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Posted in: Do you support legalized casino operations in Japan? See in context

Casino is an artificial, human-made agent of chaos inside an already chaotic society. Making people rich and mostly poor in a blink... Only irresponsible and desperate people would go into that den of questionable fortune. But the biggest fault lies on those supporting it and opening it again and again, ruining families and leeching off the society with the unhealthiest kind of capitalism to date.

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Posted in: 'Missile launch, take cover': Another terrifying wake-up call for Japanese See in context

The rocket could always fall ON Japan, be it in space or in any known sphere. As a proper government they ARE OBLIGED to issue a warning if the possibility of a threat exists. Please stick to the common sense while trying to battle imperialistic warmongering. Thanks.

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Posted in: 22 injured in London Underground bomb attack See in context

Still a dark wonder, why do responsible officials and armed forces still allow people to be suffering? Those crimes can be well stopped before happening, had the authorities installed a proper surveillance upon, at least, the sells and purchases of need for explosives elements. It all could be avoided with THOROUGH surveillance of almost every aspekt of the public life. They are the government! They are the law and they monopolize the violence, yet their citizens become victims while on the way to the work, to better the society they lead... Humans still keep working in mysterious ways.

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Posted in: 'Missile launch, take cover': Another terrifying wake-up call for Japanese See in context

Neither those rockets are fired in anger. What you can only fathom as basic emotions is, in essence, a cold calculation. Majority is simply too oblivious and perceptionless.

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Posted in: 'Missile launch, take cover': Another terrifying wake-up call for Japanese See in context

Yeah stop trade with the two biggest economies in the world over a phantom threat... That would go down in history as the worst deal in the history of deals.

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Posted in: U.S. base worker's trial for rape, murder to begin Nov 16 See in context

The sentiment of having a fair trial is foolish to begin with - he is a failure of a human being, and everybody knows it. Everyone judging him would be feeling better with him behind some thick cage. This is now him against the proper world, it is now only a matter if he can bend the law in court his way or not.

Also, another round of bloodthirsty savagery, right? Got to go wash my eyes now. Yet again.

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Posted in: China's ties with North Korea fray See in context

You just had them threatened yourselves, though. Be it an individual or a political entity, hypocrisy runs deep and deeper it goes.

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Posted in: Prosecutors, university collaborate to secure interpreters See in context

"Ex_Res", football team supporters are also going to different countries to support their national teams, and are not really intersted in vandalism and violence... hol up... check... No, they are.

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Posted in: How can child abuse deaths be prevented? See in context

Proper morality education in schools and during upbringing, responsible social support to the "troubled" families, or a thorough, unyielding surveillance. All three are possible, and were possible for about 20 years now.

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Posted in: Man fatally stabs himself in chest after chasing wife with knife See in context

The abuse can become a mutual fault if the abused keeps on enduring the mindless violence instead of standing up to it. This is not medieval times, take it up to the court, the officials or even the neighbourhood collective.

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Posted in: Japanese car rentals include stickers that read: 'A foreigner is driving' See in context

Nice sticker by the way. Though, should read:


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Posted in: Man falls to his death from bridge after proposing to girlfriend See in context

This is one tragic occurrence. I hope this can be blamed on the alcohol, I really do...

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Posted in: N Korea to dominate Abe-Putin summit, putting isles row aside See in context

Isles are ours!

The isles thread is not moving any further into resolution until Japanese leading elite stops trying to amend World War 2, but instead starts moving forward towards cooperation and peaceful co-existence on the basis of equality, not "victim-culprit" relationships (see Poland).

Besides, Kim-Jong-Un is playing pranks on the weak world diplomacy. The threat is phantom.

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Posted in: N Korea fires missile over northern Japan; Abe speaks with Trump See in context

Now this is a real threat. Even though it was heading their way, neither Japan nor USA even tried to take it down. It means, they are defenseless. Now Abe is going to triple the defense ministry budget. And no one will object to him.

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Posted in: Man drops 2-year-old son into river; then goes missing while trying to rescue him See in context

Be careful, "Jakko", there is not a single word hinting that the father got to reach the child before or after being taken by the current.

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Posted in: 20-year-old woman arrested for dumping body of newborn baby See in context

What discussion there should be, "Bintaro"-dono? There is no other way to prevent it except raising the morality of the nation and providing deeper understanding of proper values to its citizens. I have no heard a thing about anyone doing so over the 6 years I am here. Probably because nothing efficient is being done. The government is playing "Imperial Time", no one else can force nationwide change in the education and upbringing of future generations. When someone who was supposed to make a Hippocratic oath, instead leaves own newborn baby to wither, you can without mistake call core red for the mental stability of the whole nation. Modernity brought Japanese moral decay: now it is all "just babies", "just responsibilities", "just respect", "just values". And there is no one to make an example for all those distraught, for Emperor is losing his own significance faster than new warfare vehicles are being constructed under the Abe's orders.

