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Posted in: Alcohol taxes aren't high enough, says World Health Organization See in context

No alcohol.... if you want to be popular and respected by all... that is not the way.

Alcohol consumpion is as old as humans are (some other mammals like elephants consume alcohol too, in their natural habitat by the way).

I am not sociologist nor biologist but some how I think alcohol plays an important part in both areas.

Of course over comsuption will cause problems, but so does consuming water in excess.

Consuming alcohol does good to your health, not much physically (although red wine does), but mentaly helps you to cope stress and relax.

There are so many "health" gurus out there pushing for all humanity to eat just vegetable, no alcohol, no sugar, no salt... but just ask how many of those people look happy or healthy?

Moreover, how many "healthy dietist" are able to keep that diet?

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Posted in: Chilean insists he did not kill Japanese ex-girlfriend at conviction appeal in France See in context

RedemptionToday  06:41 pm JST

Honestly that kid looks like a dope so I am surprised he could pull off a murder, hide a body for years with no witness, and do it all in a foreign country.

Sure, if how you look defines a criminal/murderer, you just have to arrest ugly, bad looking people. Prejudice much?

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Posted in: Chilean insists he did not kill Japanese ex-girlfriend at conviction appeal in France See in context

For some that are somehow aloof...

This Nicolas Zepeda person (Nico for those who close to him), met with the victim in Japan and they relationship ended in Japan.

the victim went to France without mentioning it Nico, why would she? they have already separated. But Mr. Zepeda found out where whe went (city and living address) and decided to go to France eventhough he had no business going there, he was not enlisted in any University nor had any business interest.

if with the above information your "Stalker alert" does not go wild... you may have a problem.

And in a city with over 110 thousand people, Mr. Zepeda just coincidentally met with her ex girlfrind?...

Additionally, there are GPS data, car rental records... still with no body, bare minimun there was a crime commited.

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Posted in: Shooter wounds 4 in Ohio Walmart store before killing himself See in context

We are just 40 shootings away to have 2 mass shootings per day in average in the US.... the number at the moment already should be a record... but since US always likes to go overboard and like being "#1"....730 mass shootings per year is just around the corner.

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Posted in: N Korea notifies Japan of satellite launch as early as Wednesday See in context

AdamToday  02:27 pm JST

They didn’t NOTIFY JAPAN, they notified everyone. Why is Japan so arrogant??

ummm... Japan has not said that... the tilte of the article says that, so it is a mistake (worst slander) from the editorial of Japantoday, but the gobernment of Japan is acknowledging what it has made public globally.

if anything, I sense a lot of ill focused anger in you

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Posted in: 3rd release of treated water from Fukushima nuclear plant ends safely, TEPCO says See in context

Last month, they tried to make radioactive waste liquid scattering incident looks smaller than actual state.

When, where, who, how, why?

When was that informatioin uncovered?

Where did that happened, you said in Japan, but where especifically.

Who, uncovered that? and Who was the responsible for the "liquied scattering incident"?

How did they covered up? how the discovering party discovered?

Why did they covered up? But most importantly, why only you have that information and is not have been published in any other media? By the way I check on daily basis a wide range of media including South China Post and Aljazeera and none of them has mentioned this news you say.

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Posted in: Self-Defense Forces hold drill to repel invaders See in context

 It isn't going to and never will. Meanwhile US occupation forces are still here after WW2.

And that is a good thing, right?

Because if the US forces leave Japan, then Japan will have to bump up around 30 times or more its defense forces.

Meaning to basically build a more robust military.... and that for sure won't be good for your masters.

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man shot by police after Osaka apartment quarrel See in context

Is this a common police strategy in Japan!?

Yes you could say is common as is common to shoot a weapon in Japan.

Yes, warning shot to the air (i don't remember the angle but is something around 50 degrees, not sure though), then second warning and third time to the leg is the standard procedure for police officers to shoot a gun (as far as I know, may be the second warining is not needed).

