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Posted in: Suga reshuffles LDP leadership; likely to retain key ministers, except Kono See in context

dear oh dear.....

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Posted in: Suga pledges to balance fighting coronavirus and promoting economic activities See in context

the man is unfit for office just like his predecessor !

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Posted in: PM hopeful Suga says he may need help from Abe on diplomacy See in context

Gotta laugh or you'll cry at this utter failure of a man.

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Posted in: Abe says Japan must strengthen ballistic missile defense See in context

Oh I see so the tax hikes are to buy weapons etc from the USA!( not for welfare) Why didn't Abe & Co just say so!

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Posted in: PM contender Suga hints at consumption tax hike See in context

Suganomics...Abenomics in all but name..

Increasing the consumption tax soon after a hike last year ?!

Defies logic.

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Posted in: Koike lowers virus alert; Tokyo to be included in Go To travel campaign from Oct 1 See in context


and then Suganomics comes into play.

More tax hikes...sigh

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Posted in: Nearly 80% of LDP lawmakers back Suga in post-Abe leadership race See in context

A one party state in everything but name.

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Posted in: Mulan movie boycott calls grow over scenes filmed in Xinjiang See in context

shame on Disney!!!

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Posted in: After hospital visit, Abe says he will do his utmost as prime minister See in context

Mark actually most 'ippanjin' his age are still working ( a large majority anyway) to pay off mortgages and just to live..

Most 'politicians'his age are sitting pretty from years of cronyism and lavish lifestyles due to salaries they never deserved or worked hard for!

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Posted in: Japan's 1st-quarter GDP shrinks less than initial estimate but still faces deep recession See in context

GDP continued blind obsession agreed.

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Posted in: Tokyo to ask nightlife workers to take coronavirus tests See in context

Temporarily close the non essential 'nightlife spots' there ya Koike and Nishimura ! problem solved...use your loaf!

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Posted in: Japan opts not to join U.S., others in criticizing China for Hong Kong law See in context

Abe is pathetic.

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Posted in: Japan household spending drops 11.1% in April See in context

what did abe expect?

especially when people are still waiting for the one off ¥100,000 per person as well...

Many people will save that due to reduced earnings and a cut in their summer bonuses.

Dentsu did well out of it though!!

pays to have friends in high places eh

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Posted in: How the coronavirus is changing working styles in Japan See in context

going back to regular working ways since the lockdown was lifted in Aichi!

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Posted in: Dentsu gets ¥76.9 bil windfall from gov't SME aid scheme See in context

@ vanity...thankfully different!!!

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Posted in: Xi's visit to Japan to take place after Nov: minister See in context

He is not welcome !!!

human rights violations aside he with held vital info to the WHO and the rest of the world regarding COVID19.

Disgraceful CCP.

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Posted in: Celebs take to streets for demonstrations in U.S. See in context

Only person Trump protects is himself.

anger scares white people.

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Posted in: GSDF conduct live fire drills near Mt Fuji See in context


Fitted with the AEGIS Baseline J7 combat system and the Northrop Grumman AN/SPQ-9B radar system, both JS Maya and JS Haguro destroyers will be able to fire the latest iteration of Raytheon’s SM-3 ballistic defense missile. Being jointly developed by the U.S. and Japan, the SM-3 Block IIA features larger rocket motors that will allow it to defend broader areas from ballistic missile threats and a larger kinetic warhead.

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Posted in: GSDF conduct live fire drills near Mt Fuji See in context

Timing is awful.

JSDF is tiny and pretty useless compared to the Chinese war machine however small it might be in terms of warships etc.

Japan relies on the U.S military and will continue to rely on them for a good few decades to come.

The purpose of the drills is to show intent and a show of force blah blah.

JSDF is inexperienced and ill equipped against almost any confrontation despite buying some over priced U.S warplanes and a new warship.

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Posted in: Rare online outrage in Japan forces Abe to delay controversial bill See in context

look at Abe! ~ A pathetic excuse of a PM and a man...

Can't wait to see the back of him & his tiny dirty lil masks!

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Posted in: Over 3 mil jobs could be lost in Japan due to coronavirus See in context

I just got my Abenomasks!

and my friend in Aichi is filling out the forms for the ¥100,000 !

better late than never I suppose!

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Posted in: Japan's exports, imports fall due to pandemic See in context

wasting $435,000,000 on tiny ineffective cloth marks also helped!


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Posted in: China offers farmers cash to give up wildlife trade See in context

CCP~ Corrupt Callous Party

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Posted in: Japan urges Taiwan's participation in WHO assembly See in context

Taiwan should be a FULL member!

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Posted in: Japan launches new unit to step up defense in outer space See in context

got money for this trollop but still waiting for my ¥100,000!!!and two shabby masks!

what a waste of tax ---again!!!

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Posted in: Taking aim See in context

looks rubbish

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Posted in: Abe shelves bill on retirement age of prosecutors after public pressure See in context

Abe be damned!

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Posted in: As Japanese gov't slow-walks stimulus, small businesses fear collapse See in context

Abe inc is rotten to the core.

They send out the pension/health ins bill quick enough..

NO dirty masks no ¥100,000 yet..

Abesolutely pathetic!!!

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Posted in: U.S. meat exports surge as industry struggles to meet demand See in context


no hate for the U.S pal..

just the man child that runs it!!!

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Posted in: U.S. meat exports surge as industry struggles to meet demand See in context

and the Japanese have a salt problem?

soy sauce?

if that is true i dread to think what kind of sugar, salt and artificial additive problem you have in the states..

USA ~ the obesity capital of the world.

keep your meat we don't want it.

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