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Posted in: Fear of economic blow as births drop around world See in context

"We tend to think economic growth comes from working harder and smarter. But economists attribute up to a third of it to more people joining the workforce each year than leaving it. The result is more producing, earning and spending."

So the admit, economy is a ponzi scheme. If the number of new joiners are less than the number of quitters, we'll be doomed.

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Posted in: S Korea imposes new restrictions on marriages with foreigners See in context

Another example of how imperfect the current capitalist system is. Just sad to hear the desperation. We can do better.

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Posted in: Cup Noodle commercial reveals that the samurai still exist, love idol music See in context

Hillarious commercial!! We laughed hard.

Sensei258, cool it down dude, not to be taken seriously, just for fun

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Posted in: Should Holocaust denial be a crime? See in context

Truth doesn't need the protection of the law. Only lies do.

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Posted in: Interesting things will happen for consumers at midnight March 31 See in context

I needed a motivation to keep my purchases to minimum anyway.

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Posted in: Hoffman's death spotlights heroin epidemic See in context

"legalizing ALL drugs is the dumbest idea"

If we lived in a jungle, our mentors would tell us which plant to eat and which to stay away from. It would be impossible for them to totally eliminate bad plants in the jungle so everyone would be responsible of knowing what not to touch. Legalizing all drugs is like telling people, you are free to experiement with anything you like. We can only warn you about the dangers, but it's you that will have to make a decision to include them with your life or not.

If this life is a school and we're here to learn, we'll also have to learn not to be an addict. 90% of people drink and use drugs without suffering from addiction. 10% is kinda ruinning it all for everyone else.

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Posted in: Northern Territories Day See in context

Russia will never give them back, so stop whinning and accept the consciquences of your actions.

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Posted in: U.S. hits Iceland on whaling; looks at sanctions See in context

I love Iceland!! But support US all the way for this action. Whaling can't be tolerated, killers of these amazing creatures are not fisherman, but murderers.

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Posted in: Celebrities want to tie TPP trade pact with Japan to dolphin hunt See in context

"I wonder how many of those celebrities come to Japan to promote their movies."

It doesn't matter. This should not be taken as an attack. Those celebrities do not hate Japanese people. They will have no problem coming to Japan to promote their movies. They are simply protesting against what they see as very brutal treatment of sentinent beings that they love.

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Posted in: Hoffman's death spotlights heroin epidemic See in context

Legalization of marijuana will be the key to remove the real dangerous drugs from blackmarket. People will fight to make pot legal, but who's ever going to fight for heroin? It's known to be the hardest ever drug, physically addictive and very hard to quit. Most people will support its illegal status and it will be much easier to catch the ones responsible of delivering this poision to public. Plus, most dealers are keeping their dealer status because of pot. Once it's legal, they simply won't be able to survive, dealing only hard drugs. It will be too risky and not profitable to deal hard drugs. Mafia and Yakuza won't be able to profit from drugs anymore and one of their strongest source of income will be destroyed. Legalization of pot will save the world.

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Posted in: Hikaru Utada to marry Italian on May 23 See in context

Well, her previous husband was 45, so she probably wanted someone with motorhips. Welcome to the club of singers with very young husbands.

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Posted in: Motley Crue to retire, plan 72 goodbye concerts See in context

Sounds like a "going out of business" scam.

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Posted in: Innovative bra cannot be unhooked without true love, say makers See in context

They should apply this method to whole clothing, all should come apart when heartbeat raises above certain level. That sounds more fun than just a bra undoing itself.

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Posted in: Many Japan Today readers hate AKB48 and insult them every chance they get. Yet the megapopular all-girl group has tens of millions of fans in Japan and Southeast Asia. Why so much hate for the group? See in context

It's not the hate towards the group, but hate towards the fact that so many adult men are into them. Get a frickin life and stop running after barely legal girls with mini skirts!

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Posted in: Naraha mayor rejects gov't plan to build nuclear waste storage facility See in context

Okinawa already have enough burden, move it to remote parts of coldest areas where there are not many people.

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Posted in: Couple die on Aomori fishing trip; carbon monoxide poisoning suspected See in context

They were probably cold and wanted some heat in the tent. It's sad for the loved ones they left behind, but to them, I don't think they know that they are dead. It maybe one of the best ways to go if you ask me.

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Posted in: Fishermen take cover to slaughter dolphins in face of Western criticism See in context

"who is backing these dolphin hunts behind the scenes?"

Japan Fisheries Agency allows fisherman to kill dolphins just because they interfear with their profit margins by eating the fishes they are tryin to catch. In 80's they used to use the dolphin meat as furtelizer for their farms. To them, dolphins are pests, in reality the fish belong to dolphins, not to the greedy, profit loving killers of sealife. Dolphins were here much before the humans came into the picture, to them, we are the pests.

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Posted in: Suga defends dolphin hunt after U.S. criticism See in context

Tradition?? Simple research reveals that they started slashing up dolphins in 70's and 80's, because dolphins were eating the fish they were trying to catch. So the real reason is dolphins were interfearing with fisherman's profits.

