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What a disgusting way to dress! And I would most definitely have the same opinion if she'd been born female.

Simply being a man who has a sex change doesn't give you the right to dress like that, it's totally trashy. And what the heck is she wearing on her feet?

Anyway, what programmes is she on? I don't recognise her face so I assume I've never come across her onscreen.

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Fleetwood77, I'm truly sorry to hear that your wife died before her time. These things can happen at any time to any of us, age gap or not.

But your example of a 6 year gap is well within the normal limits as far as I'm concerned. She was old enough to get married, wasn't under the legal age limit for sex, you weren't much older than her, plus males often mature mentally at a later age than females. (I know I'll get stick for that one!) so I'd say you were probably pretty well suited to each other.

I'll say once again, I wish them well. But it ain't over 'til it's over, so don't anyone claim that they've proven it's a match that'll last forever. It hasn't yet, and unless they both live to a ripe old age maybe it won't.

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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad .. called the official version of the Sept 11 attacks a “big lie” used by the U.S. as an excuse for the war on terror,

Not the first time I've heard such opinions expressed. Nothing outrageous here. I happen to believe it myself, that they could have done more to prevent it, and that they deliberately used it as an excuse for war. I also believe that they provoked it with their unbelievable support for Israel's behavior against it's neighbouring countries. I also believe that they'll never learn from their own mistakes, and that the whole world will suffer for it in one way or another.

He's also not the only person suspicious about who died and how many. There are all sorts of conspiracy theories on the subject out there. It's not really surprising that Iranians might feel doubt about the official story when a large portion of free-speaking people express there own doubt loudly in places where absolutely anyone can access it.

At least it appears he didn't suggest Bush organised the whole attack, unlike some non-Iranians I've heard about.

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Takahashi first met Mifune when she was 13 years old and married her on her 16th birthday.

Gross. A 40 year old man and a 16 year old girl. And if Ebisen doesn't understand the logistics and potential pitfalls, legal and otherwise, of a 13 year old girl in a relationship with a 37 year old man, then maybe Ebisen needs more sleep.

Still, after 11 years of marriage I'd say they've proved themselves to the world. But one still can't help wondering. When a grown man 'falls in love' with a child it's simply not normal. But I have no way of knowing what they got up to before they married, and certainly the marriage was legal or it would never have happened, so all I'll say is good luck to them all.

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Well, we all know where he's coming from.

He wants, or expects, the world to do whatever America tells it to.

America tells Japan to buy US beef regardless of safety issues? Japan has to buy it! If not, it's racism, anti-American-superiorism (if there is such a word,) and definitely not civilised.

Japan tells America to buy Japanese cars regardless of - wait a minute. They're not actually Japanese cars, are they, as they're made in America. And wait another cotton-picking minute, Japan doesn't order America about like that, so it's not telling the Americans to do anything. Mmm, did someone try comparing the two situations? Oh yeah, that's right, it was an American.

So, he's actually complaining that American-made cars which just happen to have a Japanese name on the label are being sold in America under American safety standards. Well, they're his own safety standards, so why doesn't he change them if he doesn't like them? He has no jurisdiction over Japanese laws, although you'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise after the way Japan capitulated about the beef, but he has no right moaning about his own country's laws and it's car manufacturing plants and pointing the finger anywhere but his own face.

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Since 2008, Daiso California LLC and Daiso Seattle LLC have had five recalls of 698 toys and other children’s products.

Looks like they were emulating the success of Mattell. That great, wonderful, American company. Importing Chinese toxic toys could be considered one of their greatest non-achievements I'd say. Daiso just wanna play with the big boys.

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What the heck is that pointy thing sticking out of her side? It doesn't appear to be part of the backdrop. What the hell does she keep in her pockets? Mind you, not properly awake yet, maybe it's something blatantly obvious that I just can't think of yet.

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Not so bad, but so what? It's not really very high up in the scale of important things in this world so far as realistic people are concerned. It's more of a distraction from reality and an opportunity to meet up and play sports with people you'd otherwise never even see.

