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I think fundamentally the challenge they’re trying to address is that most people from countries with heavy multi-cultural exposure know instinctively how to adjust their word choice when dealing with non native speakers of their language.

Unfortunately most Japanese people don’t have this exposure and therefore skill.

Seems like a good initiative that will also help recent residents interested in learning Japanese.

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I kinda wonder at the respondents and what pool they were drawn from. ;)

My 2c:

Ore - pretty blokey, most commonly used amongst men trying to one-up each other. Male only esp while playing sport it’s very common.

Boku - polite, educated and a bit deferential. Should be your fallback (esp with older people) to Watashi.

Watashi / Watakushi / Watakushidomo - various levels of courtesy as “standard”. Boring but useful.

Oira - I actually find this one funny. Very rural.

Washi - old men

Atashi - women only, guys pls don’t use this

Jibun - meh as a couple of people have said, can be a bit pretentious but also correct in a lot of situations

Uchi - Polite and while not strictly female only I’ve really only heard it used by women and older men. Safe in business

Sessha - Amusing but you need to pick your audience. Don’t use with ppl u don’t know. Male only.

On a related note someone mentioned WareWare - really it is more like us/we. Not I. Most commonly used when trying to emphasis a stance (as a company etc). Very common in business.

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