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¥285,000 per month, which after taxes and the rest comes in at about ¥235,000 per month

¥285,000 per month comes out to more like ¥205,000 take home pay after tax + health insurance + pension + residence tax.


I'm sorry, but you've been an ALT for 13 years and you're making less than new grads make in many other industries. The fact that you've not been able to make any career progress in 13 years is a giant red flag.

We have flexibility with our work that few of my colleagues are afforded. We have weekends and evenings free.

There are many many other jobs that have weekends and evenings free, especially with more global companies. I've not worked a minute of overtime since I came to Japan.

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4 may also be at least in part attributed to crime. I live in a fairly safe city in the UK, but the most common crime I hear of is people having their phones taken while they're talking to someone whilst walking on the street.

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