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As you well know, that's the first step that never gets taken in Japan. It's an unfortunate paralysis.

Sadly yes.... I was sincerely shocked when a Kohai (like 5 years younger than me), made a friend and colleague of mine to quit the company, because "It is a man's job... and my wife should be at home"...

I almost punch him, when I heard this if it not were for my friend herself that stopped me (it was during a nomikai).

The other shocking thing was that she oblige to what he was saying....

Not surprisingly, I was not invited to the wedding and she was banned to contact me by any means....

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Just because a law or a norm does not stipulate any kind of penalty or punishment does not mean the law is BS.

The mere existence of the law ables the people and the authorities to take actions (like the present case).

It is sad that a law like this should have to be made... in a ideal society it should be a matter of commons sense and respect enough to prevent these kind of hate speech and other stuff like this

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Posted in: U.S. trade policy deplorable, says Japan See in context

You know when your lap dog (Japan) is grunting at you (US)... you really making a big big mess.

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Posted in: Trump can probably pardon himself, but has no plan to: Giuliani See in context

Sooo... basically using Trump's legal team, when applying for a loan, I can be my own Guarantor? How convenient

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Posted in: 'Pregnancy rotas' add to working women's woes in Japan See in context

The problem is... there is soo many old timers and/or people with a ancient way of thinking in most Japanese companies (and in many non-Japanese companies too).

But the most concerning problem, is the lack of interest and help from colleagues of both genders.

I was actively involved in ways to improve and facilitate the working environment specially for women, at my former job, but the real lack of commitment and interest for my workplace colleagues made any effort null.... At the end I was seen like I used the workplace Seminars, workshops and talks as ways to skip out of work.

Many of my friends (women) either had to find another job (2 people) or had to simply quit (like 5 of them), it really made me feel useless.

So, basically I am saying, people in the workplace has to speak up and be involved...

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Honesty... I never liked him... too super.

Instead I loved Spider-man and Batman

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Posted in: U.S. President Donald Trump has said the U.S. might rejoin the 11-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership if a "better deal" can be reached for the U.S. Do you see this happening? See in context

Under Trump... nothing can be sure.

He is crazy senile narcissistic old man with a lot of power and a severe inferiority complex.... and the US does not know how to used it.

A line in "The Dark Knight" comes to mind, "...in their desperation, they turned to a man they didn't fully understand..."

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Posted in: Kim says he, Moon are on starting line of new Korean history See in context

Sudden turn of NK diplomacy... suspicious dictatorial government is suspicious....

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Posted in: Halilhodzic still waiting for explanation on why he was fired as Japan's soccer coach See in context

Because of power harassment and unwillingness to listen to the other members of the team?

I think he is more than aware of the reasons

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Posted in: Veterans Affairs Secretary Shulkin to resign; Trump to nominate his personal physician See in context

Good to see the US steadily advancing through the "Third World".... soon US will be a "Banana Republic" too

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Posted in: Gov't demands dismissal of forced sterilization damages claim See in context

MInd you... the "winners" of WW II allowed for the law to pass... just a reminder

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.... wait you telling me that asteroids and space dust needs freedom???

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You sing a contract you are binded by the contract that with your sign acknowledge and approve its contents.

If you go around saying you don't recognise the document, because you don't agree with the content (that again, you signed) most probably you will be charged with charges of Fraud and extortion....

An international document signed by 2 countries and having witnesses of third party countries and organizations... has even more weight than a mere civilian contract

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Did you and your family go to vote on every election? If not, the reason of your whining is in part your fault.

Also, the economic situation of Japan, its debt burden and the babyboomer generation assistance is not an easy task to solve, is not only politics, not only laws, not only trying to convince the companies and the public to do this or that... is all of that and more (time and patience mainly), two things that people tend to lack a lot.

Regarding the SDF stance, given the current situation of Japan and its neighbors, and the need for Japan to be able to defend itself without the help of the US... this action I think is also welcomed...

Sincerely.. a Japanese guy under 40 (that have many people sharing some similar point of view)

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Posted in: Do you believe there is intelligent life on other planets? See in context

Of course there is

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Posted in: Chicks of slain stork to be raised at facility See in context

@Alex Einz...

Easy.. old age poor eyesight

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That is why this news is making so much noise.

I will give you, that there may be some possibility that this news has been blown out of proportion, taking out of context and/or mixed some lies with the truth (though I personally not believe it so)

But giving that type of information to a country that the US has several serious regards on external policy and security issues, puts the safety of US citizens (not to say other countries as well) in real risk.

Even if the position you stand is the correct one (that nothing out of nowhere), if Trump would have allowed to US media to be at the meeting as they did with Russian media, there may have been no problem to begin with.

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Posted in: Trump revealed classified info to Lavrov at White House: officials See in context

Sorry my mistake on the link thingy


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Regarding the

Yet those people's voices cant be heard and supported like the man in the video, they are called any name the media can think of to silence them (racist, xenophobe, homophobe, anything that ends with -ist) The liberal courts block any type of relief for these people that the President tries to give them.