But then, I suspect that most of the critics of Japan's prowess will be Americans or possibly even Canadians, seeing as the US got more medals overall than anyone else and Canada got more golds. I don't normally consider Canadians to be that boastful though, but I could be proved wrong.

Incidentally, my own country only got one medal, but it was a gold. That's not wonderful either, but I couldn't care less and I wouldn't be impressed even if they got 50. And it's normal for the US to get most medals as it put so many athletes in for the games. It would have been bewildering if they hadn't got loads of medals.

Still, the next thing is waiting to see if anyone gets accused of doping. If they do, and they had a medal, we'll have to wait and see what the end result is. That doesn't mean that the current statistics for Japan, US, Canada or Britain will change though, don't get me wrong. But sometimes athletes really do gamble with their country's honour and lose. I really hate that, and hope it doesn't happen this time, but traditionally it does happen every time there's any big competition so we'll see.

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This isn't news.

It's normal for events like the Olympics to take the attention of viewers and schedulers alike away from more important things.

Such times are excellent for passing unwelcome laws, or announcing that you have been swindling the taxpayer, etc. simply because it's likely you'll get little coverage and most people won't even realise until it's too late. I'll be surprised if there hasn't been a rash of executions of people languishing on death rows around the world too. It's a great time to do unpopular things, with all those zombified members of the public focused on athletes and their skill (or lack thereof.)

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Posted in: Japan offered to hide Bamiyan statues, but Taliban asked Japan to convert to Islam instead See in context

tokyokawasaki at 08:03 AM JST - 27th February; What positive actions or solutions have ever come from Islam. If religions were compared to school children, then Islam would be the playground bullies.

What the heck does that make the Christians then? The psychotic paedophiles preying on all the kiddies, meek and violent alike? Of course, you'd probably claim that as Christianity gets older it gets milder, but just because it's going through a comparatively quiet phase now (with just the pervy priest problems and the allegations of Nazism directed at the Pope) doesn't mean they've bucked their ideas up.

But on to the subject matter in hand, I don't remember much news about those statues at the time, although I'll admit Buddhism would have had little chance of catching my attention, but I suspect there was little news coverage of it in Blighty. I remember the news coverage of the US deliberately destroying Babylon though. They also were asked to please spare the world's historical heritage. They decided they were above all others too, and did whatever the hell they pleased.

Seems to me that the Taliban (former legitimate government of Afghanistan) are about equal to the Americans, at least in this respect.

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Posted in: The Japanese continue to break their promise. They said they would allow American cars to participate in their cash-for-clunkers program but have rigged the rules so that few can. See in context

So what? Last time I heard, the USA was so anti-Japanese manufactured cars they forced the likes of Toyota and Honda to open car manufacturing plants on US soil so they could produce Japanese style cars that were made in America. So what gives them the right to complain about cars not made in Japan being excluded from the cash-for-clunkers Jp style? Most (or all) of the so-called Japanese cars being included in the cash-for-clunkers US style are surely made in America anyway aren't they?

Besides, are they trying to suggest that American cars are just as suited to the description CLUNKER as Japanese cars? Cool. I like all this equality thing. Just like a marriage. What's yours is mine, what's mine is mine. Very nice.

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Former Beatle Paul McCartney said he hoped it could be preserved

So why doesn't he buy it then? He can't sit on all his cash forever, if he genuinely cares about Abbey Road he should pay for it. He could easily make dosh from it, paid tours etc. Who needs to use it as a recording studio when a bunch of tourists are willing to pay to see it? Get some wax Beatles in there and you're away. He could even fund his favourite animal protection group with it. (Although, if that's the Sea Shepherds, then maybe he could use the cash to pay for part of their court costs.)

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women do not like using shared toilets as men sometimes leave the seat up.

Good grief. What is the world coming to if a woman is too feeble to put the seat down?

