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Posted in: Romanians apologize to Japan's prime minister over visit See in context

Many Romanians felt very insulted and embarassed by the way their politicians behaved. Romanians are welcoming and generous with their guests and they know how much the Japonese value the given word, punctuality, seriozity and the protocol. This was an Historical visit there, one in 100 years. There is also some sort of admiration and respect for Japan and its culture and history, maybe inspired by films, books, history and the way the Japanese live, work and think. (Nothing connected with the white male, Trump, Putin or obvious, economical interests, interests that would have rush the politicians to meet the delegation. As you could find out, Romanian politicians are more interested to fill their own pockets and to protect themselves from justice, than to do anything good for the country - like roads, decent hospitals or investments in education, infrastructure, etc. )

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