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Iceland has a huge advantage... the heat of Earth is just on the surface...

In Japan you must drill a lot (around 5 years give or take)... I am not saying Japan should not do it... it should. But compared to Iceland, there is a big disadvantage.

Also... the list of renewable energies should include Kinetic ...and consider the option (if the news is true though) of Fusion reactor

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I think you are confusing University with technical school....

Universities are in essence places where you learn to think and apply your knowledge.

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First of all... homosexuality is normal in most animal species, mammals a lot.. your logic of Reproduction = Natural is plainly wrong.

There are ways that living thing reproduce that are totally "unnatural" as there are livings things that it is in their nature not to reproduce.

What is natural to you? to follow the "order" and what is the "norm" that is usually imposed by others (the will or the dictator, or the dictatorship of the people)? or to follow what you think, what your want to reach in order to get a little closer to what is your happiness?

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Mr. Noidall & Pukey2...

After all this time on the internet... I must admit people like you guys still astonish me.

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Posted in: JR Kyushu runs 'Kiss My Nagasaki' campaign See in context

As a trilingual... that slogan is wrong is so many levels and in at least two languages....

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Posted in: Putin says Obama administration trying to undermine Trump See in context

Well.. we should save the comments some people here are writing, once the Trumpster is on the chair and things begin to go FUBAR... let's see how their opinions are.

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Posted in: Trump's busy Day 1: Scrap Obama orders, deport illegals See in context

It could be that.. "president Trump" will last no more than a year... Republicans... I doubt they will let Trump loose for long.

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Posted in: World's 8 richest men own as much wealth as poorest half of world's population: Oxfam See in context

@ Reckless

the revolution is coming,,,

Sorry, but no. Revolutions are only the transition of power to one side to the other... all in the middle will be the same in the end.

Sure once a "revolution" occurs we will see much change.. but on the long way the result will be the same.

We don't need revolutions.. we need evolution

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Posted in: Man beats boss to death at guest house facility in Tokyo See in context

...well I can relate to that feeling... how many times I have imaged to rip the head off my boss....(sigh)

I am sure that many have that feeling... yet another thing is to literally do it.... that is going over the top too much.

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Posted in: Do you think the world will be a safer place with Donald Trump as U.S. president? See in context

You know... suddenly going on a one way ticket to colonise Mars sounds very much more appealing....

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Posted in: Does Japan need to host any U.S. bases at all? See in context

Unfortunately yes.... as long as Japan is dependant to the US for self protection.. and as long as Japan doesn't have a strong Self Defense Armed Forces (国防軍)... the presence of the US is a must

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Now I know why this comment section is as it is... Trump supporters

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Posted in: Dual citizenship is not permitted under Japanese law, making the country an international minority over the issue. What do you think are the benefits of allowing dual citizenship? See in context

@theeastisred... sorry I am going to reply of your last comment towards mine and I have not read any other comments following that, so please keep that in mind.

Japanese law in this matter is somehow tricky.. yes.

I was borne in Japan and I got double nationality because of my mother side. According to regulations and laws, If I don't proclaim at age 21 (I didn't) which nationality I am going to choose, I am automatically acknowledged as that I did choose the Japanese nationality.

In case of my sisters, who were born outside Japan, if they didn't say which nationality they take by age 21, then they are required to choose and state your intentions by written to the Japanese government. If they fail to do so, the Japanese nationality is automatically nullified by the 22nd birthday (I could be wrong regarding ages). My sisters choose the Japanese nationality, by the way.

We three siblings have until this day both nationalities for the reasons I have told you before.

The same procedure my friends had to do (both parents japanese but borne outside japan). Only those people like my (who were born in Japan) automatically get the Japanese nationality without the need to "choose".

Regarding the taking away the nationality, I have not hear of anyone that got the Japanese nationality by bloodline of by naturalization to be strippen of it. Not even Renho, and she is a very public person in a very powerful position, and not even a squeak regarding of "stripping" her off the japanese nationality has been said.

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Posted in: 85 lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

in short... Apparently I was named after some falls in North America...

and no one even commented on my book suggestion? it is a fun read...

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@sfk... sorry you lost me... I have never stated nor said that I (or anybody else) controls spirits (though I think there are some comics with people with that kind of power).

The Shrine is a place where you prace..."say hello" to spirits or gods. Not control them....

But if you are into controlling spirits and stuff I recommend you to read the "Milkweed" series from Ian Tregillis

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Posted in: 85 lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

@DieRealityCheck... what did you expect... this is internet afeter all

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Posted in: Dual citizenship is not permitted under Japanese law, making the country an international minority over the issue. What do you think are the benefits of allowing dual citizenship? See in context

@theeastisred I think you lack of knowledge of international and constitutional law is making you say this.

By law and by all effects I have chosen and fore I am Japanese national. At the same time, according to the constitution of the country which I hold my second nationality, its states in essence that I cannot lose or "drop" my nationality no matter what I do, even if it is my will to drop the nationality.. the nationality will stay with me.

According to international law no country can interfere nor affect the constitution of another country. And since Japan is a democracy and respects human rights, a government and/or country cannot force a person to go against their wishes, in this case, choosing one nationality over the other.

Ch3cho already stated in a comment above that there is an article regarding special situations.

So you see.. it is stated, and it is rather a common thing.

