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Posted in: This method is easy to understand and will not create a sense of unfairness among customers. See in context

Cashless society means the state and authorities control all the finance flows inside their borders. Shadow economy and black markets become extinct, and the scum who benefited from them are rooted out and judged in courts. A win-win for a civilized world, in theory.

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Posted in: South Korea calls for ban of 'rising sun' flag at 2020 Olympics See in context

Yes, please.

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Posted in: Kyoto arson attack victims to be honored in end credits of new film See in context

The negativit comed from a dilemma -when dors appropriate victim commemorating stop being a profitable virtue signaling? I would personally say we are on the borderline here. Someone with a definite answee would be an interesting phenomenon.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after bodies of husband, daughter found at home in Fukui Pref See in context

Well, good thing she could not hang herself. Another example living in the cage, funded by people tax to make sure anyone next thinks twice whether they want to share her pitiful fate or whether they want to try to remain decent human beings.

One day there will be cameras everywhere. And then we will be the ones laughing.

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Posted in: Do you remember when you first sent or received email? What was your reaction? See in context

To remember something so trivial I would have needed to have a blissful childhood.

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Posted in: Police end probe of Kawasaki stabbing rampage See in context

Dinesh what if the culprit is profoundly insane. Maybe he thought he was saving them, maybe he could not think at all. Apparently someone can go on a rampage without a motive.

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Posted in: Suspect detained over stabbings at Ibaraki farmhouse See in context

These kinds of crimes were not really happening before to make it a necessity, locking the doors. But as everyone can see, the situation is changing. There is going to be a national backlash towards accepting trainees from these countries.

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Posted in: Japan's hunt for minke whales resume in coastal areas off Hokkaido See in context

Living being slaughter is barbaric and becomes a stronger stain on the people's conscience with every passing day. As simple as that.

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Posted in: G20 labor ministers discuss aging workforce responses See in context

The problem with the cheap labour beinh profitable to rich people who can keep paying less - you ( or Japan) dont get a choice. Soon in many places it will be either imported labour or no labour at all.

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Posted in: 21-year-old man arrested over death of girlfriend’s 4-year-old daughter See in context

Worthless welfare centres. Worthless officials and police. Unable to protect a single thing.

Encourage evidence gathering by the neighbours. If they know there is child abuse, make sure them trying to help to uncover it does not backfire. At the first suspicion remove the child from a problematic family and have it undergo a medical examination. Single sign of neglect is enough to remove the child permanently, ensuring a better future (or any, at this point) for it. Ministry complaining there are only old people available for the work, and then this happens on a weekly basis. See the parallels folk?? You better do.

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Posted in: G20 labor ministers discuss aging workforce responses See in context

Importing thousands and thousands and thousands of cheap labourers like me is the only way to avoid another bubble burst in the upcoming decade, as the society is too rigid to adapt to a quickly changing reality in the nation.

Spoiler alert: there is no bubble. But the burst is happening.

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Posted in: 46-year-old 'hikikomori' arrested for leaving mother’s dead body inside house for over a year See in context

Exactly! Pension!! Has nothing to do with rampant anomie sweeping through the society like a tsunami. Not a fraction of correlation.

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Posted in: 'Weathering with You' anime submitted for Best International Film Oscar See in context

You say it as if you understand the matter and the extent of "recycling" present. I do not respect it.

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Posted in: Swimmer Hagino to tie knot with singer-songwriter miwa See in context

I know Miwa and adore her songs. Hopefully this is a case of celebrities having a nice marriage which results in a healthy and strong family.

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Posted in: Parliament's suspension before Brexit protested across UK See in context

Smart play for someone with 2 brain cells, yes.

Any other properly functioning and morally not-bankrupt human being would be ashamed of this foul play.

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Posted in: 2 brothers arrested after body of father found at their Nagano home See in context

Before someone starts jumping to conclusions: Yes, unemployed middle-aged man, yes, collecting pension for his relative. Yes, a problem.

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Posted in: 15-year-girl on bike hit, killed by truck; driver arrested See in context

Something certainly needs to be done. The scenario keeps repeating itself, unless we start getting pure accidents beyond the control of human factor there has to be something that can be done to prevent those tragedies.

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Posted in: 'Weathering with You' anime submitted for Best International Film Oscar See in context

Was submitted before even being released. I will reserve my sound judgement when I actually see the film myself, instead of riding on the wave of past grandeur together with the mass.

