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Posted in: Japan to explore possibility of Abe having summit with N Korea's Kim See in context

He can't explain something that is not true, anyhow. He can explain that Abe is trying to except drowning by shame and is appearing "more and more cooperative and peaceloving with each passing day". It's a normal behaviour for rats that feel the ship going down. They try to rush to the "winning" side.

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Posted in: Russia warns of reprisals if UK acts over spy attack See in context

Well what those puppets of oligarchs can do? Poison the families of UK officials? Oh wait...

When you deny the cooperation and sharing the evidence you can't really cry and blame the party that was ready to cooperate. Well, sure thing you can, but it is completely undignified. Serbia denied access of foreign investigators when respectably asked for. They got leveled some time later. An indirect parallel.

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Posted in: UK video game industry, home of Lara Croft, fights gender imbalance See in context

Fights common sense and quality art, that's what it does. Females were always an essential part of stories and art, being the catalyst and inhibitor, an element always crucial and supportive. Those who want to see more females killing people, dominating enemies or doing the stuff that they say "female characters lack doing", well... should check their moral values integrity.

As for enrolling more females into the industry... if they are capable, sure, fill the credits with their names. But if this is only happening as a part to "strengthen female" narrative, then they are not doing them a favour by letting them in when they don't understand what they are doing.

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Posted in: If a proposed summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un goes ahead, which of those two leaders would benefit the most? See in context

Why are they both used as Supreme Leaders? One of them is supposed to represent the nation, what he benefits of is what the nation benefits off. The other might force the unification process that will release many North Koreans from the shackles of being stuck in the past. If their peace talks are successful does not the whole world benefit from it? In theory, that is.

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Posted in: UK urges public to wash clothes after nerve agent attack See in context

I wish they would close all relations with Russia sooner...

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Posted in: Trump-Kim summit heightens Japan's fear of being sidelined on N Korea See in context

Rightly so.

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Posted in: Japan's new advanced fighter may be based on existing foreign design See in context

Which was an issue with one third of previous military development - someone did it first, and then the others copied it in a "sophisticated" way. After all, what matters is its ability of machine to destroy and lay waste, not the notion of the nation being able to develop such a weapon, right?..

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Posted in: Finance ministry to admit doctoring documents linked to Abe cronyism scandal: media See in context

Shinzo Abe on the photo:"Yabeeeeeee".

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Posted in: 7 years after tsunami, Japanese live uneasily with seawalls See in context

When you have an alternative to either have a beautiful coast to watch daily, "Speed", which is dying to tsunami one morning, then the survivors of the last one, who lost their families, will quite knowledgeably tell you that they are very much worth it.

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Posted in: Hawaii woman charged with sexually assaulting Japanese student See in context

Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to prevent such occurrences. Some people's impurity takes deep roots and is only revealed when there is virtually nothing left to be done to prevent the crime. I am afraid even if state or secret service did have access to personal data and activity, they still might not have been unable to fathom the danger such people posses deep inside. And they can't look into their minds, not yet...

Of course there is a case of the student giving the female a good old dignity slap on the cheek and called for help/did another one to make sure the effect goes through. I'll not elaborate on why he did nothing of such, though...

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Posted in: Tokyo marks 73rd anniversary of U.S. air raids in WWII See in context

Is some decades this will stop being commemorated, and the notion of not making it repeat itself might be forgotten by the masses...

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Posted in: Warning area expanded as Mt Shinmoe continues powerful eruptions See in context

This is but a beginning! A warning to those of ill intent! Heed our cry!!

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Posted in: Where do you think U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un should have their summit? See in context

Make it Moscow as a sign of goodwill.

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Posted in: 20-year-old father arrested over fatal abuse of 2-month-old daughter See in context

And not like the state wouldn't be able to do anything, start a campaign on responsibility and public morals for example, if they actually cared about their people. I guess they need this to start happening hourly, not daily, to get a wind of where they are slowly heading.

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Posted in: UK police: Russian ex-spy and daughter poisoned with nerve agent See in context

Simpletons that think Putin matters - you are simpletons. He is but a public figure, a marionette of oligarchy that crippled Russia in the 90s. Please do not attribute every crime against humanity to him. His abyss is not the deepest one.

