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Posted in: Abe back on the ropes as second scandal grows See in context

The poor old grandson of an A-class criminal scum will be thrown aside, but the problem will not disappear from politics with him. I hope the protestors and society are starting to understand, little by little, that the politics of deceit and corruption permeates the whole LDP, who were left nigh unchallenged since the end of WW2. If the wave of discontent with the government ends with only Shinzo Abe gone, boy I will be mad at my fellow species.

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl nabbed for alleged theft of Y10 million See in context

That is quite a lot of money to steal from a living room, in a course of 2 months, unnoticed? Must be a rather wealthy family, to keep large sum of money in the open (as in not locked), and since they did not check on it frequently. Or did the friend cover for the girl by claiming it was him using it as allowance? So many details unknown...

10 school student, who participated in an organized theft, probably forcing the girl to be the one to dirty her hands. Were 10 people not taught on how theft is a moral crime? Or did the group consist of people, who were associated by the prime principle of dismissing law and ethics as inconvenient? This way, the theory of how a single Japanese school class could contain that many juvenile scum is evaded. Neither tried to stand up and report to the police strange transgressions in the fellow pupils morality? Something is not right, something is wrong...

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Posted in: Horror, cheap and in-demand, comes to Hollywood's rescue See in context

Such abhorrent deformations of art as "horror" will not save anything.

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Posted in: Western powers say air strikes crippled Syria chemical weapons program See in context

"That Russian, That Russian, That Russian,", even Russian have names. And if basic etiquette is available to thee, you better not shame your legal representatives by not using it.

"CrazyJoe", there is an extremely graphic Japanese animation called "Gyakusatsu Kikan", which is a rough critique on the reality of the Earth societies. The message is something along the lines - The developed western (especially America) half keeps on producing wars in the already devastated eastern half, publicly expressing condolences and disgust at all the bloodshed, but enjoying their own "freedom" and consumeric comfort far away from the battlefields, and privately advancing the means to destabilizing and chaos invoking. Because the theory goes - as long as the less developed nations wage wars between themselves, they will leave the stabilized nations out of it, and thus by producing endless conflicts in half the world, the other half would virtually live in peace and prosperity. Which is the ultimate hypocrisy. I do not suggest to view the animated film, but all this "civilized west against terroristic/despotic east" is going in exactly that direction. If not there already.

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Posted in: 81-year-old man killed by falling stone lantern in Mie See in context

Poor bus driver will have some reconciliation to withstand...

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Posted in: 35-year-old man arrested over murder of teenage girl in 2004 See in context

It seems quite crazy to have such a statute at all, but then imagine a murderer living 28 years as a proper citizen and having a family of 3 generations, only to get found out on the 29th year, and what is everyone going to do? I'd rather respectfully shut down than try to do well and just in such a situation.

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Posted in: 35-year-old man arrested over murder of teenage girl in 2004 See in context

When and why did they abolish it, zichi?

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Posted in: Police officer shot dead in koban; 19-year-old colleague arrested See in context

Which they had better start doing, because unless they actually become civil, comprehensive, and respective, this tragedy is only going to proliferate. And I would not like to have a third of the peacekeeping force deranged due to power harassment when I move in. Don't turn Japan into America, now.

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Posted in: Police officer shot dead in koban; 19-year-old colleague arrested See in context

It could be a signal to old imbeciles in Japan, that if they want to live longer, they had better start treating others with due respect. However, the murderer is not exactly the sharpest tool either, and if mere bullying made him throw away his humanity, he would have become a stain on it sooner or later, I am afraid.

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Posted in: Girls excluded from sumo event See in context

I don't know why any girl would want to be a part of this remnant of savagery, but hey, culture and money walk hand in hand...

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Posted in: Ehime prison escapee suspected of at least 6 thefts See in context

This is not a second rate criminal drama film, stay reasonable.

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Posted in: Labor minister admits overwork led to suicide of realty firm worker See in context

Admits, admitted, admit,... are not they in deep disgust of themselves? The same thing, over and over and over again, and it keeps on repeating. Isn't it a definition of insanity?

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Posted in: Trump says there will be 'big price to pay' for Syria chemical attack See in context

"Syria would have made the transition to democracy"

Pinnacle of the preposterous narrative. Not even an "if". After years, if not decades, of prolonged crisis, the men and women who were yesterday murdering children of each other "would transfer to democracy"?

