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@wanderlust Go back there on April 2, 2014 and check again.

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I assume we will be seeing video footage soon to find out, who is ramming who and who is using which gadgets in the game.

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Posted in: U.S. envoy Kennedy tweets concern over Taiji dolphin hunt See in context

Denying that the cove regularly is running red with blood, when video footage proves this to be a lie, is ridiculous. Pretending that this is all for tradition and culture, is ridiculous, as fishing for food is tradition and culture, but selling captive mammals to amusement parks, is greed and a very recent "tradition".

Nobody from the Western hemisphere can tell Japanese people what to eat, but we can resent the sale for big bucks in a few pockets by this brutal and inhumane slaughter. The mammals take up to 30 min to die, others meanwhile are ran over by skiffs and get wounded. Now 200 are in the cove locked up for 4 days now without food. Anybody calling this normal, humane and traditional, should be locked up in this bathroom without food to experience by himself.

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