After the event, all shot bullets and casqets has to be recovered and reported (un shot bullets too).

The standard issue guns for the police are .38 calibre, the terminal velocity of a .38 is around 260m/s (or 237 ft/s for USAians), but since is shot to the air in an angle, the falling speed will be less. So the bullet if hits some one may cause injury depending where it hits may the injure could be severe (if you are as unfortunate as getting hit in the eye but it), but usually it will be no more than a small bump with minimal skin rupure (so small bleeding) and maybe slighly burn.

I think the Japanese police is very aware of the danger of shooting a gun, and the effect that will cause. The unlucky hypotetical persona that got hit by the bullet will medically treated and probalby apologies will be due too, but in general, the shooting to the air in an angle is a safe way for a warning.

Unless... of course we are talking military grade rifles and machine guns... but that is not a point of concern for the Japanese police... we don't live in the United States of Ammunition

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Posted in: Japan chocolate producers stamping out child labor in supply chains See in context

Japan isn’t squeaky clean when it comes to slavery. Read your history books.

If you begin to make statemest like that... you are going to run out of contries/societies/cultures that have a clean history regarding slavery pretty fast

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Posted in: Japan chocolate producers stamping out child labor in supply chains See in context

Why not by tomorrow?

By "tomorrow" will mean imposing by force rules, laws and procesures... How good that would look?

Does it take 7 years?

Education and establishing a fair job conditions takes a lot of time.. 7 years is relatively fast.

And how is this a "goal" and not a "commitment"?

A goal would mean to have the full cooperation of all the stakeholders to reach it. Doubt that will be possible without time to explain and reach agreement with all the part. Process that usually take a lot of time.

Of course there is a faster way... namely by force... but again, how does that option fits with you?

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya braces for Halloween crowd despite calls to stay away See in context

@Luis David Yanez

Nope is not idiological...is because Halloween in Shibuya there is no organizer.

May be if someone organizes a Halloween event in Shibuya streets with the required permits and authorization and with the collaboration and support of authorities and business, I think there will be no problem.

I don't care for those celebrations and don't have the will nor the need to be an organizer so is not my problem, but if you want your Halloween in Shibuya then work for it.

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Posted in: In secular Japan, what draws so many to temples and shrines? Stamp collecting and tradition See in context

I'm pretty sure if the report was written for a Japanese readership (not just a flat translation), the content between the English and Japanese reports would have noticeable differences.

Sometimes I suspect that even the editorial line are different between Japanese and English....

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Posted in: U.S. regulator says Musk dodging Twitter share buy questions See in context

the SEC can be a shaddy US institution... but that is not a justification to manipulate and the share prices of a company to buy them cheap.... though may be he bought them so to destroy twitter from the inside... up until now he is doing an excelent job.

May be I was wrong and Musk IS a genius and a hero, sacrifying his money and image to destroy the cesspool that is Twitter!

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Posted in: 3 Philadelphia officers injured in shooting after dispute about video game; suspect dead See in context

@WA4TKGT, what are you an 80's religious mom??

Blaming it to videogames, music, movies, books, comics.. I think is missplaced by far.

Blame it to the guns, emotional and mental maturity (lack of), education, stress, ambigual morality, etc., a combination of those (and problaly other) factors is where the blame should be layed.

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Posted in: 90-year-old Japanese woman is McDonald’s Japan’s oldest female employee See in context

Euro DudeToday  07:56 am JST

People who don't know the Japanese Pension system would say that they are working at this kind of age because it keeps them sharp and socializing.

But the cruel truth is that Japan has by far, the LOWEST pension from all civilized countries, which makes it impossible to survive alone with those money.

Is really sad that unless you have substantial savings, you are automatically becoming poor appon retirement.

I do not appreciate you "....civilized countries...". Tell me what cotries are "uncivilized"??

