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I kinda wonder at the respondents and what pool they were drawn from. ;)

My 2c:

Ore - pretty blokey, most commonly used amongst men trying to one-up each other. Male only esp while playing sport it’s very common.

Boku - polite, educated and a bit deferential. Should be your fallback (esp with older people) to Watashi.

Watashi / Watakushi / Watakushidomo - various levels of courtesy as “standard”. Boring but useful.

Oira - I actually find this one funny. Very rural.

Washi - old men

Atashi - women only, guys pls don’t use this

Jibun - meh as a couple of people have said, can be a bit pretentious but also correct in a lot of situations

Uchi - Polite and while not strictly female only I’ve really only heard it used by women and older men. Safe in business

Sessha - Amusing but you need to pick your audience. Don’t use with ppl u don’t know. Male only.

On a related note someone mentioned WareWare - really it is more like us/we. Not I. Most commonly used when trying to emphasis a stance (as a company etc). Very common in business.

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