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Takeaway Lessons from These 9 Nail Salon Instagram Accounts

Here’s what you should be copying from these 9 Nail Salon Instagram Accounts:

Click Your Art: With nail salons, if you’re good at your work, you’ve got stunning pictures. You don’t have to schedule your Instagram account a month or two before. Just take a daily picture of nail art and put it up on Instagram. To up the game, plan your background to go with your brand image. Use the same colors or elements in your background as your brand image. And there go your branded posts on Instagram. Set yourself apart from other nail salons by creating your own unique look using colors, backgrounds, etc.

Get Your Audience to Help You: Ask your customers to take pictures for you. Start a campaign where if your customers click great pictures for you and post them on Instagram along with your hashtag, they could win coupons or discounts on their next nail appointment.

Behind-the-scene Pictures: Occasionally, offer a sneak peak of your behind-the-scenes. What your team is doing. Celebrate a staff birthday by doing up their nails. This gives your brand a human element. They don’t appear as yet another nail salon. Plus, this gives you another chance to showcase your nail art.

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