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Posted in: Do you think Prime Minister Shinzo Abe should visit Pearl Harbor to reciprocate for President Barack Obama’s historic trip to Hiroshima? See in context

I know Pearl Harbor was unprovoked, but at least it was a military target...not something we can say about Hiroshima or Nagasaki (at least considering the uncontained scope of the damage)

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Posted in: How come Japanese shopping-website operator Rakuten is still relatively unknown in the U.S. and Europe, where Amazon.com rules? See in context

I'm going to suggest that it's because their site looks like garbage and a lot of it isn't translated properly into other languages. I avoid using it in Japan just because it's so ugly and difficult to guarantee that you've found the best price for a given product, with so many similar and identical listings that don't get meaningfully linked or compared like is done on amazon's site.

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Posted in: Is Japanese TV really as bad as its reputation? See in context

I wonder if the reason that Japanese commercials are such brilliant gems is that ad campaigns are better-funded than any other programming. The most talented writers and directors must be going for the big money--making CMs!

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Posted in: On a clear day... See in context

looking west through the skyscraper district of Shinjuku

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Posted in: Florida man arrested for feeding homeless in public park See in context

we'd rather have 'em committing crimes to get that food! move along, hobo! we don't take too kindly to your type here... this is just utter foolishness. if only they hadn't done away with the (admittedly inadequate) institutional mental health system. damn the infernal they!

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Posted in: Why does 'Engrish' happen in Japan? See in context

As with pronunciation, grammar must kneel at the throne of communication. In practical English usage, if we are able to understand and be understood, we have succeeded. Those who wish to heap scorn on parties responsible for every misspelling and grammar flub are missing the point. If the sign has done its job, we can all relax. If it hasn't, maybe the writer ought to consider brushing up on their English.

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Posted in: Why does 'Engrish' happen in Japan? See in context

I agree with you, OneHapa. I think people are getting more savvy as they gain easy access to translation websites and apps. A lot of businesses are learning to check first, and they will still make mistakes, but it seems they are much less egregious ones.

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Posted in: Man revives woman with AED, but branded 'pervert' for removing her clothes to apply electrode pads See in context

perhaps the driver was upset because he intended for his passenger to die. calling someone a pervert might buy him the time to ensure she dies (or gets brain damage). kudos to the unfazed hero, though it must've looked pretty sketchy. i certainly wasn't aware that it was necessary to remove necklaces & underwire bras.

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