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Posted in: Aichi police accused of denying sick man treatment, leading to his death See in context

Aichi police- never before you seen a more villainous hive of scum and corruption.

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Posted in: What's your favorite convenience store brand in Japan? See in context

They are all overpriced.

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Posted in: Kabuki actor Ennosuke gets suspended term for helping parents' suicides See in context

One rule for us plebs another for politicians and the rich and or famous !


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Posted in: Japan's trade deficit shrinks 70% to ¥662.5 bil in October See in context

YankeeX it's more to do with the BOJ's ultra low interest rates and yes the weakening domestic market alongside a shrinking population and pathetic salaries .

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man shot by police after Osaka apartment quarrel See in context

Shoot him in the legs.

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Posted in: Kishida to return part of salary amid backlash over planned pay raise See in context

Disgusting but not at all surprising.

The Japanese are so obedient and subsurvient it verges on masochistic when it comes to the amount of corruption and mismanagement they are willing to accept from this abhorrent behaviour from the LDP.

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Posted in: Japanese billionaire Maezawa's moon flyby pushed back to 2024 or beyond See in context

Never spent a single yen on Zozotown & never intend to

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Posted in: Japan's April-Sept current surplus triples to record ¥12.7 tril See in context

I call bs on this more rosier than ever garbage.

I don't see the average Tanaka any better off at all.

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Posted in: Japan household spending falls 2.8% in September as wages slide See in context

The blind leading the blind in Japan...

LDP is a parasite.

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Posted in: Do you refer to the X social media platform by its current name, or do you still call it Twitter? See in context

I don't use it and I don't care..

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Posted in: Russell Brand accused of sexual assault on set of 'Arthur' in 2010 See in context

It's strange isn't it how the likes of Prince Andrew and other elitist don't even get a ticking off

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Posted in: Kishida says policies necessary; doesn't care what names he's called See in context

He will do whatever he can to make big corporations richer while impoverishing the working classes.

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Posted in: Kishida unveils ¥17 trillion stimulus package as poll numbers slump See in context

More stop gap half hearted measures by an out of touch and delusional party of fossils.

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Posted in: School's out forever in parts of aging Japan See in context

For all those saying this is great it won't be when there is no tax payers to support the massively expensive pension and social care bill.

Japan will have to use immigrants like Singapore for most manual labour at least .

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Posted in: Japan 'on standby' to take all possible steps amid yen decline See in context

Japan needs to do something meaningful instead of these wasteful yen manipulations.

Reform or perish.

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Posted in: Mouse embryos grown in space for first time: Japanese researchers See in context

@fighto shame we can't fix the beautiful home we already have.

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Posted in: Gov't floats ¥40,000 income tax cut a year to ease inflation pain See in context

This new invoice rule is awful for free lancers I am losing more money in tax.

Disgusting LDP.

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Posted in: No. of foreign residents in Japan rises to record 3.2 million See in context

Japanese likes cheap Asian labour .

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Posted in: Publishing exec gets suspended sentence over Tokyo Olympics bribery See in context

A slap on the wrist for stealing ¥69,000,000 and a promise that my wife will make sure I am not a naughty boy again in future.

Steal ¥1,000 worth of groceries from a supermarket and you are front page news and you'll probably go to prison if it ain't your first offence.

Japan protects its corrupt cronies and pals at the top whether they be company executives or high ranking public officials.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges to support AI development in next economic package See in context

@dagon That is correct!

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Posted in: Israeli soldiers battle Hamas on second day of surprise attack; strikes level buildings in Gaza See in context

Israel stole Palestinian land what do you expect?

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Posted in: Fukushima sake brewer warms shattered fishing community See in context

The disaster unfortunately could have been avoided and the sake and fishing industry+ all this radioactive material release .

They were advised that the nuclear reactor be built on higher ground to avoid a big tsunami.

The advice was ignored for financial reasons.

It was all avoidable but they wanted to cut costs....look where that got them and us...

Disgusting mismanagement on a massive scale.

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Posted in: Oil industry central to climate solutions: COP28 head See in context


I thoroughly agree with you.

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Posted in: U.S. Marine arrested for assaulting passerby on street in Kawasaki See in context

Can see why the Okinawans want the Americans to get out.

They are just trouble .

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Posted in: Japan to buy Tomahawks from U.S. earlier than planned: Kihara See in context

Can't afford to properly pay their pensioners and help people have more kids but they have so much money for missiles.

It's disgusting.

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Posted in: Japan quiet on possible yen-buying market intervention See in context

@YankeeX exactly

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Posted in: Japan quiet on possible yen-buying market intervention See in context

The yen is pathetically weak it's a joke !

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Posted in: Nagoya ordinance prohibits walking on escalators See in context

Shake my head is all I can do when I read this nonsense.

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Posted in: Sex abuse scandal-tainted Johnny's eyes setting up new firm See in context

Different name same story .

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