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Posted in: Abe to reshuffle cabinet on Aug 3 See in context

Sounds great, what's the reason? Revitalizing the positions?

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Posted in: Fewer Japanese seek marriage amid worries over income: poll See in context

At least we can look forward to real estate prices dropping, says the morbid voice in my head.

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Posted in: Diet member wants Japan to get with it on tattooing See in context

I approve of this gentleman.

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Posted in: Japan's corpse hotels upset some of the neighbors See in context

People worrying too much, and yes I wouldn't mind having one next to where I live. Chill out.

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Posted in: Gov't picks strong easing proponent for BOJ board See in context

it is all just window dressing.

Could very well be the intention, as described in the documentary 'Princes of the Yen'; to make it seem as if no monetary policies work and that structural adjustments are necessary, opening up Japan for foreign interests.

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Posted in: 2 workers die in accidents at Fukushima Daiichi, Daini plants See in context

Most workers inside the plant are contract laborers hired by multiple layers of construction companies.

"Building trust" for the price of working conditions and safety.

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Posted in: BOJ faces crunch time as oil slump threatens inflation target See in context

Normally, a low oil price would allow the common folk to spend more on other goods and services (at presumably a lower price since oil affects all prices directly or indirectly), a good thing in an deflationary economy. This, however, is BOJ's home turf...

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Posted in: Researchers target 3D-printed body parts See in context

Exciting times to be alive.

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Posted in: Finding the origin and prevalence of Japanese surnames just got easier See in context

Serrano: 口 くち kuchi can also refer to an entrance/exit, with the translation Mountain Entrance being a more plausible one imoho. Then again, I'm not going to throw out the possibility of an ancient Japanese tribe living next to a mountain with a pair of giant lips on one of it's slopes, as the image does tickle my funny bone.

Interesting how different cultures also share similar traits and methods of naming people. 森田 もりた Morita, roughly translated as Forest Field, has a Swedish equivalent in Skogsfält, and there are more examples of such similarities. Guess humans be humans, using whatever the environment had to offer in order to distinguish one another.

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Posted in: Daihatsu dismantling 'Toyota Way' as market changes See in context

Good read, thanks for an interesting article.

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Posted in: Job gains in U.S. bolsters confidence about 2015 See in context

And one reason the unemployment rate fell last month had nothing to do with more hiring: Many of the jobless gave up looking for work and so were no longer counted as unemployed.

"Phew, unemployment is declining", said relieved policy makers.

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Posted in: Ex-reporter files lawsuit over comfort women stories See in context

Another thumbs up for Uemura-san.

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Posted in: McDonald's apologizes for tooth, plastic found in food See in context

johnnygaijin: maybe you're getting bigger? jk

My guilty pleasure is McD's french fries; I'll probably end up with bowl cancer soon enough.

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Posted in: Don't sound the death knell for the PC just yet See in context

For anyone playing games out there, the best experience is usually on the PC (though I'm a die-hard fan of consoles as well), with services like Steam and GOG providing great content and value.

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Posted in: How to teach self-driving cars ethics of the road See in context

How about having vehicles communicating with each other, sharing information about speed, weather/road conditions, where the next individual turn will be (excluding destination), pedestrian presence, etc? If the AIs could communicate, they could collectively choose the safest driving methods and perhaps not be subjected to the irrational, emotional whims of beings who are not evolutionally adapted to speeds above that of a human dash. Of course, this would be limited to the vehicles, meaning scenarios involving accidents with (sometimes irrational) pedestrians/cyclists would still be needed to be taken into account.

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Posted in: Nintendo to develop device to track sleep, fatigue See in context

Nintendo is a Blue Ocean Strategy addict.

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Posted in: Nintendo logs Y14.3 billion first-half net profit See in context

Miyamoto says that in order to create unique experiences, dedicated hardware is necessary. However, they are sitting on a backlog goldmine that could make them a huge profit if they offered it on mobile platforms. This would however remove one reason to buy their consoles, if they are readily available on other platforms. On the other hand, they kind of already are and have been since the birth of emulation. Personally, I'd rather see them go all-out software, and if they need dedicated hardware, they can sell that as an add-on for the platform they are developing on in a bundle with whatever game is promoting a new experience.

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Posted in: Prosecutors delay decision on indicting former TEPCO execs See in context

bjohnson I suspect the panel, or assembling a panel is not a big issue, if it is not already in place

"If the prosecutors again decline to take up the case, as some experts expect, the 11-member panel of unidentified citizens can order prosecutors to indict if eight members vote in favor.

Prosecutorial Review Commissions, made up of citizen appointees, are a rarely used but high-profile feature of Japan’s legal system introduced after World War Two to curb bureaucratic over-reach. They were given the power to force prosecutions in 2009."

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Posted in: Consumer inflation rises slower than expected in August See in context

You can't have strong export numbers, a weak currency AND inflation. Gotta pick your poison, and in Japan's case, they should have let the yen get stronger a long time ago. We all know the current rate is artificial.

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Posted in: OECD says Japan should raise sales tax again next year See in context

Burdened Japanese companies may rather keep whatever money they might make from this tax setup rather than increasing the income of it's employees.

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Posted in: Japan insists no mystery behind skulls at Chicago consulate See in context

Reckon any heads might roll due to this mishap?

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Posted in: Gov't downgrades view of economy as Abe promises reform See in context

How about letting the yen truly move freely? It's much stronger than ~100 per USD. You can't have your cake and eat it, or in Japan's case strong export sales and (relative to currencies from other developed countries) a weak yen, at least if basic macroeconomics has taught us anything. It'll be a painful transition, but a necessary one to get out of this policy trap (recommended reading "Japan's Policy Trap").

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