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Posted in: Kyoto to host 2020 U.N. crime congress See in context

UN gonna be surprised at how horrific the crimes can even without the usage of firearms.

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Posted in: Details of 'Deadpool 2' stuntwoman's death released See in context

This film (both of them) are a curse upon the super-hero history and I am deeply sorry, for the woman had to risk it all for this humiliation.

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Posted in: Residents of Tottori town hold drill in case N Korea fires missiles over them See in context

At least I am glad that many proper people, who are in majority, understand that this is fear-inducing tactic by Abe upon his own people. Now, for the whole Japan to understand so...

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Posted in: 9,150 baseballs, bats stolen from 18 schools in 5 prefectures See in context

Not locking sheds with such equipment as a baseball bat? A modern club?? Top of the incompetence. You would think such responsible society would know better...

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Posted in: Police kill at least 60 in 3 days as Philippines' war on drugs and crime intensifies See in context

This is what happens when you go all out and forget what was done to preserve the humanity over all those long two thousand years. Yes, the gangs and drug dealers will be purged from the society. Less crime associated with them. But the murderers portraying the president and a percent of police force will remain. People will remember the gunshots, all the blood shed by the government. The society will never get back on the civilized path without foreign help.

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Posted in: Tom Cruise breaks ankle, shutting down 'Mission: Impossible 6' See in context

Well, some still think "Art needs sacrifice", and the worst examples known to me are the occurrences while filming the old "Raven" film and recent "Deadpool 2(which I completely detest, but irrelevant)" film. I believe it got even worse than the action films of ancient times, all because the pretense (or reality) that the viewers must be surprised by more and more outstanding, terrifying tricks and stunts. All done by real people, while technology can replace them very well this age. Whether people keep getting hurt because of pride or greed of those who do not want to invest in computer graphics for their films, it does not seem to end in the days to come.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's engagement to be announced on Sept 3 See in context

Must be nice, being able to become a prince in our era.

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Posted in: 62-year-old man stabbed at home in Shizuoka Pref See in context

Definitely a grudge scenario. Pitiful male perpetrator, consumed by hate-culture...

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Posted in: 4-month-old girl killed after being thrown out of car by impact of crash See in context

As far as I am concerned and can believe the article, parents are absolutely at fault. First of all, there was no need to make maneuvers to pass the car, it can always be done slowly but steadily. Even under the heavy rain. But this is debatable.

Secondly, the child seat, as the father claimed, was properly situated and the child was in it, but the evidence says otherwise. Such an impact to throw the child out of the car would not have left them almost unharmed. If I am reading the last sentence correctly, parents, an underage girl who seems yet to know of real responsibilities, decided their child's safety and, ultimately, life, were not worth the trouble to conduct "extra" steps and secure the child seat properly. In this case, the article headline is correct - "killed" is used correctly this time.

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Posted in: Man questioned over 70 counts of theft, car vandalism See in context

How much exp did he earn for all this??

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Posted in: Japan marks 72nd anniversary of its surrender in WWII See in context

Yeah, the guys are as docile as cats - the nation is being practically hijacked by a bunch of old politicians and they do not bat an eye. SA-FE.

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Posted in: Japan marks 72nd anniversary of its surrender in WWII See in context


Never forget.

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Posted in: North Korea leader holds off on Guam missile plan See in context

Possibly allowing time for the Submarine Launched Nukes to be deployed. And even maybe creation of dummy missile warheads to overload any anti-missile response.

Simple people without knowledge on the subject keep waving "AMERICA FIRST" flag with complete disregard of common sense and reality. So much for nationalists.

North Korea is neither an alien invader nor a super-power, they do not bolster 100 mini-nuclear warheads and 1000 dummy rockets to fool such an exquisite defensive grid America has been building since the end of World War 2. The problem lies in the word "defensive". They can shoot missiles down, job done no threat anymore North Korea no missiles no resources all happy. There be line. Except some might go "PURIFY THE EVIL NORTH KOREA! COUNTER-SLAUGHTER MILLIONS OF ALREADY SUFFERING PEOPLE! AMERICA FIRST!" and will justify Hiro-Naga experience for the North Korean people. People who pose no real (or phantom) threat to anyone except South Korea. Which, in its turn, is in even less turmoil in regards to the matter than a superpower an ocean across. And this is all based on the words "Silence!!! I'll nuke you!". What a circus is world politics...

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Posted in: Search ends for Japanese climber missing on Mont Blanc See in context

Moral of the story: Stop making other people sad by engaging in dangerous, meaningless activities ending like that. Proper living 101.

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