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Posted in: One man’s culinary paradise is another’s cultural wasteland See in context

Someone said this guy was British, can't remember who, but are you sure? His name is more American, his spelling is more American, and his lack of knowledge of the obvious fact that the Indian food sold in Britain's Indian restaurants is not authentic Indian food seems to be a dead giveaway. He probably also doesn't know that Chinese food in restaurants is tailored to suit the tastes of the locals, not just in Japan but in all countries. Would he like to order chickens' feet? No? Why not? It's the sort of thing you get in China, that makes it authentic, right?

The reason Chinese food sold in Tokyo's Chinese restaurants seems like Japanese food is probably because some of the things he calls Japanese food are from China. Like mabou doufu, gyoza, kata yaki soba, etc. Plus if you eat in a chain restaurant it will never be truly authentic. More like revolting. Pizza? In America you get the closest to the real thing, but it's never going to be truly authentic, regardless of how many Italians you have living there. Chinese food? Outside of the Chinatowns most of the food will be tailored to suit local tastes and local supplies. Even in the Chinatowns you'd have to make a special request to get authentic Chinese food. Look at the sushi they sell in America, avocado? WTH? That's absurd. Authentic my foot. London is worse though, especially with the Japanese food. You can't have authentic sashimi without suitable fish. Simple and obvious. So why should Japan be held solely responsible for a lack of authenticity that verges on being outrageous, when there are similar horrors in other countries?

If you can't find a restaurant that's actually run by people from where the food originates it will never be authentic. I really don't believe he's tried, he's just gone to the grotty and cheap chain versions of such restaurants and of course it's rubbish. That stuff is for people who have no time to get real food. (Like mcdonalds is.)

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy dies after 12-story fall from Chiba apartment See in context

Asukawind at 11:44 AM JST - 21st April

How is she considered a foolish parent? For what reason do everyone blame the mom for this? It was just a tragic accident

christyjapan at 11:46 AM JST - 21st April

This mother might have been a very good mother, but just one mistake can lead to a tragedy.. it's sad.

I don't recognise your names. Please forgive me if I'm speaking out of turn, but are you two trolls? Either way I don't agree with you. Frankly you must be either incredibly naive or totally irresponsible if you genuinely believe that it's acceptable and safe to leave young children on their own ANYWHERE, let alone so high up from the ground.

Poor little boy, if only there was hope that his death would get through to people how dangerous the practice of leaving small kids alone is. But although I think some people like to exaggerate the number of times this happens in Japan it certainly happens far too often, and some people never ever learn from the mistakes of others. Why is that? Do they not watch the news? Do they think their own convenience is of a higher priority than their children's safety?

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Posted in: Hair iron blamed for Narita airport suitcase fire See in context

I often travel with a battery powered device in my luggage.

I do too, but I always take out the batteries.

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It's probably a good thing if they do.

Israel are going in with bulldozers, and demolishing homes with the occupants still inside. Do you really think that people who indulge in sickening senseless murder like that need protecting from their potential victims? Serve them right if they do get scudded, although I hope it never proves necessary. If they stop their genocide and further invasion it won't be necessary. (Cue all the usual rhetoric about how Jews should be allowed to exterminate anyone they like because of Auschwitz, and Palestinians are evil for objecting to having their land and homes ripped from them by Jews, not to mention being killed by them. This isn't about religion, it's about lives. Not just Jewish lives either. It's all so unnecessary, and hideously sad. For all involved.)

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Posted in: Obama: Al-Qaida would use nuclear weapons if it could See in context

“The single biggest threat to U.S. security"

Right. Not like he's just as blinkered and American-soil obsessed as his predecessor then. Why the hell is there an international nuclear security summit that's focusing on US protection, US rights, US interests, US opinions, US egoism, etc.?

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Posted in: Anti-smoking 'monsters' have smokers on the run See in context

Nagoyalove, anyone who takes up a habit which they know is addictive, which they know may well ruin their health or even possibly kill them, is surely doing something foolish? If they're doing something foolish, then they surely are, at least in one way if not in others, a fool.

Certainly the tobacco companies think so, and they're loving it. (All the way to the bank.)

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Well go on then, RUN.

Run as far away from me as you can, you dirty fool with your foul stench of stale tobacco smoke that wafts around you constantly. (JT, tobacco smoke stains clothing and everything else. Therefore, using the term dirty to describe someone producing tobacco smoke is not unreasonable.)

If not wanting myself and my kids to breathe in your foul odours makes me a monster, then so be it. I'd rather be a monster than allow you to pollute the air my kids are breathing and damage their respiratory systems.

To me, people who smoke are monsters, and the companies that get rich off them even more so.

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies in Kawasaki apartment fire See in context

Some people are truly disgusting.

