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Daniel Naumoff comments

Posted in: Man arrested over 9-year-old stepson's murder See in context

Yubaru, literacy check - man arrested over 9 year old STEPSON's. There is a different mental attitude to someone of not your gene pool. Not that it was the main reason to sway the culprit towards this crime, I suspect.

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Posted in: Suspected arsonist in Kyoto studio attack regaining speech in hospital See in context

Reassuring news. Soon he will be able to contribute to resolving this mystery - whether so many people perished because of someone's insanity, or because of someone's insanity fueled by a dishonourable theft of one's creation for commercial purposes.

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Posted in: U.S. blames Iran for Saudi attacks, 'pretend' diplomacy See in context

LIterally hundreds and hundreds of account created to support a single agenda of definite groups - Russians, Japanese,... Iranians; anti-american statements everywhere: accounts that have zero participation in commentaries under Japanese news, but always there for the news that mention a state they are hired to wage informational war for/against. Golden age of scum.

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Posted in: 17-year-old youth arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after stabbing woman with scissors See in context

Except when it happens to you, Strangerland. Whether you decide to worry or not is up to you, but the possibility exists. Not being a native Japanese, however, excludes you (and many others) from half the possible reasons to become a crime victim in Japan.

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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly firing air gun in road rage incident See in context

Road rage, road rage, keeps repeating, I'm on edge.

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Posted in: 17-year-old youth arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after stabbing woman with scissors See in context

Seeing how he turned himself in, he must have felt not the way he thought he would after assaulting someone. After some time in a mental institution, provided he is cared for properly, this one youth might return back to the society. Now, what to do with numerous other youths going off the rollers each minute...

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Posted in: Why do some people mock others' taste in music and dismiss groups that they don't like as being crap and having no talent, etc, as if they were an authority or arbiter on musical excellence? See in context

If I was asked to compare in quality hard metal song which is basically sound on decibel level of 2 chainsaws running through each other, and any song GACKT has created, I might just feel insulted.

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Posted in: Climate campaigners plan Heathrow drone shutdown See in context

Hopefully this eco-terrorism is worth the effort and in due time, those who remain of humanity, will be greatful to their hardcore ancestors.

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Posted in: South Korea initiating WTO complaint over Japan trade curbs See in context


Japan is not benefiting from this farce. The LDP and their de-jure leader Shinzo Abe, however, are gaining more popularity and justification in re-militarizing the nation. In the eyes of an average Japanese citizen Koreans are doing something real stupid and while at it they are also insulting Japan, damaging its goods, destroying its flags and causing economic strain for Japan. This is a good propaganda material and LDP is using it quite well. Unfortunately, many many others are either just as complicit in sewing discord between the two nations, or outright stupid in playing into Abe's hands.

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Posted in: Daniel Radcliffe has life turned upside-down in 'Guns Akimbo' See in context

Aaaaaah make her stop smiling omnis immundus spiritus

Daniel has been starring in the right kind of art-house recently. I am looking forward to a work he considers decent enough to promote with his acting.

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Posted in: Revamped cabinet lineup signals Abe's gambit to stay in power See in context

Relax Yubaru, this is not even their own article. Your righteous fury is lost on them here.

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Posted in: Seven-time Olympian, pioneer woman lawmaker Hashimoto appointed Olympics minister See in context

Should a veteran truck driver with 30 years of... truck-driving, be appointed as a transport ministry head? I do not think this is how it works.

neither I did read the article, so...

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Posted in: Lack of female directors in Hollywood an 'embarrassment': Geena Davis See in context

Well, start being talented then, girls. Or at least work hard with results to show to everyone. Take a look at the Japanese art industry - many prominent female directors. Because they can at least back up their barking okay this is getting removed.

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Posted in: Driver appeals 16-year prison sentence for ramming motorbike from behind, killing rider See in context

This should have been a life sentence. Would send a message to every imbecile out there with the license, even more so to the truck drivers.

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Posted in: South Korea initiating WTO complaint over Japan trade curbs See in context

Good on them for trying to bring in third party. Hopefully both are publicly humiliated by it for causing this circus.

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Posted in: Nuclear regulator to re-investigate Fukushima nuclear disaster See in context

The whole story of this plant after 2011 Fukushima is a way bigger disaster than the original tragedy.

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Posted in: UK court: Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament unlawful See in context

Yadda yadda laws are there to protect the establishment...

...but another madman (or rather a man-child, madman is too big for his likes) got slapped with it, as well as world-wide proven to be a nuisance and unfair player. That's a yellow card. Hopefully he does not go as far to receive a red one, as many others might suffer in the process.

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Posted in: Revamped cabinet lineup signals Abe's gambit to stay in power See in context

I mean, I will not be directly invoking -ism against old people...