Sadly, Muslims in America face this sort of prejudice and hatred every day. @ATTN pic.twitter.com/Q822uytsSp— George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) May 9, 2017

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Sorry but then, the media who is getting slammed fiercely by Trump administration also will be very careful to report something that with a simple research can be refuted.

Your allegation that these information and statements are "fake" is unfunded and you have no way to prove them at least you are at the same level regarding information and fundamentals as this report.

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Posted in: Trump revealed classified info to Lavrov at White House: officials See in context


A true American People who care about jobs, their money and their safety... here look


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Posted in: Trump revealed classified info to Lavrov at White House: officials See in context

Dear Trump fans.... whatever you may say, one fact make all your explanations and justifications to dust.

If there was "no problem" with Trump giving away that information, then why the urgent calls to the tops of NSA and CIA?

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Posted in: Japanese schoolgirls in sailor suit uniforms demonstrate 82 sumo techniques See in context

i liked this ad... very powerful...

But Japan Today guys... you will need to make a better research before making public an article...

The alleged school girls Misaki Jimbu is 22 years old model and black belt in Judo.

Though for Chihiro the information is not so available on internet but apparently she is 19 years old model and also have some sort of Judo experience.

So they are far from being "school girls"

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Your math is good... but is no much to my Kung-fu.

Japan's rice consumption is not only as "rice", but you have to take in consideration that includes all types of derivatives from rice.. some such as, Sembei, Sake, Amazake, Rice Flour, etc.

So "rice consumed every 13 minutes in a year. Much?"... yes Much.

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Posted in: Several shots fired at van with gangsters See in context

Gangsters? I thought it was illegal to be part of a crime gang in Japan. Why weren't they arrested? (sarcasm)

Being in a gangster is illegal in Japan... as is illegal in most parts of the World to be part of a Mafia or criminal organization.... but apparently making it illegal does not eliminate the criminal organization. Is so bizarre (better sarcasm)

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Posted in: 91-year-old man, driving wrong way on expressway, dies after head-on collision See in context

It seems that many here are not capable of arguing or give a proper counter opinion.

The age i propose (and I think is accurate) 70, is based on what I know and have seen and experienced.

My parents both are over 70, my wife mother is close to 80, since someone asked...

What I am asking (hoping for some calm exchange of points of view) is what do you think should be a proper age or proper measure. Taking in consideration the risks of old age physical degeneration, and also taking in general scale. Your parents could be F1 drivers at age 105, and winning the Grand Prix.. but that is a flunk, we have to talk about the generalities in this case of old age drivers.

if part of your argument is "if you take the driver's license to those old people how are they going go with their lives?"...

Well, that is a problem that can be solved with other measures (there are already some solutions available). If you main reason to be against the taking away the licence lay only in the above, then you are only "covering the problem and hoping to it to go away"... I think some of you are very critics about that being a "thing" here in Japan (irony maybe?)

As for the young people, first of all physically speaking they are fit to drive, the problem with young people is that they are not mentally prepared for driving which is an entirely different matter of motor-vehicle accidents.

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Well the "taking away" the license is not a thing yet.. they take it away if you fail to pass the bi-annual evaluation.. which by my view is too much time in between and not a good evaluation.

As for many here that are against the idea of taking away the license pass 70 years old, what are your motives to say people over that age should be able to drive a car?

My reasons to say they should give up the license and/or taken away pass an certain age (70), are.. the fact that by that age hand-eye coordination is very low, visual and auditive senses are poor, the peripheral visual field is around 20 to 30 degrees.

This not counting other natural deterioration related to age like glaucoma, cataracts, diabetes.

Also the shortening of attention span, memory loss and dementia.

Even if you are a healthy individual, by the age of 70, the loss of reflexes is an important thing.

Finally, we have a lot of cases (accidents) related to old age drivers...

If in a near future the self driving or semi-self driving cars are a major thing and you still need to have a license to own one of these vehicles, then my opinion could change.

But at the moment with medical and incidental situation... taking away the driver's license at certain age is very reasonable

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Posted in: 91-year-old man, driving wrong way on expressway, dies after head-on collision See in context

... mmmm really.. pass 70 no driving license. That should be the law

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Posted in: Trump fires FBI Director James Comey See in context

..."Mr. Comey usefulness is past long, yes.

Dimitri, call comred Trump and tell him to fire this man... "

... or so was heard from the Kremlin before Comey got the boot. da?

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Posted in: Kumamoto baby hatch has accepted 125 babies over 9 years since launch See in context

Reading the comments in here, I notice that many people lack the ability to grasp the meaning of "anonymity" and how information is managed.... also, I assume several commentators here are not able or not care to read Japanese... since on the board there are clues on how and why some childs did go back to their families.

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