Leaving a 2 year old and a 4 year old home alone?

Sick people. Whichever of them left last is responsible for this death, and any damage caused to the 4 year old. Why is it in this day and age that some people still think it's acceptable to leave kids unattended?

Poor little girl.

And if anyone thinks the smoke alarms currently being installed by landlords will protect them they can think again. They seem to be designed for households where lots of people smoke, so they simply don't go off at times when a real smoke alarm would. Okay for in the kitchen, but not for in bedrooms where you need the extra time provided by a sensitive smoke alarm. Yet another case of smokers' rights being put above lives. (I'm not suggesting a link between smoking and this fire though, just pointing out how useless the alarms are.) A real smoke alarm might have alerted these kids and their neighbours sufficiently to get the kids out in time.

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Posted in: Man punches officer for using mobile phone camera at crime scene See in context

Saw a cop on tv about an hour ago. He whipped out his phone and started snapping pictures of a mountain of futons that had been dumped by someone. Not as unusual as I first supposed then.

But the best thing about this incident is that it will hopefully bring home to people the fact that cop plus phone = taking photos of crime scenes. Hold the upskirt jokes please. Maybe there won't be any more cops being punched for doing their job.

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Posted in: Man punches officer for using mobile phone camera at crime scene See in context

Papigiulio, I hope I didn't offend you or anything. Still, I was just pointing it out! But you know what I mean? A warehouse fire is very different from a house fire unless there's someone in there. It doesn't mention that here though, so I guess that's not the problem.

But as I said, it's highly unlikely the cop was out of uniform, so how could this guy think he had the right to punch him? Ask him what the heck he's doing perhaps, then he can explain that he's been issued the phone to get basic initial photos to help with the investigation. Then there wouldn't be a problem. Yes I know, people aren't rational when their business is up in smoke. If it was his business premises, I don't know about that.

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Posted in: Antiwhaling activist Pete Bethune is facing 5 criminal charges in connection with his intrusion onto a Japanese whaling vessel. What do you think about it? See in context

Serve him right.

He did an unbelievably stupid thing. Not just joining the SS, but climbing onto the whaler.

He wanted publicity, now he's got it. But it's not quite as romantic as he hoped.

Serve him right if he gets out in a year or two and finds that his wife's left him and shacked up with his boss or someone. But he's already writing his book I daresay, and if anyone buys it maybe he'll be able to pay the child maintenance and live a reasonable life. Maybe.

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Posted in: Man punches officer for using mobile phone camera at crime scene See in context

Papigigiulio, this isn't his house on fire. It was a warehouse. Even if it was his warehouse, full of his stock, he still should have been more concerned about whether anyone was inside or not rather than how he could best obstruct a cop doing his job.

It's extremely unlikely the cop wasn't in uniform, so it's hardly believable that he thought it was some bystander taking pictures for laughs.

If you or I were standing taking pictures, then he'd have a reason to be angry. As it was a cop, one can't help wondering if there's more to the story. Was there a chance that one or more persons were inside? Even then he could hardly expect a uniformed cop to waltz in and rescue someone from an inferno.

And the jokes are very funny guys. So funny you can just hear me laughing. Har-de-har. Stupid sense of humour.

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Posted in: Headless body of woman found in suitcase in Kanazawa mountains See in context

I think dismembered bodies pop up in all countries though, but there have certainly been a few here in the last few years. But most of the murdered bodies we read about on these hallowed pages weren't chopped up, JT would take great pleasure in telling us if they were because it would boost the number of comments exponentially.

Poor woman, whoever she was, however old, and however she actually met her end.

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Posted in: Everlasting sprout See in context

“everlasting sprout”?

Are they trying to tell us something?

Perhaps they ought to just say it outright, as the name and pic combined just leave my mind in a total blank.

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Posted in: UK expels Israeli diplomat over Dubai hit squad See in context

You left out the most important part JT.

Right-wing Israeli politicians have said that Britain is a dog that isn't loyal to Israel. As dogs are normally only loyal to their master one can only assume that right-wing politicians in Israel feel that Britain is merely it's pet. I wonder what they think of America then? I notice there were no US passports included in the fakes. Personally I feel really hostile to the Israeli politicians right now, calling my country a disloyal dog, who the hell do those losers think they are? If only Britain would treat them the way they deserve, and America too, they would have all sorts of embargoes and what-nots to make their arrogant lives difficult.

Also, the same right-wing politicians commented that Britain was wrong for expelling that man because Britain should refrain from judging Israel for it's actions in it's war on terror. This is basically a confession that they were involved in some way with the assassination. Why else would they suggest that the expulsion was in any way linked to any Israeli war?

“I think the British are behaving hypocritically,” Aryeh Eldad, of the National Union, an ultra-nationalist, pro-settler party, told Sky News. “Who are they to judge us on the war on terror?”

