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Daniel Christen comments

Posted in: Conflict, climate change and AI get top billing as leaders converge for elite meeting in Davos See in context

So they are worried about the surge of misinformation in Davos. Misinformation is usually opinions those in power do not want to hear or read.

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Posted in: It’s time to limit how often we can travel abroad – ‘carbon passports’ may be the answer See in context

A carbon passport to limit travelling is illegal. The freedom of assembly is a human right and that right includes travelling to an assembly.

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Posted in: Blood and billions: The cost of Russia's war in Ukraine See in context

For a nuclear "superpower" is has shown it cannot defeat a smaller neighboring nation in conventional warfare. Hardly anything worth crowing about if your a Russia supporter.

About 6000 nuclear warheads delivered with hypersonic missiles is certainly enough to remove the entire US in about 20 minutes from the planet. But if you still think Russia is not capable to strike back, I suggest you make an appointment with your doctor!

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Posted in: Kishida tells Zelenskyy Japan will keep supporting Ukraine in war with Russia See in context

Russia can't even defeat Ukraine. Do you think they are going to be less incompetent againsy NATO and kill everyone in 32 countries?

Do you want to dispute that Russia is able to do very serious damage with about 6000 nuclear warheads?

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Posted in: Kishida tells Zelenskyy Japan will keep supporting Ukraine in war with Russia See in context

This has a long way to go yet, but if Ukraine forces get through the three layers of Russian defenses there will be no stopping them mopping up Russian units as they run for Russian territory. They are through the first and toughest layer of defenses in the south.

You forget that Russia is according to their Government not even at war yet. What we have seen so far is a small special military operation.

Just pray that there will be no war between Nato and Russia. The chance of survival of such a war would be zero in the Nato countries!

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Posted in: Kishida tells Zelenskyy Japan will keep supporting Ukraine in war with Russia See in context

Ukraine is getting fantastic support from the G7 countries, all graveyards and hospitals in Ukraine are full now, the economy and infrastructure is destroyed, millions fled the country and Ukraine is much smaller now. Is the strategy working?

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Posted in: Blood and billions: The cost of Russia's war in Ukraine See in context

Anybody wishing for peace in Europe must be prepared to get a peace deal with Russia. So far I haven't seen a honest and fair peace offer from the G7 countries! Of course there will be no peace deal without considering the wishes of Russia! Why should Russia agree to a deal without getting a fair cut of the cake?

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Posted in: Ukraine says it has recaptured Robotyne; eyes breakthrough in south See in context

The Kremlin has not annexed anything in Ukraine. The ethnic Russian majority in eastern Ukraine has voted for joining Russia in a referendum. You might or might not like the outcome of the referendum, but democratic countries should consider the wish of the population expressed in a referendum. I as a Swiss citizen am quite disturbed to see that Russia respected a referendum but the so called democratic west does not care about the referendum. Democracy means that the population has the right to express their wish in a referendum!

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Posted in: Moscow demands bigger discounts from foreign companies exiting Russia See in context

Smart move from Russia. The Russians earn money for nothing.

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Posted in: Ukraine offensive 'slower than desired', Zelenskyy says; Putin sees 'lull' See in context

The west has invested billions in Ukraine and Russia is winning.

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Posted in: China, wary of new G7 pressure, seeks to highlight rifts See in context

For peace and stability, the US warmongering must stop.

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Posted in: G7 finance leaders vow to contain inflation, strengthen supply chains but avoid mention of China See in context

If you want peace, then you have to live in peace with Russia and China.

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Posted in: G7 nations considering near-total ban on exports to Russia: reports See in context

Very good idea. Russia will go shopping somewhere else and the G7 countries will close their factories.

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Posted in: Why do mass shooters kill? It's about more than having a grievance See in context

Glorifying violence is a very important feature of US culture, for example in movies and video games, but also with the posture of its military. Even the US Government organizes mass shootings, for example in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Serbia... The violence in the US is a direct consequence of that.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. vow to uphold rules-based order, cooperate on N Korea See in context

So so, the US writes the rules of the so called rules based international world order and anybody else has to comply. I guess the majority of the world is not interested.

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Posted in: Thailand's promised cannabis bonanza disappoints as politicians trade blame See in context

200000 baht for a kilo is a very handsome price, that is more than a farm worker in Isaan earns per year!