The only logical reasons I can think of for having women only toilets are

young girls who are old enough to go to the loo without their mum might find it more reassuring and it might potentially be safer. Might. It's a remote possibility of course, but still it doesn't hurt to mention it.

women normally spend longer in the loo than men, even if they're not 'putting their face on', and so it's better for everyone if women have access to more loos. (This is a common problem with public toilets, with women's facilities frequently having long queues and men just being able to wander in and take a slash unhindered. It's simple logistics, men can be far quicker.)

I like DeepAir65's suggestion though, a urinal cubicle for men only would certainly speed things up and save hassle.

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Moderator: Please learn the difference between loser and looser.

Oh my god, that's classic! Thank you mod, after feeling so nauseated at the thought of the dreaded moo moos you've cheered me up and made me feel 100% better! I reckon most of the people on the internet genuinely don't know the difference or how to pronounce the two words. Unbelievable really, but so's the name moo moo.

Never mind the drink though, I'll definitely be giving it a miss.

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If Japan only consumes 40% of bluefin tuna I don't know why it gets most of the blame for the demise of said fish.

And as Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Spain, France and Italy are the ones doing almost all the catching of said fish, why don't they get more of the blame?

I'd be glad to go without bluefin forever, but I don't eat expensive foods anyway so it wouldn't make a difference. But just because some Japanese people are willing to pay stupidly high prices for bluefin doesn't make them responsible. It's the people who deliberately go out and kill them that are most to blame. I've read in news articles that Malta is the main culprit. Where are the sea shepherds when there's reason for them to protest?

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kwilkins21 at 07:39 PM JST - 22nd February

I find it strange how you people are going off topic so much.

Seems like you went off topic yourself.

This innocent child became his child the moment he married her mother. Fathers are aloud to take baths with their children. There is nothing sexual about it! Those of you that think differently should seek pshy help. A childs mind knows nothing of sexulity and gives fathers that chance of bonding and pleasant relaxing memories of childhood! Well, in my opinion, the death penalty should be enforced on the mother and new father becuase the mother knew what was happening and aloud it

Quite the off topic post. And why does someone say she was pregnant at 16? Now 21? 3 year old? Either someone's maths are off or she has more than one child, which is it?

Anyway, I think Fadamor might have a point with the bath water temperature. If that's what it is then this poor kids lost life might at least help other kids whose parents are too vague to realise that hot water is dangerous.

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Metaphile, maybe she's doing one of the voices for the Japanese dub? I agree with you though, tarento are awful. JT already knows most of us despise tarento so I'm sure they won't be surprised.

What the heck is she wearing on her feet? Looks like she's asking for a trip to the doctors, they're not healthy at all. Don't look good either, not to me anyway. Plus he's not so tall that she needs stilts anyway, so I don't see the point.

But the film? Anyone seen it? Is it any good?

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Having a bath with your own child is one thing. But having a bath with someone else's child is something else again, and with her suddenly going limp and dying like that I hope they check her poor little body for more than bruises.

I don't know what Kyokosmile said about the subject, so I can't comment, but certainly if a mother is prepared to let her daughter bath with whatever man happens to be sharing the mother's bed then she's either unbelievably stupid or she's encouraging him to sexually abuse the child. I wonder if the mother is actually married to this man? These days news articles always seem to use the term stepfather for the man living with the mother, regardless of whether they are married or not.

Either way, I really get a bad feeling about this. If he's capable of hurting her to the point where she dies, then what else did he and her mother do to her?

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Nemoflow, if you do that you ought really to compile one for your own country alongside it. JT has all the info you could possibly need about people killing Japanese kiddies, but you might need to look hard for info about your own country as it's so common it barely makes the headlines. Maybe if you can find a Japanese language news site along the lines of JT, which publishes all the nastiest and most outrageous information about your home country, then you might have an easier job. But most countries wouldn't put up with a bunch of foreigners making racist and offensive comments online, Japan is the only exception that I know of. (My own home country is awful too, regularly there are headlines that the mother or father is being investigated after a body of a child was found etc, and then afterwards there's usually a headline saying that they've been charged. This is at least as common in my home country as it is here, and there are less people back home unless I'm very much mistaken. UK.)