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Posted in: Can male commuters be charged with non-contact 'groping?' See in context

At this point segregation seems to be the fastest and most efficient way to prevent this. I, for instance, would lack the chance to visually adore females while commuting with them, but they would stop fearing being grabbed or something. Which is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

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Posted in: New Zealand PM says her country 'undeniably' racist See in context

Human children show no contempt at others, no matter the colour or shape of the face of the other. It is after they learn to learn, that society poisons them with socially constructed injustice and inhumanity. Having heard here that "racism" has any origin in human nature, I am quite disappointed. More than usually, that is.

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Posted in: Ehime prison escapee suspected of at least 6 thefts See in context

I guess, showing no attempts at reconciliation and reuniting with the society as a proper human being, he should be put in a normal prison then. That is, if the thefts are actually his doing.

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Posted in: Critics hail 'thrilling' feminist TV spy drama See in context

If you feel required to use a word "feminist" to define "art", you are defining a humiliation of "art".

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Posted in: We'll create as early as possible a political system to protect democracy and people's lives, and enable a change of government. See in context

Now this is at least trying to sound decent. Most have already foregone even trying to.

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Posted in: How bad is noise pollution in your neighborhood? See in context

I am living in the middle of a large city hub, on a second floor, where many drunkards, legal druggers, buses and trams pass by hourly (the formers multiply at night, as the latters tune it down). I also have to suffer the existence of two next-room neighbours whose culture does not encompass basic respect to sleep-time (it is overridden by the desire for self-entertainment). Thankfully, the medieval building has two layers of windows to battle at least the outside disturbance. Which it does splendidly, unless I open them...

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Posted in: Scandal clouds darken for Japan's Abe ahead of Trump summit See in context

All secrets become apparent, no villain will escape the blinding light of truth and justice.

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Posted in: Certified oldest man in the world - at 112 - likes soaking in hot springs, eating sweets See in context

I wonder how the certification process goes annually - do they re-distribute the certificate after the previous oldest person dies? In Japan, at least. Even more so I wonder what the next oldest person thinks of such award, as there was someone else before, and will be after...

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Posted in: Zuckerberg resists effort by U.S. senators to commit him to regulation See in context

Did USA go through "philosophical shift" after everyone got to know (which was obvious to begin with) that the state was eavesdropping on every communication means of its citizens? No? Oh, right, the noise just settled down and that was the end of the story. The use of such words by this capitalistic scum is, if anything, humiliating.

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Posted in: 2 men allegedly grope woman on train; one arrested, one gets away See in context

Organized crime now. Dire, dire times for the society...

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Posted in: There is persistent opposition to altering (war-renouncing) Article 9, while support is slow to expand for constitutional amendment. It's very difficult to advance this thorny issue to the stages of a Diet proposal and a national referendum. See in context

Every Japanese politician trying to talk about amendments seems to disregard public opposition to it as ignorance on the topic. They are looking at people as if they were uneducated adolescents. Can't the nation prefer pacifism over militarism, since they liked the 70 years they did not have to fight with anyone but themselves? Maybe they are ignorant. As much as maybe they are not. But the politicians always imply the former only.

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Posted in: Finance ministry proposed cover story on land sale at heart of scandal: official See in context

Why is this still being circulated, state itself admitted it is indulging in organized crime. Just wait for the militarists and corruptionees to face justice.

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Posted in: Japan’s 'eternally 17-year-old' anime voice actress offers fans hot spring resort trip with her See in context

And somewhere its illegal. Perspectives, priorities...

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Posted in: How should airlines deal with unruly and inconsiderate passengers during a flight? See in context

A strict warning about the passenger disrupting peace on the airplane.

A warning that inappropriate behaviour unfitting of a civilized person will bear sanctions.


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Posted in: Can male commuters be charged with non-contact 'groping?' See in context

Is that the non-contact martial art thing? I thought it stopped being funny after a year or so.

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Posted in: Convicted thief escapes from open-type prison in Ehime See in context

zichi, I'd just send him back with a pat "Nice try, pal", and just leave it at it without prolonging the sentence. Come on, thieves. It is understandable that is one prison is one of rare good ideas of Japanese society to fight against crime, as in to reform it and prevent proliferation. Not instilling anger in the inmates and making it a "friendly punishment" where they still cooperate with each other is a good way of making sure they do not turn into rabid dogs when returning back to the society. Does not work for capital criminals, alas.

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Posted in: Quake shakes parts of western Japan; more tremors expected See in context

Yet it is preoccupied with military expansion and self-destruction both from the top and bottom. What I have said for years, is give this unused land to other nations who are in need of it, Japan, China, let them set-up business and infrastructure there and everyone would win. They could even rent them this land for 25 year periods if they were not so profoundly demented.

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