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Posted in: To counter China, U.S. trade rep seeks closer ties to allies See in context

The US wants free trade and at the same time exclude many countries like China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba... ??? Can you see the irony in the US policies?

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Posted in: Japan welcomes increased NATO involvement in Indo-Pacific region See in context

The future world order is set up by BRICS but Japan will not be a member.

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach slams 'deplorable' government views on Russia See in context

If you want peace, you have to find peace with the Russians, there will be no peace against the Russians!

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Posted in: Britain and Japan to pay for most of fighter project agreed with Italy See in context

The Global Combat Air Program will be a "marriage", but a marriage with 3 parties.

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Posted in: Japan's trade minister calls for new world order to counter rise of authoritarian regimes See in context

Isn't it interesting to note that nobody has disputed the democratic election of President Putin in Russia, but the presidential election in the US is disputed? As an independent observer from Switzerland, the US has certainly not met the standarts of a free and democratic election, there were too many irregularities. But I do not know if Donald Trump has won or not.

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Posted in: G20 declaration deplores Russian aggression against Ukraine See in context

The world's only nuclear terrorist so far was President Truman, a US Democrat.

And another unconfortable fact is that the only reason for the existence of Nato was threatening the Sowjets and is now threatening Russia!

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Posted in: Japan vows to work for 'more resilient' African economies See in context

If I as a South African could express a wish, it would be building nuclear power stations the Japanese way. Without sufficient energy, Africans will never be able to pay off debts. Making money starts with being able to use tools and these tools need to be plugged in in a reliable electricity grid. If the world asks us to stop burning coal and gas, we should replace coal and gas fired power stations with useful technology!

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Posted in: 72% of survey respondents say border controls reason for not visiting Japan See in context

I will visit Japan again only if I have no trouble at the borders. I had a very good time in Osaka, Kyoto and Nara and I want to thank the Japanese for their hospitality.

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Posted in: Keep calm, cut the air con - Japan's energy saving is model for Europe See in context

I am stunned as a South African. What happened that countries in Europe, and Japan, adopted energy policies I thought were an African problem?

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Posted in: Gov't preparing to resume foreign tourist entry in June See in context

Face the facts, free people take a vaccine or not and travel to a foreign country or not according to their personal wishes and desires. I certainly respect the Government of Japan, but I hope the Government is respecting me too with my wish to skip that vaccines and see the ancient temples in Kyoto and Nara, eat Japanese food and drink sake. If Japan wants to challenge leaders like Xi, Putin and Kim, the only way to do so is by respecting my choices as an unimportant dweller in this world! I saved a half million yen in cash and I hope I can soon spend it as I like!

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Posted in: Japan planning to allow 20,000 daily foreign arrivals in June See in context

Switzerland lifted all restrictions and there was no problem. I think Governments should stop bullying the people, whoever wants the vaccine can get it.

Free countries allow people to be free!

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Posted in: As Putin marks Victory Day, his troops make little gains in Ukraine See in context

and you tell us that such a research laboratory in Ukraine funded by the US is no problem? Seriously?

Should be fine. The US funds many labs across the world. And, BTW, most of these facilities were set up in the Soviet era.

Prof. Luc Montagnier, a nobel laureate for discovering a virus, told us something else.

And ask the people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki what could happen when the US peacefully researches nuclear energy!

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Posted in: Supreme Court leak shakes trust in one more American pillar See in context

Fact is that there is a constitutional right of a baby to life. A constitutional right to abortion is a leftist pipe dream which does not exist.

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Posted in: As Putin marks Victory Day, his troops make little gains in Ukraine See in context

Russia will achieve the goals. Don't get fooled by Nato propaganda.

We witness now the end of western imperialism, the music of the future is BRICS. China, India and Russia have sufficient nukes to strike back at the US and UK if necessary.

And I, from South Africa, think that Japan should be more active and tell these western imperialists that a strike with a nuke is not funny.

Gorbachev did the right thing and set Eastern Europe free. Nato should have been disbanded back then. But no, they continued to threaten Russia and expanded to the east. And now, Ukraine pays the price for flirting with Nato.

There is a choice now, either treat Russia with respect or start a war and face 6000 nukes!

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