But what a horrific thing for some poor member of staff to find, and of course it's hard to imagine what the hell the culprit was thinking of, even if they weren't the parent, even if they were already dead when they were put in the freezer, after all they'd have made a noise if they were alive and alert so someone might have found them and rescued them. The people on this planet disgust me sometimes. I'm ashamed to be human.

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Yes, I knew that Israel has nuclear weapons.

They were provided by America I believe, although they may have been making their own too. There's no way of knowing how many they've got.

Yes, I expect most people know that Israel lives in a fantasy land of spies and assassins. But some people don't realise how dangerous it is.

No wonder people think Iran is planning to make nuclear weapons of it's own, frankly I think it would be better if they did, as Israel and America have never to my knowledge gone all out and attacked a nuclear power. (Look at Pakistan, all they do is feebly flutter about near the borders and use drones to kill civilians, then pretend it was an accident. If those WMD could reach America they'd be far more polite I can guarantee it. Or even if Pakistan threatened to bomb the US military.)

I really don't like these drones, especially as they're so damn big. Imagine what a punch they'll pack. I really don't like countries that use these pilotless killers, it's even worse than the assassins as there's no risk to the hostile nation at all.

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I find it kinda disturbing, you know. I read the story by Edogawa ranpo ages back, but if I remember what she did to him correctly the mind boggles about them filming such a thing. Gross. But the whole story was gross, mostly because people can be left such wrecks as the man in the story, and also because the woman wasn't told how badly damaged her husband was. She had to find out when she saw him. But anyway, the culmination of the story is surely un-filmable?

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I don't consider them to be Japanese either. That's not meant to be offensive, but they don't look Japanese, apparently they barely speak Japanese, and it's highly likely that they don't act Japanese. They're only skating for Japan on a technicality from the sound of it, but good luck to them.

Hang on, if she's the elder and she was born on June the 5th 1987, making her 22 going on 23, what was the age at which half people have to choose to be Japanese or not? I thought it was 22, but I could be wrong. Perhaps she's given up her US nationality? I'm intrigued by the possibilities, for example if she chooses to be American she'll never be able to skate for Japan again, no matter how good she is. He's just over 2 years her junior, so by next winter olympics he'll have the same problem.

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Posted in: I am not denying that there is a degree of schadenfreude among some people in the US, but this is not about Japan-bashing. This is about Toyota not living up to its own standards and selling defective See in context

Hehehe, my Japanese hubby was moaning at me just yesterday that the Americans are making way too much of the Toyota recall. He seems to believe they're being racist. I pointed out the gyoza scandal and how it was all over the news here, but he still thinks they're going OTT in America. I also pointed out that Toyota wouldn't have such bad press if they'd got their fingers out and done something when there had only been one or even two incidents, and it's mostly that arrogant inaction that's causing the resentment. Kinda like the Chinese refusal to accept that the gyoza contamination might have happened there. Still he feels aggrieved. I think he's been reading too many internet articles, you know how biased they can be.

It's certainly true though that Toyota has given itself a bad name, but making Japanese people feel resentful over it isn't going to help anyone, not Toyota, not the Japanese people, nor anyone else.

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timeon at 11:57 AM JST - 17th February

"fatally stabbed Misa and a friend who happened to be staying over, injured another man" is this the key to the story? "friend" means a male or female friend? and what another man? I don't think the guy got crazy for nothing, especially since he was helped by a friend, something triggered his frenzy. since he stabbed the both of them, it is possible that it was a jealousy frenzy. there is no word about their jobs, and this may be another key to his violent outbursts

You could be right. If I remember the earlier article correctly it said the friend of Saya was female but the male was described as "a friend". Still, the boy was and is psychotic. I don't as of now blame the cops as I don't know what she said to them or what they did or suggested. Maybe she was one of those women who always backs down rather than let them arrest her man?


Poor girl now has to live with the responsibility. She knows better than us how many chances she had to not date him, or dump him later on, and because she didn't he ended up murdering her sister and friend. Poor girl, that's a lot to live with. I hope her love for her baby helps her get through.

