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Once again Japan is way behind the curve.....

Yeah, I was actually surprised how most of the scooters in China have been electric for decades. Basically zero noise.

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Japanese are a wise people. They are putting their money into income generating assets. In comparison Americans have household debt of 13.2 trillion US. Japanese value money. Americans value things. Let us see who wins at the end of the day.

(1) There are very few income-generating assets in Japan. You won't earn interest putting your money in a bank. Houses depreciate in value, going to zero in 25 years. Residential land prices are stagnant and heavily taxed. Where can the average Japanese person securely invest their money? And, no, BitCoin and Pachinko are not what I consider secure.

(2) Most Americans (and Europeans) invest their money in a house/land. House and land prices in the western world usually appreciate over time. It is usually a secure investment, and the vast majority in the U.S. aim for buying their own house one day. It is a place to call home, and it is an investment. Savings accounts also have much better interest rates compared to Japan.

I would suggest that you don't compare to the U.S. based on what is clearly some underlying envy when you don't really know the system.

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Meanwhile, Panasonic, Toyota, and the vast majority of Japanese companies refuse to raise wages for Japanese workers by meaningful amounts.

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CEO Toshihiro Yamamoto should resign over this. Ideally, the CEO of any future offending company should be required to serve prison time. That is the message that needs to be sent, not a $4,500 endorsement.

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Butter, cheese, anything dairy basically, is way overpriced here--basically double what it costs in the U.S. As a result, anything that requires these ingredients are similarly overpriced. Considering that the average Japanese salary is half of what it is in the U.S., the effective prices are quadruple that of the U.S--for no other reason that bad government policies. Ever wonder why trans-fat-loaded margarine is still popular here in Japan? Partly because the Japanese people are oblivious to the health risks, and partly because it's all that the people can afford.

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As much as I personally want Abe to stand up to Trump, considering Japan's own Trump-like policies on immigration, discrimination, women's rights, labor laws, and the Japan-first mentality, what exactly could Abe say without sounding like a total hypocrite? Words must be backed up by actions, and Abe is no Merkel or Trudeau.

The unfortunate truth is that the U.S. can easily survive without Japan, but not vice-versa.

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