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"Surprisingly, not surprisingly, there are not many apologies to all the people who contracted cancer after working in Fukushima following the massive earthquake."

It is hard to see why the Government was negligent causing an earthquake in Fukushima.

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Posted in: Israel kills 42 in Gaza as calls mount for cease-fire, greater U.S. efforts See in context

Japan could contribute to a solution by stopping to fund the UNRWA. As long organisations like Hamas get money, they will use it for terrorism.

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I think it would be wise to use the opportunity to ask the Chinese Government to recognize the Senkaku islands to be Japanese territory before the Olympics starts. And if the Chinese Government fails to sign up for this request, just deny the visas for the Chinese delegation. I am sure that is the kind of language the Chinese communist bullies understand!

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Posted in: U.S. says it will help Japan monitor Chinese incursion around disputed islands See in context

Don't give an inch to the communist bullies in China.

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Closing the border will not really help, the virus is already in Japan.

I had to make a decision, based on known facts, before coming for a holiday in Japan last week. And the facts are, that the risk contracting the virus remains the same regardless if I cancel my trip and remain in Switzerland or if I fly to Japan and have a good time.

Therefore, washing the hands regularly and avoid crowded places is the only solution to mitigate the risks.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people worldwide abusing the virus for their hidden agenda, they will certainly not help to improve anything but bankrupt many businesses including hotels, airlines and restaurants.

I think Mr. Abe is right to refuse to enter the panic mode.

I had a great time in Japan and I am healthy and happy now.

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