Michael Ben Ari, another National Union MP, said: “The British are dogs but they are not loyal to us . This is anti-Semitism disguised as anti-Zionism”.


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Posted in: What do you think of the ongoing dispute between Google and China? See in context

I think Google doesn't stand a chance. It may as well give up. But it's a shame for the Chinese people who are basically treated the way everyone else in the civilised world was until around 50 to 150 years ago. (It varies of course from country to country.) Few rights, and even those are withdrawn when the powers that be feel like it.

Kronos, if you think the Chinese government is the only government in this world that commits those cybercrimes then you should think again. It's happening far closer to home than you would like. And they get away with it too. Makes you sick when you think what they'd do to us if we got caught out committing similar crimes.

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Oh dear.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

Oh dear oh dear oh - you get the message.

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Posted in: What is the best way to get more men to take paternity leave? See in context

Force them.

It's the only way.

Make it so companies are legally obliged to force men to take paternity leave. And make it paid (of course).

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Posted in: Larger-than-life Erika Sawajiri returns See in context

Unbelievably tacky. Although it could potentially be much worse, so mustn't grumble too much.

Glad I'm not going near Ginza in the near future though.

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Posted in: Israeli apology gets cool reception in Washington See in context

They're sorry for the diplomatic fiasco, but not for what they do.


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Posted in: DJ OZMA, Akebono, Megadeth's Friedman form new band "FANTA" See in context

Blimey, if, as I suspected they might, coca-cola dumped Asashoryu/ Fantarou because of his alleged antics then how long will it take them to dump this lot? They all (or some at least) seem to have potentially dodgy past histories, one is already banned from NHK, one seems to have had the necessary surgery to become a major porn star (although naturally I wouldn't suggest that that was the reason and risk upsetting the wonderful mods on this site,) and god knows how many of them have (or had in the past) drug problems.

This doesn't look like a stayer to me, certainly not for the ads (I saw it a couple of days ago actually, we didn't take much notice except for the lack of Fantarou,) and as for the band itself? Who knows.

Once they get dumped by Coca-Cola, just wait for the court case over the name.

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Posted in: Mystery over runaway Prius in Calif deepens See in context

Once the car slowed to 50 mph (80 kph), Sikes shut off the engine, the officer said.

You mean he could have shut it off at any time but chose not to because of his speed? How surprising.

He later told reporters that he tried to pull on the gas pedal during his harrowing ride, but it didn’t “move at all.”

And yet it managed to go back to normal in time for the investigations. Lovely.

If he's genuine, this means that if he'd put it in neutral and turned off the engine at the beginning when it went berserk he would have been ok. He'd even have been able to restart the engine and it would probably have been fine to drive, although no-one would blame him for pulling it over and taking a break. So why did he continue for such a long time? And why didn't he think of using the hand brake by himself? Is it really such a hard thing to contemplate when you want to stop at all costs?

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Posted in: Many people won’t want such an unhealthy family to become emperor and empress. If Aiko’s problems continue, this will only put more pressure on the crown prince. See in context

They say she was frightened by some rowdy behavior. But knowing what children can be like I wonder whether it wasn't much worse than that.

If you think children are automatically respectful of people like her, you only need to check out what happened to prince Charles. Sometimes being told to call your classmate sama instead of chan is enough to cause hostility, and having all those miserable cameras pointing at the poor kid just makes the difference more obvious. I bet some of her classmates hate her guts, in the jealous, she's got more stuff/attention than me sort of way. They probably do really nasty things to her when no-one can see. Kids are like that. Her mother's infamous problems won't help her either. Kids are cruel.

The question is, is it really a good thing to force a child to suffer torment just because he or she is in the royal family? And moving her to a girls' school wouldn't help. Girls are just as bad but in a different way to boys.

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the 51-year-old man’s former wife described in a calm voice her marriage to a man whose visions she said drove him to try to create “pure” family bloodlines by impregnating several of his teenager daughters.

The girl’s mother testified some of the babies were delivered at home and never received birth certificates, and said in at least two instances babies who died in the home were buried without authorities being notified.

she said she was too frightened to confront him.

My god, she's almost as guilty as he is! Why the hell didn't she run to the cops or at least the samaritans or something if she was scared to confront him? Useless mother. Poor kids, lumbered with those two as parents.

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Posted in: Biden condemns new Israeli settlement plan See in context

Hmmm, the Israelis have been sticking two fingers up at America since before Bush got dumped. It would seem they know they've got enough nukes and other weaponry to be untouchable now, so they no longer need to kowtow to the US in exchange for technology and weapons.

America, please learn from this and all the other US-sponsored disasters, it's a really bad idea to arm a nation in the belief that they'll help you keep another nation or nations under control. The pet dog sometimes bites you.