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Posted in: Obama: Pot is not more dangerous than alcohol See in context

"The people who crave drugs are to blame"

Even though they do it quietly in their homes without even letting others know? I think you mean people who abuse drugs and ruin their lives along with the loved ones.

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Posted in: Japanese whalers driven from hunting ground, says Sea Shepherd See in context

USNIN in Japan,

"The minke whale, along with other whale species Japan hunts, isn't endangered and stocks have increased to the point that sustainable commercial hunting can resume."

Says who? Japan of course. Surely they are the only one doing this "scientific research", surely they will not admit even if their "research" showed otherwise.

They have made this a matter of pride, to the point that considerable amount of aid collected for tsunami victims went to the whalers, even though some of those people are still homeless. Plus, noone wants whale meat anymore, last whale restaurants are closing their doors, there are tons of frozen whale meat in cold storage. They are too stubborn to quit becuase it would mean defeat to seasheperd.

I wonder why would you defend the killers of sealife. Do you really believe something as cruel as whaling still has its place for our times? Do you think this majectic mamal deserves the harpoon in the head?

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Posted in: Japanese whalers driven from hunting ground, says Sea Shepherd See in context


"These cowards know they can only get away with these sorts of things when it comes to Japan."

Seasheperd fights with killers of sealife all over the world. Japan is one of the most violent encounters they have. They are braving the cold and dangers to save our worlds diminishing sealife. So basically, you don't know what you're talking about.

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Posted in: Turkish PM, in Tokyo, says Assad must go if Syria is to have peace See in context

"where a corruption and bribery investigation has shaken his pro-business government."

Only reason Turks have elected this man and his party was because they advertised themselves as honest, god fearing, religious team of people. Recent news proved otherwise. Him and his party members are corrupt as they can get. As soon as this news was released, he fired the police chiefs that uncovered this corruption, replaced the judges in upcoming trial. Who does that? Only ones who has lots of secrets that don't want to be revealed.

His comments about Assad is also religiously based. Assad is much better leader than he is and he knows it. I'm ashamed that my country is being represented by this idiot.

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Posted in: 21-year-old boxer dies after knockout in debut bout See in context

"they should ban the use of boxing gloves"

Or they should use much bigger, cushier gloves!!

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd says it's ready for aggression from Japan whalers See in context

Overchan, "I want whales to be almost extinct. Only 2 or 3 for amusement."

I want people like you to be extinct, just 2 or three left for museums to show how cruel some humans used to be.

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Posted in: Japan hangs two death-row inmates See in context

I rather be dead than being in solitary confinement. But that's just me.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested after entering girls' toilet at university at night See in context

Victimless crime?? Who complained? Who was wronged? Leave the poor guy alone.

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Posted in: Q&A on operation to remove Fukushima fuel rods See in context

So, they will have to remove them one by one manually. There are 1500 of them and it will take nearly 2 years to complete the job. They should never be exposed to air otherwise Tokyo will have to be evacuated. That sounds very risky. I still have some questions. What happens if the rods touch each other underwater during the removal. Is that OK? How will they remove them with the water around them? How long time do they have until water around single rod gets too hot? Are there hooks on those rods, or will they have to be grabbed by robotic arm? What's the chances of electronic malfunction when removing rods (we heard that electronics doesn't work well close to the radiation)? We need more details to asses the situation better. Is Tepco acting alone or did they get as much international help as possible? Does everyone agrees that this is the best solution? Or are they doing this just because of having better attendance to olympics?

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Posted in: Would you support legalizing marijuana use? If so, why? If not, why not? See in context

Yes! Simply because everyone should be free to experiment with whatever they see fit to their lives. It maybe meaningless to some, but very important to others. One's life should not be ruined just because they like the plant. It's very unfair that they should loose their job, treated like a criminal, not able to get permanent work, just because they decided to inhale a toke, even just once. Legalizing it doesn't mean that it will be available to everyone at any time. As soon as it's legalized, profiters are going to think up ways to make as much profit from it as possible. This is the real danger, not the product. It should never be advertised, and should only be accessible to registered people, who agree to go through yearly health checkups and even psyhological evaluations. It should be restricted to the ones who can't handle it. Sales should be done by government bodies and strictly non profit organizations.

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Posted in: Employees reveal absurd company regulations See in context

tmarie, you'd make an awfull boss. You should not let other's actions bother you. If they get away taking smoking breaks in every hour, maybe you can start looking at something you like in internet, but shouldn't bring that fact to your boss. I am in same situation, dont' like smoking and don't appreciate others doing it often, but would never bring it to my manager and complain about others. Each person is responsible of their actions. If they can get away taking breaks often, that's their concern,(or ablility) not yours.

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Posted in: What makes conspiracy theorists tick and what is the best way to combat their beliefs? See in context

what is the best way to combat their beliefs

so, if anyone contradicts the government's explanation of events, they are conspiracy theorists and their beliefs should be combatted? I wish we were living in that perfect world where governments wouldn't lie, politicans are the most honest people in the world and their objectives are truly making the world better place to live. But unfortunately, we don't.

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