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But Dubai’s wanted list appears to have major holes.

No it doesn't. It's straightforward in the extreme. The passports were faked. That's that. No holes so far as I can see. Plus some of those photos surely break all the rules? The Mildiner one shows a man smiling. Wrong. The woman is smiling too. A couple of them show men with spectacles, at least one of them partially obscuring the eyes. Again, wrong. Those photos would never have been used for legitimate passports, and I'm surprised it wasn't picked up during their travels.

Was it Mossad? I don't know, but I'd be surprised if it was anyone else. I'm sure they're capable of having done their homework about the security, and paying off or killing anyone necessary to get the job done. They've done it before. Certainly the European governments concerned are checking to see if the other real people passed through Israel in the not-so-distant past, so they're thinking Mossad might be responsible too.

However, he said it “doesn’t look like an Israeli operation” because of the apparent sloppiness, including allowing members to be videotaped by security cameras.

Rubbish. Ever heard of cosmetic surgery? We have. And they'll never fool us by pretending that they haven't.

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According to McCully, Bethune had boarded the Shonan Maru No. 2 ‘‘knowing there would be consequences from it and that he is not only not seeking to be removed, but is refusing to be removed.’’

Great, so leave him squatting where he is and give him rancid whale-blood showers every 3 hours. He'll love it. Or, to play safe, make it butyric acid showers.

Somehow I doubt he'll be brought to Japan, but it would serve him right if he was. Meanwhile I'm not sure if he's what would be classified as a squatter or a stowaway, but he's surely in dire need of an accidental plunge into the briny. Those whalers will have to tie him up to make sure he doesn't top himself. After all, his wife says quite clearly he's willing to die to try and stop the whaling, and if he can frame the whalers for his own death then it would certainly put the dampers on things. Wouldn't stop the whaling though, but it would become even less popular.

And for spudman on the other thread about the coca cola ad,

at 08:34 AM JST - 16th February; Dammit, on the whaling thread the pro whalers are claiming no one in New Zealand cares about whaling so which is it? Not Japan bashing cause there was similar uproar over a British soccer club ripping it off. Get your facts to line up with your opinions.

Well, this bloke is from New Zealand, his rep wants to support him if he's brought to Japan, and he's certainly going to get at least some support from his people. So who says NZ doesn't care about whaling? No-one on any of the threads on JT I've been on.

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That man deserves a medal!

That woman deserves the bill for all the havoc, as suggested by ratpack, and she should also have a few buckets of icy water chucked over her head. I volunteer.

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Posted in: This movie targets Japan and is viewed by many people in many countries. It's very strange that it has not been shown in Japan. See in context

Eh? I'm sure I read an article on here that it was shown in Japan, although in a limited way, and Japanese people were most definitely in the audience.

Perhaps it's a poor translation of "It's very strange that isn't in every damn cinema in Japan every damn day and that people aren't forced to watch it constantly."?

Moderator: The documentary was shown once at last year's Tokyo International Film Festival, but a theatrical release is still being negotiated.

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Posted in: U.S. rockets strike Afghan home, killing 12 civilians See in context

the projectiles veered 300 meters off target and blasted a house

How reassuring. Typical American military incompetence.

Some troops complained that the strict rules issued by McChrystal to spare civilians were making their job more difficult and dangerous. Under the rules, troops cannot fire at people unless they commit a hostile act or show hostile intent.

So, what they're saying is, they want to be permitted to blast every human of Afghan origin they see off the face of the earth. That's fairly typical too.

As far as I'm concerned they've got no business being in Afghanistan in the first place. They started the war, now they just want to blast all the Afghans so they can maybe get out in one piece.

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Posted in: Do you support damages suits filed by former smokers who argue they have developed health problems, including lung cancer, because tobacco companies sold them cigarettes? See in context

Normally I'd say no, because they chose to start smoking after all, and if they didn't have the will power to stop it's their own fault.

But I chose yes on this poll, because if there's one thing that'll make the tobacco companies stop making their muck it's if it costs them so much they go bankrupt!

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