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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

This is not an entertainment website, design is not of great importance. Thereby, you did some unnecessary work. That is what I think.

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Posted in: Parents of slain Vietnamese girl return to Japan See in context

I could also question the usage of word "slain" instead of simply "murdered". Why the use of more sophisticated english word in a news article? Besides, as far as I am concerned, "slain" is mostly used in relation to animals or fiends, also someone wicked, e.g. criminals. If you know better, that is fine, if not, take it down.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 9-year-old Vietnamese girl in Chiba See in context

Can you confirm, that even if video footage of murder exists, the case is not considered a murder one unless the "presumable" culprit confesses he did it? In no way a murder unless confessed?

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 9-year-old Vietnamese girl in Chiba See in context

Mike L, you are right, Innocent until the evidence suggests otherwise, but the border is getting thinner. Someone out there did it, and is still not caught. Through what was presented in the article, aside the disgust, I believe the fact that he was absent during his regular supervising will be as crucial as the DNA test. If he is trying to get away with it, he must be coming up with an alibi currently. When questioned properly, if responsible people find rends in his presumable alibi, he will be step closer to conviction. And then to imagine the family, the children, after they get to hear what a blighted scum their father is. It must never happened, it must have never happened. Alas, it seems rather elaborate and ..."sophisticated" at this point.

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Posted in: 2 Chinese women sought over vandalism at Meiji Shrine See in context

Oh wait they were Chinese? I just took a glimpse at it and thought it was another local insanity strike. But in THAT case, extradict them. Solved.

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Posted in: 'Ghost in the Shell' for beginners: Japanese film critic’s impressions of Hollywood film See in context

Everything aside Director Aramaki executing people is new to me and is quite idiotic and... simply wrong. Thus I am against any further Western involvement with refined Asian symbolism... and everything else if possible, please.

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Posted in: Jude Law cast as young Dumbledore in next 'Fantastic Beasts' movie See in context

I have liked immensely the first Fantastic Beasts, and I would like to see more of it, but I am really cautious towards it, considering the common tendencies of "overusing" the series.

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Posted in: N Korea may be capable of sarin-loaded missile attack: Abe See in context

Yeah let's ride that mentally challenged train, said Abe. ANYONE can see this is a piece of crap. Yet it serves their militaristic expansion agenda and they hope it will allow them to rewrite one smart constitution into an aggressive one that allows the government to command citizens to die for political garbage in their heads. If this is not evil, then this is braindamaged in the least. Japanese society should start thinking real hard on how to sweep clean the current government and replace them with decent people who actually care of well-being of their fellow citizens.

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Posted in: 2 Chinese women sought over vandalism at Meiji Shrine See in context

Wicked sick. Infidels should be publically named and taught some basics of proper civilized behaviour in human society. That they will be.

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Posted in: Kishida, Tillerson to meet on Syria conflict N Korea threat See in context

This is not 1933. Yet it is all over again. Rest assured, they will be defeated by a proper, civilized society they are trying to sway into the chaos as their predecessors did.

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Posted in: Do you think the U.S. missile strike against Syria was also a warning to North Korea? See in context

You can say that such a mentally challenged move was a warning to the humanity itself, telling it that evolution might have gone backwards.

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Posted in: Kishida, Tillerson to meet on Syria conflict N Korea threat See in context

It seems that now the iniciative United States foreign policy will embolden Japanese mentally challenged militarists to expand their "rights". One step backwards, one step backwards.

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Posted in: Parents arrested for abusing 5-year-old son with frying pan, saw See in context

Now, I have been saying how decadent and inhumane Japanese society has become and that stagnation is painting me sad... Well, the stagnation is over. It propels in getting worse.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for stealing 5 mil yen from 89-year-old man See in context

This is disgraceful to the ideal of police. A policeman, before or after becoming one, in gambling debt, stealing money from elderly people,... Is called a criminal. Japan is a land of extremes, yet such disgust happens worldwide. They have to do a better job distributing the rights to protect harmony in their own nation.

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Posted in: Japan needs anti-smoking law ahead of Tokyo Olympics: WHO See in context

Japan needs laws 101: Into the Civilized Society. Maybe Olympics will trigger the much needed chain for society' "humanisation".

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Posted in: 3 men, 1 woman found dead in minivan in apparent suicide See in context

... If the government was not comprised of a bunch of incompetent militarists this crap would have already been MONITORED throughout the nation and the victim-culprits would have been helped IN TIME.