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Posted in: Pet shop manager caught stealing zoo animals, including a penguin See in context


Hardly a month goes by where a Japanese national is not caught at some overseas airport trying to smuggle out wildlife for resale in Japan.

Japanese? I see reports of people from all over the world trying to smuggle animals into their home country. Why point the finger at Japanese? Yes, I know this article is about Japan, but it doesn't even involve smuggling at all so why point fingers like this?

Poor Capybara. I had to look it up as well, although I recognised it when I saw the pictures. What an incompetent to not be able to keep it alive. Perhaps he was an opportunist thief and just took what looked easier to steal? But surely he could have found out enough online to keep it healthy? Irresponsible idiot, I hope he gets a good long sentence for this! (It's a shame he didn't try stealing a lion or tiger, they could have given him an instant death penalty before he got them in the suitcase and it would have saved the zoo some feed fees.)

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Posted in: U.N.: Asia-Pacific lags on women's rights See in context

And don't forget, India accounted for about 43 million of those “missing” women in 2007, so why is it a good thing that India’s parliament was debating a law Monday that would reserve one-third of its parliamentary seats for women? Perhaps just because there are still some women left?

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Posted in: U.N.: Asia-Pacific lags on women's rights See in context

If, as they say,

Seven countries—India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, South Korea and Nepal—were studied.

why do they also say that their results include

wealthy countries such as Japan

Eh? No sense in it, especially as India, China, Pakistan and South Korea make up a total of 92.3 million of the 96 million total, meaning that Iran, Bangladesh and Nepal make up the other 3.7 million. That leaves no room for Japan at all, and I really don't know why they've lumped Japan in with them in the first part of the article. Japan doesn't bother with gender-selective abortions because girls seem to be appreciated as much as boys. More in some cases. Girls are unlikely to suffer malnutrition in greater numbers than boys. And health care is available equally to both genders. And certainly education is available to all females and they're just as likely to be able to read and write as males.

So again, apart from making this viable for the JT site, what was the point of including Japan? Politics aren't the be-all and end-all, and many women don't want to be in politics as it's not exactly a desirable career. (Not sexy, can't dress the way you want. If you get high up the money's good, but you could spend your life rushing about being insulted by everyone. That happens to a lot of men in politics and it would be silly to assume it would be different for women.)

The only possibly relevant point would be the domestic violence paragraph I suppose. But given that there are no exact figures, and that non-Asia-Pacific parts of the world also have shocking rates and police indifference, I still don't know whether it makes it worth including Japan in the article.

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Posted in: Japanese women are outstandingly tense and critical of each other. There is a pervasive habit among women to monitor each other with a serious sharp eye to see what kind of slimness they have. See in context

LOL, I think they could rephrase this as; Women are outstandingly tense and critical of each other. There is a pervasive habit among women to monitor each other with a serious sharp eye to see what kind of slimness they have.

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Posted in: Tokyo has one safety standard for U.S. beef and another for Toyota's cars and I am extremely tired of the imbalance. See in context

Branded at 12:43 AM JST - 5th March; gonemad- "ca1ic0cat, Japan doesn't have to prove that US beef is dangerous."; yes they do, because the US has proven that American beef is safe ! On the other hand, Tokyo must prove that Japanese cars are safe- because the Americans (54 dead and hundreds injured) have proven they are dangerous ! Sheesh people, how simple can it be ?

No, the US has not proved that it's beef is safe. Far from it, they've vigorously refused to test any but the most choice young and tender cuts to save them the risk of being caught out for having large numbers of infected cattle. If they'd agreed to the testing of beef due to be exported to Japan as requested the ban on US beef imports would have lasted just a few months. Instead they refused outright, insisting that Japan was obliged to buy US beef regardless of whether it was infected.

I will never knowingly eat US beef. I'm not Japanese though, I'm British. The miserable disease started in MY country, but with the increased risk from US beef combined with the rudeness and arrogance shown (back when US beef was banned from Japan) there's no way I'd ever buy the stuff knowingly.

Tokyo has nothing to do with it. The company is called Toyota, and they're the ones responsible. But yes, they are US cars as they're made in the US by Americans, and the designs may have started out as Japanese but they're obliged to alter them to suit US standards, and they're also obliged to source the parts from outside Japan.

But still, this whole problem is Toyota's fault, they were just as arrogant as GWBush and refused to act when they should have done. If the whole company goes bust over this I'll have no sympathy for the company or the top dogs whatsoever, but I will have sympathy for all the workers who lose their jobs. Yes, including the Americans in the US plants.

We don't have a car, but I'm glad my parents bought a Hyundai as their new car. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that they don't join the disaster area that used to be called the car industry too.

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