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Posted in: Japan health panel backs AstraZeneca COVID vaccine for ages 40, over See in context

AZ ?? God no!!!

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Posted in: Japan's jobless rate falls to 2.9% in June See in context

Spin spin spin and more and more lies ~The LDP

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record 2,848 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 7,629 See in context

Good time NOT to be living in Tokyo tbh!!

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Posted in: Suga says world needs to see Japan can stage safe Olympics See in context

Bored of it all now.

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Posted in: Environmental concerns grow as space tourism lifts off See in context

So these mega billionaire egotistic fools are not only disinterested in helping solve the climate crisis but are actively 'fueling' the fire..shake my head.

Pathetic rich humans.. need less of them.

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Posted in: Internet misinformation fans COVID vaccine hesitancy among Japanese young people See in context

There are alot of unknowns about the long term health effects of these new experimental vaccines.

Also people are naturally wary of injecting themselves and their kids with a vaccine made by companies with a dubious safety record and in Moderna's case no history of making any vaccines in it's short 10 yr history.

This vaccine should NOT be forced on people.

Encourage away if you must but coercing people is wrong.

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Posted in: Internet misinformation fans COVID vaccine hesitancy among Japanese young people See in context

Who cares anymore !

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Posted in: Bach, in Hiroshima, says his visit reaffirms 'peace mission in Olympic movement' See in context

@ Alan Harrison

the nukes dropped on Japan were U.S bombs not British or Canadian or Aussie.

Why keep saying it was an allied bomb?

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Posted in: Bach says anti-virus rules working ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context

Blatant callousness and corruption

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Posted in: High court rules 84 Hiroshima A-bomb 'black rain' victims eligible for aid See in context

Pathetic and insulting to those that have already died..Once again the J government is living up to its reputation of being inept heartless and mean.

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Posted in: Gov't under fire for plan to use financial institutions to enforce alcohol ban See in context

More bs from a corrupt and evil LDP

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Posted in: Chinese athletes complain about lax virus measures at Tokyo Olympics hotel See in context

Shame they don't complain about their despicable CCP who covered the whole thing up from the start and are human rights violators !!!

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Posted in: Japan to issue vaccine passports free of charge See in context

No thanks

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Posted in: Billionaire Richard Branson reaches space in his own ship See in context

Ego maniac tax dodger!!

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Posted in: Japan to begin accepting requests for vaccine passports from July 26 See in context

Orwellian idea !!!

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Posted in: Billionaire Blastoff: Rich riding own rockets into space See in context

3 ego maniacs with extortionate wealth and a longing to go into space.

Please stay there.

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Posted in: Japan to ask tax-free stores to report visitors breaking quarantine See in context

This is more bs

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Posted in: G20 ministers take up plan to deter cross-border tax dodging See in context

@Pepper lunch

A bit of a bumbling idiot ? That's the understatement of the year!!

As for his fashion sense..all I can say is those shoes! Ha

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Posted in: Japan retracts controversial policy over alcohol-serving restaurants See in context

Absolute farce!!

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Posted in: Holding Tokyo Olympics amid pandemic shreds consensus in Japan See in context

Holding a massive athletic event but let's give you another SOE ...now be quiet you plebs we need to make money and enjoy our steak dinners etc..

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Posted in: Suga declares state of emergency lasting through Olympics See in context

Well said Tokyo-Engr!

I totally agree!

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Posted in: Nissan CEO tells Tokyo court Ghosn had too much power See in context

Makoto Uchida..A real piece of work!

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Posted in: Heavy rain hits Sea of Japan coast; flood warning issued See in context

Mudslides are not caused by the land being converted to solar farms as they are generally built on flat terrain.

Fast growing cedar trees with poor root hold are one reason and also lack of investment in rural areas with low populations in repairing and upgrading infrastructure is another.

Excessive rainfall ( also droughts and extreme temps) which is being caused by global warming is going to exacerbated these problems.

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Posted in: Heavy rain hits Sea of Japan coast; flood warning issued See in context

@Droll Quarry climate change make you uncomfortable?

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Posted in: Japan officially launches its largest ever Olympic delegation See in context

Who cares ?!!

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Posted in: Bezos leaves enduring legacy as he steps away as Amazon CEO See in context

Tax dodging legacy and total disregard for workers rights..Shameful!

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Posted in: Semenya misses Tokyo, may be forced out of Olympics for good See in context

But it's a fella...

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Posted in: Serbian Olympic athlete tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

Who really cares anymore?!

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Posted in: Voting under way in Tokyo metropolitan assembly election See in context

Another LDP win for the blind sheeple then

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Posted in: Airlines eye shift to greener fuels with carbon neutrality in sight See in context

Did someone say helium airships!?

One way flight to Tokyo 5 hrs or so.

Airships are ok for short domestic trips ONLY.

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