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Posted in: Japan offers most paid leave for fathers in world, but few take it See in context

Ehum, this is actually false information. Canada has "Parental leave" so we don't care if it's a man or a woman. So saying that fathers don't have parental leave is false information. On top of it, the maximum parental leave is of 17.75 months. If both parents split it evenly it becomes a dashing 8.9 months each... On top of that, there is also a maternity leave ( which is for before the birth) where the mother can take up to 15 weeks (about 3 months). The author didn't not read Unicef's article well. It doesn't say Canada doesn't have leave for the father, it says that Canada doesn't have parental leave "reserved" for the father, but it's not "reserved" for the mother either. It's 71 weeks for both, however they want to organize it. As much as I am happy that parental leave is available for fathers, I don't think that using fallacious title should be acceptable on a news website. It could be a honest mistake, but I think that it should be rectified.

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Posted in: We try a pay-to-use premium Japanese toilet at Ikebukuro train station in Tokyo See in context

"Prime" means a bonus you receive for doing something in French. I think they messed up and used "prime" from English with "toilettes" from French... I guess they just don't care if it makes sense since most people don't speak French, but it really sounds ridiculous in French like "the toilets you receive for working hard"... uh well.

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