Japan does not remove or take away the Japanese nationality once it has been provided. The only way to "loose" the Japanese nationality is by notifying that you want to loose the Japanese nationality in order to get another nation nationality (most commonly speaking US citizenship)

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Posted in: Dual citizenship is not permitted under Japanese law, making the country an international minority over the issue. What do you think are the benefits of allowing dual citizenship? See in context

@theeastirsred... damn you id is so difficult....

Sorry to burst your rage bubble... but Ch3cho is right. You need proof? Here I am.

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Posted in: At what point does ordinary childish horseplay become bullying? See in context

@BertiWooster... that is a very simplistic way of dealing with the problem.. and I suspect that it will not be an effective answer.

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Posted in: 85 lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

I am going to keep repeating this... Yasukuni is where the "soul" of Japan is. As any being, a "souls" has many shades and colors, some are dark, some are clear. But it is what it make one (in this case a nation) what it is today.

There are many people that died defending the country that are in Yasukuni, there are people that did great damage and evil thinking they were doing for the good of the country.

All their actions of all of them made, what Japan is today. Yasukuni is a shrine to pay respect for the whole and not the individual.

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Posted in: Woman stabbed outside her apartment in Fukuoka See in context

@AgentX Also is not a safe country if you are a foreigner that leaves his bag at the front of some bank and when the police ask you what it is inside the bag you answer "a bomb". Can you imagine you can get jailed for that...Japan is so insecure for the everyday prankster.... a shame. If you did the same thing in some EU country or the US, probably you get picked up by the TV and become a celebrity.

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Posted in: U.N. under fire for picking Wonder Woman to lead campaign See in context

@FizzBit, Wonder Woman is DC and Cap. America is Marvel... how much do you think U.N. will have to pay for the license?... sheesh.. some people.

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Posted in: Japan bans Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on aircraft over fire risk See in context

@Mike L. Oh so you saying the Puerto Rico also banned the phone???, or you being sarcastic, and you are referring to Canada, Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Israel, Taiwan, New Zeland, Denmark, Poland, or the UK???

@Mizuame it is a very common thing in Japanese news, when referring to companies overseas. Entirely another matter is that you "interestingnly" just notice this when is regarding Samsung.

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@B.I. Sharma Thank you.

I know for many Yasukuni is like the "devil"... but hope you understand that it is the soul of the country.

As any soul, it have its good parts as well as its dark parts, we cannot deny either because it is a whole.

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Posted in: What should be done about the debacle of the new Toyosu fish market which is supposed to replace the 80-year-old Tsukiji fish market, but which has been held up due to contamination issues? See in context

Considering the amount of time and money spent in this project, not using the new Toyosu installations are going to be a big waste.

Additional works and environmental cleaning is going to be needed though, but the second option is the only real option.

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Thunderbird... then you should watch more tv, there are a lot of these kind of documentaries and programs. Only that you should stop looking for those during the doramas and morning cartoon hours...

Some time slots for you... on Satrurdays and Sundays, around 10 a.m. to 13 hours. On Weekdays, maybe in the same time slot I mentioned, but also from 22 hours to 1 a.m. Yes, there are time to time even some good documentaries on the news programing too.

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Posted in: Japan pledges $2.8 billion in refugee aid over three years See in context

A lot of people are commenting about using the money inward (in Japan) for disaster relief and social security....True is that with that money a lot could be done.

BUT... there are some points to be considered.

First... is part of the national budget, there is a budget assigned to disaster relief and social security. (yes, money can be reassigned... I know I know)

Second... As a world leading country, being the third Economy in the World and seeking for a more proactive participation in world politics, Japan has to give this type of aid. Paraphrasing some comments "doing the adult thing".

Third... What would be the wolrd reaction, and even the reaction of some commentators in here if Japan said that they are not going to give a dime to refugee aid and use that money for internal affairs. Surely a maelstrom of criticism and mediatic/international condemnation will erupt.

Forth... Politics. People in here comments as if running a country, is just one sided bidimensional work. I hardly doubt that. You have to pull, push, give, take and manage every thing from social security to health, to national defense to world economics with limited money and resources.

I admit my first thought was to use that money internally, but that is too simplistic. I don't know what are the pieces on the board but the "adult way" is to use part of the money for refugee aid.

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Citizen2012: you comment, I think is based on the public days, it seems you have not gone there for the business days. But, even if you go to TGS during the public days, although there is no doubt a great amount of people interested only in the girls, the main interest are on the games.

A whole other thing is that YOU are interested in the girls but could not forgive youself to be one of those people.

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The same logic on games... "games make kid go violent", "games make people kill".. NOT!. If gruesome is not your thing then you don't watch... I had to stop watching the Walking Dead because after 4 seasons i kind of lost interest in it... and my wife did not like it so much.

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The problem with services such as AirBnB is that the people who stays in these rooms/houses do not comply with the residential rules (how to dispose garbage, noise, neighborly behavior). And I am pretty sure that is an issue in every other city in the world.

Also the issue of being illegal, there is a reason why it is illegal and normal people shouldn't be doing much "renting". Although the monetary and competition may come as the most important issue, I think the real main issue is security and safety.

In order to let people stay at your home (and charge for it), the "host" should be able to provide a clean room disinfection of sheets and such (unless you know, you like to be in touch with other people bodily liquids and stuff)... Also the host has to provide safety at least the minimal against fire, natural disasters and crimes... Most people that rent their houses for AirBnb, i think they are not able to meet the requirements.

I am very much against AirBnb and Uber in fact...

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