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Posted in: Elon Musk wades into U.S. immigration debate at Texas-Mexico border See in context

I wish people stop believing he is a genius.. he is rich and mostprobably moderately above the IQ medium not more.

If we go to classify "smarteness", I do belive he is business smart as well as moderatly imaginative (though limited)... but socially and sentimentally classifying Musk as "Smart" is an overexageration.

He has money, so people listen to him and every of his whims, also money give you access to information that give him advantage.

But genius he is certanly not... a rich moderately above average smart white guy...yes

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Posted in: Japan to begin releasing second batch of Fukushima water on Oct 5 See in context

Jeeesh... al the people worrying about Tritium in the ocean... accoridng to you, a person that after going to the dentist takes an 8 hour flight to a resort, eats a pan cake with fruits in it, drinks some coconut water after a run on the beach and by night drinks a couple of spirits... and does that once every couple of years.. that person is going to die of radiation poisoning, like soon!!

....eat two bananas and tell me how much you glow

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Posted in: Controversial U.S. livestreamer 'Johnny Somali' arrested in Osaka See in context

Damn first time I agree and support 100% bass4funk, even up voted since I didn't wanted his comment to have a negative on it

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Posted in: No tritium found in fish one month after Fukushima water release See in context

@Reginald Bok

so much anger... but off you go

So yeah, Japan is realeasing nuclear waste water. Tritium is hazzarous to all living forms and is a human made product!!!

Also, the Earth is flat, secret societies are controlling us, god exist, Iesus Nazarenus commeth and aliens built the piramids with technolgoy from Nibiru!!!

And China is the greatest, cleanest, fairest and wealthiest contry in the World.

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Posted in: North Korea tells Japan of satellite launch plan See in context


Now there won’t be full scale panic in Japan as there usually is.

Where do you live inside a computer game?

full scale panic when? where? Locally maybe (last time Hokkaido was it?)

Still according to you, having the risk to be hit by a piece of debris from a rocket is not reason to be concerned???

well maybe not you... you have superpower so no problem there i suppose.

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Posted in: Portrayals of duality: 'Hafu' in the media and popular culture See in context

All hail to the Occidental absolute righteousness and unequivocal wisdom!!!

Occidental (white man) moral is the RIGHT moral!!!

Honestly and all sarcasm aside, the only people that I see make a fuss about ハーフ is the occidental master race mentality people... myself as a ハーフ (Ecuadorian and Japanses), I really don't have any issues to that word.

Although I must say, is pretty sad since I am ハーフ but not pretty... please know that for each attractive ハーフ

there are like 10 who are not (like me....)

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Posted in: Suicide hotlines in Japan ringing off the hook at times See in context

It’s still a taboo here to ask for help or that kind of stuff or mention to friends or in the workplace.

No is not. Although there is no deny in several organizations (private mostly) mentioning the mental health issue (or any other none work related issues) is kind of "punished" that is not the norm and the Japanese society and authorities are working toward eliminating that kind of mentality.

Having said that, I have experience fist hand that the abuse and lack of understanding toward mental health is problematic in other contries (in some cases worse that Japan), like the US and Chile (from my experience and what I have witness).

All for all, I think Japan is doing fairly good in what is mental health support and understanding. There is much to overcome and to fix, but its on the good path.

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Posted in: Suicide hotlines in Japan ringing off the hook at times See in context


To be honest, religion in many cases makes it worse. When catholics "tried" to support ... I really prefered to be death.

And, christianity as part of family core (my mother is one of those) does not prevent nor help in depression.

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Posted in: Suicide hotlines in Japan ringing off the hook at times See in context

Ricky Kaminski13July 25  07:59 pm JST

Lot of sad lonely people out there wondering what their conveyor belt life is all about, never been given the mental goods to fully process what’s going on nor imagine that there are options.

