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Posted in: Japan ready to support France in rebuilding Notre Dame cathedral See in context

So hateful

AndyApr. 16  07:43 pm JST

Catholic church, the wealthiest religious business in the world. I think they can afford the refurb themselves.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

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Posted in: After mosque attacks, New Zealand quickly bans assault weapons See in context

Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot and countless other socialist and communist despots banned guns, before slaughtering 100 million of their own people.

Thinking criminals will obey laws is lunacy. It is the belief of irrational children.

Murder is illegal, but it didn't stop this subhuman from shooting up a Mosque.

All you do is disarm law-abiding people who want to protect themselves or their family.

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Posted in: After mosque attacks, New Zealand quickly bans assault weapons See in context

Criminals: "Oh, ok! We know we don't obey laws, but we'll totally comply with this one."

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Posted in: Trump says talks with Kim failed over N Korean sanctions demands See in context

It took 10 meetings with Soviet Russian to end the Cold War.

Simpletons do not understand. Simpletons who want an aggressive and nuclear North Korea, simply out of spite over losing an election, is grotesque, morally repugnant and absolutely shameful. Millions of lives are at stake.

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Posted in: Trump dislikes border security deal but Republicans urge support See in context

Wow - look at these hateful comments.

Guess what?

He's President. For 6 more years. No amount of bile or down-votes will change it.

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Posted in: Showdown looms as Venezuela's Guaido sets aid entry date See in context

Trying to imply that the US is at fault for Venezuela's utter and abject failure will only make you ridiculous.

It was socialism. Again.

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Posted in: 4 men arrested for overturning truck during Halloween event in Shibuya See in context

"footage from about 250 security cameras "


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Posted in: JAL begins sales of new codeshare routes with Alaska Airlines See in context

Anything to NOT fly in or out of Vancouver is welcome.

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Posted in: Organizers of 2020 Tokyo Games admit extreme weather a major issue See in context

Global Warming is a hoax, perpetrated by unemployed scientists who are desperate for fame and money, propagated by low information, low intelligence sheep whose desire to belong to a cause outweighs their desire for rational thought.

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Posted in: After Canada legalizes pot, industry eyes rest of the world See in context

"alcohol and cigarettes are way worse."

They are not 'way worse'.

That being said, government should, for the most part, stay out of people's lives - until their actions directly infringe on the rights of another. Pot laws, seat belt laws, traffic cams, and countless others infringe on the most basic of all human rights: The pursuit of happiness.

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Posted in: Thousands march in Chicago to encourage voting in midterms See in context

2017 Statistical Facts:

Shot & Killed: 625

Shot & Wounded: 2936

Total Shot: 3561

Total Homicides: 682

2016 Statistical Facts:

Shot & Killed: 722

Shot & Wounded: 3658

Total Shot: 4380

Total Homicides: 808

That's not safe.

Want me to keep going?

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Posted in: Thousands march in Chicago to encourage voting in midterms See in context

LagunaToday  11:06 am JST

My LA-based mother is getting long in the tooth but still spends a month or so in Chicago at an extended-stay hotel every year (after New York, it's her favorite place). She's frail but loves the city. Myths about its dangers are mostly false.

2018 Statistical Facts:

Shot & Killed: 400

Shot & Wounded: 2004

Total Shot: 2404

Total Homicides: 465

A person is MURDERED every 14 hours.

That's not safe.

Facts don't care about your mom's anecdotal experience.

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Posted in: Thousands march in Chicago to encourage voting in midterms See in context

Chicago has a population of 2.7 million, 76% is Democrat. 1,528,582 voted for HRC. So a "few thousand protesters" is pathetic and not news worthy.

The last Republican was in office in 1931. Chicago has been a cesspool of murder, drugs, violence and crime for 70+ years.

Chicago blaming Donald Trump for ANYTHING is LUDICROUS. They created this violent mess.

Doing the same thing ( voting Democrat ) and expecting different results ( ending drugs and violence) is the definition of insanity. -Albert Einstein.

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Posted in: Family of Prince demands Trump stop using his music See in context

"The Prince Estate" doesn't own the rights. Universal does.

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Posted in: Kaepernick ads spark boycott calls, but Nike is seen as winning in the end See in context

"Nike wanted to choose an NFL player to be the face of its ad campaign, instead of selecting an out of work, cop-hating, anti-American quarterback, they should have gone with Pat Tillman, who accurately represents believing in something while sacrificing everything."

That comment got 4 down-votes. What kind of piece of garbage craps on a hero like Pat Tillman?

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Posted in: Kaepernick ads spark boycott calls, but Nike is seen as winning in the end See in context

"Old angry white guys are not a core demographic for Nike," he said.

Nike's demo may be 14 year-olds, but it's the "old, angry white guys" who are actually buying their overpriced crap for their kids.

They've already lost 4 billion.

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Posted in: Five killed, 44 shot in night of violence in Chicago See in context

Gangbangers don't obey the laws? What a shock.

Blaming guns for violence is like blaming spoons for fat people.

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Posted in: Diet enacts labor reform bill amid concerns over long working hours See in context

"Akira Koike, head of the secretariat of the opposition Japanese Communist Party, expressed anger, saying "the worst postwar labor legislation change" had been forced through parliament by power of numbers."

If a communist is angry and against it, it must be amazing.

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Posted in: Lower house passes antismoking bill See in context

Here's a crazy idea: How about allowing private business owners decide themselves what to do with the property and businesses they own? And then Japanese public can either choose to frequent that establishment, or stay away? Let the free market decide who wins and loses.

Freedom. Choice.

(queue the leftist mob to downvote)

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Posted in: China has reportedly detained 21 Japanese this month See in context

Christophobia is real.

Both in this message section and in China.

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Posted in: Peace grows more remote with U.S. Jerusalem embassy move, violence See in context

Five times did Israel offer land to Palestine with only one condition: Peace.

Five times did Palestine reject their offer.

You cannot blame Israel for defending their own, recognized, sovereign nation of over 3,000 years from an invading force of terrorists.

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Posted in: California becomes first U.S. state to require solar panels on new homes See in context

Once again, California passes a law that keeps the low and middle class from actually owning property.

There is a mass exodus because Americans are simply tried of the incompetent left-wing leadership passing meaningless legislation like this, while buckets of human feces and used syringes line city streets.

Renting a uHaul trailer in California is almost an impossible thing to do.

In Texas, they're plentiful and super cheat.

There is a reason for this.

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Posted in: What are they thinking? See in context

"I gotta pee so bad"

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Posted in: MariCar go-kart driver mounts pavement, causes serious damage in accident See in context

Are all of you guys over 80?

A woman damaged a guard rail, and you're reacting like she mowed down a family of baby pandas.

The drivers DO were helmets, seat belts, gloves, goggles, and the cars have roll bars.

MariCar should be commended for what they're going: Creating a fun new business concept in order to bring people and money into Japan. Which it sorely needs.

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Posted in: Death by overwork: Japan's 100-hour overtime cap sparks anger See in context

Two of Japan's critical problems: A decline in population and a slow economy - can be fixed with a simple law: No more than 25 overtime hours per month for salary-men.

If you can't figure out how to get your job done in 9 hours, then you're doing it wrong. If you can, and you're just doing more of it; then your life is out of balance.

Those simple fixes - along with a complete overhaul and modernization of the antiquated and, quite frankly, embarrassing gomi/waste management system (which prevents people from buying new things because throwing the old thing away is too much of a pain in the oshiri) will begin turn Japan into the first world nation it's designed to be.

Then they can begin to focus on the housing crisis - 1 in 5 houses is abandoned.

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