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Just shoot at the ship! Like Russia :D

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Japanese must correct the history wichi was made liar and don't know their real history. We have to tell the true. We know they just want money and to stand over Japan. Just for it, they keep lying. Rotten people. Japan apologies evry year a lot of times. We gave money and technology. But they never forgive us. We must stop it. Look at all over the world. You know what they are doing even now in japan and the world. They can't change thier essential for ever. Don't ignore this problem.

We must allege the truth.

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I thought it's not only bad luck....

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Then, can he give away his property to me or us otherwise China? Don't be silly. Businessmen think of only themselves. When Japan or Us put out of this problem, China would say Okinawa is Chinese territory. even now they say so xD

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