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Daniel Wass comments

Posted in: Japan expands tax-free shopping range See in context

What was the threshold before Oct 1? I was in a store in Akihabara 3 days ago and at the point of purchase was told I need to spend over 10000¥ before it was tax exempt. (Souvenirs)

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Posted in: Australia to build on ties with 'closest friend' Japan See in context

.....is underpinned by shared values and common interests, a commitment to democracy and the rule of law, and to continued regional stability and prosperity,” she said Friday. Please explain what you mean Ms Bishop? Values and commitment to rule of law? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEMaHLEK_18&feature=youtube_gdata_player

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Posted in: Australia harpoons Japan's whaling program at U.N. court See in context

If only the Australian government was so committed to protecting it's own citizens abducted to Japan. Australia also understands this issue through Australia's support for japan on the Korean abduction issue. Otherwise "excellent relationship with Japan" what a crock of BS!! All they can do is push left behind parents under the carpet. The Australian government is run on popularity without principle!

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Posted in: Cabinet approves child abduction treaty See in context

When I see my son I'll believe it.

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Posted in: Japan expected to ratify Hague Convention on child abduction See in context

"yuriotani" gomenasai - poor spelling

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Posted in: Japan expected to ratify Hague Convention on child abduction See in context

Thanks Austpaul. That’s the path I have taken. You may like to visit YouTube = JEADWASS. I continue to lobby both parties and on the 5th February this year my family and I handed over a petition to Julie Bishop (deputy of the opposition) and Louise Markus (my federal MP) requesting our government demand of Japan to locate Sean and confirm his safety and welfare. Sean has family in Australia, he is my own flesh and blood. It is disgusting Japan does not have the common decency or respect to acknowledge the simplest of human rights, it is disappointing and unacceptable my own government doesn't stand up for these rights and represent us. It is hard to expect Japan to change when our own Governments show lack of direction, don't take this issue seriously and have floored policies and procedures. @ Yuriotan. "two sides to every story" is a very important point. However, I fail to see how child abduction is justified by this point. "two sides to every story" highlights the hypocrisy of the Japanese position.

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Posted in: Japan expected to ratify Hague Convention on child abduction See in context

It's called "having your cake and eating it too"

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Posted in: Japan expected to ratify Hague Convention on child abduction See in context

I understand what the foreign parents go through but hate the ideal of foreign people dictating Japanese law. @ yuriotani. Speaking from my personal experience i am concerned you may not fully understand what foreign parents go through, and how in fact japan is arrogantly imposing japanese law on foreigners. My son was removed from Australia almost 3 years ago, he has not been seen or heard of since. Like the article mentions Christmas and birthday presents sent to japan by my family are returned to sender. My son is an Australian citizen and was removed from Australia illegally. If Japan has a sincer concern of the west dictating it family law, japan needs to learn to respect the law of it's international friends.

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Posted in: Firepower See in context

Great picture!

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Posted in: Child abduction issue should be key concern in Japan-U.S. relations See in context

I also agree, and can confirm, it is extremely horrible to be involved, and yes it is a very personal struggle. However I don’t agree the problem is not "big enough" this problem IS big enough, and the implications of this child abuse must change government policy, sooner rather than later. Put simply, any form of child abuse cannot and should not be tolerated. As far as a "grandiose idea of a universal fix". I'm not sure you understand the issue @familienprobleme, having a consistent platform for parents/countries to resolve these issues is exactly what is needed. Hence the Hague Convention. Currently we have one parent removing children from loving families without consultation or consideration. These actions are selfish and only cause harm. To engage with the other party is the first step to resolve any issue. Turning your back on parents, families, and the law then abducting children and ignoring your own child’s birth rights is "messed up". If Chris Savoie's ex did not take the law into her own hands and engaged I'm sure the result would have been very different. I believe Chris Savoie's result is a prime example and highlights Japan's and Japanese Child abductor's poor behaviour and the lack of an ability to engage, cooperate and resolve a very serious issue........the shared parenting of children. It is a shame some parents take the law into their own hands, it is a shame we need laws to tell parents how to raise their children keeping the children's best interests in mind. Child abduction is not in the best interests of the child........ever.

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