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Posted in: Foreigners in Japan face significant levels of discrimination, survey shows See in context

I, as a foreigner, exercise the right to be discriminated against by the people of origin nationality, as long as the discrimination does not go beyond oral occurances. Thus, I concede to any and all stereotypes originating from my nationality as long as they have at least one real case of happening to my knowledge and the knowledge of the people of origin nationality and is used as either an insult or a joke, not as a solid belief in correlation to reality. Signed, me.

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Posted in: 21,897 people committed suicide in 2016; lowest number since 1994 See in context

I AM suggesting they stop paying insurances for the suicides. Not only it would stop encouraging idiots from committing it to provide their families or whoever, but will also make some other "suicide-prone" people to consider harsh consequences. Still, one good news for now.

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Posted in: Japan, Russia hold talks on security, territorial dispute See in context

You are making Russia take all the blame for militaristic expansions by ingrates all over the world, twist history to your own twisted view to make Russia look even worse than it is, and then put in an ultimate hypocritical "Russia became a huge country by constantly taking land from others". If you want to blame someone for something, you have to find something NOT everyone did. Otherwise, this becomes a norm. Basics, will not lecture you on that. But you will not slander and propogate arms race, leading the world to destruction, either.

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Posted in: Japan, Russia hold talks on security, territorial dispute See in context

Even here, military hysteria and lust for world destruction drives those behind the screens mad. How much more evil can a person with an actual power of political choice bring upon the world... Terrifying age.

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Posted in: Diet proposes one-off abdication law for emperor See in context

One off makes no sense neither from the logical standing, nor from law one. If you have a law, you either uphold it or not. What was so "critical" that time and why can not it be as "critical" in the future? Making exceptions off law is, if anything, irrensposible. Write sensible laws or suffer the unsensible ones with dignity.

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Posted in: Man, woman apparently fall to their deaths on Chiba mountain See in context

Hm, alright. Since this is not an immediate action, it is not in process, to avoid ANY misunderstanding it should read "...(apparently) fell to...", not "fall to", since it has already happened.

Moderator: No. If you use "fell," then you have to attribute the word to someone speaking in the present tense.

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Posted in: Troubled Toshiba See in context

Toshiba - heading termination.

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Posted in: Tillerson to arrive in Japan Wednesday in shadow of N Korean threat See in context

Yeah now the whole USA politics IS a joke.

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Posted in: Do you think North Korea poses a real threat to Japan? See in context

While the North Korea seems to be led by idiots, lauching rockets into the ocean, death row etc., they do not pose a threat to anyone but themselves and the nature. The only ones actually saying that North Korea is a threat to it's neighbours are the military-hysteria supporters, hoping that under such loud shouts as "PROTECT US FROM THEM" people will allow their inhumane behaviour and researches with the only aim at wealth and destruction continue. Those calling for increased militaries, weapons of even more massive destruction, are the real threat to humanity.

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Posted in: Japanese baseball player sends message to boy who ruined his home run See in context

Remarks such as, “stupid brat, you don’t deserve to live,” and “war criminal” Make me regret they do not keep security logs of IPs of citizens that regurgitate such despicable immoral... over the international net. Scare them once, for life, those scums. Do them an eternal favour.

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Posted in: As N Korean missile threat grows, Japanese lawmakers argue for first strike options See in context

This is exactly how idiot all over the modern history justified their militaristic hysteria. "Preemptive strike". What savagery...

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Posted in: Truck driver gets 3 years in prison for killing 9-year-old boy while playing Pokemon Go See in context

There is no point arguing over the "Younger the victim longer the sentence" kind of insanity. Good thing there are some in the society that use logic AND actually pass the judgement upon.

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Posted in: Truck driver gets 3 years in prison for killing 9-year-old boy while playing Pokemon Go See in context

There is not much reason to throw him into jail. He did not do it voluntarily, out of mere and sheer stupidity. They can not let him go either, that would send a wrong message across. Three years will be enough for him to get over his addiction to idiotic mobile games, weight of what he did added. The real danger is the game on phones while driving, THAT should be persecuted. Taking this man away from the society benefits no-one. He is going to be re-integrated into the society without much effort after leaving the prison in three years. All there is to it. Not some rotten justice system, not some senselessly bloodthirsty online executioners.

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