As a person diagnosed with cronical clinical depression, let me tell you this comment is not accurate. I am not lonely, I am married and my wife loves me, even then when I was in the deepest point of my last depression episode, I did consider killing myself (this was three years ago more or less)... So no, sad people we may be, but lonely is not a requirement to be depress of to considr suicide.

Another thing, "little" encoragement is not enough, being depress is not solved only with a kind word and "little support"... to be honest if someone is just going to give "little" of anything, better keep it to yourself.

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Posted in: Trump indicted on criminal charges; appeals to supporters for legal defense funds See in context

I wasn't going to comment but.... I think there is a need of urgent clarification



mar·​tyr ˈmär-tər 

1: a person who voluntarily suffers death as the penalty of witnessing to and refusing to renounce a religion

2: a person who sacrifices something of great value and especially life itself for the sake of principle

martyr to the cause of freedom

3: VICTIM especially a great or constant sufferera martyr to asthma all his life

Whereas, the 3rd definition does not apply to Trump in this case since he is not sick nor is not a "great or constant" suffering, that is based on the comments of their supporters and some commentators here.

And for the 1st and 2nd.... well the key word there is "death"...

So order for Trump to be a martyr, he has to be death either physically or pollitically....which he is not (again based on his supporter base)

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Posted in: Twitter prank spurs unexpected scrutiny of U.S. insulin prices See in context

What is good about this news is that, the prankster has succeeded in damaging a greedy pharama company and at the same time able to make a very powerful hit to mElon Musk.

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Posted in: 15-year-old girl dies after being hit by train in Tokyo See in context

@to all who for some reason think that Japan is the only country in the world leading teen suicide and suicide overall.

First of all, I am not denying that Japan has a high rate of suicide. I am saying that that image that many still hold almost religiously, that Japan is the suicide leading country is wrong and outdated (the first link demostrate it clearly).

Second, the suicide rate of teen in average is high in EVERY country, because teens are suceptible to suffer from that.

The US suicide rate of teens is still high (not like Japan of Sout Korea) but it reaches 14%.


Also, a consideration has to be made regarding how the US defines suicide for the cases of teen with guns, and how many Latin american countries count and consider suicide (being the influence of catholic religion a big thing).

Third, I wonder why you so eagerly want to put Japan in first place for suicide, to the point of ignoring data, and why attack people that suggest to revise your views.

Lastly, as I person who suffers from clinical cronic depression and have in the past 2 unsuccesfful attempts of suicide (if i were succeful in taking my life, the statistics would not have been in Japan but elsewhre), I think I am able to see thing in another light. I live in Japan currently, and just last year a had one of my hardest episodes of depression of my entire life... I got to the point of thinking that I did not need to live anymore.. but my wife, friends and doctor (all of them Japanese by the way) help me to reconsider.

The cause, was not in fact the "evil" Japanese society... but in fact due to power harrasment and psycological, social and laboral abuse from a couple of people from a non japanese (non Asian) country.

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Posted in: Tom and Jerry have been given an ultra kawaii redesign in Japan for a new animated series See in context

Well is not like US media hasn't got it shares of ripping japanese media either...

Althoug not the same type of slaughtering, nausieting non the less, some examples come to mind

Drangon Ball

Hokuto no ken

Kamen rider

So, i suppose we are even

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Posted in: 15-year-old girl dies after being hit by train in Tokyo See in context


And the way suicides are classified as such is the same from country to country? Me thinks not.

Huh? how on hell can "suicide" be classified?? so it is voluntary suicide, involuntary suicide, accidental suicide, chemical suicide, magical suicide??

Suicide " the act or an instance of taking one's own life voluntarily and intentionally",

What other type of suicide is there??

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Posted in: Should Japan have its own nuclear weapons as a deterrent against security threats? See in context

No... what kind of question is this?

No doubt that Japan needs to have enough fire power to defend itself and its interests, but that and having nukes are two very distinct things.

Just like saying, I have an orchad of apples, so I can sell Cyanide

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