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Posted in: Record 2,413 child pornography cases detected in Japan in 2017 See in context

When we are talking about a victims of such a crime, does possessing it make individual responsible for what is done? He has paid for that particular video, which might have been made 5-10 years ago, but he created demand, which means imbeciles will make more videos thinking there will be demand. Meaning by stimulating demand the creator of Rurouni Kenshin indirectly made children victims of further recordings, which theoretically makes him (not only a mentally sick human being but) a culprit as well. In theory. Ways to acquire such material are numerous, and it is possible one in possession never ever directly or otherwise caused harm to children.

Those numbers you see are only the surface, the numbers of those who either did not hide well enough or had no power to stay hidden. This is a profound problem that also takes deep roots in Japanese society. Unless the government has complete control of the data flow (and dignity to not misuse it), children will keep becoming victims at hands of blighted humans. Just as they always did.

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Posted in: Gov't to set casino exclusion, visit limit for residents See in context

Not like we did not anticipate this development a year ago. It is a shame, what remains on the corners of civilized world today, but it will not be there for long - this anti-human law and casinos will go down along with Abe's pseudo-elite. To think I ever liked how he looks...

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Posted in: Boy dies after falling from truck driven by 14-year-old friend; 2 teens arrested See in context

As far as I know ignorant stupidity is the ultimate law - it is not written as punishable in any constitution, yet it punishes those abiding by it nonetheless. There is no need for further punishment. There is a need for nationwide (WORLDWIDE) measures to prevent this.

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Posted in: Father arrested for abusing 2-month-old son of common-law wife See in context

Not everyone is trying to secure their life with their "significant other" being a cash machine. There are also dignity and true love at play, if you have heard of them. Not claiming whichever is responsible in this case...

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Posted in: Norway boosts quotas to revive whaling See in context

All meat is sacred and eating animals is theoretically a cannibalism, of less development species, no doubt. However, egocentric human scum is too busy staying drunk the joy and taste of consuming foreign flesh just to feel good. They refuse to get on with the times (meat is not anymore required to survive, survival against nature is over) and development and surpass their impure position they have consolidated over many centuries. And they worst thing is, someone actually finds pride in having slaughtered and consumed another being. Such a species I got rolled in.

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Posted in: U.S. Pacific Fleet commander, in Tokyo, says China's military budget lacks transparency See in context

Without a doubt both U.S. and China are ripe with shadow sectors, both under or outside the government influence, and both are using untraceable funds to play StarWars 2.0, in which I believe China is less dangerous than America.

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Posted in: Father arrested for abusing 2-month-old son of common-law wife See in context

This is a normal behaviour for females in Japanese society to not only endure the domestic violence, but also let the child suffer from it. in 2/3 cases they either participate, or abstain in fear of also being a means of steam venting or insane enjoyment. Only those 1/3 would defend their children from a degenerate male, but then we do not read about it because women that would defend their child do not let things escalate far enough to actually have to defend the child. IN THEORY.

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Posted in: Boy dies after falling from truck driven by 14-year-old friend; 2 teens arrested See in context

Basic case of HIGHLY UNINTELLIGENT children, where parents are the most victimized. But then again, were they not educated on dangers of misbehaviour? And why the truck was unattended? Could have been an extremist terrorist instead of two unattended children. The lack of security measures is not to go unnoticed, though most things do until a tragedy happens. Over there even more so.

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Posted in: Woman gets 10 years in prison for killing, dismembering younger brother See in context

It does not.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 78-year-old mother See in context

Or murder him instead, right, "kolohe"? If it serves the purpose either way...

Mother obviously has a duty for her offspring to meet ends and prevail in this realm. Even when the offspring is a piece of human litter, the genes of generations it carries, the memories of it not being a bio-waste are still there. It is regrettable it usually comes to such a resolution (we never hear of manchildren ever getting up on their feet and becoming a proper part of society, we only hear about them murdering ones who cared for them the most), however to have part of herself thrown out on the streets when it is evident that he is not fit to survive by himself in a civilized world, would equal the same murder. Either of his eventual demise, or of someone else he stumbles upon before withering himself. Whatever the whole story of it was, the past of their family, in the end Mother did not make a mistake, but her son ultimately did many than one.

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Posted in: Woman gets 10 years in prison for killing, dismembering younger brother See in context

It does not anyhow prove murderous intent, yet it proves insanity of the culprit, which would not engulf him over the stabbing, and demands the culprit removed from the society, forever preferably, but at least 21 years would do just a little justice in this case.

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