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Posted in: Prosecutors seek 3-year jail term for woman over fatal abuse of her daughter See in context

"People get more for using drugs in this country."

This needs serious attention and comparison. One of the worst things one can do is to kill a child. Taking away a young life by beating to death. And comparing that to a victimeless crime, where one is doing only to himself/herself. What kind of logic allows child killers to get away with less of a punishment from the ones commiting victimeless crimes. Why is everything upside down in this country?

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Posted in: 71-year-old man held for slashing 4 family members in Nagano See in context

Even the two granddaugthers? He must be crazy to slash 3 and 7 month old babies.

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Posted in: China executes Japanese man for drug offenses See in context

"Drug addiction and the behavior it leads to can be far more barbaric than a quick death"

Or may not be. It depends on person and the reason for drug use. Only 12 percent of drug users end up in bad situations, rest recover, quit and don't ruin anyone's lives. Killing a person for drug muleing is barbaric!!

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Posted in: The New York Times compares the ban on marijuana to the ban on alcohol during the Prohibition era. Do you think the comparison is apt? See in context

Not much to add to great comments up there. One day in the future, we will look back to see how cruel we were to MJ smokers. It's just a shame that a harmless plant can ruin lives, families and support gang related crime.

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Posted in: Actress/sexpert Aya Sugimoto founds organization for animal welfare See in context

Big respect to her! Japan needs to start regulating this indistry by putting more controls in place. We owe this to the man's best friend.

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Posted in: Gaza dead tops 85 as Israel presses offensive See in context


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Posted in: Palestinians say Israeli extremists killed teen See in context

Why Israel has settlers? What's their task? What are the tactics they use?

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Posted in: Kerry: Insurgency in Iraq threatens entire Mideast See in context

He said what's happening in Iraq is not US fault. I think yes it is. You removed one man whom everyone was affraid. He was not good, but people needed someone they affraid to behave. Since his remoal, more people died in each month than he ever killed. This would never happen if Saddman was still on top. so yes, it's your fault.

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Posted in: Japan's nightclubs weather dancing ban See in context

About time.

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Posted in: Jennifer Lopez says music has been 'challenging' See in context

Because she can't sing.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for murder of 22-year-old son 'saw no hope for his future' See in context

Of course this is terrible. Of course no mother should kill their child.

But maybe...he was just a hopeless case.

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Posted in: Japan test-broadcasts super HD television technology See in context

"8K test broadcasting” in 2016, she added."

I think it's too ambitious to have 2016 as target for 8K. As Arion mentioned, even 4K wouldn't benefit anyone but very larget TV owners. 8K will only benefit 100V or larger screens.

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Posted in: Police suspect ASKA has been using drugs for long time See in context

"has been using drugs for long time"

So what? Who has he hurt, wronged, stole from, cheated? Who's complaining? STOP ARRESTING PEOPLE FOR VICTIMELESS CRIMES!!!!

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Posted in: Lawsuit looms over 'Stairway to Heaven' See in context

Pff, good luck. Where have they been in all these years?

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Posted in: Soaring Asian meth demand drives record production: U.N. See in context

Meth is done by people who are either poor and hopeless, or rich so no need to work. People with daily jobs don't, can't do meth. Just because they can't finction. I say let the rich do whatever they want. It's their lives, they are responsible of their choices, they need to learn how to deal with addiction, or die. For poor people, who have no jobs and no hope, well, they are the problem. Actually problem is the system that needs people to be this way. Poor, uneducated and hopeless. System would wish that they would work hard with a hope that one day they too will succeed and make enough money to support a family. But, as they are realizong, with a level of hopelessness, they turn to meth.

I also think (and I know this will get me lots thimbs down, but I don't care) legalization of cannabis will remove the need for most dangerous, chemically processed drugs, like meth and cocaine. Look what Uruguay is doing and succeeding to remove black market drugs off the streets.

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Posted in: Tearful S Korean president says ferry responsibility 'lies with me' See in context

Still, her taking responsibility and highlighting problems between the regulators and business is admirable. Unlike the Turkish PM, in recent mining disaster, kept on insisting accidents like this just happens and it's noone's fault. Comparing the two, it's not hard to see who is better leader and who has sense of responsibility and who has not.

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Posted in: U.S. activist barred from Taiji Whale Museum files suit See in context


Aborted children are much better off than these dolphins. At least they are not being slashed and left to die a slow death. Sometimes I wish I were aborted and didn't see the violence humans are capable of inflicting innocent intelligent beings. And to themselves.

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Posted in: U.S. activist barred from Taiji Whale Museum files suit See in context


While "It's me" have a point, all other information you've provided are spot on. Only reason for Japanese Fisheries Agency to allow fisherman to kill 1000's of dolphins each year is because they are eating the fish that fisherman are after. They think of dolpohins as pests.

