 23 years ago,but I knew one day we would pay a price. Yes it is true that TEPCO was grossly unprepared for the disaster,but it is our society's greedy and relentless dependency on electricity that is at fault.

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching taxi driver after failing to pay fare See in context

Yet another nutter in my neighborhood of Mitaka reported in japan today. First it was the horrific stabbing in Kichijoji,the next station over,and now this drunken idiot. At least I know now how much it costs by taxi from Ginza to Mitaka.

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