But literally only Koizumi-not-the-actor-one Shinjirou is the only young person on that photo, and in that revamped cabinet I guess. Now stay with me - this is pathetic. The old boys gang is in control, and Shinjirou is there only because of the social context surrounding him - he is a son of a previous prime minister (with considerable experience and education to back himself, naturally) and boasts a lot of appeal for an average Japanese person, as does his father. This is a clear misuse of young people in attempts to forward old gangs agenda. Shinzou Abe is bursting another bottom with every move he makes.

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Posted in: What do you think of the level of security at airports you have been to recently? See in context

When I notified that there was a purse (forgotten by some less than intelligent female being, who rushed to the bus) on a bench next to a bus station, two police guys nonchalantly walked to it, looked it over and called someone else, blocking the bench off for others. Not the smartest bunch, but at least they did do something.

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Posted in: Abe shakes up cabinet, bringing in rising star Koizumi See in context

Educator, I have mixed feelings on how to react to this third Koizumi.

If we look at it from the distance, this is a rather simple story for some series. Silver Lion's son is now a valued apprentice of a political rival, who is nothing like his dad. He is now pursuing the political career under the wing of the LeaDing Party, which is rife with scandals and questionable moves against the nation's well-being. Can Shinjirou Koizumi-san live through the rigid world of Japanese politics and still be worthy of his father's ideals? Will he live with them in heart, or will he become corrupted by the puppeteer his father once fought on political stage, with the whole world as witnesses? To be continued...

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Posted in: Teen bullying victim who died in apparent suicide blames school in journal See in context

Record number of reports of bullying also does not mean, surprisingly, that it is becoming less of a problem, less severe or more contained. This is a story from one school only. How many schools Japan-wide have at least one unfulfilled child's life on their hands? How many rooftop fences were the last thing the abused, ignored children touched? Everyone has to take a step towards no-bullying society. If some are unable, than the less-corrupt majority is able to instate laws of both protection and sanction. In theory. In Japan? ...

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Posted in: 11-year term prison sought for mother over fatal abuse of 5-year-old daughter See in context

It is important to understand that people who are desperate or insane enough to abuse (their own) children would never consider something like a prison/capital punishment to be a deterrent. It happens on a whim, a spike of negative emotions, or has long become trivial for the culprit to even think about whether it is bad and what it means for the culprit (the abuser). This all prison-ing for abusers is really not a solution and does not affect the issue significantly. The only plus is that the people who keep reading these news become more aware and one day the mass will push through solid, necessary legislative to protect children and their to-be abusers, but right now this is just a seemingly never-ending cycle. The problematic is without a doubt more complex andprofound, both culturally, legally and philosophically, than the average "user" of this news outlet can handle with their mind. "LAYLA LEYLA DEDLEE DEE, Bring me rope and find me tree". And still the children are suffering.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for attempting to kill daughters aged 4 and 3 See in context

Seems more like a complex case of society pressure rather than family issues. The mother might have been feeling worthless and unable to live up to the standards of this age, fearing laughs from her children and other "competitors". It is most regretful such mindset still occurs in these days (in case that is the case). But at least she does not have to worry about being seen as pathetic ever again.

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Posted in: Keikyu Line service resumes 2 days after fatal accident in Yokohama See in context

Sorry why is this some sort of an event for these people? I am feeling rather uncomfortable seeing them pile up and film it.

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Posted in: 27-year-old man arrested over sexual assault in 2011 See in context

Ho-ho, quota filling right there folks. Unless they got the culprit, no way to know though teehee~~~

Imagine the guy not doing anything bad for 7 years. That's some mental fortitude.

Now what is the statute of limitations for this one? I would like to know for... uhm... scientific purposes.

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Posted in: 'One Piece' creator reveals timetable for when he’d like the mega-hit manga to end See in context

One of the worst examples of "franchise milking" to finally meet its end? Aliens would be proud.

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Posted in: Opposition to block British PM Johnson's early election bid See in context

I like UK. When you think politics is all rigid and serious, they remind you sometimes it's just a shame.

But good on people for standing up to power abuse, democratic process circumventing and backboneless, incompetent royalty.

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Posted in: Seoul, Busan pass bill to boycott 'war crimes' Japanese firms See in context

Finally, a bill to boycott war crimes. Now where is the bill to produce quality politicians...

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Posted in: Nissan not currently considering asking CEO Saikawa to resign See in context

It would be like asking a member of a crime syndicate to take all the blame... But these seasoned samurai's ain't falling unto their own swords. Not by themselves, fair citizens, no. Join the "Clean Society for Samurai-Sword Impalement" today. Before your children have to start one.

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Posted in: 6 months past legal drinking age, actress Kanna Hashimoto reveals binge drinking See in context

A real shame. Hopefully she is helped and does not become a role model to anyone. This is what happens to weak people when they feel themselves a "celebrity"...

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