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Posted in: Forget kaiten-zushi, how about conveyor belt yakiniku instead? See in context

Cool. I love to try this. :D

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Posted in: Yokohama cafe’s summer latte impressively recreates Hawaii’s beautiful beach colors See in context

Looks good. I'll take one of each, please. :D

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Posted in: 140-year-old sukiyaki restaurant in Tokyo closing due to coronavirus pandemic See in context

This is sad. So many businesses have closed because of the global pandemic and the fallout from it. I hope that they will be able to reopen one day.

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Posted in: Pre-bottled matcha latte drink See in context

I'm a huge matcha fan. I only wish that I could try it, it all looks so good. :)

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Posted in: Kawaii Somen noodles in colorful box with art by Sebastian Masuda See in context

Very cute. I would love to try them one day. :)

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Posted in: Akita pudding store unveils retro Showa-era inspired ramune pudding See in context

That looks delicious. I love ramune, and that sounds like the perfect pudding flavor for summer. :D

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Posted in: Pick a beautiful blossom from Shinjuku Station’s flower vending machine See in context

Interesting idea for a vending machine. Just when you think you've seen it all when it comes to vending machines. It's too bad that it's only for a short time, tho.

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Posted in: Sliced Black Thunder: A chocolate bar for toast See in context

I love Black Thunder. I don't usually put a lot of sweet stuff on my toast, but I think that this would be worth a try as a sweet treat. :D

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Posted in: Researchers trial magnetic 'lockjaw' against obesity See in context

This looks like horror movie material. O.o

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Posted in: Krispy Kreme releasing new donuts and drink that blend Japanese flavors and European desserts See in context

It all looks good. I love matcha, yuzu, and azuki. :D

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Posted in: 7-11 Japan’s hydrangea-colored parfait is a fitting rainy season treat See in context

That hydrangea jelly looks good. I wish that the 7-11s where I live had stuff like that.

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Posted in: Starbucks to sell limited-edition hojicha latte cups at convenience stores for the summer See in context

That looks good. I wish we had that where I live in Canada. :)

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