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Posted in: Putin, Abe to discuss peace treaty Thursday in Vladivostok See in context

Japan does not need those islands, but Abe needs to score points at home before he is prosecuted for corruption/thrown aside as Article 9 wipes political floor with him.

Russia does not need those islands, but Putin's regime needs worldwide recognition for diplomatic achievements and peaceful resolutions of conflicts. Which it hopefully won't get. And if it does get past this de-jure peace treaty, no one is getting fooled. Except two fools, right there.

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Posted in: 87-year-old man arrested for molesting 8-year-old girl in park See in context

therougou that would not explain that children were apparently the ones who told the story to others. I don't think they would make it up... but I have seen things.

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Posted in: 87-year-old man arrested for molesting 8-year-old girl in park See in context

Then you are a being full of malice and reveling in the moral and physical suffering of others, seemingly trying to justify it with platitudes like "justice" and sorts. And that is without a doubt a real problem for societies today, as well. Of course, my opinion, respectfully.

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Posted in: North Korea berates Pompeo; says hopes for talks fading See in context

America got once-in-a-history (because this has never happened before) opportunity to actually change a regime for good, through democratic and diplomatic means. But all I keep reading is North Korea:" WE ARE ANGRY! AMERICANS NOT TREAT WELL! DIPLOMACY FAILS!". Why can't American diplomats try just a little bit harder and agree to more in hopes of easing tensions in Koreas? It might seem like a "weak" move to many rednecks, but they will choke on gasoline in a decade either way; What matters is that Korean children will stop living in fear, both Koreas, in a course of several generations. But the first stone for that harmonic foundation for Korean co-existence has to be laid now. Pompeo made a mistake trying to play on both sides, he is a stupid fool and a fossil. He only cares about his own reputation and position inside the American regime. But he is a top diplomat. Who is then supposed to help dismantle North Korean regime by peaceful means, bringing brighter future to the peninsula?

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Posted in: Peach Aviation 1st Japanese carrier to drop S Korea flights See in context

At least they tried to justify it with "economical" reasoning. Definitely not a move to cater to home-nationalists.

I wonder if I will experience Japanese and Koreans walking into our bank at the same time... Might actually inform them about the other party while they are waiting.

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Posted in: 87-year-old man arrested for molesting 8-year-old girl in park See in context

Garypen, there is no guarantee he had been doing this in the past. Hence why we at least have not read about it before. He is 87 years old, in Japan many seniors undergo a profound dementia process. He could have been a normal man, maybe even decent human being, but as the aging started taking his mind apart bit by bit he might have lost sight of moral borders. I blame the internet and isolation people are introduced in modern Japan.

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Posted in: Mother suspected of killing 2 young daughters in murder-suicide bid See in context

There definitely is some logic behind such actions. It is however so twisted the nation had better start an all-out campaign against it already. I wonder what goes through the people's minds in Japan when they read those news on a daily/weekly basis. The very same mothers with little children, are they horrified, are they understanding of the culprit, do they feel like there is no problem on the national level? Something clearly needs to change in the mindset of the mass. Japan's mass is no exception.

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Posted in: Hong Kong democracy activists get bail; protest march banned See in context

Unlike in TRussia, the protesters might actually be publicly executed. I wonder if the regime goons understand the bit about "creating martyrs" and how unprofitable it is for them.

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Posted in: Former Dallas detective famously photographed escorting Lee Harvey Oswald dies at 99 See in context

One of the greatest mysteries of US, with a great man suffering for his greatness. Hopefully one day, with the regime change, uncorrupted people will reveal all the documents there are on this case.

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Posted in: Tokyo ranked world's safest city for 3rd consecutive year by EIU See in context

Well.. good news. Hopefully it stays so until and after I move in.

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Posted in: British PM to suspend parliament before Brexit; opposition denounces 'coup' See in context

Steven she is endangering harmonic future and well-being of British citizens months from now, when the separation happens. I could not care less for this pathetic political spectacle once cunning Britain is suffering right now. But I do care about the fall-out from the irresponsibility of "leading" politicians, which once again will be felt by ordinary citizens. Who are not doing great by the way mind you.

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Posted in: Japanese vice labor minister quits over visa-related graft scandal See in context

At this rate Shinzo Abe will be standing on the "Constitution reform" noise-car alone.

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