In reality, it's their fish. They have been here much longer than humans, to them, we are the pests. And Taiji fisherman are driving around with luxury cars, but still killing dolphins for the fish they eat. Anyone defending their actions are as guilty as they are.

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Posted in: U.S. activist barred from Taiji Whale Museum files suit See in context


" If anyone knows about dolphins I reckon it's the folks in that town. They should be left in peace."

They don't though. not interested learning either. Intelligent lives are being tortured for profit. I guess one can't really know it unless same happens to them. Seperated from their families, slashed to death. They don't deserve this and there can't be any mutual understanding as long as careless torture continues.

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Posted in: U.S. activist barred from Taiji Whale Museum files suit See in context


Those things don't usually happen outside of Japan. Has anyone here went to aquarium and felt like having a fish supper afterwards? Japan is the only country that children (and sometimes adults) saying "Oishisoo" when looking at the fish in Aquariums.

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Posted in: U.S. activist barred from Taiji Whale Museum files suit See in context

"arguing against the idea that there's any element of racism on display here"

I think it's not the racism he's defending against, but just descrimination. If I decide to visit the museum, what criteria they have to judge if I'm an activist or simple tourist? Depending on how rebellious I look to them that day, they may decide to let me in or not. This is discrimination, and with no good criteria. Ric knows better than making a mess. He's dealed with enough police and yakuza fisherman in his life and knows he'll be detained if he disobey laws.

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Posted in: U.S. activist barred from Taiji Whale Museum files suit See in context

"Not that I agree with the slaughter, or the idea of aquariums."

Conflicing statement I thinks. How can you disagree with idea of aquariums and still think their business should be protected against activist?

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Posted in: U.S. activist barred from Taiji Whale Museum files suit See in context

"He's there to cause a problem so they refuse him entry."

Just different opinion I guess. I see it as he's there to solve the problem. The problem of primitive beings treating magnificent beings violently. I respect his opinion, because it's informed one. He's one knows more about these creatures than most all people, being around them his whole life.

People he is going against are people who make money out of these creatures. Like all business owners, their primary objective is to keep their profits high. They are not there to protect life, or be concerned about their well being. Just know these facts when chosing sides.

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Posted in: U.S. activist barred from Taiji Whale Museum files suit See in context

I'd rather choose saving over killing, preserving over destroying, love over hate. But that's just me.

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Posted in: U.S. activist barred from Taiji Whale Museum files suit See in context

One day in the future, Japan too will learn that there is more to these magnificent creatures than they see. That day is not even close, but someday, I believe it will happen. Today, they believe these creatures don't feel anything. They just swim stupidly, like tuna. They don't want to believe that fact that these animals are smarter and friendlier than man's best friend. Some Japanese dislike Korea because how they treat (eat) dogs. In reality, they are commiting even bigger crime against intelligence by slashing dolphins to death, and serving their meat in dolphin museum. Just about anyone from other developed country knows, this is barbaric. They don't, yet.

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Posted in: Anger erupts in Turkey after mine blast claims 274 lives; 120 still trapped See in context

"The country erupting must surely be a sign of some deeper malaise"

Yes, exactly the case. Long story short, government has been giving out coal free to buy votes from poor communities. This mine is where that free coal has been coming from. Even though the mine is operated by private firm, they have been getting away with less than ideal conditions for miners, just because they were providing gov with cheap to free coal, for them to buy votes with. With this information in light, Turks are furious that government allowed this tragedy and deaths are on their hands. Hate for the ruling party is growing every day. I hope my fellow countrymen will see the real face of their leaders and oust them before something like this happens again. So I prey.

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Posted in: Insurgents in eastern Ukraine declare independence; seek to join Russia See in context

"That's four words. A one of them is not even a real word."

Well, you get the point.

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Posted in: Elevator melee between Jay-Z, Solange Knowles goes viral See in context

'Surveillance is meant for privacy and security'

Unless ofcourse if stars are involved.

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Posted in: Insurgents in eastern Ukraine declare independence; seek to join Russia See in context

"Be wary when words such as insurgents, rebels, terrorists, Nazis, etc. are used - they're to paint a picture that is not altogether representative of what is really happening."

So true. West has no idea how to call them. Yesterday they were rebels, today insurgents, who knows what term they will use tomorrow. Definately not freedom fighters or justice seekers. If oposite happened, people from Russia wanted to join Ukraine, they would definately be freedom fighters.

I think US and its allies are showing their real faces in this one. It's so obvious that all they care is to damage Russia, surround them and usual divide and conquer. People are not stupid, they see what is happening. West is using words like illegal voting. So US and allies believe that people's opinion does not matter, they have no right to vote to decide which direction they want to go. This is in one word, rid god damn dicilous.

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Posted in: Mother, daughter held after Spanish politician shot dead See in context

Firing someone for bogus reasons in an economy fragile like Spain, is no different than atempted murder. If they have no hope finding another job, they may just decide to harm that person before they starve to death. It's basic human nature.

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